without further ado, we want to go ahead and bring our guests in this gentleman is absolutely stellar.

He is an american canadian.
So it’s a unique situation he’s not no one loves them at either place, but yet they do.
You know what i mean like they don’t accept, they’re, like he’s a canadian, no he’s an american now he’s a canadian american, no he’s an american canadian, but we love him in the cafe.

We’re excited to have him here without further ado.
Here he is what’s going on guys, man, we are excited to have you here.

I love mornings and my favorite part of the morning is my cup of coffee wow.

What are you drinking on my friend jason? I’m drinking the dark roast of closer’s coffee, which is our coffee brand, that is supported by our belta bell, uh brand and if you’re in the car business, you know exactly what it means check out.
Hashtag build a bell and it just keeps you going right.
I mean look, there was when i got when i started in the car business.

There was only a handful of things that kept me motivated.
That was money and coffee um, and i drank a lot of coffee and i made a lot of money uh.
So it kind of went hand in hand.

It all works out, yeah, coffee and money.

It’s a great company is that coffee is actually a huge asset in the world.
Today i mean what i mean: it’s the second largest commodity in the world, right behind oil.

Pretty big, it’s a good thing.

You got a little piece of it.
We got our own action going on with our coffee, but it’s you know the show is not about us.

We’re excited to talk about you today, there’s a lot of stuff that we want to bring out with jason, but the biggest thing is.
I want to hear some more of his backstory.

I’ve heard a few from you know.

We ask these five questions that we ask everybody at the show.
It’s fine and these five questions are really important to get to know people.
I think it’s going to tell your story this way.

We can paint a nice picture to our fresh news, so i’m ready to start the spyware, let’s say good morning to a few people.
Oh let’s do that.
Let’s jump on there laura good good morning, laura good morning, good morning out there and charles hey.

What’s up charles just made his ride up to visit us what an honor that was really cool charles cersely? I want to thank you.
I know this.
I want to thank you once again for making that three-hour six-hour total trip to come visit.

Louis and i at our dealerships was an amazing experience to sit down and talk with.
You share some ideas.
I’m looking forward to having more conversations with you, charles thanks for jumping on this morning, get ready to hear some great great strategies and some ideas this morning.

It’s gon na be a lot of fun, so speaking of great solutions in the morning uh doing whatever it is that she’s doing she makes sure to find a way to brew some solutions.

Evelyn, we are so thankful for you and everybody at think tank.
Speaking of think tank, this group has been brought to you by think ad group.

You can get information by going to think ad group dot com and uh finding out how exactly these solutionaries can brew, something for you uh to solve problems in your business.

Next to them.
We also have elite five partners, michael and his crew do great things to help.

You build your business, but they build it as a partner with you, and we are just so thankful to have them sponsoring the show as well.
No doubt about it excited jason.
Super excited man, one thing that i really really love: it’s a good design right and every time i see you no matter what it is, and this is a great testament to consistency.

Every time i see you, you look like you’re getting ready to do a shoot for your brand, and i love you because look at how awesome he he always has that tie.
He always has a couple of accents of the orange i go to bed like that.
I bet you do i bet you i get.

I bet you do your blankets.
Your blanket comes over and there’s just the time looks like it’s right.
There, 5 30 rolled around covers come off, i’m like let’s go yeah you’re not going to catch them at all.

Give me my closers coffee, heck, yeah man.
I’m excited to have you in the cafe today, but also just to have other people that are joining us this morning.

Once again, if you are watching tag, a car guy tag a card, there are some [ __ ] people out inside of this cafe man, that’s my dude.
What’s up justin speaking of fake edgar there he is hey.
You know justin justin’s, one of those guys that um really is all about sharing and trying to get people together and all that type of stuff.

So to have jason on you know, jason was just a guest on.
I think tank recently was ready.
It was like the best six and a half hour, podcast i’ve ever done and that’s what happens when you open up a bottle of scotch with justin and jason, we’re just gon na go till the end.

