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So, what’s going on so brandon, i want to thank you for coming over and joining us today by the way.

Congratulations on your book.
I know you hit our best seller.

Is that correct? Yes, yes, it uh went to uh number five on amazon, i’m uh very ecstatic and and happy about the outcome that uh michael and his team has done.
For me, that’s great and uh brandon, i’m gon na.
Have you and michael talk a little bit uh? So i’m gon na remove my i guess he got removed.

Okay, oh you got some questions for him.
Am i right now michael yeah yeah? Well, we can handle it.
Brandon uh! I’m real excited that you’re one of our publishing companies authors but uh.

Not only did we make number five in the u.
s we made both the great britain and the canada list too, so that means you’re an international best-selling, oh outstanding, for a specialty american history book is pretty darn impressive.

I appreciate it.

Thank you.
Thank you.
Yeah uh tell me what uh, what encouraged you to uh start writing a book pregnant uh mike really uh.

It was when i was teaching high school public high school.

It seems like each year the syllabus and the curriculum would all be the same.
I don’t care if it was 9th grade 10th grade.

If you wanted to call it american history, one two, it was all the same, so i started interjecting things that the students had never seen before and i found out it held their attention.

More uh, even their parents and guardians were happy because they were coming home.

Uh talking and challenging them on some things that they’ve seen or may have seen in their history books.

So that’s what gave me the insight to start saying: okay! Well, let’s might be something to this.
So, let’s start doing it a little bit more.

Anybody that can get enthusiasm out of teenage kids is is an amazing teacher, and i know that uh you’ve moved on now and that you teach at the professional level all over the country.

But it’s great that you took the time to build this tool and i don’t think it’s too early to announce that you and i are working on three more books right behind this first one and we hope to launch a book every 90 days.
I spent the day yesterday with your marketing team uh, some sharp people.
You got out there with you and i’m hoping that uh we can make you a best-seller every 90 days for the for one year, uh, maybe more, okay, well uh from the results so far and the way we worked and led up to everything with you and Your team, i can’t see why we can’t, but i tell you i’m looking forward to it.

That’s great uh.
Could you tell everybody how many hours of research you put into the book now? Remember not all four books.
I just want to know for the one book for for the one book uh.

I would say, because i do have a day: job uh about three three hours a day, uh doing the actual research and confirming to make sure that the information, as best of my ability, would be correct for how many days uh.
Well, it’s called american champion 365.
Each day, based on that day, i try to find something in history that no one knows anything about, so they can go research it on their own or find a little tidbit of someone that you thought you knew something about, but i guarantee it.

You didn’t know this so uh really for about a year michael.
It took me uh opportunities yeah over a thousand hours.
That’s a lot of time uh, but i got ta say the stories that i read were fascinating.

I mean uh you’re right uh.
I would say 80 or 90 of the people in this book that were amazing people never made it into a standard history book and that’s a shame because uh, you know, as i said, they were all very interesting stories.

I think the idea you came up with to do that is is kind of unique in the educational area.

You know, there’s not a lot of uh differential and a lot of uh innovation in teaching the kids, and i really think if the teachers use your book.

They’re going to have some very interested students and some fantastic discussions in class.

Having said that, the book is also available on amazon, both electronically and in print.

Would you uh consider speaking at uh, say a high school uh about the book and you know maybe bring in a few copies to give away in that? Would that be something that the boards of education or principals or history teachers could reach out to you? For? Yes, yes, they can and to be one step ahead of you.
I’ve already tested it in the north, georgia or metro atlanta area where they bring me in either for black history month, or i just say, give me all of the people that you feel cannot pay attention for 40 minutes because they think it’s boring, and i guarantee You i will keep them involved and you’ll get a little bit out of it.

Richie and mike.

I know you folks know, but there’s something out.
There called neural linguistic programming and exact science, but public teachers don’t teach that way and for people who may be watching this and don’t understand what i mean.

The short and skinny people learn differently, either their visual, their auditory, their kinesthetic touchy, feely or a combination.

That’s what i do when i introduce this new information when i go to the schools and each time i’m finished the department chair, the principal said: hey, do you have a book uh? Can you come back so yes, i’d be glad to do it more mike.
I want to mention: let me just bring this up.
Uh brandon knows me a long time so brandon’s been like my coach and all that and he’s helped me throughout the years.

A lot right he’s been to my home and everything i’m gon na say this.
Brandon has always taught me because brandon knows that i have dyslexia right, so he’s always put that process in and when he talks to me, i’m able to grasp it more than i would be in a classroom environment how he communicates with me and that’s why i Get i’m a lot more productive with brandon, probably than anybody else in my team, because of that knowledge that he’s got go ahead mike yeah, i i also uh you’re, very uh verbal in the way you learn uh because of the dyslexia, i’m more uh kinetic.
So i really like to hold a paper book in my hands.

