So , oh ! What’s going on, can you hear me car guys cargos? We are live in the cafe right now.

I am missing the other half of the car guy coffee podcast, mr fred lennart’s.
The subprime hero is out enjoying some great time with his family.
So we’re going to have a quick, great news meeting and i have a couple incredible guests that are actually going to be able to jump in here.

One of them is actually helping you bring this brew.
Can you see it right there right there there? It is this brew is brought to you by think ad group, and they are some solutionaries that are definitely finding a way to help make everybody that they get around, get even better, so excited to have justin jump in here.
Big papa searle is coming in the building to share some great news with us.

We also have another incredible vet, that’s a car guy 20 years inside of the car business, and he has been recently starting to sip on some of the solutions that are helping him.
Be able to approach his day inside of an uplifted and upshifted kind of way so excited to share some great news with uh some great guys, i’m not gon na take too much longer hyping them up and bringing them in they’re coming in the cafe right now.
What’s going on car guys, what’s going on, how are you all doing awesome, i’m all caffeinated! I got a nice cup of car guy coffee all ready to go so pumped up excited to get on the day, i’m actually off today.

So as soon as i get done with this, i’m gon na go uh.
Basically just it’s mama do day.
You know what i mean so whatever mama says to do, i’m doing it and i’m excited too so, what’s going on, justin welcome pumped to be here.

Well, we’re excited to see you in charles hickens, where are you at charles uh? What part of the big us are you actually at right now and uh walking horse country, i’m in shelbyville, tennessee you’re, not too far from me, not too too far from me.
This is kind of equestrian land, usa.
You know what i mean: it’s uh.

This is quite uh, so many of my family look at it the same they’re like tennessee, kentucky kentucky tennessee yeah, it’s the same thing and i’m like no, it’s not yeah, but uh and big papa searle is joining us from pittsburgh.
What’s going on up there, not much not much, i’m uh excited about uh tonight we got the think tank tonight, 9pm eastern and really excited because our celebrity guest host is uh jason harris.
So a lot of people know him a lot of people appreciate and respect him, so we’re really excited to have him in uh in the hot seat tonight.

So we’re excited excited, that’s that is some great news.
Car guys cargos for those of you that don’t know uh this uh think tank is a place where true solutionaries can come in talk about some of their ideas.
Talk about some of their dreams.

Talk about some of the things that they want to do to better.
Basically, humanity but a focal point on the people that they do commerce with uh.
They are always trying to find a way to navigate these waters and trust me anytime, that you’re navigating waters that are so vast and so huge.

It’s always better to have a crew with you and it’s just an honor to uh to be just sponsored by you guys, but also to be part of the family and having fun brewing these solutions, yeah charles! What’s going on with you! Sorry, no! What’s going on man um man, i tell you yesterday just reminded me of why i am i don’t know if anybody saw my post on linkedin um, but uh yesterday reminded me of why i’m in this business, why i love this business? Why i’ve been doing it for 20 years? Um, you know, got to in the course of a year, got to help a family achieve two huge goals that they wanted uh, so it just it pumped me up.
Uh, crazy, just revitalized me for probably another 20 years.
Thank you.

That’s like that that good shot of golf right.
You may have screwed up the entire game the entire day and then boom.
Something good happened.

You made that one good shot and all of a sudden, you can’t wait to get back out there again.
You know this: this business is so filled with uh with moments where negativity can seep its way in uh, but it’s so important that we continue to stay positive, continue to keep our mind on good positive thoughts and remember why we’re doing what we’re doing uh another Incredible car guy again big pop sorrel justin searle over here, he’s seen it all.
You know from from sales to management, to making sure uh to then be the vendor that takes on all of the understanding of what’s happening inside of the dealership climate and approaching solutions.

From that vantage point right i mean: what do you think? Did you get to see his video justin? Did you get something i’m not even sure if we’re connected? I just wanted to pick up my phone, but i don’t want to be ruined, so uh he’s going to be in the thick tank tonight.
I do know that right, charles yeah, charles you should get in there right and uh.
We are connected justin, uh, okay, yeah, so uh, but yeah check out my video.

I will for sure we’d love to have you in the uh in the think tank.
It’s a good time there’s a lot of things i miss about the car dealership, but one of them is not the name tag, don’t miss the name.
I’m waiting on my shirt to come in as soon as my shirts come in.

I can take off the name tag i gotcha.
I got it and i can take off the tie.
I hated.