It’s great! It’s a great experience.
You know and you you were there once as as like just being there as a friend for somebody else, you got to be the you got to be the spotlight last week and uh man, you are you’re, just you’re you’re a spotlight everywhere you go and i’m Excited to have you here, i i know that a lot of people um are looking for ideas and they’re looking for ways to get better at this game, and i know that you can offer a ton of different ideas and just strategies that definitely just blow people Away, that’s what you’re doing up there in the in the group of people that you’re trying to form right? Now, it’s really a beautiful thing.
I love the strategy mob yeah.

It’s been a really fun project.
You know, um, look i i started my my content game.

Uh about three and a half years ago, um, i got super serious about it two years ago and for the last two years, i’ve just been, i record, probably between three to five hours a day uh every single day for the last two years or every single Working day for the last two years and um i just said well, i decided that you know i can only build so much content.

I want to even put out more content.

I remember having that meeting with my staff and they looked at me like dude seriously.
I don’t even know what else we could possibly be recording outside of you just going to the bathroom and sleeping, and i’m like there’s an idea over here, but but no like it was just like okay.

Well, i i have a voice.
I know a lot of really amazing people.
I’ve met along the way that i have networked and connected with um, on linkedin and in automotive events, and they have amazing voices, and i want to amplify not just my voice, but i want to amplify their voices as well.

We got to do something and hence strategy mob was born and you know it’s.

We spend a couple hours every single month with each of our of our captains yeah and that’s it and uh.
We record this content and we yeah.

So we have so.
We have mobsters, you can sign up to be a mobster, you go strategymob.
com, you can be able to become a mobster and then our our content, captains, and then we have our captains that create content, and then we do have some underbosses that i will be starting Here in this next quarter and an underboss will get their own podcast series uh produced and sponsored by strategy mob studios.

So i’m in love with what you’re talking about, and i i love the whole idea.
You know i’ve heard about this a little bit before, but just you breaking it down even deeper amazing and i and i really believe that you have something going on.
That’s going to be very, very big, and i think you know that too, and the way you’re doing when you can bring together a bunch of like-minded people that are on a similar mission.

It amplifies what you’re doing so.
Like you said, you’re putting you were doing.
Five hours a day, you’re doing all these videos, but you’re like i still want to put more content out there, and i think you did that.

That’s exactly right.
I believe in that whole strategy too, that just the more the merrier people some people are kind of like it’s too much.
No, it’s not there’s no such thing as too much when it comes to social media when it comes to content, because there’s always room for more of it.

There’s the one video that you put out that affects one person is worth it.

You know what i mean everyone’s going through different things in their lives, so everything could be up here and you need to have that video for them or that content that somebody could watch that amplifies.
What they’re trying to do and tries to make them motivated and you’re doing the right thing by adding captains, and you know under bosses – i just love the name.

You know, there’s not we’re not monetizing, this content um, you know maybe someday five years or something we start hosting some events and seminars and conferences.

You know i i hosted the game changer seminar at the rogers stadium for a couple years, and that was a lot of fun, so you know that might come into play, but really it wasn’t about that it was.
Everyone did kind of give me a hard time right, like um they’re like are you sure you should be doing this? Your business just took a big monster hit because of kobit all right, you’re you’re going to invest and build a whole nother brand, and you know it’s not cheap.

It’s not cheap.
I think uh strategy mob has an annual budget of around a couple hundred thousand dollars, and you know there’s like how are you gon na make money on it? I’m like, and i love sitting down with my team and telling them well we’re not they’re like what you know like look.
This industry has done some amazing things for me.

It’s it’s! It’s given me amazing opportunities, um, not just for myself, but also for my family, and it’s just like there had to be some way that i could legitimately give back uh to the industry in a way that was just completely selfless, and this was just the direction We decided to go in and we’re look.
We’ve only been at this now for like six months and um.
You know we’re fumbling our way through it we’re learning things how to do things the right way and how to do them the wrong way.

You know we’re stumbling our way through it, but you know: look i’m 10 years from now, i’m going to be incredibly excited to see what this brand is going to be all about.
That’s right, exactly we are too, you know i love watching.
Other people, like you know, a lot of us, are on similar missions.

A lot of us have a lot of similar things.
Well, i have a podcast, you have a podcast, you know doing things, but you know you you’re well established and you have a lot of things going for you and to watch what you’re doing inspires me.