I you know you would think it’s old school but believe it or not the biggest growth in printed book purchases.
Right now are millennials.
You know it’s uh, you know they stare at a screen all day long and you know when they want to relax or learn something they crack open a book i mean, i know everybody thought books were going to go away and all that they’ve been here for You know three 400 years, they’re not going anywhere, so the the fact that you give them all three modalities is awesome and neuro linguistics.

Actually, i learned it in 1977, okay, but from the two guys that created it and it was originally created to help teach autistic children how to communicate.

So that’s how powerful what you use is.
Is it’s excellent for breaking through to autistic kids, so you can imagine how powerful it is with our children or with adults, and i highly recommend that someone that hasn’t seen a presentation that uses that, like yours, does to try and catch one of your speeches, and I wanted to mention that, if, if educators will reach out and follow you, you kind of post your schedule when you travel all over the country when that starts again, and it’s a lot easier for you to say yes to showing up uh to speak at a School, if you’re already going to be in you know chicago or new york or where, wherever your business happens, to take you.

I know you love to spend a little time in the school.
If you can uh, being a school teacher, never goes away which, which is awesome, uh, but what’s the best way for educators to reach out and get into your your world, your social media? How would you like them to contact you? Okay, uh there’s two easy ways: uh, they can go to a website called www.

com or they can go to brandonhardisoncpo5.

That’s charlie orange potato five, the number five dot com, so brandon harderson cpo.
com, or they can get me at www.

com, okay and uh.
They can go.

Look at your american champion site and there’s a way for them to connect there so that they can keep track of your travel schedule, because i, i know you uh.
You try to uh charge as little as possible for educational speeches, and that makes it a lot easier if they do it with your business schedule and uh.

I assume that you also have the technology that, if a teacher wants you to zoom into their uh meeting with their students that you’re more than capable of showing up you know, i mean not very often that you have a guest teacher come in, particularly with the Shutdown right now correct, and we have done that uh since we’ve had this virus hit.

Our country we’ve done a few things with some some teachers as far as way as a birmingham alabama, and we also have some students that take some of the people that we talk about and during their morning announcements.

Their students read a short portion of it to let the school know the difference.
We try to help out any way.

We can that’s, that’s fantastic it.
It really is uh.
If you don’t mind, i’d like to just briefly mention that uh, i know you’re you’re the uh director of a national charity to help educate veterans for work.

Could you just briefly touch on what you’re doing there and tell us a little bit about that? Nonprofit? Okay? Well, with that, i’m gon na need uh richie’s help because he’s the one who put in the hours and efforts to get it started especially going to washington and then getting everything set up out in the west coast with that.

But what it is is that in the industry, the vertical of automotive, we have so many people retiring with those technical skills, whether it is being a technician, whether it’s being a body repair person or whether it’s being someone who paints spray paints.

We don’t have youngsters to fill many of these positions, so richie found it upon himself.

I don’t know how many years back but i’ll, let you take it here from richie, because you’re the one that got it started well in 2016 uh, i i went to arizona and i was in the process of getting a building with the own hives right.
So we got a building, so we all said this would be a good idea for vets if we can educate vets in the automotive sector and bring them to dealerships right.
So that was what we call.

We tried getting the grants.
We tried everything, so you know what it didn’t work so then, from there we took it, as you know, what let’s get start funded so between the own highs that they own looks more applicable and myself.
I reach out to vendors and all that right now, i’m self-funded where i can put any vet to anywhere to learn on the platform.

You know, because i’m already self-funded problem that i have because of this coronavirus.

I was set up already to do two career nights.
One at the beach club right and one in windows on the lake and bang this thing comes out.

I i had all the content.
I had all the artwork.
I had people working all the time.

Cost me a lot of money, so i had it set up when brenda was gon na fly out.
He was gon na come to the beach, but i was gon na take care of my market first.
That being said, so when i went to florida, i was going to rent another venue there with the same thing.

That being said, florida’s right next to georgia.
So i was going to do the same thing in georgia and i was going to be traveling, but the whole thing got shut down.
I mean the last thing i heard about the catering about the horse.

Was you can’t it shut down? Basically, to the end of the summer, so now i got this pro this money there that i could use – and i i also have you know all this investment i did on the off.
But that’s okay, but that’s what happened.
The program was supposed to be alive and well right.

Now i set it up for this season.
I got all the training videos.
Brandon did.

I got everything, but i found out that i need four workshops a week, so i already put a schedule together from monday to thursday to have workshops and i got approved.
You know i got everything done already, so i’m just waiting for this thing to be over and then there, since i’m going to florida, brandon’s got a friend that he wants to bring in as a director out here, because i’m not going to play around with this.
You know i got to go.

