I’m excited it’s me good night tonight, hello, folks, frelinhart’s subprime hero, i’m here with my friend lou ramirez, the car guy.

That’s right! What’s going on you ready to get this room going all right, we are brewing solutions in the car guy.
Coffee cafe.
Welcome to the car guy coffee podcast, yes, wow, i’m excited tonight we have a special guest, it’s a surprise guest for you guys and it’s somebody that we’ve known for a little while we’ve got to um watch him build his brand up and speaking of brand, that’s Going to be a huge topic tonight, it’s all about being your brand and how to be your brand.

So all right before further ado, let’s get it going: ! Well, yes, everybody to the cafe man, i’m pumped every time that music gets it kicking man.
It just makes a whole arrangement of emotions start to kick up uh some excitement inside of me to get some fun stuff, uh ruined uh.
I mean it’s, it’s like a good, a good taste going with a good sound, a good conversation with good people.

All of that stuff combined get you ready for a great great experience, so welcome to the car guy coffee podcast, where we hope that you are going to have an incredible experience, just finding a way to upshift and uplift.

Your mental mindset, your light illumination levels and your expectancy levels of what it is that you expect to be great inside of this world uh that we get to live in, i’m excited to be here, i’m excited to be here and i’m gon na be wordy about It he is, you know, and that’s okay and that’s.
What’s so special about lou lou has a way of putting words out there and words are very important.

Words are what people use to communicate right.
So when you’re communicating – and you have these words, you need to share these words, make sure that you encourage other people and people hear words so differently.
So you have to sometimes like lou will do put out a lot of words, because sometimes it just takes that one word that he said: that’ll change, somebody’s life, maybe just influence them enough to maybe encourage them to do something, that’s something they never believed they could Do until now so we’re real excited tonight we have somebody special to be here on the show with us tonight.

He is all about building brands, and i think that if you guys sit down and listen to what he has to say, he’s a very special person he’s got a huge heart.

I mean probably one of the biggest hearts out there and we’re real excited to have him on here.
We’ve been wanting to have him on the show, and this was a great opportunity to do it.

So, thanks for being here tonight with us come on in tonight, we have chris gomez.
Welcome to the cafe.
Welcome welcome, welcome, uh, oh, we lost your sound.

My friend lost the sound there.
It is there.
It is yes all right.

What’s up man welcome to our show.
Welcome to the cafe, welcome welcome thanks for having me, i don’t have to get or anything without uh that lean in.
Do i well there’s plenty more to come from uh, there’s plenty more where that came from chris uh.

A lot of the car guys and car gals that are listening or watching or getting the chance to get a glimpse of what’s happening in the cafe right now.
Don’t know that you are a walking miracle.
You are oh, i am a fact, yeah yeah, you are something that is quite the anomaly inside of what our minds can comprehend as far as what is physically capable of happening inside of a human body, and i’m excited to just be having a conversation with you And uh getting the chance to do what it is that we do best and let’s find a way to help other people with the gifts and tools that we’ve been given.

Well, absolutely, i am i’m comfortable saying i’m the most blessed guy you’ll ever meet yeah.
Well, i and i believe that, and i think i think each one of us has our have been blessed in one way or the other right and and understanding that blessing and understanding to take advantage of that and understand that there’s so much more in life that You’ve been given as long as you as long as you move forward, and you were definitely a testament to that and we love your story.
Lou told me more about your story than i knew, and i remember just hearing it, and this was months ago.

He told me about it and how powerful that is, and how i mean you life is so, is just so precious, and you know that beyond most people – and i i’m so glad that you’re here to be able to tell us the story so tonight we’re going To do some stuff a little different, we’re going to start off with some fresh news tonight and i think it’s going to be real exciting, but before we do anything, we always like to open our show with our guests on something special.

I know it looks like you’re holding.
Are you holding your camera right now, trying to all right so right, you’re gon na have to get your you’re gon na have to set it somewhere.