You know watch what other people are doing and that’s why? That’s why i love hanging out with you guys.

That’s why i love the guys over at think tank.
It’s like there’s no competition here.
This we’re all here collectively to help out an industry that has just done so much for us.

No doubt and that’s the thing there’s plenty there’s so many people trying to buy vehicles, there’s plenty of states countries all over the world that are selling vehicles.
The competition is not competition.

The only competition you have is yourself.

You know what you’ve got to do.
Just be better than yourself and and that’s absolutely what you have been doing since i’ve seen you since i’ve noticed you you’ve always been on a steady climb constantly, and i appreciate that and that inspires me to constantly do that too, because you know i can’t slack Jason’s not slacking, i can’t slack, you know this person’s, not glenn lundy’s, not slack, but whenever, whoever i’m always watching and i’m paying attention to what the motivation is for them, because it helps me stay motivated because sometimes you wake up in the morning.

You know you’re, like man today i mean the day, but you just get up drink your closer coffee.

You drink your car guy, coffee, whatever it is that you’re drinking.
Well, it’s it’s important to get sucked into that, but you know it’s it’s the same, though, as a dealership, though right right dealership, the key to success is your routine 100 and you know i i learned that you know the hard way you know, but it was More kind of a just a self-learning journey about that.
You know it was like.

I was in the car business selling cars just like everybody else, and i would have these months and i’d have these really great months and then i come down off them and then i’d have another one.
It was just like this constant.
Like i looked at my income as like a roller coaster – and i was just like like this – doesn’t make sense, you know – and i i had a manager incredibly smart manager who who pushed me and said you really need to dissect what you do on those months.

Like you literally get a journal and just document the whole month, as you know, the month is going well, you just got to document the whole month and you got to take a look and you got to reverse engineer that into a routine, that you can consistently Execute and that’s how you’re going to succeed, and it was a lesson that i took and i owned and um it’s it’s the same as how i do my content.
You know everything is scheduled.
You know uh jonathan, my camera guy is going to meet me right after this at 9 45 we’ll shoot from 9 45 to about 12.

Then we have meetings after that and then we’re gon na do another shoot between two to four today um and you know, on wednesdays, i record between four to five podcasts on wednesdays for myself and it’s just like staying in that routine.

Those daily routines, i mean dude to the point where i in my calendar, i literally, have scheduled.
You know when i’m supposed to wake up and when i’m supposed to play with my kids, you get smart, that’s the way to do it because you never forget, or you always make sure you have that time to include.

I love how you said even playing with your kids.
It’s a priority like i write things down that i need to make sure because everything you can’t just do podcast podcast car business card business and then forget about your family.

Oh 100 percent.

You know what you know: what’s actually really cool a good hack actually for anybody out there that’s got kids.
Is that when you schedule it into your phone, you actually have an option now to actually turn off notifications.
So there’s a do not disturb.

So what i do is, i literally i will put on a do, not disturb which means you know.
You see all these notifications that are popping up right now, like my phone won’t ring, it won’t vibrate.
No notifications won’t pop up, and you know the phone’s just kind of sitting there and all of a sudden.

You know it glows on the side of your eye and you’re, like i know, you’re like i noticed that was the first time i noticed it was this morning i was here you’re gon na put your reminder that hey jason, we’re gon na be interviewing jason harris.
This morning – and it says, do you want to put it on silent mode or no? No, i was like yeah.
Why not what feature i think they could have ever added? I was in a dealership the other day and i watched a salesperson answer.

Their cell phone um in front of a customer, oh and like guys i got ta, be honest with you.
I literally want to walk over to him and just kind of slap it out, big, no, no, just big! No, no before social media became a huge thing.
I used to i used to hate it when myself were on the phone all day right because i used to be like what are you doing.

I almost wanted them to check their phones in with me, and then they could come periodically check it out because they felt like they were on them, just wasting their weight their day away like i’m like i did it, it’s so simple, just to jump on next Thing you know you’re on facebook.
Next, you know you’re playing a game.
Next thing you know you’re just doing nothing and, and that happens to salespeople out there across the country.