You know yeah yeah, i uh, i think uh.
One thing that that you’re a little hesitant to talk about is the fact that literally the car dealers are clamoring for skilled workers.

Unlike a lot of uh training programs that are there more for the trainers to profit, this is a non-profit.

It’s there solely to put veterans to work, and the amazing thing is in this industry.
If you’re a mechanic, if you’re a paint guy, if you’re a body man, those are extremely high pain and steady positions – and you know same way with the car salesman, if you get out there and you’re well trained and you hustle uh, you know it’s not unusual.
For a first year, car salesman to break six figures, if he does what he’s told so i i just want to really stress: i’m excited.

I’ve got several veteran friends that you know have taken other training in the past and you know got government grants for it and all that other happy horseshit and then then couldn’t put the skill to work.
You know, that’s that’s what amazed me is when you guys showed me literally, the dealers are putting up a lot of money to fund this non-profit because they want skilled, labor and uh man.
If there’s a veteran out there that wants these aren’t jobs.

You know once you’re trained.
These are careers.
That’s the big difference.

If i can just say one thing, just speaking from down here in georgia and richie said, he’s used some of the video uh going to the veterans speaking to the hierarchy, letting them know that hey they’ve worked on a huey, they can work on a vehicle.
That’s true: we will.
We will give you the tools you get through the training once you pass the certification from whatever particular manufacture, because porsche is different than general motors, but once you pass the certification and you’re in that store, the tools are yours and we continually train them and the Object is, is career pathing, so they can find a way to continue to move up in the industry if they want to i.

e service manager, i.
e, parts manager or, like you said, on the front end, let me be a sales manager.

Let me ultimately see if i can be a general manager, but yes, we are trying to do this richie and myself, but he did tell you that the coronavirus did hit us.

So we have to wait.
Wait a second unless you got a magic wand.

No, but all those cars out there still need the work done to them, so there’s still a lot of jobs available, and i, if there’s one thing i know for certain americans are not going to stop driving about right.

It just did.
They may not be driving.
Now, but you know i i measure i’ve got a little volkswagen convertible and i’m measuring my gas mileage on weeks per gallon.

Now, that’s a good one.
I like that.
I like that yeah, it’s uh.

Is there anything else on on the book that you’d like to to get out? Well, while we have this big audience uh? Well, i can say what you uh and richie already know.
This is just like.
I said the first series we got some other ones coming, but to help out some of the other folks uh we do have audio coming and then we also have a short video explaining.

So this way, if a teacher is pressed for time, because they only have 40 minutes to work with, but they still want to introduce something new.

They can quickly just play a short little video or they can have the audio and maybe have kids research more.
But we’re trying to be flexible on how we present something well and – and i want to mention that uh.

Obviously, the budgets are tight for education right now: they’re always tight for education yeah, but if a school picks up a uh, a supply of books from you for say one class, i know you and i have discussed actually donating the electronic version of those books uh.
So that the kids can take the electronic version home and the textbook is there for all the classes, but i think that’s an awesome thing that you’re doing and the pressure shows that you know this is a passion.
This isn’t for money.

This is to help kids and uh as a publisher.
We’re excited to be working hand in hand with you to do that, appreciate it mike richie.

Was there anything else you wanted that yeah, but i wonder here i’ve been following brandon for quite some time on this book thing right and one of the things that i like about.

What brand is doing? It’s history, it’s it’s really really in black and white.
It’s history: okay, that’s what it is, and this history, the new generation, i think, has to know about it, and this is very important history on his facebook.

He posted that.
I share it.
Every day i usually branded those i usually get up at five in the morning.

You know, i probably don’t sleep, but that’s the time that i go to facebook and i wish everybody a happy birthday and all that.
But then what i really do is i go to his wall and see it because everybody knows that facebook’s changed their numbers.

How you get the newsfeed right – and i know at 5 30 in the morning – brandon already posted it, but i don’t get it in my news feed.
So i make sure i go to his wall and share it, because i i share a lot on facebook.
I don’t know if anybody noticed, but every time i see something that i think that needs to be out there.

I share it all the time car guys.
I share the different marketing guys.
I share i’m always sharing.

Why? Because sharing on your wall, it’s gon na hit my audience okay, and if it’s content, that’s really good content.
I want my audience to know i’ll be doing injustice if i don’t share that content right.
So i’m very big on the shares and brandon has a way of writing very, very well and really really explains you guys.

Let’s face it, content is content right.
It’s about the delivery of the content.

Well, guess what that’s? What brandon’s mastered his whole life? The delivery of the content, because, let’s face it, content is content.

Okay, you could have the best content out there.
If you don’t have a good delivery.
You’re done.