My friend, because we’re gon na need you to free up your hands, we’ll give you a second i knew i was gon na have to dance no you’re, not gon na dance, you’re, just gon na have to just we get that all the time.
That’s a perfect angle right there, chris customers, i didn’t know it – was a good sign.
Yeah man, you got a great side there, so we always love to start.

Our show off with forgive focus, fly and forgive focus fly super important when it comes to our base.
Our foundation of what we’re trying to do for everybody – and it’s really important lou – is super passionate about it, which means i’m super passionate about it and i’m real excited to have you be part of this? We did it and you’re.
A sports fan the dodgers, the just one.

How awesome is that our blood is baseball from his family, that’s awesome and uh.

We we’re that’s actually really cool, because baseball is a is an american sport all day and it’s it’s such a traditional sport and it’s it’s a foundation of this country too.
So we’re talking about foundation.

That’s pretty awesome that you’re that you love baseball like that.
It’s a great sport to be to be a fan of and to watch the history of, because there’s so much history in baseball and baseball’s been part of a lot of different parts of history.
So it’s really amazing sports.

So that being said, you know we’re gon na we’re gon na get to it, but forgive focus flies, getting ready to go down, lou break it down.
Yes, it’s one, i’m sorry i was, he was doing it three times: .
This is how we’re getting that’s right.

This is how we’re getting ready to fly everybody.
We are going to apply the three f’s so that we can keep growing.
It’s definitely something you got ta do.

If you’re ever gon na pick up a bat try to hit a home run in life, you got ta, forgive the strikeouts, you got ta, forgive the the base, hits that didn’t actually turn into hits and the outs all of those pop flies and things that you Got to forgive yourself for let’s do it now so cross your arms with me there chris and we’re going to wipe it off.
Forgive focus, fly on three one.
Two three: did you see my illustration of the uh of the guy doing that and blood? Oh no problem, i practiced yeah, you did it like every day at 10 in the morning.

I would do a little practicing nice.
So, let’s get to this, let’s get to it.
Man, let’s introduce this luke all right.

So let’s see this is a fresh news meeting where we get the chance to talk about the great things that is going on right now, for you, car guys and car gals in the industry that are trying to find a way uh to build your brand.
With your dealership, whether you’re a salesperson, whether you’re a finance manager, whether you’re a sales manager, whatever level it is or whatever title it is that you carry inside of the organization, you are a brand yourself and chris is an expert at helping.
You figure out your brand and put it into place so chris.

We want to talk about the great news and the great things that are going on with you right now and how it is that you’re helping our guys and car gals uh that are out there.
Trying to take care of their families yeah and well, you can uh, you can separate it.
You know of people or individuals from dealerships, because i kind of you know i’m passionate about both um but uh.

You know right now.
I think the energy is with my lincoln executive program, and uh.
You know on linkedin you hear over and over and over again i mean i can’t tell you how many times a day i hear um, you know i wan na i wan na build my brand, but i don’t know who i am and um.

So i built a program called the linkedin executive that is designed to augment personal branding um.
When i okay, let’s a little background um about three years ago, i sort of got serious about linkedin um.
I’ve been on since i’ve been on since some like the year 2000 or something but anyway i didn’t really, you know, use it.

So i i came on and i i’m looking through and there’s all these guys going.

I build your brand with digital marketing and you know i’m an easygoing guy, so i didn’t get really excited.
Actually, i threatened their life because they’re not building brands um, you know, okay, so so i’d get in conflict, but you’re not building a brand you’re, not building a brand.

How can you tell people you will build their brand you’re, a liar and um? So you know, after calling a bunch of really nice people a liar and then um.
I came to the realization that what they meant by build was to build awareness and um and with social media and digital marketing and and so i’m comfy with that.
So so now what i’ve done or what i did then was.

