Do it hey lot? We live what’s up it’s nine o’clock and we live here folks, frelinhardt subprime here, i’m here with my friend.

That’s right, we’re here with car guy coffee podcast tonight we have an amazing show for you.

Oh my god.
We have somebody here.

That’s a special guest all the way from the other side of the world on a whole other, i’m it’s so far on the other side of the world that it’s different weather there.

It is a different season currently folks, it’s a different day.

That’s how far away he is but he’s here i’m excited to have him it is.

It truly is and that’s what’s so crazy about it, but so amazing.
At the same time, i’m excited folks tonight the car guy coffee, podcast late brew.
We are going to get down and we’re going to learn some stuff about digital marketing.

Folks get ready for it.

It’s all around the world.
This stuff is not just here.

It’s everywhere.
Let’s get it going.
We are crossing continents to have a cup of coffee and a conversation.

Let’s brew everybody tonight, but we are really really crazy, excited and caffeinated to have this conversation, so i’m not going to take too long.
I bet you can’t imagine, but car guys and car gals we are welcoming in an incredible digital marketing master.

That is a true blue car guy coffee approved solutionary.

That is in here to brew solutions with us tonight.
Car guys and cargos make welcome michael hi, guys, what’s going on what’s going on man.
Thank you.

Thank you.
It’s um, yeah! It’s been on the to-do list for a long time glad our schedules could finally get uh a line.
Folks, if you guys haven’t noticed, he has an accent and it’s slightly different than ours.

Just like just a hair man, you know and a little bit i love the accent.
It’s actually probably the most favorite accent in the whole world um.
It really is, you know.

Next to the korean, i’m half korean, so next to the korean accent right, so there’s nothing better than a korean australian.
I’ll tell you that’s right! I’ve met a few and they’re they’re, really amazing people too.
So that being said, i’m excited to have you.

Michael dooley.
Comes from australia, where exactly in australia are you from michaels uh, new, south wales, so in between where i actually live? It’s between sydney and canberra um, pretty much exact fear in between the two, so yeah, rural, australia, beautiful australia, you’re very blessed, you’re very lucky to be in a place like that.
You know um.

I know that the whole world went through what everybody went through over the last seven eight months, that that whole kobit 19.
You know i’m sure it affected you guys down there just like it did us um so, but i’m happy to see that you’re healthy.
Your family’s healthy, you know, i know that you went through some stuff this morning, but non-coded related um, but i’m glad that you’re here, i’m glad that everything is going great and obviously i see your business man it’s doing really well and that’s what we’re going to Be talking about tonight how you got there so folks, michael dooley, all the way from new south wales.

Folks, how cool is that to even say you know, you know to you, that’s normal for us here in america, it’s a little bit different.
You know we, you know we honor, we, you know we we think of ourselves as like the greatest country in the world, but you know there’s a few there’s.
You know you, i’m sure you understand right.

People understand.
Well, you know, but i also i also don’t.

I don’t know i’m more of a.

I i’m proud to be an american, but i’m also very proud of the world, i’m very proud of countries to see countries doing what they’re doing like in australia the auto business down.

There is wonderful and you’re doing some big things: you’re, making a big splash there and you’re doing it very fast.
What we would call fast trackers, that’s right, so we really like that and i’m excited to have you here and you’ve been doing it for a long time.

I mean this whole car game.
I’ve seen i’ve seen your resume.
I know what you do.

Man and i’m real excited to have you here, because your experience is second to none and it’s somewhere else.

So people can hear what you’re doing is it’s not just local? You can do it all over the world if you just use this power that we have of digital marketing.

So we’re excited.

Let’s get this thing: crazy, caffeinated excited the car guys and cargo.
We know we got to do what it is that we got to do to go ahead and get this keep growing formula rocking and that’s to give focus fly so all the way across the continents across the oceans wow.
We are going to join with michael dooley and we are going to begin focus and fly together, go ahead and put the hands on the shoulders michael and get ready to forget focus, fly on three car guys and car gals we’re doing this all the way down.

In australia, yes, making connections like crazy, solutionaries rise on three forget: focus fly one two: three forgive focus fly and keep growing.
Keep going keep going now, you’re ready to get some of this brew, that we’re trying to spill over man and we’re excited to get your information.

We have bro, we just cheers.

