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On thursday august, the 6th brandon hardison president champion strategies for another edition of hardison’s tips.
So i know you’re trying to get ready to do your thing on this thursday and we don’t want to hold you up, but we do this for all sales people don’t care if you’re up and down the street don’t care if you’re in someone’s home, don’t care.

If your kid count major account earlier this week, we spent three days on is your job as an outside salesperson still necessary.
So today we’re gon na swing it a little bit differently.
Let’s just look at sales success.

Let’s try to look at today and tomorrow as ways of finishing up the week, strong thinking positive.
So when it comes to sales success, it just doesn’t happen.
Sales winners aren’t born with any special knowledge or abilities that others don’t have.

Maybe it looks that way when you watch some of the top performers from the outside, but they’ve worked and honed in their skills, consistently learning proving practicing and and and guess what the secret to sales success isn’t as blake says and glenn gary glenn ross always be Closing always be closing.
The secret to success is in the preparation.

Let me say that again, the secret to success is in the preparation.

In reality, the best sellers aren’t any different than anyone else, but they do follow a specific plan to prepare for sales.
Besides, that’s the key preparation, every star athlete, including myself and the ones i was fortunate to coach and no i’m not bragging, but i was a high school state champion: a high school american, a college all-american.
I coach state championship teams, everything about a good athlete.

A star still starts before the game.
Likewise, it is what it is for sales.
So, let’s get you to refocus on five things: five steps to prepare for sales, success number one.

We have to set clear goals and once we have those goals, what’s our plan, what’s our course of action to achieving those goals.

Now, with that said, how are we going to manage the time to execute some type of plan of action? So i can reach those goals.
We have to create some type of prospecting, storytelling marketing campaign, so we can build the pipeline and then here’s what separates the winners for the losers.

We have to put in some additional time – yes, some time to learn some time to ask questions sometimes to get prepared.
So essential steps – let’s look at this one by one set sales goals.

Do you know that there is a science to setting goals? If you set your goals too low you’ll blow right past and feel great that you crushed them and knocked it out the park and really after a while, is it going to become demotivating? Why setting more challenging goals increases your motivation, the greater the expectation, the better you’ll perform research shows this all the time i don’t care.

Where you look at, i don’t care what field you come from, creating an action plan.
How am i going to do this? You need to be honest with yourself and sit down and think about it.
How am i going to go from territory to territory office to office or, if you’re, in automotive or retail? How am i going to tell my story in front of people to get them excited about buying a vehicle? For me, i guarantee you using technology is going to be part of it.

Follow-Up calls texas doing videos doing the things that other people won’t do, because this is part of your plan.
I came to work with a plan.
I just didn’t come to work and show up.

True success lies in the reduction of the list of three to five central activities, but when you look at these, it will include it will include setting aside time to do each one of the activities.
If it’s prospecting, you need to set some time away.

If it’s doing some existing research on that organization, you need to set some time away.

If it’s you doing some role play or preparing to make sure that you can overcome some objections, you need to set some time away and then we need to manage and execute that time.
Research has shown that 76 of extremely productive people are the ones that made sure that they were ready for the game ready for that decision maker on the other side, not just going to wing it and hoping because hope is not a strategy that something will happen When you find out how to zone in just like the best of the best are and make sure that i’m prepared for this execution, the show’s halfway over nearly half of the extremely productive people say they got into a regular zone.

The minute they got up.

How about creating some type of prospecting, networking marketing telling your story campaign? I don’t care what it is.
If you’re struggling with this research talk to people, but you got ta have a pipeline.
You need to have something to do many prospecting.

Myths say that uh cold calling is dead, buyers don’t want to hear watch or view things.

All of that is wrong.
People buy products and services every day, so you need to find a way to tell your story.

It’s crucial, it’s essential.
According to research.
Once again, the people that are consistent, they’re, the ones that uncover and find these people and they can move forward to be successful.

Why people will buy and still will continue to purchase from people now, depending once again on what vertical of retail that you’re in.

But i will just stay automotive for right now.
Please come in with a plan, but we need to know why we’re doing it.

You have to self motivate if you don’t know how to self-motivate find some successful people talk to your manager, your supervisor.
There are many ways of doing it.
Give me a shout out and i’ll see what i can do to help you, but winners know how to win.

Even if it looks like they’re losing you watch, they always find a way to pull it out in the end, because they have a goal and they want to achieve that goal.
Sure it may be financially at one end, but it’s the winning.
Why? Because i prepared – and someone has to win – why not it be you once again brad and artisan for hardison’s tip for this thursday august, the 6th and as always in parting, you go out and make the champion day.

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