I built a methodology for crafting somebody’s actual brand and then let the personal branding strategies build their brand or you know in my day um in my day it’s building awareness but um.

It’s just getting you out there so um.
I created a methodology, i’m a nut about methodologies, in fact, the method that most brand developers use today i actually created back in 1999.

They don’t know that and they probably get pissed off if they knew but um.
So i created uh, i created a methodology for taking um an individual, and you know this brand has got to be toward advancing their career or you know in a professional sense.
So i’m searching all around and i found this uh i found academia was working on something called leadership role occupancy and you know they’re, probably 10, 10 years away from finishing and all this and theirs is really deep.

But i i got the the basic um understanding of what they were trying to do and it goes to dna.
It goes to lineage, and so what now, if you went to like a robert half or something like that, and and you got your evaluation, they base their evaluation on.
What’s called environmental traits, your your past, your education, your your your job, history, et cetera, et cetera.

They call that environmental, so what i did was i took pieces of this leadership role occupancy which goes through your lineage, your your father, your grandfather, your you know all the all the leadership traits that they carried that you are bound to get you have them without Even trying um, so i built a methodology that i can take somebody an individual and i can craft their brand, the lincoln executive brand and it’s it’s it’s a blast for me and it’s so awesome.
It’s it’s having such great effect for my clients.
That i mean you probably read some of the posts these these people are doing backflips, um they’re, amazed at how i can come to a conclusion and then, when they read my conclusion, look at my brand makeup.

They’re like how did you know all this? I you know, i had a half hour conversation with him um, so it’s very cool, a linkedin executive and i’m helping people become who they want to be.
That’s that’s really awesome news and that’s something that i could tell you’re super passionate about yeah.
You know you, like you, said the last three years in linkedin.

I think there’s been some major growth going on in there and i think there’s been a lot of great influencers that come in people who talked about like what you said.
They talk a game, but what do they really offer and what are they trying to bring? I think that you really, you know dove deep into it and you figured out what the meaning behind it is and what you’re trying to bring up and what you’re trying to do is really man.
That’s awesome and i think, like you said, you’ve been doing it for a long time anyway.

Already you just yes now you’re, just bringing it up into this type of longer than you’ve been alive.

[, Laughter, ], hey, that’s a long time! So that’s amazing! You know so you know time flies, that’s for sure, so we you know, we definitely want to bring that up because we’re all about branding we’re all about trying to be your own personal brand.
We also have our you know business brand.

We have so many things that we’re talking about, but then they all have to bleed together in a sense, so you have to do a great job.
Well, i appreciate that so much.

The whole point you know is like building this brand.

It’s something that it’s really nice about, building a brand and really being passionate about it is it brings you to accountability like there’s something you have to hold up to that end of the bargain right, because if you don’t things fall apart extremely fast, because people will See right through the bull crap clearly, so you have to take [ __ ] right, and so you have to do it all.
You have to make sure that you’re passionate you have to make sure that you’re doing those things every single day, trying to be better trying to be brand focused trying to make sure that you’re, you know you’re getting it out.
There you’re doing the work to make sure it gets out there, you know, and man and it’s so it’s so key.

There’s a lot of people out there that are doing it right now and i really love watching them.
Seeing what they’re doing i love what you’re doing your your posts are getting cleaner? Prettier, i mean everything about them is more attractive.
I don’t know what it is, but you i think you know what you know what you’re doing and it looks really really good and you do it and i can tell you there’s a story behind that.

I um, you know i had decades and decades of um of of experience with the global ad agencies and brand developers when i died.
I was one of the top 10 brand developers in the world um and uh.
You know, and then i didn’t even know my own name, so you know it didn’t matter anymore, but uh.

I spent so much time with the global agencies and i was creative director on three continents for for fortune.
500 accounts.
You know honda hilton, just on and on and um.