We just we just fork blue all the way, all the way to the other side of the country.

Forgetful just happened: nah, that’s really, nice man.
We appreciate you for jumping in with us on that.

That’s a lot of fun for us every one of our guests that we have them do that, because it’s really big and this whole forgive focus flies it’s a mantra of ours that we use, because you can’t go forward without forgiving everything of the past.
Let it go, get it off your shoulders, because it doesn’t matter it’s all about what you’re doing now and how much you’re trying to be passionate right now into the future.

So you can focus on that and start flying and doing all the things that, like you’re doing right now, so that’s really important for us and we think that it’s key so key, so man, thank you.

So five questions are coming up to you.
This is our five liner.
I know we don’t have a lot of time, so we’re gon na make the spotliner happen.

These are five questions.
I ask all my guests michael and do you go by michael or mike michael, michael yeah? I would go by michael too.
I, like that so yeah i have an uncle named michael, so it’s he’s and he’s actually my favorite uncle taught me to drive and everything great guys, so it must be the nine yeah it is it is you know so that being said, five questions.

I asked the first one’s always the same.
It’s your purpose! It’s your! Why it’s your motivation, what drives you every single day, michael to get up and do your thing um to create a legacy and freedom for my family love it.
You know easy easy one.

What’s up what what what about leaving a legacy is so like important to you and you know, obviously i i know why, but obviously sometimes people need to hear this.
What what motivates you to make a legacy? Okay, um! Without going right into specifics, i have two kids um at the moment: um one’s nearly nine and uh one’s just nine months, um two boys, my nine-year-old – has special needs to the point where it might affect like what he can do in the future.
In terms of working and that sort of thing, so i know that i’m skilled enough, i’m i’m self-aware enough that i know i’m skilled enough to create something and create something great to the point where it can probably outlast myself and and create something that will roll Onto the future, so i want to make sure that down the future, if ever he wants to get something or if ever he needs procedures done or you know, even after i’m gone in life and he’s still there.

I need to know that he’s looked after and he’s okay, so that’s my main focus in terms of that side of it for me, and both my kids and family um, but that’s been.
My main focus is to make sure that the younger generation will be okay from something that i i know that i can.

I can build.

I’m self aware enough to know that i can do that.

I love it and you and you will, when you have that belief in yourself and that’s something that a lot of people are missing a little bit and sometimes it takes them years to get that belief in them.
You know decades, maybe to the very last drop of life.

They finally had that.
Okay, i should have done this.
You know that realization, but you’re doing it now and you’re doing it for good reasons.

You have a legacy.
You want to leave your children, you want to pour all your knowledge into them.
You want to make sure that they live a better and easier life than you ever could and exponentially do more than you ever could right and leaving that lasting thing for that generation.

I love it.
Man, that’s a great purpose to have you know we talk about legacy a whole lot on our show and you fit right into that little mold of it and i think that’s wonderful, because i have noticed people who are successful are driven very similarly.
They have very similar motivations that drive them, and i think people should take note of this.

People should take note of things that are great, there’s a reason you can’t just say: oh, i just want it just because you know, i think, that’s the deep purpose that somebody has and it’s just it’s not wanting, but it’s it’s more of a need and then That just creates a whole new um.
You know a whole new beast with inside you to make something happen, no doubt about it, not and that’s great.
So we are understanding.

We are you’re, you’re you’re, exactly where i was hoping.
We were going to go you’re exactly the type of person we want on the show.

You sound very solutionary to me.

Yes, yes, hopefully right, you know it’s nice.
I mean i can smell it all the way over here you know yeah, it’s so incredible.
We have.

We have a lot of people jumping in before we get to the next question.
I just want to say you know tell them.

Thanks for coming in, we got wow speaking of solutionaries rattle off the names we got.

Kendrick robinson kendrick robinson says hello to us.
Everyone good thursday night.
Yes, thank you for coming in.

We got joe turner.
Thank you big joe, for showing up tonight, michael uh, charles higgins.
What’s up brother, charles higgins, this is another one of those great people.

You got joe turner, saying you boys, looking sharp.
Yes, we all got little jackets on tonight.
I love it.

Charles higgins, michael larkin says i’m multitasking, it’s is it friday.
There is a friday.
There is he’s asking midday friday, midday friday.