I hated that man, i don’t i.
This is my uniform.
Now it’s just it’s a hoodie every day.

So hey i hear you no another thing that got me pumped.
You know i was driving into work this morning and got some early deliveries this morning to do on some super duty trucks, but i got to think i was like man.

This is a five saturday month.

Yes, so yes hope everybody is setting up their saturdays.

Getting pumped up ready to go.
Uh hope their first saturday was successful, we’re fixing to roll into another one.

I mean i love five saturday months.
Yeah, you don’t get any better than that in the in the car business.
So it doesn’t happen that often no when you, when you sit down on that monday morning, meeting and say: hey, we’ve had a good few days and we have four full weeks ahead of us.

That gets all kinds of guys: jacked up, managers, motivated and also expectations to raise up right now now that you’re at that spot, it’s like that’s great.
Now we can actually reach for the moon.
We can reach for the stars.

We can go for bigger and better things, uh speaking of going for bigger and better things and making sure that we apply the principle to keep growing everybody, i’m going to get these solutionaries that are in the cafe with us to do what it is.
That’s first things: first, everybody.
Let’s forgive focus fly on three one.

Two three forgive focus focus fly and keep growing, keep growing, keep going.
Ah man, it’s so different without fred.
You know what i’m saying it is not good.

He probably could but he’s driving and i’m looking out for his safety and the safety of all those that are inside of the car, with him he’s probably watching right now, but uh.
We know anytime that you’re trying to – and you guys know when you’re trying to sneak in those those quick ideas or get that video shot and you’re sitting there in the car every now, and then you have this quick moment of was that safe? Should i be doing this yep right, i love my adaptive cruise control and lane keeping i’ll say that yeah.
I know i tell myself, i’m not gon na look at the camera.

Now i can look at the camera and the whole time.
I’m hey! Thank you.
Evelyn for posting that link uh to the video appreciate it.

Thank you.
Yeah cool cool yeah, so car gals, i’m not gon na be long.
This morning, i am inspired by the people that are inside of the cafe yesterday, watching charles and his passion inside of how he spoke of what it was that he did that day and how he was inspired after 20 years to get excited about what he’s doing Again, because of his experience with customers that you can tell that he loves, i wanted to encourage you all that the great news is that you have today.

You have the business that is in front of you and you have the dreams that are stirring up inside of your heart and inside of your mind.

But you have the chance today to approach your day with passion approach, your customer with passion, approach, your challenges with passion.
Just like you approach the relationships of those that are absolutely most intimate to you, whether it’s your spouse or your children.

If you approach those relationships with passion and with the joy that you have for life and for that connection, i promise you selling is going to be kind of the automatic part right.

It’s going to be very easy for that product to make its way in from one hand to another.
But what ultimately gets connected is that the hands of unity, the hands of of celebration, the hands of life get connected and we get to just enjoy each other.

Better, you know what i mean: it’s not the same when i don’t have my brother sitting here.
Next to me, miss him have fun, but at the same time i am so still connected to all of you all that are out there.
We are all still connected as brothers he’s with me right now and i’m with him on his vacation.

You know everybody’s having a great time, uh living life, and we stay connected inside of this constant consistency of a frequency that is the brewing solutions: lifestyle yeah, i’m loving it.
I’m loving uh getting the chance to talk to you guys, but again everybody approach your day with passion approach, your customers with patch with passion and if there’s no passion there, if there’s nothing inside of the tank, if that cup is just about empty, take some time Right go to the lake, go to the beach go where you need to go figure out where it is that you can absolutely pull out the most passion from your life, and i assure you, you’re, going to be enjoying your life way way better.

Regardless of what comes at you right, regardless of what attacks you, regardless of what may be seemingly against you folks, you can’t let somebody take away something that they never gave you okay.

So if your piece is in you, without their deposit, great you’d, be the one that deposits it whoa, you guys feeling me you got ta help me this morning, gotcha justin, anything left that you want to say before we head out of here and uh go about Just killing the day, no charles, it was great to meet you.
I look forward to checking out your your content and uh i’d love to have you in the think tank tonight, 9pm eastern, think tank.
Thirsty thursday, you can go uh.

The link is right on our website.
Com, look for the swag page and there’s the link to the live.

The zoom so hope to see you all there.
Heck yeah charles ain’t got anything to drop on everybody, real quick.
I just told you know to build on what you were saying: uh be genuine to your customers.

Just be yourself be true to yourself.

Your customers will see that they’ll appreciate it more than anything else.