I i’m really aware of this stuff now, because it’s data, you know, because i didn’t remember anything so i could tell you every minute of my life but at any rate um.
So with that, i built some of the best of the best campaigns and the best of the best brands.
Well about a month ago, i was building my ads.

You know when a business owner produces his posts as it’s a lot different than an agency building it for you um.
You have pressures and stresses that that um, that you have only because you’re a business owner so about a month ago, i’m pumping out all my you know.
Couple of posts today boom got ta.

Do it got ta, do it? Well, i get it.
I get a um, i get a message from someone.
You probably know that that’s a a creative director he’s a young creative director who’s, the creative director for a global ad agency, and he was holding me accountable, he’s all hey.

I know you can do better than that.
What are you doing? Are you lazy? You know what’s going on with you and he was pretty rough and um, so i i i talked to him.
We conversed a couple times and – and he was absolutely right as a business owner, i was producing stuff that clearly wasn’t up to my level and ability of producing work for somebody else.

So so i took i took a few days and and revamped everything and that’s probably that’s what you see now so now you see the kind of work that i did when i worked for clients and and every every post and ad that you see now it’s Getting it’s getting great attention and it’s getting the point across really well now, i’m not just putting out um features and benefits which which is death um.
So it’s working really well and thank you for noticing, hey, you know, thank you for doing what you’re supposed to do and it’s and it’s that’s the kind of stuff that inspires me.
You know, as i’ve been growing, i’ve been, you know, watching what people do and i’m a huge study of my game.

You know, and i i love to watch, what’s going on, see the difference and i and noticing things like that.
How that can actually really perception is so huge to clients right so when they see something and you’re telling them, you could do something, and then they see what you’re doing and they’re like well hold on.
You can do this, but but your product that you’re producing for your own personal brand is subpar.

So it’s time and it was honestly chris – it was never subpar.
It’s just that you’re right.
Could you could you do better? Yes, you could, and you did do better and that’s that’s the key to anything.

You know my this whole, you know keep growing and it’s that’s what you did there.
You keep growing right now, you’ve been through some stuff and here soon, when we get to the five liner, i’m going to ask some questions and you know you’re going to be able to tell more about you know you mentioned a moment ago when you died and That’s a huge story that i think we need to bring up.
Yeah people can hear your back story because he just slipped it in there right.

He just looked at it yeah.
He did it yeah.
It’s third party for me seriously third party, but you know when i, when i talk about it, i i have no connection, that’s so amazing and there’s so much to that.

Quite so, your guys got ta.
Listen to this before we go any further.
I want to throw in some people jumped in here they said hi.

We got jason harris what’s up jason harrison and i change the color of the tie and everything.
Then i send it to him.
Do you that’s funny? He says christina says: what’s up guys? Finally, i get alerted.

Let’s go! Thank you for being here tonight.
We got kendrick kendricks, always saying hi.
I love that guy, what’s up kendrick, hope you’re doing well, then we have angelo angela schultz.

She says hi chris.

I love you angela she’s amazing.
Let’s see, i do he’s amazing, yes, then we then we got kenneth gunner now this is a new guy.

He’s been watching us a lot lately and i really appreciate his amazing comments check it out, check it out the conversation tonight in the next.
The coffee cafe sounds so scrumptiously deliciously, edibly, tasty, good gents.
This is his testicles.

Can you say that is it? Is it said with an accent like it? What kind of an accent you know what i mean is it? Is it english one? Is you know what how does that come out? I need to hear that sound and then angela says yay dodgers.
Yes, yes, yes, that’s awesome.
She’s right, charles higgins jumped in charles man.

Thank you.
He says rocking the new red handle mug just folks.
These are available at the cafe.

Right now make sure you get you one of these.
These are amazing.
They make the they make this brew, taste even better yeah, and you just look cool with the red mug.

You know it’s a caffeinated consistency catcher, it’s just that’s what it is.

That’s what it is.
It’s exactly what it is so folks make sure you get you one of those and then charles higgins says have to be genuine you’re right.