Folks, that’s so that’s! What’s so beautiful about that? Yes, so we do.
We have.
We have some people come in any questions.

Let’s see michael landis, he says it’s a great name, yes, driven to prepare the next generation, frank eckert and then joseph perez says: hey guys or maybe says, hey guys, hey guys, hello, what’s up joseph! So, let’s get.
Let’s get back to it, folks, i appreciate you for coming in so there’s uh.
Of course, we only have so much time and inside of any five liner.

We want to get to the meat of the deal right and we want to go ahead and get with michael dooley and understand what is it that is uh going to be beneficial? What is the car guy ism about this solutionary? That is helping dealers get leads? Uh, what brought you to the car business and why do car guys and car gals need to listen to what you tell them, especially all the way in australia right we have a hard enough time listening to people in our 20 group.
You know what i mean.
Why do they got ta? Listen to the guy all the way down there? Well, my story um.

So i played competitive field hockey for years um to the point where you know i was playing in nationals and and really and playing overseas um in europe, professionally and so on, um, and then i hurt my back so it sort of put on hold everything that I was sort of chasing and you know wanting to make olympics not that i don’t know if i would have ever got there, but you know it was always sort of something i was striving for.
So i came home back to rural australia and i needed work.
Um and somebody that i knew actually ran a car dealership here and he was very big on hiring sports people if he could and there’s a couple of reasons for that as well.

And i’ve probably adapted a bit of that when i did a bit of recruiting.
But um he knew that i had a big family locally.
Dad was one of seven eight and then one of them had 13 kids and everybody lives locally.

So in a town of 30 000 people, i probably you know, was related to 20 000 of them.
So i could see they wanted to leverage that and um.
So i started out as a trainee at the age of 19, 18, 19 um and then the dealership that i was working for uh went into receivership and had to close, but everybody sort of knew.

Except for me, and so i was the new guy.
I’ve been there six months as a trainee and everybody jumped ship.
I came into work one day and literally i was the only one there and yeah i was looking around.

I didn’t know what was happening and the accountant met me at the door and um, and he said, oh michael, he said yeah um, okay, so here’s the keys, um, here’s the keyboard i’ll be here this afternoon to pick it up.

Is there anything you need from me and i’m like yeah, what’s happening so literally every day for a couple of weeks they came and they’d pick the keys up in the afternoon they’d pick up all the keys for the motor vehicles as well, and then i’d drop Them off in the morning, i’d unlock, but the good thing was.
Is that? Because i was there, we didn’t really sell too much, but they actually looked after me with a stronger retainer.

So i thought well i’ll just stay and see what happens and then the dealership got bought um and i got poached by the biggest dealership group in in the region, so started out as a sales person there and then by the age of 22.
I found myself in after a few good results and a few i changed.
The way people would do, people would buy cars to a cents um.

I found myself in a general sales manager’s role at the age of 22 and then by the age of 26.
Gm and then stayed with that dealership and then it was sold a few years after that, in which case i went back to the previous owner to open up their maserati dealership for them and run the maserati dealership, maserati and prestige pre-owned.
So we got that up and running stayed with that for 12 months and on the side through the last couple of all the years or two before that, a lot of businesses, especially locally, were noticing what we were doing online in terms of a dealership.

So we were a rural dealership of all playing against the big boys in the big city and like our suppliers, and that sort of thing was asking us how to get like what we were doing and how to get results.

To the point that they then started.
Wanting to pay me for the consultation, so here i was running a dealership, but then on the side i was slowly building this consultation business, helping other businesses out and all of a sudden.

I realized that hey, i’m owning six figures as a side, business working sort of a few hours a week.
I should be focusing on this, so i put a plan together with the employers and the dealership owners and said look.
This is what i want to do.

Can we transition me out of the management role and i want to do this full-time and um, and i put a figure out there of what i need to earn as the side business.
So i really pushed hard and within two months i got to that figure, which i thought it was going to be sort of six to twelve and uh went full-time, doing my own business uh 14 months ago, and i was sort of a little bit after 13 Years of in the car industry i sort of wanted a break.
I didn’t try and get any car dealerships as clients.

