Get what you want in life by giving people what they want.

What is up everybody good morning, little Thursday morning, motivation to start your day, gunslinger in the house and WTA conquer what you chase.

Sales training just ran up to the store going to go for a little Drive in a nature, a little bit and a little presents wearing a suit.
But I want to start the day out with one of my favorite quotes of all on Zig Ziglar quote raised many great quotes, but you can have everything you want life if you help enough people get what they want, and this is so so very true that You know if you give it puts you in the position to receive and it’s great to be a gracious giver and it’s even and part of being a gracious giver is being a gracious receiver.
I step problems for saving things like, I always wonder, earn things on my own.

Do things myself, but really sometimes you need help.
Sometimes you need a little push.
Sometimes you need some guidance.

You need some mentorship.
You need some training, you need you need.
Some help.

Is it’s hard to figure out everything and do everything on your own? Why not do what somebody else is done? Why not follow somebody else’s lead, and so I want to talk about that.
Zig Ziglar quote um.
We were just camping there in bryce canyon, national park of most beautiful places in the country champions there.

So you know I kind of think, like we’re kind of missing the boat here, his Americans that’s enjoying our own beauty in our backyard, but I was speaking with the guy and we’ll call him Rafael, because his name is Rafael.
He’s from France and Rafael um.
His lived in Singapore lived in Belgium, he’s from France, he’s lived in China, he moved Cincinnati Ohio and that given any yacht bad bad vibes to Ohio there, but you set up it.

Wasn’t his favorite place in the country whose favorite place that he’s ever been in his favorite place to live, but he’s he’s a big-shot engineer for Procter & Gamble and I’m gon na turn around here: real quick but um.
So he was told me about his car.
Buying experience and how he bought a he bought a honda odyssey because you know he figured it had the best resale value and he didn’t negotiate price.

Maybe he came in on an internet special, but maybe he went down for sticker, but he didn’t negotiate the price and um.
He talked about how he bought the vehicle and they told him that he should finance because he had no American credit.
Now the guy makes big money, he’s looked all over the country, and so you know so he bought what they’re saying he trusts from it made sense to him and when he bought the vehicle, this guy sharp keep in mind all sudden.

They had seven thousand dollars.
Add-Ons on the on the vehicle and bear with me here, everybody I’m driving I’m going to get to log into a nice point here and stop, but he bought a you know about a forty thousand dollar.
Fifty thousand dollar minivan, whatever they run, and they tried to Jack them up with bunch of add-ons in the contract, he’s a sharp guy.

So so he figured out, the math saw what they were doing and you know that he had to argue with them.
Well, he brought his son thinking, it’d, be a fun experience for his son, which was a horrible experience for his son, and he brought his son and you know: son’s hungry they’ve got some where they’ve got to be, and it was just a horrible experience for the Guy he felt ripped off and it gave him a bad, a bad taste I’m going to the handheld here.
It gave a bad taste for car dealerships, car salespeople, and so basically, what I’m trying to get at is it is it added to the reputation the bad reputation that we get in this business? Is car salespeople? It sales people in general – and you know if they were taking care of the guy, the guy told them to he – was gon na need.

Two vehicles he’s got three children and a wife so he’s going to need two vehicles so for them getting greedy.
They already had a nun negotiated deal, they already had a sticker deal and then they’re trying to to Jack him with all these back end, thanks thinking that he sees from another country he’s not going to know.
What’s going on the guy’s an engineer, he designs the bottles for head and shoulders he’s he’s the top guy.

That’s why he moved to Cincinnati, but you know they would have had another sale, so he ended up buying a nice on for his second vehicle, and so the point I’m getting at is you know if you just take care of people, something my manager, k Ferguson When I was at varsity for used to tell me is: is pigs get fat hogs get slaughtered? Remember that line pigs get fat hogs get slaughtered well, they were trying to eat like like a hog.
Okay, they’re trying to eat like a hog and eat up the whole mess pile and if they just listen to the guy treated them well, try to professionally selling products, they would have had another sale there and this guy’s a big-shot for Procter & Gamble.
They would have had good referrals, but guess what they’re going to get no referrals from them they’re going to get bad word of mouth um.