Angela says 100 percent throws in a bunch of hand, claps yeah.
I love what she’s doing her posts are cool.
Oh angela’s, amazing she’s got a huge heart, you know and she and she’s very passionate about what she does.

The people she’s helping and that’s what it’s all about, and you know she has a huge future and she’s she’s, already developed yeah.
She is no matter our age.
We always need to be growing and improving you’re right angela.

So, let’s, let’s keep rolling through this.
Oh jason harris says: what’s up guys lol one more time he goes.
It was great thanks.

Chris yeah he’s talking about the thai thing.
Yeah, that’s awesome and that’s great that you know appreciate you all for jumping in and commenting, and you know it’s showing support for chris.

Chris is an amazing person.

We’re so like.
I said we’re so happy to have him here on the show tonight and and we’re going to get to this five liner in this five liners damn happy to be here.
Yeah man – i know you are just like we are too so it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Thank you.
Five liner is coming we’ll be right back help us get commercial break.
This party started tag.

Ah it’s about to be some good ruin hold on.
Watch this we’ll be right back, yes, break time: , all right, , [, Music ]! That was sharp! So sorry about that.
That was loud.

So sorry about that folks, we are back and we are excited we’re getting ready to drop the five-liner on y’all, and this five-liner is all about mr chris power gomez and this we’re going to ask you five questions tonight and the first question is always the same Question ask everybody, and these questions are all just all about you, so please, just you know be as honest as you want to be.
You can talk as long as you need to answer these questions.
If it takes multiple answers, i’m all about it.

It’s all about you, so chris number one question i ask everyone is: what is your purpose? What’s your, why what drives you every single day to get up and keep growing? My kids, oh yeah, clearly, that’s why i’m alive! It’s pretty! Damn obvious! My kids are extraordinary.
Uh, you know there was a time when um.

There was a time when i didn’t know who i was and they my son, had to be the dad and uh.

You know the two of them.
I i have a son, that’s 27 and a daughter is 25 and they’re.
Just they’re they’re conquering the world like nobody’s business and um.

They had to um when i died uh they had to the next morning.
We we were sorry, i i’m probably taking your time, but we were.

We lived in san diego because i was building a baseball player and that’s the place to build one um and uh.

We were out of town in westlake village, it’s where i grew up and my wife grew up and uh we were visiting my in-laws and my son was at a local facility working on a swing which he’s done every night since he was nine years old and I walked, i decided to walk down, to see him to watch him and i never made it so um.
My two kids had to go from being you know, regular kids, i you know, like i guess from what i understand i i raised them with good values and and um purpose and all that, but they they they went from zero to everything in a day, literally Um they didn’t know where i was.
I was with john doe for 48 hours, because um, evidently my wallet flew wishes or something, and so they the next morning they had to they had to walk into a new high school and and they never went home.

So but anyway, my purpose is my kids um, even at their age.
I text them every morning of what i think their day should be in regards to in regard to um.
You know their purpose for the day and, and it gets great i mean i i don’t understand when i grew up.

You know i walked out of the house at like 17 and a half, you know and i’ve never looked back and you talk to parents from that generation.
They’re like oh yeah.
You know they got ta go, they got ta, be their own adult.

Oh man.
Listen! I got ta tell you, i’m gon na be raising these kids until i die and um.
I just think if you have somebody that can do that, bring value, bring knowledge, bring experience.

Then why wouldn’t you so that’s that’s why i’m here i’m here to raise my kids, i love it and that’s that’s it! That’s such honor that is such honor and that’s something that it’s it’s sad to say it’s old school.
You know and people need to be that way and i feel the same way i have one i have one child and for me he is a huge, huge purpose for me if he is 17 well again, he turned 17 here in two weeks and baseball uh Basketball um.
I wish he played some baseball, but basketball live in kentucky best.

