Good afternoon to you it is 12 o’clock eastern standard time, so it must be time for another edition of hardison’s tips.

I’m your host brian partisan president of champion strategies glad to be with you.

We do not have a guest today and if you’ve noticed for the past uh two days, we haven’t had our regular 5 a.
m, meeting we’re working on something that is going to give you some more powerful information about our industry.

I wish i could tell you more, but we’re working on that, so please hang in there now my students are out to lunch.
I want to just talk to you a second, whether you’re a sales consultant or manager who’s there, naturally to make sure that your people are getting the best that they can get for themselves.
They need you, so i’m going to talk for a few minutes about certified.

Pre-Owned cpo, yes to me every day should be a cpo day.

You may not think that way in your area, but i think that cpo is the best switch vehicle.
That’s ever been thought of, and many dealer groups that i have worked with are still national or regionally ranked because they understand the program.

That’s the separation.
I send all of my students out mystery shopping after we have our training just so they can see what the competition is doing when they have a guest and why they leave and go to another dealership.
So this way, when they do come to my students, they know how to treat the customer so certified.

Now we’re just talking about oems manufacturers.

Certified programs are there, others that the independents can and are doing now? Yes, but they don’t have the support the power.

The backing of the manufacturer and here’s why it’s important for a certified pre-owned vehicle very first thing, please no ands ifs or buts about it.
Cpos certified pre-owneds are used cars.

Please let that sink in, because if you go around a certified pre-owned and it has a whole lot of things on it and it really shouldn’t have been certified in the first place, you’re going to find yourself doing a lot of os trying to get it up To the standard of the guest, so, first and foremost, it’s a used vehicle, but what makes it special if you were to mystery shop online, call or show up at a dealership watch many people talk about the warranty.

You know warranties there.

If there’s a balance of the original warranty that must exceed before the extension or the added cpo warranty is added on it’s great.

But what else do you know from my research? People leave out the deductible check and see if your manufacturer has a deductible or not the guests that come in your customers, it’s important to them and many times they’re not educated on it, because no one brings it up until something is needed and then they’re hit Between the eyes, how about the transferability is your cpo transferable? In other words, does the cpo program stay with the vehicle if it’s transferable and you still have some cpo time left on that vehicle and you want to trade it in guess what you have as a consumer, some additional value.

Are we talking about your manufacturer’s point? Inspection now, once again, depending on the manufacturer, the point inspection varies, but are we talking about that or are we just saying it comes with a 160 point inspection.
You need to know at least one point: inspection in each one of the categories that are listed on the inspection, checklist and i’ll come back to that at least one.

If you know more than one you’re ahead of the pack, do you tell your guests or is the cpo package in your glove box and here’s? What i mean that cpo pack, which most sales people wait until delivery and then they explain it or after the test drive once they come back in before the numbers they go over.

Why don’t you explain it while you’re walking around the vehicle either before or after? Let them see the certified pre-owned package, in other words, where they can see the point.
Inspection that’s in triplicate, signed by the service tech.
Who did the work? Remember they have the power being the service technician.

They had to take a special test in order to look over that vehicle to see if it meets everything that that manufacturer is saying that it needs to be certified.

If they feel being the technician it doesn’t, they don’t sign and if they don’t sign, i don’t care what the used car manager.
I don’t care.

What the gm or dealer principal it is that technician that is on the line when he signs many times, there’s space for the service manager, because he or she also has to take a special test to be part of the cpo program and for some even the Sales consultant has to sign so package.
Point 200.

Point 300 point inspection signed also.
What did we have to do to get it up to certification, the ro? It shows the guests.
What things were done by your dealership to get that vehicle front line ready? Now, there’s also some other additions to it.

You may have a pamphlet, try float, you might have a carfax the company in with that, but show the cpo package it reinforces.
It gives the guests a different value, not just you speaking it now.
They can actually seeing it because the old adage seeing is believing for some customers and that’s what you’re doing now, here’s one of the biggest downfalls walk arounds.

Are we walking around talking about the cpo program, not performance, not safety.
Are we going around the footprint and at different parts we’re telling the guests about the power of your cpo program? In other words, every cpo vehicle comes with new wiper blanks.

It cannot be certified if there’s stars on the glass.

That’s a walk around you’re telling them about the value of the program.
Your cpo program, many salespeople fail, and they leave that one out, many salespeople, don’t do a walk around at all.
So if you do not do a walk around and if i’m a customer, what are they thinking? Well, what makes this vehicle special, if you just throw them the keys, let’s go for a demo ride, sure that’s where the performance, the safety, the comfort, all those things will come in, but they came in and you convinced them or they saw online about this certified Pre-Owned talk to them about the program, that’s what they want to hear.

The other thing that a whole lot of people leave out and do a mystery shop called trip interruption.

Roadside assistance is is good to talk about, but customers know that for years, if they had onstar or something like that yeah i can get roadside assistance.
That’s not a big thing to me, but the trip interruption that your manufacturer adds on to the roadside assistance.

That’s what i’m talking about, in other words, usually there’s a starting point: 100 miles 200 miles away from your home before it engages.

But let’s say that they’re going on a family reunion, that’s 500 miles away from where they live and something happens to their cpo vehicle and they take it to the nearest manufactured.
But it’s close to service closing time and service advisor tells you we can’t get to it today.

It’s going to have to be tomorrow because it’s certified it’s a rental opportunity, because it’s certified there’s a hotel that comes with it, because it’s certified there are eats for you and your babies.
Your significant other trip interruption is the most beautiful thing.
That’s out there because it gives the customers piece of mind, and i don’t know why we don’t lean on that.

Once again, i am not knocking roadside assistance, but please always remind the guest about the trip interruption, because if we just did simple map on how much? For a rental, how much for a hotel how much to feed my family now, usually there is a dollar amount per day per week.
We can all figure that out, but here’s the beauty of the trip interruption as long as that cpo vehicle is still certified.
That trip interruption is still in play i’ll say it a different way.

You mean i can use this as many times as i want, as long as the vehicle is still under the guidelines of the cpo program, now you’re going to have that customer nodding and thinking because they’re thinking about the different trips that they can now take.
And if they are a little creative, they can find a way where this can really work for them and their family.

Now, if i said the word turn turn what comes to your mind now, if you’re a manager, you should already be inside the game, but if you’re a sales person and if you ever heard your service and your sales arguing about something not being ready, it’s the Turn it’s the vehicle that, in the back would service we’re waiting for it to be looked at by the technician and adjusted we’re looking at paintless dent repair we’re looking at window tint whatever is in the back before we can take the picture and put it online Or move the vehicle to the front line turn it can be your greatest enemy or it can be your best friend.

I would suggest why don’t you as a salesperson, be the champion for your dealership by overlooking the cpo program help out your service manager, help out your used car manager make sure that the cpo vehicles are moving from the back to the front.
It’s not additional work.
It’s additional income, if you look at it as team solution selling, now you’re starting to look at it the right way, because it does no good.

If that turn is keeping you from reaching your goals and dreams in this great business, we call automotive sales so just wanted to touch on a few things with that.
Hopefully you got something out of it.
Now we will have a guest next week and i’m proud to announce that also i’ve picked up being the host of automotive training news, richie bellow who’s been hosting.

That show is extremely busy and he offered me an opportunity to sit in that starts at one o’clock today.
So if you have time tune in to automotive training news, we have a special guest.
His name is ron garavic and he has some great things to share with you, but as always in party once again, brandon artisan president of champion strategies for this edition of partisans tips on wednesday september 23rd 2020.

You go out and you make it a champion day.

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