Good morning to you, five, oh o’clock, in the morning eastern standard time, on this beautiful tuesday august, the 11th braden hardison president of champion strategies with today’s live partisans tip.

So i know you’re trying to get ready and we’re trying to do everything we can to get you there, but just wanted to get into it and talk about what we want.

You maybe to walk away with some brain food today.
So today we would like to really focus in on.

Since yesterday we were talking about uh people who have medium large size up and down the street major account key account.

We want to stick on that theme.
We were talking about conducting a meeting yesterday.

How about some of the crucial steps for successful sales workflow? In other words, each company, has its own sales workflow that works best for their sales team and their consumers when you’re creating the sales workflow that works best for your company.
Please remember that these things should be talked about.

If not included.

One is researching before you start finding credible leads for your business.
Do your research first, you must understand your competition.

The market before you can go out and tackle new leads.

You must know who’s competing for your prospects.
Attention, look at the companies that offer similar products or services like yours and determine what they offer.

Is it really enticing to the prospects and it’s what they really want? When you know, what’s your competition offers, you can create a strategy that highlights how you stand out from your competitor by including research like this, on your marketing and on everything that you do moving forward.

You can develop a more effective sales workflow with your team.
How about prospecting another crucial component when it comes to a successful sales process? When you prospect you look for new leads.
That may be interesting, and why are they interesting because they’re interested in your product or services, it involves researching different, leads online to see if they would be potential customers? If you want to have a successful sales workflow, you must integrate prospecting as one of these steps, you may want your sales team to spend more time, weeding out bad candidates and forcing other prospects most likely to convert by integrating prospecting into your workflow.

You help your sales team focus on the most valuable leads for the company.
They’ll know what they’re looking for in the prospect and be able to find candidates more efficiently in the future.
How about a connection? A big part of making sales is connecting with the audience prospects.

Don’t want to feel like just another sale to your business.
They want to feel valued.
They want to be heard.

So when you make time to connect in your sales flow, you take the time to get to know your prospects and understand it connecting comes in early stages of the sales process.

Your sales reps gather information about your prospects to determine if your prospect or services fits their potential needs.
It’s an opportunity for your team to determine if a lead is likely to move forward in learning about a prospect.

Your sales rep may find that a lead is unlikely to convert, even though he and she may look good.

The stage is crude, very crucial and here’s what i mean uh when it comes now to sales and marketing.
If your business opportunity to get all of your prospects to understand how you can market them better, your sales team will provide a more tailored and personal experience and more likely to convert over.

Then we have to have this presentation this, pitching as we call it in the deal pitching comes later in the sales workflow.

But when your sales team has more important information about the process prospect, they can start to market start at least brainstorming the right products services that they want to present a prospect becomes more interested in these products or services, as you move them inside the pitching stage Story, the pitching stage involves giving a formal presentation you have to demonstrate.
You have to detail why your product or services are better than what’s out there on the market.

Now the stage focuses on giving a series of prospects, a nudge to becoming your product.

Now this stage is very crucial because the sales workflow helps nudge the prospect towards converting it’s a prime opportunity for you to show what your company can do for your prospects and how you will take care after they become a member, then naturally, inside your process, flow.
Closing is a crucial part of being successful in the sales and marketing process.

Let’s face it, it’s the last step before leads convert over at the closing process.
You make your final offer on what your company can and will do for that client.

At this point, many companies will offer quotes estimates proposals special offers, if it’s yours company’s last effort to get leads to pull the trigger and convert it’s crucial to the sales workflow, because it helps you earn conversions.

Your closing process will also help.
You turn leads into customers with your company.
Now, there’s a lot of things that we can drill down in there, but that’s just an overview for you, new managers or supervisors where to start.

What do i need to do so? Let me bring my team back in.
Let’s have a little sit down on the sales workflow.

Where do we want to maximize our time, so we can be successful while we’re out on the street trying to gain new customers.

If you found something out of it outstanding, we will be back tomorrow with another one, but don’t forget tomorrow, wednesday august, the 12th we have our hardest and tips live, and we have joe lockhart from auto max in the automotive industry is going to be talking about The hr side of it and what’s going on so until then, brandon hardison president of champion strategies, as always in parting, you go out and make it a champion day.

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