You know kentucky’s more of a basketball state, you know, but he’s definitely uh he’s he’s a great athlete, but he’s just a great young man.

It’s about being a good human is what it’s about, and he totally is.
He has one of the biggest hearts i know and i’m very lucky.

I feel very passionate and he’s exactly the same way like for me, it’ll, be to the day i die.
I will be continuing, be his father.
I will always be trying to help him and help him.

You know have the best of his life, you know, and i and i can’t wait to see him one day – do the same for his children, but i can wait.
I could wait.
I could pump the brakes on that, but i could but i definitely looking forward to that.

But but no i love that you’re passionate about your kids.
You know – and i know that you know if there’s any reason, to want to get up every single day and do something.
Why not you know the children are beautiful and you know whether they’re 50 year olds, your your child’s 50 or your child’s five they’re.

All beautiful and they have and they’re your kids there’s no one else that could ever replace it.
I think um, i think, there’s another benefit to that.
It’s involuntary, but there’s another benefit is um.

You know when it comes to business.
I’ve got four decades in my profession and this and that, but there’s no play in my game.
You know i do what i do, because it’s professional and uh i’m not trying to win any awards, i’m not trying to um.

You know it’s it’s like.
I said it’s it’s on my sleep, so my i i am what i am.
I have a life.

I have two kids that are just conquering the world and and so when i step into business, what you see is what you get.
I love it right.
I mean that’s a uh, a key piece that that is is fixed in there folks, when really just looking at who it is that this incredible solution area is and what it is that he’s finding um great work and know that he’s helping other people find identity And it’s so easy to help other people find something as key as identity which you need in order to build your brand.

If you don’t have a clear identity of one identifying who you’re gon na help and what source, what it is that you have to help them, you know what i mean.
What is it that you bring to the table to help the president exactly value point differentiator same as business works for an individual and um? I i like to i like to use the word.

The word craft.

You have to craft your brand.
It’s huge um, listen! Proliferation is nothing without first crafting your brand, otherwise you’re just spewing all right.
That’s right! That’s just that’s completely completely uh the truth, and i mean that is because a lot of times uh people are so so quick to spit products out and spend uh uh services to try to make the exchange in order to make money right.

A hustler is a hustler right.
A hustler is always going to find a way to make money.
But when you’re trying to build a brand, you have to.

You are creating a commitment level um to the brand itself, but also to the clients in which that you’re making the commitment, oh yeah, from from a brand ear standpoint.
The responsibility is, is horrendous when you think about it.
Um i’m accountable today and five years from now i used five years as the platform.

I helped.
I also helped the lincoln executive people craft their um, their career path and then i set up.

You know six month milestones through five years, and so i call it success a success path because it is if you just walk this thing, but but i crafted based on them.

It’s not about me.
It’s about them their goals, their their dreams, um and the reality of who and what they are if they can achieve that, we don’t put something out there.
That is unachievable, because that doesn’t do anybody any good.

But the point is for a brand developer for brand ear.

The responsibility is huge uh for product or service um.

The marketplace is moving so quickly right now, um in regard to brands and products and services offerings, and all that that this is no time to be f and up i mean excuse me, but the reality is you put out a brand that doesn’t work you’re, screwed, Um you’ll get dumped so fast.

This is this is what’s crazy and tell me if i’m speaking too long, um or bore you um, let’s go when i when i, when i came up through the brand racks, if you will i’ve been through every phase of branding lifestyles, branding, um essence branding uh, You know on and on and on and and they all get closer to, the the person, the customer as as as an as a person as a human being, and we get closer and closer every year.

Now the customer consumer, whatever you want to call them the now, the customer expects a brand to be an involuntary part of their lifestyle without them, knowing anything about it, has to just fit or they’ll cast it away.
Now, that’s some pretty serious pressure both for the the product company owner.

That’s that you know that is that’s that’s um um! You know that that that brand and that product is his life and livelihood, but also the guy.
That’s that that’s going to develop.
It has a pretty serious um responsibility of developing it properly and managing it now.

