Good morning to you, it must be 5 a.

In the morning on a beautiful tuesday, the 15th of december of the year 2020.
we’re almost there, and i know that my brothers and sisters and sales myself – we can’t wait to get through this, but we’re still not there.

Some of you, because of how you work and where you work in your vertical you have to shut down by now or it’s coming sooner, but some of us we still have an opportunity to go out and make it happen.
So i’m going to pick it up from our last video where someone asked about crypto currency.
So, let’s continue on mobile payments of bitcoins plays out in different ways, so first developers can accept bitcoins directly from a mobile site or an app, and they need only add four lines of code to collect a bitcoin payment through the bitcoin payment gateway, which is entitled A p i this also provides an easy payment method for customers who have bitcoins.

They can easily play on the mobile device without having to type in all of their billing information.

Also, the second outlet for bitcoins is a mobile payment in store where retailers can accept.
Bitcoin payments by integrating an qr code scanner or an nfc terminal into their pos customers can then easily open their bitcoin mobile, open wallet in store today.

Now, if we look at some people who have studied this they’re saying that we still need to get the educational piece to you, the consumers, to understand that this method of payment and acceptance is there and it’s going to be there for the future.
One of the things that an expert said was additionally, the easy integration of bitcoin into a mobile app, and the fact that it is secure to handle by third parties lowers the barriers to adding bitcoins to any transaction of purchasing an automobile or payment of automobile.
So if we have low transactions now because of the ignorance of this new technology, you just wait.

It is going to take off.
Bitcoin translates to more sales.
Bitcoin translates to different diverse populations, who are already using it, especially on other parts of the world outside of the united states, but remember if your dealership is already set up digitally, we can sell anything to anybody and without even seeing them.

So if we look at the bitcoin, that’s coming or some form of cryptocurrency and you’re in a dealership, you need to start telling your story loud and proud that you accept, because, as of one week ago to today, we picked up another 22 dealers around the country.
That has accepted bitcoins.
I guarantee you by 2021.

The numbers will start to really take off once again brad and hardison, with hardison’s tip on this beautiful 15th of december santa’s coming you’re almost finished but start researching or better.
Yet ask your decision maker.
Ask some of your best clients.

I don’t care what goods or services that you’re peddling, but just throw out cryptocurrency throw out bitcoin.
Have you thought about? How can you accept? Do you see the potential of you scaling your business by accepting that as currency, because that’s the future once again, brandon artisan president of champion strategies with another hardison’s tips? So let’s get up and let’s get out and let’s make it a champion.

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