It doesn’t matter what sales or service industry you’re in if you’re genuine, you know, set your goals.

If you don’t have your goals, you can’t create a clear path to success.
You have to have goals, you have to build that road map and as long as you’re genuine you know you stay focused.
You keep growing man sky’s the limit, yeah man, i’m loving it.

I’m loving this guy.
This is so awesome.
One thing that i did want to surprise you with charles is that you are the lucky winner of the first giveaway bag of car guy coffee, so you’re going to get you some of that jump over there to the website.

Send us the quick message.
Actually, you can message me right after this and just tell me where that bag is going to uh.
We have one other winner and we will announce him when he can get the chance to be on live with us as well.

But i wanted to say congratulations on getting that first bag, car, guys and car guys you can go to carguycoffee.
com and get you some of the caffeinated consistency that is making the dealership smell, really really good and hyping everybody up, i’m loving it so car guys corgals.
Thank you again for joining us.

This brew has been brought to you by think ad group and elite fi partners.
You can get information really.
If you just message us and say, hey, give us some information on these awesome guys that you know and we’ll be good to go.

Okay again, i thank you guys for jumping in here real quick on this great news.
Meeting go brew up solutions inside of your stores; go brew up solutions inside of your dealerships; go brew; solutions wherever it is that you are blessed enough to go today.
I believe in you and if you need a little something to caffeinate, you up, hmm get you some core guy coffee car, guys car guys have an incredible night later inside of the think.

Tank today crush it and bring your victories when justin calls on you.

Inside of the think, tank thanks thanks again for everybody for jumping in the intro is going to be the outro see , ya, , [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], , stop [, Laughter, ], , [, Music ] [ Applause, ], car guys cargos.
I am actually waiting to see if fred can jump in here.

Real quick um, hopefully he’s at a rest area justin.
Thank you for chilling out or stay on.
No, no brother, i’m totally down for you to hang out uh for a minute as we wait for the subprime hero to make his way flying in here uh, but car guys courthouse.

Hopefully uh.
You are just excited to go.
Do some big things today, uh and i i really wan na stay on the vein of pricking, the heart of your dreams, of the things that you really or are thinking of and and hoping for that are beyond uh.

What it is that you can do on your own folks without further ado, doesn’t look like he’s at a rest.
Stop, but i’m bringing him in it is the subprime hero.
What’s going on fred, what’s up guys, what are you guys doing red how’s it going? Oh man, we just stopped for a little quick break.

My brother has his dog, so they’re, letting him walk, walk the dogs.
I figured it’d be a good time to jump in really quick this morning loved it.
I love charles thanks charles for coming on today.

Justin man good to see you my friend, looking forward, i’m gon na try to make a think tank tonight.

I should be able to actually have a little bit of time tonight to do it, but we about one third of the way to myrtle beach nice.
This is awesome that is, awesome, yeah we’re gon na.

We actually made plans.
So you know i did a quick brew this morning and i was talking about how sometimes making adjustments has to happen in life.
We we were gon na, go down to alabama, go down to gulf shores and then this hurricane started coming and the governor, you know, ordered evacuations for people who were visitors, and so we just couldn’t even go down.

So we had to make last night we booked it at 10 o’clock at night to go to myrtle beach today, so we went to the same way we literally booked it in like 24 hours and went to uh to myrtle beach.
This was the first time i’ve ever been to myrtle beach.
It was a good time.

Yeah i’ve been before, but it’s the first time our family’s gone.
So i’m excited about that.
I got my brother, my sister, my my niece, my you know my nephew and my son he’s over here, passed out in the front seat right now sleeping my niece is oh, she covered herself up she’s sleeping too, but yeah i’m driving all the kids and then All the adults in the other vehicle, but no guys, you know great message this morning.

Folks great news.
Everything is wonderful.
I love what’s going on.

I love charles.
If you need to go back and watch that video justin it’s a great little, he throws a shout out to you.
You throw a shout out to us mike off with everybody man.

He absolutely is passionate about what he’s doing he’s been in the business for 20 years, and he just said that he feels so refreshed right now like it’s like he started from day, one all over again great testimonial, not just for, i think aggregates, for all three Of our companies – and he – and he really brings us up – and he means that – and i love that about charles i’m looking forward to him being on the think tank tonight and getting to know him even more he’s, definitely been reaching out.
He even joined the cafe.
This morning, congratulations welcome to the cafe, welcome, so that was cool nice.