Okay, so it’s not about content, and the other thing i always say is content.
Is king kong.
Distribution is king kong, so if you have great content and it’s not distributed out, there’s no goods right.

So both things work together and i think this book is a lot.
I mean this book’s really giving out information to people that should know – and people are.
You know people are into that.

I’ve always been into history, because history is something you can learn from.
I have always thought i was into history and that i was well educated, both in high school and and in the few college classes i took, but i got to tell you richie, 80 or 90 percent of the stuff in his book.
I had never heard of.

I mean it was all factual, but it was things that, because of the way the country was at the time uh, a lot of these heroes were left out of the history books and i find it fascinating, and i don’t.
I would say that you know if you read just one story a day like he built the system, for it gives you something to think about all day long, and you know it also.
You know when people talk about, you know the the generation at the turn of the century, the generation for world war, one and world war ii.

A lot of the facts that brandon puts out are the reasons why americans were and are the way we are, and i think it’s it’s our job – to pass all that history on to to kids and uh.
This is true history.
It’s not uh! There’s no fluff! In there everything he writes about, actually happened and, like you said he writes it at a level, that’s fun to read.

You know there’s no big words in there and footnotes and all this crap to make somebody show you how smart the writer is.

His full intent when he wrote was to make it as easy as possible for children to learn from it.
The average person you know could read it.

The higher education person can also read it and it makes a lot of it’s very easy, but really he’s hitting a market for the people that don’t know, because maybe they don’t read, i i don’t read it, but i have people that read it for me, because If i would read really take five hours to write so i i have people around me that read it and i i enjoy it.

I get read that content on his facebook all the time at 10.

I get it read to me, you know, and you know what i find it very interesting richie.
I i’m sure that uh we’re we’re so close, technologically of computers being able to read a book to you that that’s not going to be an issue anymore and as the prophets come in from the book he’s going to put him right back into creating audio books And you know he understands all the different modalities like we talked about earlier, so i don’t know exactly when, but there are audio history books uh.
This is too good to only deliver in one format, so you’re right mike it it is coming.

I was talking to a principal uh today and they’re looking into something that will meet the standards of georgia and that’s one other thing i need to say: if there is any educator out there, all of my material does meet the standards, and i found out that Georgia standards are coincidable with 48 other states.
There’s there’s only a couple that they’re not so i’m not going to mention the names, but i’m glad that our product that we have out there could be used pretty much for any district.
That’s out there yeah and uh.

That’s really where you can affect the most good is at the district level, where you can talk to the to the decision makers there and reach every kid in the district.

Although uh as i’ve seen before you’re happy to work as granular as the teacher level, but obviously this this all – the kids need to hear this.
So anybody out there that can help our mission to spread this to every child in the country.

If you can’t get a hold of brandon, give me a buzz, give richie a buzz, we’ll get you in contact with him.

He is a very high demand speaker, but he always makes time for the kids appreciate it mike and uh get this book.

I mean anybody that has it congratulations.

You’re gon na learn something tremendously that you might not even know about history that was there.
It’s gon na change.

Your perception, you know it’s gon na.
It’s gon na inform you today at what’s really going on because brandon talk about somebody that does research he’s unbelievable.

You know in my younger years i worked for a company that had a big research department uh and there was a lady there laurie and she did tremendous research.

That’s what she did was about data and all that – and i i mean there’s nobody that does research like brandon brandon, actually does the research and puts it on there in his own words, so he writes the content.

Okay, so i mean this guy has been writing content for a long time.
This guy wrote a lot of content for me in the beginning of my years when i started out with richie bello blogs.

I just want everybody to know that brandon wrote a lot of content for me, a lot of sales content so today he posted it on my wall, which i appreciate it every day and i share it, i’m so much grateful to brandon, because i’m not a content.
Writer, obviously right so with ham, it’s great well! Well, you are a great talker.
I mean i i don’t know if it’s too early to announce but uh richie’s new book that i’m writing with him is uh.

I actually got a galley copy back today to do the final editing, so we’re excited about that, but we’re coming up on on the hour brandon.
I would you, please repeat how the educators and parents can reach out to you, one more time sure mike once again, they can go to www.

They can reach me at brandon, hardison cpo, the number five dot com – great great and uh.
They uh can also reach out to uh brandedexpert.

press uh, because we are happy to put you in contact with our authors, particularly the really good ones like brandon.
So that’s uh brandedexpert.

You know just let us know that you want information on brandon and or his books and my people will take care of you and brandon.
Let me tell you something: congratulations, i’m so happy you pushed out that book again.
Congratulations! I knew it was going to happen.

I mean it just the content is great you’re great at it i mean you’re, unbelievable and i just got to say: god bless you guys, and god bless america brandon and any other words you guys got to say: uh be healthy, be safe, god bless america.
Thank you for the opportunity.

Richie .

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