I was working with real estate agents, finance brokers, builders, just a normal sort of businesses around and helping them out with their online presence and getting them leads and so on, and then all of a sudden down here in australia, the bushfires hit and everything sort of Shut down this time last year and then straight away, covert hit um like literally a couple weeks, so our economy down here has been sort of gone for 12 months now, um, but then covert hit.
And then the phone started ringing and it was people that were old connections in the car industry and they were seeing some things that i was doing and one thing led to another and all of a sudden um.
The social media marketing institute reached out to me and wanted to hear about what i’m doing and then all of a sudden.

They wanted a little bit more about results and that i had to send through some proof about what i was doing and um.
So yeah nominated for a few finalist awards through the social media, marketing institute for australia, new zealand, um, best small marketing agency in australia, new zealand uh emerging marketer of the year best use of facebook, wow and officially the fastest growing automotive other businesses.
That might not actually know what i do.

That is so true and that’s so um what a great story what’s happening with so many dealers right now, and so many other vendors that have sowed seeds with dealers in the past, and that said, hey.
These are the things that you’re going to probably need in the future, or these are the things you might want to start thinking about, and then the this crisis hits and everybody is now trying to what is the solution? Which way do we go and some people are are are actually seeking out the answers and a lot of times it’s whoever left that that true, genuine uh flavor in their cup saying.
I am really here to help you um, make me and, and my product is actually something that will produce what you’re trying to get.

You know what i mean we’re in such a.
We need to have what we want right now: culture worldwide, uh, that a car dealer is no different.
You know a partner is, is, if anything, the epitome of it, because we’re the ones that service that uh commodity to people that hold us to these crazy high standards – i don’t know and and you’re a car guy, that’s doing it.

It makes it so incredible to hear that story.
No, the story is great, you know, and i agree and lose what he’s saying.
I know he means that and what’s great about that is that we are literally on the other side of the world two different days.

Different seasons, the whole nine right yeah, the carpet is good, what’s beautiful for you and why would you know about the future? It’s good! I and i agree, there’s no doubt about it.
It’s it’s all mindset right, right, you’re on that right mindset, and the reason why i wanted to invite you to the show is because i believe that what you’re doing down there is beautiful – and i think that you need to you it’s it’s because of social media, Because of how the internet works, we can get you all over the world together.
Right people need to hear about what you’re doing you’re you’re growing fast, not because you’re, not you know not because you’re putting out a bad product, not because you’re giving up you’re, not making solutions for your clients, you’re, actually bringing major solutions for your clients, you’re, actually Helping them get to the next level, i mean i read, reviews on you, i’ve done it all.

I did the research before i had you on the show.
I had to make sure that i had somebody that i’ve never seen what is he about so i did, and i know that you have a lot of clients that love you and that’s that’s huge.
I know what you’re doing is super passionate.

I remember having a conversation where you said to me the best part about it is what i’m able to do for my clients.
I feel like what the the actual results of what they’re getting to me is.
What’s the most exciting part about this, that’s everything you need to hear from anybody, who’s, helping you who’s a who’s, a servant! That’s going to help you try to get what you need, what you do and you do it wonderfully and you’re just starting buddy and you’re.

Just getting you’re just getting this thing going, and i know that one now that you got the ball going, it’s easy to keep momentum and that momentum is just going to build up to a huge snowball.
That’s going to be beautiful for you, so we need to have you on the show, because you need to be on the show, because this is huge for everyone.
So who’s listening right now understand that he can help you.

So if you need help reach out to him and i’m gon na that’s enough about that, i’m gon na keep going we’re talking about this, but i mean i’m just saying like i really am excited, i’m excited about your business.
I’m excited about you, you’re, a good person yeah, you truly are you have you’re doing exactly what people who have the ability that you have an ability to help all right? So what that means is that you have you have a gift? Not everybody has the ability to help other people they, even if they could, they just don’t know how to help yeah or or if they know how to help they don’t have anything to help with right.
Yeah you you have you have that gift of being.

You have something that’s going to help and you can help.
So i’m excited that that’s going down so my question.

My third question for you is when it comes to what you’re doing right now, what is what is the one thing when you’re looking for a client? What’s what makes you say this is the type of client i need to do what what’s what would be missing from them? What you know, or maybe something that you know you can help or who’s your ideal, client um.

So at the moment it’s it’s probably the um.
Obviously we work with a number of industries, but car dealerships is definitely um who we, we really try and help out and focus on, and it’s it’s really on the back of that.