I’m excited.
I bought my first bag of coffee, yeah, heck yeah, get you some of that.
So how is it that you actually brew your coffee? How do you usually brew your coffee? So i we have, we have one of those, it’s a pot and a keurig um.

We usually do a pot.
We, you evelyn and i usually uh – take a whole pot down in the morning, but um we bought the wrong size.
Filter evelyn did it’s her fault.

She bought the wrong size filters, but we’ve been having to make k-cups.
So i have that, like i’m like second of all.
Well, i have been having fun and um.

Oh man, i’m a keurig guy, but i drink i but i, but i also am a starbucks guy.
So i like going to starbucks, because i imagine car guy coffee will be there one day, yeah we’re going there and trying to figure out how they’re going to make my future brew.
Yeah, i’m going to come out with a you know.

All kinds of it’s gon na happen guys.
You know what it is.
Oh you’re out there get ready for it.

We we dream big.
Just like you guys should don’t ever forget that always look for the stars.
Don’t just look on the ground first it’ll happen.

Yep i’ve been uh learning how to cook coffee in all different ways.
Right as we started to take this venture with eda from i say with cafe, she has challenged us to kind of get outside of the curic box, which is then challenged me to say.
Well, how can i just make this keurig better? How can i find a way to get the same awesomeness out of a curic and it is different, there’s different elements, but either way folks, there is a way to get it in the community and there is also a way to get it with any other way That you brew your coffee, so there is a cool way to do it with the pot too.

Do whatever you need it’s good, it’s delicious! It will give you confidence that it’s so contagious that it’ll make you consistent.

I’m telling you right there now! I’m excited! You know this drive is going to take a little bit of time, but i’m super pumped up about the family time on the beach i’m super pumped up about.
What’s going on in the think tank right now, the think tank is growing really fast.

Folks for all y’all watching right now, if you want to come check out the think tank, you guys need to do it, don’t miss out on it.
It’s every thursday night.

If you don’t make it this thursday, it’s okay, we got next thursday.

It’s never going to go away the thing tanks around forever, with this group of masterminds, that all we do is uplift upshift and have a good old time with everybody and the think tank always brings in some amazing guests.
Folks, amazing guests: you guys cannot miss this, but jump in get excited, get confident and let’s get consistent with it.
Guys, let’s go get you something that’s right hold on hit my whoa whoa, hey.

Let me get my nephew to do the woe.
What’s that a whoa kingston, i love it.
Man, that’s awesome, i think mike is about to jump in and michael ulfmith is about to drive.

Our sponsors are in the building they’re keeping an eye on us.
You know i love it see.
Let’s see, boom boom ain’t.

No better way than to just put them out here put them on the show folks, either way.
Let’s see michael, it’s coming, you should be getting it yeah man, so anyhow, yeah the weather is going to be nice in myrtle beach.
I’m excited about it way better, but when everybody was telling me like hey, you know, what’s going down in the gulf right and i’m like fred’s supposed to be going there and he got like the last place, there was left to go there.

What are you doing? Three times because the first one got cancelled because after the first hurricane the place was still in damage, so they didn’t have it fixed in time for us to come.
So we had to find another place and it was hard because we had to find pet friendly, because you know jeff’s bringing brownie with them and yeah it was.
That was difficult.

We found one place we booked it.

Then then this came and it was like all right.
So then we had, then we had to get creative and you know we looked around and folks, it’s probably going to be the best vacation i ever had just because it was so difficult when you see when things just so.

You guys understand life when things are tough and you have to work harder for it.

They tend to have a big upswing.
Whenever you finally get to do it, it tends to be the best thing to ever happen.

You appreciate it even more so i’m excited i’m super pumped.
It was a change of schedule, but you know what, like i said: i’ve never taken my family to myrtle beach, and this will be a good time to go down there and check it out.

Have some fun eat some seafood chill on the beach? Oh hello, that’s right! Well, fred! You definitely deserve it.

You plug in uh.
You pour your heart into the dealership while you’re there, you pour your heart into the cafe and out there for many people.
If you guys uh, get to see a lot of the video and a lot of the fun and a lot of the posts, but understand that that’s also a lot of work, it’s a lot of freaking fun right.

It’s a lot of good times, a lot of fun doing so, but um.
It is a lot of work and it is active and every now and then you got to be able to plug into the charger.

Go get some rest go enjoy the little by the way people do you.

Oh snap, get you some focus flying car, guys car gals.
I want to go ahead and add to the stream michael offman there’s my brother.
What’s up bro, what’s up gentlemen, what’s going on? What’s going on, man share some great news: real, quick, michael, and this is michael from elite fi partners.