It’s very simple, because you’ve got a computer in your hand that you can do so.
Many things so i can understand, but there’s so many things with this tool that we have that we can do some amazing stuff with now.
That’s why i don’t.

I fell away from that because i really encourage my guys to get huge on social media to use this and to to follow and to learn and educate, because there’s podcasts out there, like your podcast, like my podcast, like a lot of other people who have amazing Ideas and thoughts through the podcast that you can educate yourself throughout the day.
You have a slow day.
You need to catch up on something you feel like.

You need to learn something: go watch one of these podcasts watch strategy with jason, because i’m gon na tell you you’re gon na not only learn stuff from jason, but he has amazing guests he’s had my favorite guest so far were the car guy hockey guys i Mean it was guys there was a lot of editing when i had to do that.
Podcast man yeah rough one, but one thing that i can say is that one day i’m going to go on that drive show with you.
I want to sit down next to you.

I can’t i’m going to be there.
Oh dude, we got to do a drive.
I know that that was such a cool idea.

It reminded me of like some talk, shows that you see on on chill i’m not even.
I can’t remember the name, but i almost thought you were about it – was that karaoke one remember who’s that jake james he’s an english speller yeah, the keurig guy yeah he’s another carpool karaoke yeah.
I love that tiny little show that people may have worked.

I love that show, but you you kind of bring that into the car world, and i thought that was genius um.
You know there’s so many things that you’ve done.
That has been innovative, like you know what, whether it’s branding yourself by total accident, we’ll talk about that some more later, whether it’s this or that it’s there’s some amazing stuff that you’ve been doing and you’ve been making it and you’ve been noticed by that.

So that being said, let’s get to this five line.
Are we right? That’s all right.
We got five questions that we’re going to ask you the very first one’s the same one.

I ask everybody and it’s a very simple question: it’s your! Why it’s your purpose! So what motivates you every single day, jason to wake up and just go for it and make sure that everybody in the whole world knows what jason is all about? This is going to sound, really odd, all right and when i say it out loud, it’s going to sound like jeez jason’s got a monster.
Freaking ego um, but it’s it’s not it’s more of an efficiency thing than anything, um my.
Why, for doing what i do as far as like my content and getting up and just creating, is i literally have this this crazy idea that i want to be able to show up to an event and not actually have to introduce myself to anybody, not a Single person they just know who i am, they know what i’m about yeah, and i know that sounds like really odd and that’s like that’s a little egotistical, but it’s actually, no, i mean look.

I love networking events um, i i i’m so annoyed right now and i’m just i’m literally like a like a junkie looking for his next fix, because i can’t go to him right now and it’s driving me nuts um.
But it’s like how much time i spent at these networking events introducing myself and explaining to people what i do, and i just had this.
This is that’s my why i had this crazy little.

Why that i, just i envisioned some day in the next 10 or 15 years, i’ll just be able to show up to an event and not have to introduce myself to a single person.

You know that’s the thing is that weird, like it’s people usually come in? They have like some big epic like awesome like, oh you know it’s like that’s a great motivation, and i know what that means, and it’s not egotistical.

That’s because you believe in what you do.

You have a passion for what you do.
So you want.
You want people to have the same passion too right, so no doubt jason.

You are definitely if you’re not already at that level.

You’re right there.
You know what i’m saying like people are knowing who you are getting there.

Man yeah and i i know that.
That’s something that lou and i talk about quite a bit because we we’re we just started doing this this year and the whole going to these network events.
We haven’t been able to do everything’s canceled, since we started this pretty much right now.

Isn’t that stuck i’m missing, so that’s my why, when it comes to content now, i think maybe you’re, looking probably for a little deeper.
Why of you know like? What’s my why you know why i get up in the morning, why continue to move? You know what it is is um, i’m an entrepreneur at heart.
I just always have been.

You know, like i’ve legitimately tried to be an employee, and i’m just like it’s just in my dna not to be that individual and i love running businesses.
I love owning businesses uh, but for me it’s a marathon, it’s not a sprint and i wan na i wan na find that pace and i wan na run that pace.
I wan na run my marathon as long as i really can’t.

That’s it it’s just.
I don’t have, i don’t, have the golden objective of owning a sports franchise or you know owning my own island or anything like that.