I know the business so well that, through a long time i had so many pains that i was trying to change things or get things done and dealership owners couldn’t necessarily see a new way of doing things, but then once they do and they see results that Other dealerships get they want to jump on the bandwagon um, and i think that’s where we can help is that i’ve we’ve put together a couple processes.

We’ve actually trademarked.
Two of our processes that work side by side that get our clients results, so the pinnacle lead, gen blueprint and unique authority positioning so hand in hand both of those position.
The businesses, the authority within your niche in your industry and then the other one just basically fills up your emails for leads.

So many not just here in australia, but even in america, so many in europe as well, but so many third-party sites charge.

So much for listing um like here in australia, car sales.

You have to pay thousands of dollars a month or for just being a subscriber to have a business on there.

But then you have per lead that comes in.
You have to then pay 50 to just look at the lead and that’s the main place that you know all dealerships advertise on and i thought they’re getting rich off.

The back of you know.

Somebody trolling on the internet and they’re, sending out 20 or 30 leads, and it’s a race to the bottom price wise for the dealer.

So i wonder one create the experience where dealers weren’t necessarily racing to the bottom, and it was just you know.

No emotion in the buying i wanted people to be able to come in feel what the dealership was all about, who they who they were dealing with and then basically from there on, you know, get quality leads.
So, by putting those two processes in place, we’ve been able to, you know, streamline it, because we’ve got a clear roadmap to get our clients results and in regards to our ideal client, it’s you know it’s those dealerships that are paying too much through a third party Or that are struggling to really get traction through their social media and not necessarily using it correctly, this uh this is, i mean so good car guys cargos and those of you that are trying to find an edge on finding success inside of your social media game.
Make sure that you rewind listen again to this piece.

I want to make sure that you get the value out of this that’s being dropped, because there is so much value here right now.

Folks, there is a paradigm shift: that’s occurring inside of the marketing world.
Car guys are becoming marketers, marketers are no longer the only ones that know how to market the car guys have figured a few things out, and social media has amplified the capability for you to get a message to a customer.

Marketing has always been designed to get the attention of the customer for one purpose and one purpose alone.
It wasn’t always to be the cheapest price.

It wasn’t for that.

It was to get the engagement of the customer what’s going to make them pick up the phone and talk to me what’s going to make them click the button and give me the information what’s going to make them start.
The conversation with me, what’s going to make me win, is it my balloons as high as i can get them in the air, or is it the marketing piece that i put in front of them? Is it the right all of that right? Is it? What is it that’s going to get the attention? How am i going to stand out in social media now? You need to stand out inside of this small little area.
You need to show up right here and you need to uh be engaged, get the customer engaged.

Now customers are trained to engage and once they get that engagement once you get to pluck them out of the soil that they’re brewing their desire to buy something, and once you can go ahead and start that talk, that’s it you got them.

You know what your process has to be airtight at that point, uh to be able to capture them, because it’s easy to go to the next.
It’s easy to scroll left scroll right up down.

Whichever way they want to go right, uh and – and you are – are helping dealers.
One understand that that hey, you want to engage somebody, you can do it way cheaper than what you were doing before and it’s way more effective and it’s and it’s way more streamlined right and right now, i’m just very passionate about teaching that to salespeople individually also To say: hey, you don’t have to wait for the owner to complete your marketing plan.
This is your business too.

You know what i mean: engage and client rather than one time customers through it and that’s the whole idea is not necessarily think about when you go into a new month.
Let’s just say you want to get 50 sales, it’s not necessarily thinking about where the 50 is coming from, but it’s knowing that over the last four five years that you’ve sold 30 40 – repeat customers that are going to come in so then you’ve just got to Build on it, so it’s nurturing your previous clients as well, but it’s also nurturing the people that are out there looking at buying in the next six to 18 months and they’re, starting to think about it.
Now, dealers at the moment are so focused on trying to get right now results and not thinking ahead and nurturing those people throughout the process.

Big picture right, big picture and you’re right.
A lot of a lot of people are all about self.
Like instant gratification, they don’t understand the end game right.

The long game i should say in-game, because there is no game.
It’s a long game.
You know think about the car business.