Speaking of them, they just showed up justin, i’m happy.
I see you in your sweater today sporting the thing here.

It was funny yesterday uh justin, i were on the phone and i saw him for the first time without wearing think and it kind of threw me off a little bit.

I wasn’t again awesome some great news.
Real quick, i’m sorry share some great news with everybody.
What’s going on um couple things so yesterday we had a dealership that uh really engaged with us and started selling a product.

That’s new for us! I’m really excited about um and and use car world.
We have a new product, that’s killing it and dealers when they get in front of it.
You see them light up that passion come to them.

They’re they’re excited about it.
Yesterday there was a post.
I don’t know if you talked about it yet or not, but somebody that kind of tagged all three of us that was really exciting, that he was just in here.

He was actually back when i heard it and just to be a part of it was really exciting yeah, that was charles higgins.
He was just in the cafe yeah and michael.
I mean understand that that that’s the kind of impression that you’re starting to do now, man, your work that you’re putting out there all that videos all that stuff by putting the positive vibes out there is starting to come around and guys, like charles higgins, is they’re Feeling that man and doing a great job it’s this is just the beginning of everything you know, and i’m so excited to see your growth right now, i’m excited to see the think: tanks, growth, even charles higgins, the guy who put that video out the growth that He’s experienced in a short amount of time it’s a beautiful thing guys this culture, we’re building together as a team, is beautiful.

I’m so grateful to be part of this.
I’m so grateful to be part of this.
What’s this little group of guys that’s here, this is just a small part of our of our whole fantasy teams.

I want to call it right and we’re just we’re going crazy with it, and it’s just going to be an amazing thing.
This voyage is like i told michael when we first partnered up like truly really partnered up.
I told him dude one day we’re going to all be on our yachts out on on a base somewhere having a good time.

You know and that’s going to happen.
I dream big like that, and i see that and i i know we’re all going to go up together and messages like that from charles, really, you know makes you realize.
Okay, it is working, you know, and that’s what’s the beauty about that he’s such a good dude too, and he’s definitely going to be part of the voyage himself.

If you know, if he’s really wants to be part of it but yeah, you just missed him.
He was on here like 15 minutes ago, oh man, okay, yeah, i’m sorry.
I started to show up a little late, but that was all good.

Those moments where you watch the story and he’s like he’s pouring his passion out and he’s excited, and you know it put chills down my back.

I mean that was just awesome and then just to be like tagged and be a part of it and be one of the guys that kind of influenced him a little bit that that’s that’s awesome, that is, that is so awesome part of the part of the Legacy part of the testimonies that we all get to uh enjoy in doing what it is that we do.

Sometimes we need reminders.

Sometimes we need to look at the success of other people and seeing them come alive based off of the seeds that we’ve sowed um into their life and uh.

Sometimes you don’t even know where you’re sowing a seed.
You know there’s so many more people that are watching you in social media than interact with you, everybody just so you know you know not everybody’s gon na, like not everybody’s gon na share, not everybody’s gon na comment, but a lot of people look and sometimes they’re.

Haters and sometimes they’re people that are just absorbing it and really don’t know how to react to it yet, but eventually they get themselves out of the box.
They get themselves out of that and then they reach out and they start sharing.
They start putting videos out there.

They start letting you know what it is that’s going on inside of their life, but our culture is very good.
At sharing bad news, media has been used as a tool for many many years to share bad news and part of the bruin solutions.

Culture is to put a shock to that entire way of thinking and start to pour out positivity from the platforms that we have available to us, and i’m so thankful that i have this guy up here.

My brother right there and my brother up over there.
That is always trying to brew solutions, always giving love always trying to find a way to get the best out of each other.

I’m so thankful for you all we’re gon na go ahead and cut this off and let everybody go on about their day.

Thank you.
So much for joining us uh, since i got everybody in here again and i got fred the subprime hero with us rocking the forgetful fly shirt.
Let’s begin focused by everybody as we head on our day on three one.

Two three forgive focus: fly: keep eat, bro, keep growing, keep growing car guys car gals enjoy your day, make something great happen.
I appreciate you all.
I will not be in here after this outro love, you all keep making things happen, be safe out there forever.

Everybody have a great day.
I appreciate you, go strong, keep growing thanks again, get you some core guy coffee at corgatech.

Take care guys! Please love you guys: , [ Applause, ], , [ Applause, ], , oh ! You

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