I just want to be able to run the race as long as humanly possible.

I can honor that, and i know what you mean by that and that’s an absolutely great way of thinking, you’re right, it’s nothing! It’s not a sprint, this life folks, if you spread through life, you’re gon na miss a lot of stuff, there’s so many things that you’re gon na sprint by and just not pay attention to so take your time enjoy smell the roses.

Do all those things, but also be in a constant growth vote, just much like jason, is and and the growth mode is something that, like he says, it’s constant growth.
His motivation for growth, when it comes to his business side is that he wants to be at all these events and he wants people to know and it’s not because he wants to be.

Oh he’s the coolest guy in the room.

He just wants people to know.
This is what i do.

This is how i do it, and this is how you get a hold of me, and these things are so important and jason is building that, and i love that that’s exactly what we’re trying to build up with arthur with our brand.

That’s why we have people like jason harris on our show, so we could people know that we have real people and we we understand the real car business and you are definitely all about the real car business.

Thank you, sir.
So we’re going to get the second question luke what you got for my friend, oh just to comment on a few things uh going through about jason and the way that he builds relationships.

He’s found some great success inside of this business uh from dealing directly with the customer to now uh commentating and enriching dealerships nationwide uh, with some comment: nationwide worldwide right worldwide right, he’s, uh he’s doing great things and because of the heartbeat that he has to just Connect with people i mean i can remember when when we first connected it was on linkedin and his his initial conversation is basically talking about.

You have a podcast.
I have a podcast.
Let’s get on i’ll, get on your podcast.

You can get on my podcast, whichever you’re breezy uh.
Do you have a coffee? I got a coffee, we got some stuff in common right and we started just talking about just natural, hey, we’re in the same space, we’re in the same business.
We’re doing the same thing, but i want to connect with people that are trying to rise up.

Also – and that’s definitely, some solutionary syrup right that is, is being able to be poured into whatever it is that we’re brewing, but he does that with so many other people.
He brings such a great uh such a great aura of excellence.
When he is speaking, though you, you know right we’re going to make sure that that we penetrate deeply because here’s the thing you’re you’re speaking about leaving something that we often talk about.

That’s a legacy right.
So your legacy content that you put out makes it to where you don’t have to have anybody announce that you’re here, let’s talk a little bit about it for a second um, because i think there’s a little confusion.

Uh out there about legacy.

A lot of people seem to think that legacy is, is kind of like a sole proprietorship right.
So um i had an opportunity to sit down with a incredibly wealthy individual.
Just you know kind of we’re talking like next next next level.

Stuff right you just like you know, you know at that point where you could just literally just buy whatever you want.
It’s just not even an issue, and i sat there and i got talking with him and he knew down to the exact number of how many millionaires he’s created over his lifetime.
That’s his legacy, and that was his legacy, not his billions and billions and billions of dollars worth of wealth all right.

It was the legacy of how many millionaires he had created over his career and – and i think that’s key for a lot of people is like when you think of legacy.

It’s it legacy is not you as an individual, because what happens is once you pass.
That legacy then dies with you as an individual.

Your legacy is built around the people that you uplift with you.
That’s right.
It’s not just you shooting like a like a star up yourself, it’s no! It’s you literally just taking as many with you on the way up.

Um and that’s, i think ultimately, is what builds some amazing legacies and that’s so key about how it is that you approach it.
That’s what’s so.
Where are you gon na? Do it together? It’s growing right, i mean, because you have you, have such a a motivation to make sure that we are raising up together right, i’m not trying to get above you uh as the business that there was such a stigma on the business, whether you were gon na You were gon na rape, the customer, or you were going to uh snake your brother.

That was hurt.
That was the way that this business has has operated and that’s something that we’re trying to slay absolutely kill and to where we can say.

We are professionals that can operate with honor and have a good freaking time right now.

How many times do you see a manager, write down a deal? You know a commission because uh, you know their ego got in the way.
Right, like you look i, as as when i was a manager, i i love the fact that my sales people underneath me made more money than me.

It was great, you know because they had my back always so i ever needed anything.
If i wasn’t even there, they took care of it because they knew i took care of them right.
It’s not all it’s not all about making more money than the person.

