Goals Are Useless

Alright, I’ve watched a video today about the word goals and, yes, we all need them about tackling and overuse.

That word is which can therefore create the alternative response of what we want setting goals, so that recommended every day is happier process having concepts of what you can do, what you want to accomplish and what you want to get done, and rather than heaven daily goals.
Ever gave me purpose, there are sales we might be delivering three cars on three points.

You have set making phone calls and do a follow up man since you’re, slow and you’re in sales.

It might be as much as making 20 phone calls calling ten customers on the birthday sending out 10 referral letters, making a mailer to send up people in your neighborhood.
Making a mirror send up get six torture, but the goal it is you’re.
In start the day off of the process and make sure you’re going into the day, I’m having a purpose gunslinger out talk to what you chase all right.

So why is this guy’s saying? Goals or useless goals? Are stupid? Don’t have goals.
Of course, we all want to have goals, but if you write down a goal, I want to be a millionaire.
I want to make two hundred thousand dollars this year.

You have to have a plan of action.
You have to have a purpose of why you want those goals and you have to have a process of how you’re going to get there.

So what you need to do is you need to start out every day with what’s my purpose today, once again like I talked if it’s to make 20 phone calls right down 20 names or have your book in front of your with the names of who you Can call or have 10 names written down, find 10 more names if you want to send out 50 mailings 50 postcards.

Have the 50 postcards they’re ready for you when you get in your office in the morning, if you’ve got three deliveries, have your delivery setup? Have the owner man owners manuals out and ready? Have the spare key ready have as much done? If you can get done, you want to have a purpose for the day.
What you’re going to do? What that day’s goal is goals are good, but we just don’t want to write down big goals, but your purpose for the day.
You need to have a process and order a process that works, a process that you’re familiar with in a process that you’re comfortable with, and then you need to have a plan of attack.

You need to scope out this plan of attack the night before on your drive into work.
When you get to the office, you need to have a plan of.
How am I going to do these things so once again, goals aren’t stupid.

Goals are great but to write down ten goals.
I’m going to be a millionaire in four years, i’m gon na they’re good to have, but so few people stick with them and follow through because they make these big goals and they don’t know the road to get there.
They don’t know the easy way there.

So goals are good, but we want to break them down and we want to have a purpose for the day, a process that gets us through there and a plan for the day.

This is no walsh, keep it going conquer.
What you chase plan purpose action process; .

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