Management right now is is um is something that most brand developers won’t even touch.

They roll out a brand and they go thanks.
You know check management is the most important thing right now, they’re saying that you should manage your brand.

The way you manage your website right now.

That means you’re, updating it weekly.
So now, when i build a brand, this isn’t necessarily an individual’s brand.

This is a product company service.

When i build a brand, i build in elements of visual and verbal pieces chunks that i can modify moving forward to change the way of the thinking of the customer, and now i built a management program’s first time, i’ve ever built a management program that, for a Monthly fee and it’s really really small monthly fee, but the idea is every week.

I have a conversation with the brand owner about what he thinks are changes in the marketplace and the customer.

And then i allow three changes: modifications actual changes to the brand three times.
A year for no charge, so so what it entails is you have to buy a brand modification, not a brand refreshments, very simple modification, so that i can then manage it moving forward and have pieces that i can change and modify and up.
You know update moving forward.

That’s the way business has to be run now, if you want to stay relevant, oh gosh, that is some really really key points.
I love what you just dropped there for everybody.

Did you listen to him? You know ever changing evolving.
Those words are key and he’s showing that’s that’s the truth he’s like he’s 40 years, folks, 40 plus years that he has been involved in this type of business.

He understands that brand even 40 years ago.

All the way to today how important that brand is and how you have to change it up.
You have to switch it up to the point where he offers three changes in a year with his branding so think about that management management of your brand.
A lot of people will just build a brand they’ll make it and then they just try to roll with that.

And it’s pretty pretty shade of blue right and it’s just and then what happens.
Is it’s hot for the first couple months and then all of a sudden it just fades away, because there’s no adjustments figuring out what they’re good it is like.
He was talking about man chris man.

That’s that’s amazing that you think about folks and that’s that’s the idea that when you’re looking for somebody to help you with that type of thing, that’s the type of mentality you need to be looking for, not somebody who says hey, i can make you a cool Website i can do this.
No, you want somebody who’s gon na help.
You understand, evolve with your brand help.

You grow with your brand help.
You learn why that’s important and he makes really good points and i’m glad you brought that up.
So i mean in any case scenario of sales people uh anybody in any way that is trying to get a product to somebody else.

Uh they’re they’re trying to make sure that they’re giving you what you’re looking for and the only way to know that is, if you know you contain it, you know that your brand has that and as as you make that that correlation from coming up through years And years and years of seeing so many things adjust, the key thing inside of any brand has to be its ability to adapt to have an adaptability to it in order to be relevant when things start to change, and otherwise it goes away.

You know the i mean you, you guys see us tell me whether or not we’re busy enough with our screens and all of our logo and all that crazy stuff right, but the most recognizable thing inside of this entire screen that we all see is this thing Right here is still this soda that i’m, that you can see pointing at at the top of the screen.
Is this coca-cola symbol, because it’s so seared into every element of our functional life? It is such a recognizable brand.

That seems to always be consistent in what it delivers and it finds a way to communicate that to its people all over the place.
I want this brand to look as much as recognizable as that brand come on, and the key thing is they know who they are.
You don’t even have to be able to read.

You just know what that is yep.
That’s that’s one of the greatest lifestyle brands in the you know: there’s not many brands that can be lifestyles, brands, um.
Back back.

When i worked for the global agencies, we we we wanted to build, what’s called top tier brands and that those are just brands that create equity and they just run themselves.
I i’ve i’ve built some myself um, but the the reality is okay.
You know we’re in the data we’re in the data years i happen to be.

I happen to be on the fence about how important data is, because the unfortunate thing is when, when we were building brands like coca-cola, there was no data, the data was focus groups and the the guy you hired and you hired him because he was good and He was professional in that space and and now they’ll stare at data literally, you know hoping something comes out and hits them in the face.
That’s going to make a difference.