Next to you right, it’s about the people that you uplift all along the way.
That’s where you’re going to get it right.
That’s it that’s what it’s all about.

You know, and i agree with you jason.
My favorite thing is on paydays when i hand checks out – and i see just how i know how successful i was that month.
You know, because i could, as a manager we’re always going to be okay.

You know we’re always going to be fine if we do numbers, but when your team, when everyone on the team is doing great, that’s when you’re successful.
That’s when you know you did your job that month.
That’s when you know that your guys love you, because when they take those checks home and everyone has a check man, i feel so good.

I could have made less money than i did the month before, but i’m so much more motivated.
I’m so much more excited about my guys all doing really.
Well, that’s what it all about that legacy and that legacy is huge and you’re, leaving a lasting one, and i’m really um excited about watching your legacy grow.

That’s something that i’m really passionate about too, is my legacy.
The older i get the more i’m starting to realize how important it is to not be so again.
We all got to focus on ourselves.

We got to build ourselves up, but it’s something about building other people up using what you have when you’re able to when you’re able to when your cup starting to overflow – and you have all this extra like much like you do right now and how you’re trying To get it out there you’re starting to pour this cup of you, know clothes, a coffee whatever it’s all these other people and they’re all getting a flavor of it and now they’re spreading that coffee up to other people and that legacy just keeps growing and that Legacy may not even have a name attached to anymore.
No, but that’s that doesn’t matter right, because that’s not what we’re after you know we’re after, because you know money’s gon na come it’s a byproduct of doing the right thing all the time it’s about work hustling! So the money is fine, it’s not what it’s about anymore! Isn’t that cool? Isn’t that cool to have that mindset where, like you just literally know, like you, know that um your hustle will always bring the money that you need like it’s just like, like i, i was talking to a friend the other day who lost their job right, like A lot of people, unfortunately, right now, you know there’s a lot of people out there because of the pandemic and because of the impact on their businesses, uh that they’ve lost, they’ve lost their jobs, and i can just see in this face this.
This serious just concern and worry that he’s not going to be able to find another job and he’s not going to be able to support his family, and it’s like – and i was you know it was funny, and that sounds bad actually, but it was actually difficult.

Somewhat difficult for me to kind of empathize with them, of course i i did but ultimately, but you know it’s like because i’ve never had that.

You know i’ve never been once in my life concerned that if i lost my job, i wasn’t going to go get another one in 15 seconds afterwards right and it was just because i knew that my level of production or my hustle, and i like that word – Um, you know was always going to bring me what i needed to to provide for my family and to live, and it was just like.
So, instead of focusing on the money, i focused on the hustle, that’s exactly right, because you always get back what you put in that’s the thing about sales as long as you’re patient yeah.

It’s very true! It’s very true.
You know because a lot of people they give up too easy on themselves or they think that they’re failing, even though they’re, not they just going through the struggle that everyone goes through.

You just got to move through those the thing about sales.

There’s there’s down swings and there’s upswings right, so you want to keep the upswing as much as possible, but every once in a while.
You have a couple bad days.
You have a couple, maybe even a bad month who knows but here’s the thing they don’t.

They don’t stack up together.
If you stay positive and you keep moving, you keep growing and you keep trying and you keep focusing on just working on better than i did yesterday, because consistency is so key to all this.
That’s my favorite ingredient to everything that you do is that you can you can be positive, you can do this, you can put.

You can put social media out there, but if you’re not consistent, it’s very it’s lost.
All that work you put in everything you did is just going to fall apart.
Much like working out.

You could work out with three months straight you’re, on the best shape of your life.

Take a month off see what happens exactly right, you’re right back to where you work day, one only after 30 days, so it’s very important to maintain and stay consistent, and you definitely do that.
You’ve been one of the most consistent guys on social media.

That absolutely – and i appreciate that, and that’s that’s the kind of thing that i think people notice.
I know i noticed that because when i could rely on somebody to put out good um social media posts, that’ll help me stay motivated and keep growing, i’m going to follow them, i’m going to make sure i keep following them.
Liking them sharing them right.