If you want to make it’s not about making it a job, it’s a career, so you’re going to have to make sure that you’re running a marathon, not a sprint right.
So yeah you’re going to do your little surges in there, but you’re going to make sure that you keep pace where you don’t lose that energy.
That momentum, by nurturing your current clients, your past clients but, most importantly, the future clients which are changing and their ideas of the way they want to buy cars, is completely different.

And it’s not just because of the way the world turned the last seven to eight months.
It’s because people are becoming more convenient or more exposed to being able to do stuff by their finger by voice by all that.
So you have to be able to be creative.

You have to be able to show yourself off use these social media things.
So let me just put on you now on the question all right.

I actually have one, but you go ahead and drop it so there there is these tools that we’re having and since we’re talking about making sure that uh dealers know that they can, they can hire you they can, they can show you uh, give you access to Them, let you show them the ropes and get things handled uh, but sales people can also learn a lot of these techniques.

A lot of these these um.
These tools are so accessible for any car guy to reach out and start to utilize.
Why is it? Why is it so important uh? Do you believe that somebody that is trying to establish themselves pays attention to finding the best tools that are going to help them promote their brand? I think, for a long time that – and this is worldwide – that the automotive industry – and i i say this nearly every day – that the automotive industry has probably the best sales executives in the world as a whole.

We are trained well in terms of personality.
I don’t know how many other industries could put up with a lot of the criticism and the knockbacks that we get, but in terms of the cutthroat environment that we’ve had to you know, come through with and come out the other side.
And you know those people that have been in the industry for three six months: they’ve started out through that greenpeace stage and they’re sort of a half making it up the hill again so they’re coming out with that.

But one thing that has really let the car sales industry down and that’s being able to produce their own leads so many times you know i used to manage a team of sales guys and i’d walk into a sales room, i’d walk into an office and would Have a sales meeting and it would be like right guys, you’d hear it all the time who are we selling cars to today and you i don’t know whoever comes in well.

How are we going to make them come in? How are you going to be self-generating and that’s the big thing is that, when that bus doesn’t turn up out the front full of clients that want to buy a hundred vehicles, how are you self-generating to bring people in or you go to them to sell the Car so, and that there is the number one thing that i think has let the automotive industry down – and you know we’re awesome sales guys like we could probably excel in any profession in terms of sales, but mixed with lead generation and being able to market ourselves.

As the authority and then being able to have the skills and tools to bring in the leads, that’s another level, that’s completely another level.

That is exactly right and that’s.
What’s so funny is everything you say, and it’s exactly the same here anywhere in europe like you said that exactly that sales people have the same tendencies at that there here everywhere.
Folks, it’s not just here.

You got ta understand that salespeople.
They tend to fall into a trap, so you, you know when you have a good, when a guy can go out there market himself learn how to do that.
Get get on the social media.

Uh use use all the tools you be able to use a lead right and pick up a phone and call somebody right when they can do all these things.

That is something that is almost rare.
These days now, like you said in the car business, there’s some really great closers out there i mean there’s some people out there that you get somebody in front of them, like they’re gon na their magic.

You know they just do stuff.
That just makes you you could just sit there and just go wow.
That’s just amazing.

You know, and i’ve seen it i’ve done it you’ve seen it you’ve done it.
We’ve all done this right and we love this job and it’s a really cool thing to do.
But i’ve seen people who can do the best closing in the world.

Look the best do all this, but they have completely lost it when it came to social media, completely lost it when it came to generating their own leads and doing it.

That way i mean it’s, it’s it’s a crazy thing.
When the, when the lot traffic slowed down that they completely just fell apart, you know it’s a way of yes times have changed, but it’s also a way that you know that all the successful – and i call it old school guys like the successful old school guys And i probably – and you guys are probably the same – is that we we’re a mix of both.

You know what i mean.
We’ve got the hardened sales from the previous guys that we used to work with and started out with and then now we’re learning the new skills and that the younger guys are bringing in and we’re sort of that merge where that in between ones that can leverage Both the older guys, they used to sort of do their own marketing.
You know they used to go down to the pub or they used to go down to the bar, and that was their network.

You know what i mean they, they were still doing.
The basic things in terms of writing christmas cards out putting them in their bottom desk, and i can tell you now: i’ve done it.
I used to do it.

