Good morning, everyone to you, it must be five o’clock five a.

m: eastern standard time, because brandon artisan’s here with you with another edition of artisan’s tips.
Now we do this while you’re getting ready to get on out there.
Maybe you can pick up a nugget or two that can help you out whether you are major account key account up and down the street and home retail sales or automotive.

We may have something that can strike your fancy.
So, let’s get to it.
My question to you today, mr mrs sales professional: why winning is so hard if you think about it, every business every organization sets out to achieve certain results.

They expect to achieve those results and no one set out to under achieve in today’s business.

Everybody wants to be that winner.
They may be scarce on resources trying to figure out this new technology.

Maybe they need to add some younger people on their team to help out, but believe you, every organization has that desire to win.

So why is it more critical? Today than the past to win well, we know that there’s been significant errors.
Flights of fancy lapses in judgment, uh punishment by shareholders, customers, competition, no mercy.

Well all came in before the covet hit now with covet with us and being with us.
Since this past february, business today are operating in extremely complex strategic landscapes that really no one’s ever been before, so how do we still try to win? Well, we know that increasing our customers or our stakeholders is the biggest thing that we’re trying to do.
We want to really have an abundant availability and distribution of information and if we can find a way to accelerate pace of the technology change that would be great, but looking at this global market and we’re all in this pandemic, things are shifting.

Who’s got the best technology, the r and d, to get the information out.
So the rest of my team members can be successful.
So the impact of the forces to remove the unknown and get to the known makes it a lot more comfortable for those companies that are looking at these paradigms and actually starting to implement, because these forces have created an increasingly demand and aggressive customer base.

As we strive to do our thing as sales professionals, you know, customers today are less loyal than ever before.
Customers have become more knowledgeable through all of the technology, such as the internet.
They get greater options, they can bounce things off.

Other people who’ve already been through your organization and they don’t want to lose remember where we started.
Why is wanting so hard today? So it’s easy to see why it is so hard to win, but can we do it? Can we cut through the clutter and the complexity and still be successful? Yes, those things before covet were in place and they will always be.
If we just look at business.

One-On-One leadership must work on the business, not just in the business.
Too often, leadership becomes too embroiled in the day-to-day activities and they lose sight of the people underneath them.
Who need that coaching? I don’t care if you’re the ceo going down.

People need to know how you’re going to react, so the bosses that you put over top of them they can feel comfortable with that, too, always keep in mind.
You can’t be all things to all people, different customers, five different values, a company must stake out and claim for itself a value position that they want in the marketplace.
Trying to be all things all people we already know even before covet.

Just wasn’t a good model to go after good, just isn’t good enough as we’re finding out many organizations have gone under with this covet.
Some are barely hanging on so i say to you: good, isn’t good enough! Customers demand premium services and products through the effortless.

The flawless the instantaneous ease of use that your company can provide them.

Companies can no longer be antiquated whether you believed in some of this new technology that was supposed to be around a year or two years, and you were looking at it it’s now.
We need to implement now if we want to win so staying ahead by moving ahead.
Is the success factor that everyone is looking to be? That means that we need to read better and by leading better.

We also need to make sure that every member of your team understands the mission statement, because that is our reason for being here.
If we can adhere to our mission statement better than our competition, winning isn’t that hard? Really to do the other thing that i’d like to say hr.

We fail to realize how important a tremendous hr department can be for any organization.

If you listen to your hr, if your middle managers are doing management training, the key thing about it is in any business that bottleneck happens once someone leaves orientation comes to their environment.
It seems like those middle managers are not understanding what the people just learned at orientation as far as the core functioning of why this business is going now for you, the salesperson, getting ready to hit the street it’s a new week, let’s get out here and do The basics, at least following up, i know you had a great weekend.
We got people to follow up on how about making sure i’m a team player and let’s get out there and see what we can do to assist other people getting prepared for this last good selling weekend.

That’s coming up and the third thing: what is your plan? How are you going to hit your goals and dreams with your plan? I hate it.
When i hear people say plan a is not working, i’m going to plan b.
Why would you take something less than the best that you presented the first time? You should always have something that you’re going to replace.

That is equally as good as the first one that you wanted to implement now, if that makes sense, and you got something out of it – great job, we’ll be back once again: brandon hardison president of champion strategies for a little bit of artisans tips on monday, the 24Th of august 2020 – and it’s always imparting you – go out there and make it a champion day.

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