If anything, if any reviews they’ll get bad reviews, they’ll get bad surveys, but just for them being greedy um.
They lost out on the opportunity to get another sale to get future business to get referrals, and so that’s what I want you to think about is Zig Ziglar squat.
If you help enough people get what they want in life, you’ll get everything you want, I’m just about to unleash my conquer, you conquer what you chase.

Sales training virtual program here and I’ve been doing so many free calls helping people.
I get messages, hey we got this new guy.
Can you spend some time with them and if any of you have been on the phone with me, i mean i’ll spend an hour with you.

You know I’m a talker, I’m a listener.
I, like sharing my knowledge, but eventually that’s going to come back to benefit me and that’s what you should think about your sales.
I don’t only do it for that reason, I do it because I like helping salespeople.

I like helping people grow.
People ask me: what made you get into sales training and what I tell them is you know, think of when you’re the kid and they’re like picking to play baseball or be on the debate, team or soccer and, like you were one of the last people picked Like think what a tense uncomfortable feeling that was, and that’s what a lot of sales people who come into this business run into, is they have no clue what they’re doing they get very little help they get very little guidance, they get very little training and they’re.
You know they’re sitting here and if they’ve got to figure out what to do and a lot of dealerships do have training and process they they have some virtual.

They do in-house training, they bring in trainers, they do lots of different things, but think of that time, in your life, where you had to do something that you didn’t know what you were doing, that you were uncomfortable doing, um that you didn’t know how or what To do and just think about how uncomfortable that is so think about your customer when they come in think about the feelings that they’re going through think about um.
What they’re dealing with think about you know, think they’re nervous uh.
They want to get a good deal.

They don’t know if they trust you, they don’t know.
If what their credits like, I mean, there’s lots of different things, a lots of factors, lots of variables that are going through the customers head.
And so, if you take this on like a professional and you, let them know what you’re doing and you take care of them in an integral and professional way.

They’re going to trust you they’re, going to give you their business they’re, going to make negotiation easy and they’re going to refer you to family and friends, and if you have been in sales, you know that the best commissions are referrals and repeats, and your reputation is Already there so you know the best commissions in car sales and any sales is repeat and referral business, so, if you’re not actively gaining repeat and referral business Roger Smith, a great example I mean this guy sells the car.
He gets 10 10 referrals.
He has a process down talked to the guy, he’s a wealth of knowledge.

He loves Sharon, he’s active on social media and you know he knows how to get referrals and when I do the referral session in my conquer you I’m going to ask him what he does, because I don’t know it all.
I’ve still got a lot to learn.
No everything everything in sales – i do know what I did to get where I’m at in sales, but I don’t know everything about sales, um and so right here, st.

George, that’s where I live everybody.
This is why I move 2,000 miles from everything I knew, but um think about that think about the customer.

Think that the customers coming in I’m going to take the sunglasses off we’ve gone over this, but here in the West you have to drive with your sunglasses on always even when at six thirty in the morning, but think about that when your customer comes in, they Want to be taken care of by somebody, they trust by professionals, so be that professional, be that person who explains to the customer what’s going on? Who who goes over the process? Who walks them through the process who keeps them um? Who keeps them in in tune of what’s going on with the process? Who doesn’t leave them for 45 minutes at their desk, while the deals in finance or while they’re they’re, going through numbers? Who stays in front of them? Who walks through everything who touches base on the things that the customer said they want? You don’t need to touch base on what you like about a vehicle or what you like about your product that might not matter to the customer.

Listen to what the customer says.
They want and then deliver on that get the customer excited about what they like get the customer excited about, what they want, what they need and that the convenience they’re looking for and give them that convenience.
That is what they came for.

So, given that deliver on what the customer wants, so today is Thursday we’re halfway through the month, I’m going to shoot another video here later, but think about that.
Are you delivering what your customer wants? Are you giving your customer what they told you they’re? Looking for what they need, are you filling that convenience that they want remember today, halfway through the month a little Thursday morning, motivation, but we’re halfway through the month? Now is the time to pick things up a notch, to focus on what you want to set your goals figure out what your purpose for those goals is to get your plan down and then to follow your process, follow the process you have in line and make Everybody who does business with you get on your process because you are the professional and they should be in your process once again: Noah Walsh, gunslinger, NWA conquer what you chase st.
George Utah, Ruby, the Rubicon out.

Everybody make it a wonderful day.

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