I love that intro man, i’m so excited that really does get me pumped up.
I mix i got my my stuff shared out.
There hope you guys are out there sharing right now for us.

Make sure that you guys, if you’re watching this right now share, share, share, get this out there, because we’re about to drop some great knowledge, we’re about to bring some solutions for you, your business, for everyone out there, let’s get it going today, we have a special Guest and a special guest: this is it’s an amazing person.
I i’ve.
Actually, you might have heard of him.

You might have heard me, you might seen him on social media.

You might have seen some of his posts.
You might have seen some of his podcasts.

You might have seen some of his everything that he does.
I’m excited to have him as sandy ooh.
Actually, man he’s gon na have a bit more of from coast to coast continent to continent.

He is a not just a solutionary, but he is also known as the solutionist.
He is sandy [, Music ].
What’s up good morning, man, we appreciate you for being here folks.

This guy is awesome.
We’re so excited, we’ve been having a conversation for about 20 minutes before the show started, and the conversation we should have already.
We should have went live with that because it was some really good nuggets.

In that alone, we were dropping content all over the floor for 20 minutes.

Like a couple of dopes here you know we were.
We should have just hit a record button or something but yeah, but that’s okay, just that that little that little bit of time was just a little bit we’re going to drop some really good knowledge here.

I know that sandy’s going to bring some stuff good primer works.

I’m excited to hit him with the spotliner, because that’s cool.
I want to really hear the back story of sandy.

I want to see where he comes from.
I want to see what his motivation is.
So i’m pumped up about that this morning.

We are really really excited to have you in here um, there’s, there’s so much! That’s stirring inside of the auto industry and uh there’s so many people that are actually starting to get a seat on this ride and try to envision going someplace that they’ve never been before the business is going someplace that it’s never been before, and the potential for Growth is huge and there’s so many people that are actually spotting it out like saying there.
You guys, see it and trying to get others to to get it right, and it’s literally in his name.
The solution is, he is trying to find a way where there is no way.

We’re just welcome.
Thank you so much for being here this morning.
I appreciate it guys.

I’ve been looking forward to it.
You know fred and i have been back and forth on social media for a couple of months now i i literally caught him on ig.

I said that dude has energy.

I need to be around that and uh.

We literally cultivate a relationship vis-a-vis social media, which is what i love about it absolutely and that’s that’s been what’s beautiful, like i think, a lot of people well, smart people out there during this whole situation that we’ve been through they’re in quarantine during this.
During that have taken advantage of social media, i’ve taken advantage not advantage, have used it to the fullest much better than they were before, because this social media game wow, there’s so much out there.

You can literally become best friends with somebody without ever meeting them and that’s the way this world is starting to become, but is that a good thing or a bad thing? I think it’s a little.
I think to me it’s great.
Is there some sadness a little bit of both fred? I think you’re 100 right.

I think that there are some really positive aspects to it.
There’s also some drawbacks um.
I don’t think that it should be just the social media piece.

I think there’s a element of the the um hierarchy in this world that that is trying to drive it.
That way.
Maybe the folks in silicon valley, i don’t know uh just a thought, but i think you have to have the ability to communicate and connect on both the social media level, but also an interpersonal uh live and in person level.

I think that both of those skills will serve people very well boom.
There’s another nugget for you guys there is we’re in technology, land, right, yeah, and so, but it doesn’t take away.

The human people were able to not just buy their car or find the right vehicle online they’re able to find a spouse on the internet, absolutely boyfriend’s girlfriends, and then, when you find out later on that that person’s digital presence is a whole other person inside.
Oh, yes, it becomes a reality check in many cases, which is the same thing that happens when people are buying something right when people are saying to get something.
It’s like okay, your digital presence is this and my expectations are high, so it’s important that we make sure to bridge that gap that says: hey.

You are this person that you project to be sure you’re, also delivering something even better when they get the real thing.
When they get to really shake a hand or hit an elbow or something that’s a million dollar point right.
What you just said is a million dollar point.

First of all, we call that in the car business days down by big switch all right – let’s be clear about that, but what you just said is spot on when you can exceed the expectations that people have based on an online experience that they’ve had with you Or social media experience when you’re live and in person, then you’ve got something: that’s magic.
That’s right! That’s right! Just like car guy, coffee, so car guys and car dolls.
We wanted to let you know that if you go to car guycoffee.

com, you can see all these previous episodes.

You can also get you some of this caffeinated consistency, because this is a true car guy, that’s in here and he’s sipping solutions inside of the cafe.
We want to thank our sponsors this morning.

Thank you, elite, fi partners and think ad group whoo.
Thank you so much.
Thank you very much.

These two.
These two groups are amazing.
They are solutions in their own right, they’re out there just trying to help people they’re out there just trying to find a way to make sure that your business, that your personal brand or whatever it is that you’re trying to work on is better than it was.

The day before, that’s all they’re trying to do so make sure you guys get a hold of them.

They’re awesome matter of fact.
Another person who’s, really good at that is sandy, make sure you guys reach out to sandy.

We got an email address down here at the bottom, we’ll talk about that some more as we go through the show, but yeah i’m excited this.
Five liner is gon na, be hot.
It’s gon na be great.