Um riding the as they sell a car they’d write a christmas card out at the exact same time.
Put in the bottom desk and then by the end of the year, they’ll just bring out the box and then mail them all out now with social media and the way marketing works is that you can amplify that.
You can reach people that you’ve never reached before that aren’t down at the bar that haven’t come in before that you’ve never sold a car to annie mavis that doesn’t know you from down the road.

It’s a new way of networking, but it has the same effect and the same sort of results, but you can just amplify them.
You can go viral and if people got their head around leveraging it but having the same type of values that has always been there and not be scared of it.
The success is just going to go through the roof.

I i believe that the the car business made some incredible people uh that were, like i mean maybe ninjas in inside, of closing inside of selling inside of demonstrating inside of all, just like you were saying uh that is so key and there’s also this part where We’ve been impeded by still being a business that leaned on not having to learn the marketing.

We would kick our feet and say man.
We don’t get no lot traffic here, we would say man, this mailer isn’t working man.

Our advertisement isn’t right.
The band would just spring for a little bit more leads if the man would just uh.
You know we would kick so much uh negativity around, because somebody wasn’t putting the right uh cars in the paper, because we weren’t generating enough leads for us to put somebody on the lot and also somebody right.

Instead of saying i mean it was the people that were saying no, i’m going to have to go meet new people, i’m going to go stand in the line.
Someplace have to strike up a conversation.
I’m going to have to go, join a club, i’m going to have to go, create my own flyers.

I’m going to have to go.
Do my own mail, i’m going to have to do whatever it takes right.
Just like you’re saying i’m going to create the cards and that’s the weird guy in the room for a little while, but i believe that he was still maybe the 30 40 of the car guys.

That would be in any showroom.
That would do that bit extra.
That would be the top guys that would max out their pay plan that would drive the right.

Cars have be the one that everybody wants to be right, the ones that are always competing, there’s only a few people that are doing that.
Little extra well, social media has put it to where anybody can do those things just by going boom boom boom boom boom done and we’re done factual.
You know.

Is it it’s so crazy? What’s that, but like like what michael said a moment ago, it amplifies it.
It really does your your pond that you’re fishing in becomes a lake right and now you have way more opportunity.
You have way more chances and then that’s.

What’s so crazy is that it gets bigger and bigger and bigger, but people don’t use that to the fullest people just kind of dabble.
Sometimes you shouldn’t be dabbling.
You should always do right.

So if you’ve got to commit to something, have consistency and that’s something that i know that michael can teach you guys and show you guys how to do because he’s been doing it for a very long time at a very high level.
So he’s doing – and i love that so so yeah so question number five for you tonight, michael and this question it it.
It comes from what we were just talking about.

It’s all that type of stuff you you’re you’re out there you’re looking you’ve got clients, mostly car got car people now, you’ve you’ve started up, but you do a little bit of everything and i know you do um you’re just about solving people’s problems, helping them get Onto that digital thing, doing all this stuff out of all the years of you that you know the years of being a general sales manager at a dealership um with one of the biggest auto groups in your area period, you know killing it doing your thing.

I’m sure you were doing great numbers while you’re there you were pro.
You were obviously at age 22.

That’s a fast tracker like we mentioned earlier, but at all this time your whole life what’s been the greatest reward that you’ve ever had like.
What’s the one thing that you, you know that you just you, you revel in that’s something that makes you happy when you think about this.

I’ve done all this because and – and i got this, you know what what is that thing um it’s! You know it’s back to probably the first question: um the arcs and it’s about the purpose, and it’s in the first.

You know first couple months of jumping out and starting your own business.
You know earning a very good six-figure income a year and being paid really well and being secure in my job and then taking the leap of faith, and everything is on me to still have that same.
You know purpose and end goal to make sure that you know it’s all done down the track and everything’s looked after, and my biggest thing so far is being able to look and and be happy that it’s it’s going to work.

You know what i mean and that it is you know, i’ve created something that will last the foreseeable future, at least and will be able to do everything that i wanted to do not just for myself but for the family as well.
On the back of that, the only reason that is possible is being able to and being completely driven to, embed ourselves within our clients, business and emotionally invest in getting them results.
I love that and you’re doing a great job, and i’m so excited that you came here today.

Did this five-liner with us a whole lot of fun? It was really nice to get to know you uh.
I love your story.
I love where you how you came up in the business.

