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That means it’s time for artisans tips good morning, i’m brad and harness and president champion strategies with today’s tip.
I know that you’re trying to get to work, but this deals with the automotive industry for you salespeople.
We know that allocations for new vehicles are controlled by the manufacturer, and some of your allocations are just not where you want them to be in the trim level.

One mix that most of your guests are looking for, which means that there has to be some type of trade involved between dealerships, or you heard the adage: why don’t you sell what you can see on the ground, effective, listening, asking the right questions and pairing out Anything better once they’re just concentrating on the needs of the guest, and you might be surprised you have something there on the lot, but i’ll give you an example of what i consider the best switch vehicle.

That’s on your dealership.
If you are an oem and that is a certified pre-owned vehicle, certified pre-owned vehicles are backed by the manufacturer.

One thing that independents cannot say is that they have an agreement with a manufacturer – oh yeah, so by you just having that distinction that separates you.
So what does some of that means just to cover some highlights? Well, it’s going to be inspected once your sales management team has identified it to be in consideration for your certified pre-owned program that has to go through a really rigorous point: inspection by one of your top technicians who has taken a test to work on that certified Unit to see if it is worthy of standing on the front line independence you want to get to the number of levels i’m talking about covering 160 points or more.
Some manufacturers are well over 200 points, inspection that the technician is looking for.

Independent dealers are not going to be looking for that many things and then, and only then, if that technician feels that the vehicle is worthy or we made some adjustments based on what the manufacturer asked us to do, and mr customer miss customer here are the changes That we did to get it up to cpo standards and the cost that it took to getting it there then, and only then, can the technician sign off on then the service manager that he or she reports to.
They also take a special test and they must sign off on what the technician put their signature on and then usually there’s the used car manager to make sure that everybody agrees that that vehicle is worthy of the manufacturer’s certified pre-owned program, some certified pre-owned programs, the Sales, professional also has to take a special test and sign off that this vehicle is standing tall, ready to go on the front line or be placed the information on your website.
So that is a strong bond right there.

Another thing that a certified pre-owned unit – all manufacturers – will certify current year.

Whatever the current model year is, and they will go back so many years, some four, some five meaning that there’s value and here’s an example.

If i have a certified pre-owned manufactured vehicle that only has 10 000 miles on it, when i see it on the lot, that means that the original warranty that came with the vehicle – let’s say it’s – 36 000.

I have to hit that first.
So if i have 10, i have another 26, and once i hit that number, then the certified pre-owned warranty stacks.
On top of that, can’t get that in a new car, no ends ifs about it.

Now the different warranties, how they do cover you’ll, find out from manufacture to manufacture, but keep in mind.
It is a used car, no ants ifs or butts about it, but all the wheels bustles everything that you’re looking for is there sometimes there’s more than what you can find on your dealership lot and i’ll give you one other thing: the roadside assistance is outstanding.

Not only will they’ll take it to any one of your manufacturers in any state.

Some are lower 48.
Some is all 50 states.
Some are canada and mexico just have to see your manufacture, but if you know you have the peace of mind that roadside assistance is there and they’ll take it to another state and let’s say because of the hour of the day, they can’t get to it.

Well, they will put you up in a hotel.
They will give you a loaner.
They will feed your family just something to think about once again.

Brad and artisan for artisans tips hope you have a great day.

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