I’m ready to get it going.
How about you? I’m ready to do this.
Let’s do this! The first oh yeah.

First, you know for us to get into the mode of growing folks.
If you want to keep growing, you got to fly three f’s sandy join us as we bring this revolution to an end.
Let’s do it at heart: gets people to fly to heights that they’ve only dreamed of on three everybody we’re gon na forgive focus, fly one put the hands on the shoulders.

This is the symbol is to wipe the dust, wipe the unforgiveness off the shoulders on three one.
Two three forget it wipe it off, focus, focus on where you’re going and blind and keep growing, keep growing, keep growing.
That’s right! You have an entire arena.

I don’t have to work out now.
That’s my my exercise.
For the day, i’ve seen a couple of the uh shows like lou he’s got the moves.

Oh there’s, no doubt do you should see him.
You should see him on a daily this.
This guy i’ve known him for almost two decades now and that’s all he does he’s like he walks in the shower.

He goes.
I just want to dance [ Laughter ].
He gets it going and that’s part of what car guy copy and you know not to talk too much.

We’ve talked about it before, but car guy coffee all came about because of luke’s, really the name right right, because he would come into the showroom so energized like that that his salesperson would go.
What are you on in this business? It can be a lot of things right, yeah, so many different things.
What are you on? How do you get so motivated in the morning and lou says car got coffee and that’s how i’m my next deal.

That’s what i’m on.

Yes, i am too.
So that’s a good one, get you some! So let’s get this thing rolling, do it let’s go so i’m gon na ask you five questions sandy.

These five questions are very similar to the one.
I ask a lot of people.
I switch it up a little bit, but the very first one’s always the same, and it’s your why? What your purpose is so sandy? What gets you up? What motivates you? What makes you say you know what i’m going to make my business blow up, i’m going to make sure that my personal brand’s good i’m going to make sure my family life’s good.

What is that motivation? I mean the internal really special motivation for me.
Is my wife, mary, my son, patrick my daughter, anna um, you know i i have experienced life at the very top.
I’ve experienced life at the very bottom.

I promise you guys and uh.
I’m not here having this conversation with you guys without my wife, mary uh, saying four words to me: uh when i needed to hear him the most about 10 years ago.
I believe in you, because i had a voice in my head.

That was telling me everything, but so my why every single day is to make sure that i make them proud, uh and and honor.
You know what they’ve done for me over the course of the last 10 years.
Picking me up off the canvas and not dusting me off and then pushing me back out into the world, so i want to do the same thing for other people.

I mean i get up every single morning with a mission to help people that are willing to help themselves and uh.
If that’s a matter of helping them grow past a fear, uh false evidence appearing real by the way fear to grow through a challenge to break through to a a new performance level to get them to think differently or think better than they’ve been thinking previously.

That’s the reason i get up every single morning.

I i bounce out of bed.
I say thank you every single morning, when i get up wow, that’s that’s and that i love how you tie your um your.
Why and with that’s like a gratitude thing too.

You know, because you have gratitude for your family, your gratitude.
You know for her having your back these last 10 years.

Have you i’m sure these last 10 years have been amazing for you and that the growth that you’ve had? Personally it’s been interesting? It’s been interesting yeah, so you know, and that being said you know it’s good to have that it is good to have that type of burning inside you that lets.
You know you are good enough that you are, you are more than you believe, and you can always be more than you even thought you could be just by putting the work in the uh put the effort in or having your purpose having the people that support You you know and then putting the work in, because the work is all of it.
A lot of people want things, but they don’t want to put the work in they just say: oh 100, but just yeah, no fred, you’re absolutely spot on.

It’s uh.
It’s funny because the thing – and we were talking about this off camera before we even started rolling here – we’re talking about the fact that certain people have had a challenge uh with respect to social media uh, i’m not dropping any names here.
Just people in general uh have had a challenge, and a lot of it is because the six inch space in between their ears uh is filled with this.

These outside voices that have, unfortunately, infected or affected how they’re thinking and and that’s part of what i want to do every single day is when i get around people is to get them to feel good about themselves, to get them to feel good about what they Are capable of to get them to see uh what i see for them, uh, so that they can think a little bit bigger and a little bit better uh and you’re right? It’s it’s! It’s! How we decide every single day that we’re gon na actually take on the challenges that we face.
I mean it’s critical, it’s so critical uh that it could impede somebody from becoming everything that they’ve ever dreamt of being one decision.
One thought could change the entire trajectory of a person’s life depending on who it is absolutely right.

You you have this great relationship.
I love the why i mean so many other great people that we’ve had the chance to uh, actually brew a conversation with have have such a similar heartbeat right, the people that are closest to them.
That know them the most love them the most and have have given them the most firm uh stable, standing in life right is they.

You know you’re safe with those people that you start to brush up against.
Those are the ones that actually start to peel away.
The parts of you that don’t belong and and help you to go out prepared right.

I know if my wife checks me out before i leave in the day.
She’ll find she’ll find something either good or she’ll.
Give me the compliment.