Yes, i agree digital marketing and data.

It’s all very important, but it can’t be.
It can’t be the lead, it can’t be your torpedo it has to be.

It has to be reasons why and when you’re building a brand, you still have to hire somebody that you trust in having gut and having an understanding of what a brand is and how to do it and and thought for tomorrow, and – and you know what i Was going to say was even a product service corporate brand, which are all different things um they rely and are part of, and a result of, a human being um the person that that the visionary that started that company is never going to go away from that Brand – and you know you speak – you spoke of like energy points like when you first launched something you get energy well, that does play into a management program, because every time you change something you create new energy and and that’s very important and every time you instill The personality of the visionary into that brand and and reinstill it and re-energize it that’s what you get you’re going to get new energy and energy.

It’s all about human, it’s all about energy in any brand.
I don’t care.
If it’s a mechanical product, i don’t care.

If it’s a machine, i don’t care what it is.
The brand has to go back to someone a human being, because human beings need something to relate to.
So that’s why i love doing the personal branding.

Sorry, the lincoln executive branding! That’s awesome because it’s it’s so about! I mean it’s.
My methodology is so about that person and his lineage.

It’s it’s awesome.

I i like the executive program is freaking awesome.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed some posts lately of my clients but, like i said, they’re doing backflips.
I believe it and that’s super exciting, not just for you, but for your clients and your clients are that’s.

That is the telltale sign of things when, when your clients are raving about what you’re doing um, then you know you’re doing the right thing, because that’s what that’s? What it is we all are providing services we’re service right, we’re helping people we’re helping other ones become worse, you know we’re helping them become more and what you’re doing is amazing, and i love that you’re using the power of your mind that mind of yours.
You know, and let’s used to be a little at least be a little tighter.
So let’s get back to that story.

A little bit.
Did you ever get to your question? Well, no! I didn’t get to my question uh yeah! Absolutely because it’s okay! No! No! No! This is all about your questions.

That’s fine! We want that.

We need that’s what we’re trying to do this whole five liners designed to draw all this out, so yeah we’re happy with it we’re only on number.

We talk about a couple things and there’s something again.
That is a key piece of who it is that you are, and this is the reason why you know i felt so attracted to you.

I appreciate the relationship that we’ve had over this time.
We’ve had the chances of great great conversations.

Yes, we had some great talks, um, there’s so much.

That’s uh in in similar uh backstories between uh, some of the injuries that you’ve had and the the miracle that is my father’s testimony as well, um and and there’s so much uh.
That is uh.
He’s he’s still doing great still doing.

Well, i’m still believing that one day his tongue is gon na get loose and uh he’s gon na get the the chance to speak to me again uh, but he’s you know, i lose my ability to work at least once a month, the same as asia.
It’s it’s just it’s about love your dad! Well, i appreciate it.
I appreciate you uh the concern um.

He he’s definitely uh trying to uh make sure that he’s he’s making people around him smile any time that you are around him he’s always kind of poking fun.
Always trying to to get people to smile, which is ultimately at the end of the day.
What i want to try to do anytime, i get the chance to be with people, because it does help us to to build up our day and a key piece of that is knowing who it is that we are having a clear understanding of our identity.

You are i identified uh more in who it is that you are and rooted in.
Why you do what you do so firm that it’s easy for you to help.

Other people create the stamp.

That is them.
You can help identify who the customer is, and you can help identify uh who that your client is because you know who it is that you are.
I believe, that’s true that that’s it because i looked it up, that’s something that’s real! So speaking, of who it is that you are and we are and who’s helping all this come together.

I do want to say thank you for think ad group and elite fi partners, uh for being our sponsors and for helping us rock some swag with their brands.
All over it uh because they are hoping to make sure that this message gets out to all of the solutionaries out there that want to uh find ways to just make the world a better place.

But here’s question number two: here: we go , you .

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