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First thing just want to remind you tomorrow being august, the 5th 12 noon we go live and our special guest is stan.
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That’s tomorrow, 12 noon, so let’s get to it because i know you have to get rocking and rolling, and i have to also this is part two yesterday we talked about.

If you are an outside sales, professional ager account key account up and down the street in home sales.
The question is in the future: are you still needed and picking up from where we left off yesterday? Let’s look at the size of the purchase specifically when the purchase is a big ticket item.
The chances of the purchaser making that decision without a live relationship with the seller is less likely where the purchase decision is smaller.

The likelihood of a sales persons is far greater, so let me give you an example: i’ve been fortunate to do a lot of work in the business equipment.
Industry worked with dozens of companies who sold sophisticated things, but everything had to be documented.
I remember we had copiers working with the one of the larger companies at the time million dollars or more for what these things could do.

Moving towards a paper society.
And if it wasn’t for that team solution, selling, where we could show the decision maker and also how we were going to take care of them now, during and after with the service to keep them up and running, it would have been tough to do for that Size of a purchase now, if something is smaller and less expensive? Yes, maybe we do not need that human contact, so just keep that in mind the larger the purchase it may take a month.
It may take two months three months, but those folks are in pretty good shape as long as the relationship and your follow-up and the history of you doing exactly what that company was looking for, you’re still going to be in pretty good shape.

How about the integrity of your sales process when the sales process is involved and it’s complex? The role of a live outside salesperson will continue to be required when the sales process is simple and straightforward field.
Sales people may not be necessary, for example, automotive manufacturers deciding on a vendor for a couple of the components for a new automobile lots of engineers must sign off on the deals.
So a lot of people in the purchasing have to be involved heavily hands-on buying process.

The cost of the individual item may be pennies, but the risk of making a mistake is huge and purchasers reduce the risk with multiple layers of buying requirements.

So when the process is more simplified and easy, it makes it easier for that sales person to still be part of it.
How about the sophistication of the consumer with today’s consumer with all the technology some people can get through without having someone to guide them as an expert going through, but it works in reverse technology scares a lot of people.

So if you can educate your consumer step by step with this new technology and you’re an integral part, the bottom line is that you’re going to be more needed and the degree to what you and your sales force may be doing in the future can rise.
Now, then again, if it is a mom-and-pop small store – and they do not do that much technology well, the bottom line is that they probably will not need a sales person or sales force.
It may be obsolete.

So if you’re, the customer unsophisticated not really knowing not that much involved to just investing sales, people and their expertise will probably be there.
However, if you’re a consumer that is sophisticated – and you know exactly what you’re doing out there – yes outside sales people may not be in your near future.

So if you happen to be a person that enjoys still contacting large businesses, you must find a way of how they’re going to operate in the future.

Being the next two three four years out, can we still make this successful? Do people still buy from people? Yes, they do, but you must be always prepared.
How do you do that by practicing your current role by staying in touch following up with your people and by also being that person of knowledge that they can count on when they’re ready to do something? Not when you’re ready so always remember as you’re moving through this persistency is a start, but consistency is where it pays the bill once again: brandon artisan president of champion strategy, another hartison’s tips for you, hey as always in parting.
You go out there and you make it a champion day.

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