So you know what the key, though, to consistently put out that much is to understand that um, when you swing you’re, not always going to hit a home, run bam like someone asked me other day, like jay like how do you put out like so much content And i just i said, because i don’t swing for the fences, that’s how like i just i.
I know that i’ll swing.
Sometimes i will strike out dude.

There’s some content i put out there that was like.

Why did we put that out there again, like? That’s really ugly or god did.
I really say that out loud um didn’t you edit that um by the way, by the way i actually am not involved at all in any of the editing of any of my content.

That’s nice! That’s another way! I’m able to do it is that i don’t get involved in that.
I trust in the team.
I’ve empowered them with the vision and the direction, and hopefully the goal which is to educate um, but i give them if i was to sit there and literally look over every single every single post on every single video that we put.

Half of them probably wouldn’t go out dude.
I don’t even like listening to myself.

I don’t like watching myself.

That’s that’s a piece of mind and you’re right folks.
If you did not hear what he just said, he said you once again it’s about being consistent, but it’s just about putting it out there.

Now he talks about a moment ago.

He says well, there’s posts out there that i watch and then i’m like.

Ah, why did i do that? Well, here’s the thing, there’s that one person who watched that, though, there’s one person out there who did watch that if someone watching they got benefit is great but also the other thing too is look.
You got ta understand we learn.

I learn more from my losses than i do for my wins.

Thank you, okay, so you know, look like we put a post out there and it just goes.

It doesn’t go anywhere all right.

Well then, i actually, i is it weird that i actually enjoy those posts more than i enjoyed the post, that you know, get 30 000 views and two or 300.
You know comments and all this other stuff like i, i i actually enjoy the ones that just totally flatlined because, like i want to go back, and i want to figure out why the hell they play.

You learn you’re right because you learn so much more from your failures and you because when you keep winning what are you doing yeah well, when you mess up, you got to learn something from it and that’s fine and that’s beautiful, and but i can tell you If you even you’re messed up once no one notices that that’s that’s you, you know, we all that we’re we’re our own, we always have been.

I think that we all can be.
You know very critical of ourselves.
We can all be very critical of our videos.

Our voices like this man right here he’s the worst about it, but but that’s okay, you know, that’s why you know when lou and i were a good team, because i i don’t like my content either well, i do i love it, but i don’t really like How i sound or look on camera much and i’m like? Oh my gosh, but i got over that very quick, because i knew that i had a mission that there was something that i needed to do just much like you you’re.
One of those guys that i watched i’m like man he’s on that mission too.

I’m inspired guys.

Like you um.
You know i could name a bunch of names, but oh there’s some great there’s some great people in our industry.

You know what there really is patches of the world yeah michael cerillo’s.

You know, there’s just there’s so many, and i know i only named a couple.
So if i didn’t name you it’s not on purpose, yeah, no there’s true, there’s a lot of them out there, and but once again, as you hear all these names that he’s mentioning and we’re all here sitting there talking, there’s still so much more room for other People to do the same thing and try to grow.

I heard you guys out there who are watching right now that are on the edge of your seat.

Thinking, oh man.
I want to do something like this, i’m very close to to.
Maybe i should do this.

Go for it, but here’s the thing you’ve got.
You can’t be like half the people that i’m sure jason’s seen it, who show up for a month start doing stuff and then they disappear.

Folks, you have to do it every single day.

Once again, consistency.
That’s a huge word.
So, let’s get to question number three for you now question i never got to question number two: did we only go through i’m sorry, i’m gon na shut up and just answer your questions.

It’s very easy! For us.
This is a conversation uh saying what it is that we say, but folks, i’m not asking a single question, because one thing that is going to be consistent inside of this cafe is before we go too deep.
Oh, thank you, sir.

Thank you, you’re going to do everybody and we’re going to make sure that we announce uh what it is that we want to make sure everybody takes and puts inside of their cup it’s a culture of forgive focusing and flying so that you can keep growing.
So before i ask you a question, my brother jason join us as we get ready to forgive focus, fly you’re gon na put your hands on your shoulders and you’re gon na wipe off the weight of under your business, put them on the shoulder all right and You’re gon na wipe it off on three begin focus one one: two three forget it focus live and keep growing, keep rolling all right, , you .

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