Good morning to you, it must be 5 a.

m on a beautiful thursday december 10th of 2020, because it’s time for another artisan’s tip, i’m your host, brandon hardison glad to be with you.

We do this for all of our brethrens in sale.
No matter, your major account key account up and down the street in home, retail or automotive.

So we’re going to pick up where we left off – and this would be the last video helping out our brothers and sisters in retail and we called it how to beat the holiday slump and close more deals.
So, whether your retail, whether your major account key account up and down the street, all of these components do impact you.
So let’s get it on, so you can get to work.

Do some public speaking in december? Yes, flex your presentation, muscles and look for public speaking opportunities in december.

Is your alma mater hosting an alumni panel for current students? Maybe there’s something online like a zoom where you can tap into? Are there any conferences at all where you can speak at a zoom or if it’s a small group where you can be online with social distancing or in front of them with that distance space, stool required and being met? Ask your friends: ask your colleagues: ask your managers: are there any marketing or sales events you can speak at or if there’s a webinar that you can host, you could even assist human resources with an onboarding news.
So speaking to new hires and onboarding is a great thing because they’re new to the company – and they want to hear more from different people that new organization, just besides the people in hr, it’s a good way to practice your presentation skills without having to do it.

In front of a prospect or a customer, also when you’re doing these things, think of this test out the strategies to have a productive december and close more deals.
Your holiday sales playbook must go beyond offering just discounts.

Your customers are smarter than that.

They know you’re.
Trying to close as many deals as possible around the holidays, they also know that the discounts you’ve extended on the special items you’re offering are just to get them to sign on the dotted line and have a key contact in place for every place.
You’re dealing with.

I remember that if you’re in a group and there’s three or four different department heads that need to get together, we need to find out how we can get all of them in the room or on the zoom together to close the deal before the holiday.

Don’t let it lag on, please do your follow-up.
Are you using a crm, make sure you’re taking copious notes, so you can have it in there? You see having contact information in place, so you know exactly how to get in touch with these decision makers.

In a timely fashion, and also at the end, we look at the year and we’re stressful taking some time off at the end of the year to spend with family to maybe decompress is very important if you’ve planned ahead and you need some time off.
I would say the time between december 24th and december 31st is pretty good.
That will get you physically mentally ready for 2021 and your family and your children will love it.

The clear mis-message that we’re trying to get across for this morning is that we want to be proficient.
We want to be organized, but also we want to show empathy, let’s be a realist, many people are not accommodating and they feel frustrated this time of the year because they did not hit their objectives.

Try a different approach, see how a holiday selling season will go for you.

If you just tried to implement some of these things once again, brandon hardison speaking to you with a little hardest and tips on this beautiful thursday december, the 10th of 2020, which we’ll never see again, you get up you get out there.
Let’s finish out this week, strong, so if we do want to take some time off to be with our family and friends at least we did everything we could to hit our objectives and plant the seed for 2021.

Once again, brandon hardison president champion strategies and, as always in parting, please remember you go out and you make .

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