I actually kind of you know not not the lie to you.
I actually knew a lot of that because i read your backstory right.
It went on that’s another beautiful thing about social media people.

You can go look at people’s profiles and i and i’m you know, i’m very intrigued about what you’ve done.
Your story is very similar to lou and i story and our paths are going in very similar directions.
So it’s really nice to see somebody who does that for me, it’s nice to hear what you’ve done that you roll the dice and those dice hit exactly the number you need to hit right.

So i’m so glad that’s happening for you.
I know that your future is bright.
It is what you see if you see it like.

I love what you mentioned earlier.
You said you wrote down, and you wrote down a number that you had to make you.
You wrote that down because when you write it down, it becomes real right, something when you just talk about it, it does it’s just a top, but when you start writing stuff down folks, and that’s a note that i want you guys to take from him, there’s A lot of notes that you guys, i’m sure you guys could have wrote right there, let’s see what you did there, but but that note i want you to take.

Is that write your stuff down and when you write down your goals and you write down your dreams, it becomes reality when you look at it every single day when you walk towards it every single day and he’s doing that.
He is an example of that.

Take chances understand when you have something that the world needs give it to him, don’t hold it back, because the only person you’re you’re hurting the world, not just yourself, you’re hurting the world, if you’re not giving people what they need, especially when you have something that Could be everlasting and leave a beautiful legacy behind this way, everybody in the future generation can have, and that’s something that michael dooley is trying to do for you folks make sure you guys get a hold of him.
We’ve been dropping his stuff.
You got his website down here.

We got pinnacleonlinemarketing.
net, that’s right.
We got his email address on here.

Somewhere came up i’ll pop it back up here in a second, but just follow me and just connect just connect.
I just recently connected with you linkedin i’ve been on linkedin forever.
I was like you know what let me see.

If he’s, he is click, so i’m glad that we’re connected the one that i’m probably not on too much is um tick, tock, but my partner, oh wow, she put a video of me um playing with a baby wombat um not long ago, and – and i tell You what it went from you know she’s getting 600 views on a video me playing with the baby wombat i think last count is 2.
5 million.
It is insane wow.

That is it’s viral.
So that’s probably the only platform that i don’t really focus on.

I should, but you know you should yeah i’ve, i’m kind of dabbling in some tick.

Tock we’ve been doing it, we’ve done a few videos, but i post pretty much everything i do on a tick tock, because that’s the future you mentioned earlier folks and i’m sure you heard them.
We have to look at the the future customers.
You mentioned six to eight months, but you also want to look at five years from now, especially if you plan on being in business that long folks and if you are understand the generation, is coming up, it’s a whole new one yeah be ready for them.

They love tick tock this whole, this whole corona virus is proven.

Tick-Tock is huge, that’s proven it because everyone and their mama and their grandma and their great-grandma got on tick-tock and shake their booty a couple times.

I’ve seen it you all have seen it.

It can get weird too, so they can get weird sometimes, but it’s it’s a beautiful platform.
It’s a way for people to be able to share the way they are be be be who they want to be and have fun.

You know there’s nothing better than basically dancing a little bit to get that energy out of you to get that good feeling going it’s hard to not smile.

When you dance, you can sit there and start so look serious and eventually you’re like all right.

You can’t help it, but michael.
I think that it was not just a video, but it’s your cool hair yeah he’s got the good hair.

Look at that check that out they do man.
I’ve seen pictures like which you’ve posted in the past – and i remember always like that guy’s got good hair so anyway, so i can’t take credit.
I don’t cut it.

Okay, well, my friend guys gals and all you solutions out there.

Just we were so pumped up to be able to have this opportunity to be with michael.

We want to make sure that we jump to the fresh news session.

You have enjoyed a five-liner with an incredible solution area that is doing some really really great things, and if you want some of the solutions that he brewed get you some listen to, this go back.
Rewind uh share this with a friend tag.
A car guy tag a car gal.

He has solutions for you, um for your business and he can cross them across the continent.
For you, he can use the power that we’re using right now to be connected in the future.
To now and making solutions happen, he knows the future.

There’s no excuse no excuse it’s great.
I know that the future is going to be good because he’s already there yeah i’m excited.

Thank you so much for joining us.
You .

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