Good morning, gene brandon artisan here and i’m taking a couple minutes out of what i need to be doing to say, happy birthday to you uh.

I know you and richie go back a long ways and everybody has their good times bad times.
You came around for richie when he really needed it.

You bring something to the table.

That seems like stabilized him enough to get focused, so he can get to the next level.
So all the talent and skills and the love that you have for him shows even for me, i’m letting me stay in your place and feeding me for those couple of times coming up long island was uh beautiful and i know we’re gon na have many more.
So i know you’ll probably have a lot of people reaching out to you saying happy birthday.

I just wanted to be one of the people that are included because over the past uh two years with you, i know strength.
I know your organization, i know how you would like to get the job done to market, because you know how to do it and for richie.
Yes, we we go way back.

I remember when he first got me involved and asked me to do video and share some content with you, so um, both of you, i’m very happy for you’re.
Moving on up the sky is the limit.
Now you can really start reaping what you started.

Planting the seeds years ago, so once again happy birthday to you and you go out and you make it a champion day.

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