Happy Memorial Day! Sell strong.

Hello, everyone knoll wall, shear from conquer what you chase sales training first off.

I want to wish everyone a happy memorial day, especially to all the veterans who have served to all the active duty members who are out there serving right now into all the reserves.

I also want to talk and thank my grandfather, walsh, who has since passed on and thank him for the service that he gave our country being a decorated World War.
Two that I had someone a friend from one of my groups talk about.

What can I do to get excited about the sale? We’ve got a mailer going on.
What do i do to get the crowd interested? What do i do to get myself pumped up? Well, what you have to do is you have to buy into the sale okay, this sale, that your dealership is paying lots of money for you’ve got to get behind it.
You’ve got to get excited, you’ve got to be enthusiastic, which believe me, I’ve been on three ends.

I’ve worked at a dealership that brought in an outside sales source.
I’ve been that outside sales source and I’ve also traded dealerships when they have an outside sales source and the staff selling at the same time, don’t hate on those guys and gals work together with them.
They’re there to make money they’re there to help you make money.

You’ve got to realize that when you get a customer, don’t tell them.
Oh there’s really no deals going on it’s just a big ad that we do just to bring you in and tell you about.
The hot dogs and hamburgers get them excited be enthusiastic.

They came in for a reason.
They saw that mailer, your dealership spent twenty-five thirty fifty thousand dollars to bring those people in.
Let them know hey we’re having a big sale, we’re going to sell a lot of cars today we’re going to be really busy.

So we’re going to feed your hot dogs and hamburgers we’re going to have a play structure for the kids.
We’re gon na have a blow-up house we’re going to have all these things going on for you to enjoy your car buying experience and we brought in an outside staff.
They might not be.

Is considerate of your time or the final satisfaction that you deserve, but we brought them in because we are going to be having so much business we needed more help.
We don’t have enough staff to accommodate all the customers are going to be coming into this sale.
So when you’re working that memorial day sale get excited about the sale be enthusiastic there for your customers will be excited if you’re blowing it off, like all the deals, are actually normally better.

It’s just a big mailer.
The customer is not interested.
They came in with the intention to buy, they wanted to buy a car they bought into the hype.

They got the ad, they got the mailer, they got the email.
Whatever the case.
Maybe they saw the commercial they’re there they’re excited they want to buy your product.

So what I want to leave you with today is get excited about the sale and, if you aren’t having a sale, get your customers excited.
Do you come in for a big memorial day, sale what memorial day sale you mean you didn’t know? No! Oh, my gosh! Well, you came in on the right day: you’ve got horse sex you’re, an intelligent person, get them excited when a customer gets excited.

Buying a car is an emotional decision when the customer gets excited.

That’s an emotion, that’s going to push them towards doing a spot delivery towards making a quick decision towards buying today buying now and if you do have the fact of being home with your family, like I do today.
In fact, as soon as I get out of this suit, we’ve got the neighbors coming over.
I’m going to jump in the pool, enjoy your family enjoy, their presence, make them feel happy, make them feel loved.

Make them feel excited be a great host, be a great guest whatever it is.
If your work worth your while make sure you get paid today, make sure that your time is worth it today make sure that your time is getting paid for and getting accommodated and take care of your customers get excited about the sale, work, the sale and no Matter what conquer, what you chase happy Memorial Day to all the veterans, tell the active duty, military and all the reserve military and everyone who has family members who serve for our great country, the number one country in the world.
God bless america, red white and blue gunslinger out happy Memorial.


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