You’re ready very similar to my wife yeah.
Let me pick out a couple of things that are imperfect and then i can send the more perfect person out into the world today.
There you go exactly and that’s we need that that is so crucial that it’s so key uh, but it, but it translates not just from leaving the home, but then, when you show up to the job when you’re trying to actually achieve something better, you still need To have those people that are going to brush up against you, whether it’s a fellow salesperson on the floor, it’s a good mentor manager, it’s yes, even the customer that you get the chance to be in front of, because i believe in this business we have two Types of people um that that they either accept the job as a script, reader or a leader and right when, when we make that transition, we get the chance to actually learn and take lessons with us.

So again, i’m just i’m! I’m inspired! I’m just excited that you’re here this morning and we get the chance to talk, can’t wait till we do really have a uh a sit around where we don’t have the lights and the cameras, and we can just a fun conversation.
But you do make it nice and easy to talk and i want to find out how you made it to the car business.
So i guess hitting in question number two is what got you in this fun business? So it’s it’s a great question.

It’s a story! That’s happy and true um with a bunch of bumps in the road.
I can tell you that i mean i was born into the business.
I’m a third generation uh uh car guy.

If you will um my grandfather got into the business back in the 30s buying and selling used cars by accident um.
That’s a much longer story which i’m not gon na uh uh put you through today, but suffice to say it was a completely accidental experience.
Getting into the used car business then getting into the new car business, he ended up as a pontiac dealer in 1957, when it was not exactly a good time, uh to be a pontiac dealer, but a couple of years later, a guy by the name of john Delorean stumbled onto the scene and pretty much breathed new life into the brand, and you know my family went on a great run for years in the 60s uh in the 70s and the 80s.

You know we were the number one pontiac dealer in new jersey, for you know more than a decade um i claimed no credit there.
I was a kid running around the dealership lot at six: seven, eight years of age, uh washing cars um, you know changing license plates uh anything i could do to be around the business.
I love the people of the business.

I don’t know a a damn thing about fixing a car um, i’m not the guy.
That’s gon na go in there and change his own oil and and uh rotate his own tires or you know, get under the hood of a car.
I couldn’t tell you what engine a car has in it, but what i loved about the business was the people and the business piece of it, and i had a good fortune of coming into the business.

Are you guys familiar with the um anheuser-busch scholarship program that was sponsored by the blutarski family? No, but that’s interesting uh go ahead and talk about that.
That’s yeah! So i went to university of rhode island in in 1986 um and and decided that i was going to spend the year burning through about ten thousand dollars of my dad’s hard-earned money uh having a lot of fun, but not getting too much work done, but always Known i wanted to come back into the car business.

That was ultimately what i wanted to do anyway, and so i spent a year in college uh on the blutorski scholarship uh.
As i said before, uh sponsored by eiser bush, which is to say that i just you know, blew off the educational piece now i look back on that today and say just wasn’t ready to learn if you will.

But i wanted to work and i went right into the car business in 1987.

Uh i’ve been there ever since um, and so you know i had a really interesting run.
You know in 2001 my grandfather passed away.

Um the estate plan was a little bit dated.

Let’s put it that way: uh caused a little bit of dissension amongst family members, but ultimately we put humpty dumpty back together again and then had a great run.
My wife and i owned the store from 2002 all the way through the end of 2008, when we decided to put the key in the door uh with the gm bankruptcy proceeding, and we had no idea that was going to happen.

We just knew the business was really tough at that point in time and we shut the doors on a 52 year old business, probably probably the lowest moment of of my life uh second lowest moment of my life.

It was black friday of 2008, the day after thanksgiving when we announced that we were going to shut the doors and uh truthfully fellas.
At that point in time, um i had a lot of terrible voices going on in my head.

You know telling me that was a failure that i pushed all the chips to the center of the table, because we took everything we had and put it into the center of the table to buy the store uh.

That’s both mary and i uh two little kids at home at that point in time, toddlers running around and no college education and not a very bright future.
In my mind, at that point, um gm bankruptcy gets announced.
Our deal gets tossed uh.

I end up in may of 2009, like walking around like kane from kung fu uh.
You know we’re just walking the earth having an experience and i walk into uh the back door of my house and uh.
I had to tell my wife that we were.

You know five months pass on the mortgage that they had started foreclosure proceedings and uh.
She looked me right in the eyes and she said, and i have tears screaming down my cheeks like i am i’m done.
I had 11 dollars in my pocket um.

I was overdrawn in all three of my checking accounts, two business accounts in a personal account and – and i just i i had no place to go – i’ve walked in the back door house, she says i love you, i believe in you.
Those four words like changed.
Everything for me um, but you got ta, go, do something because something is better than nothing that started me on the path to where we are today.

I literally went to a starbucks because i had 11 bucks.
That was all i could afford was a half a cup of starbucks.
I needed the car got coffee at that point.

Fellaini didn’t know right, so i wrote down a list of 328 people that i thought i could actually reach out to to get advice uh, to get some input to help me develop the business that i thought of in terms of training and placing sales people in The car business, because i knew we could do it better – we were always a top performer with our brands.
We were always market, effective, um and – and i i built this business plan out – that ended up evolving to what it is today, which is a full-blown uh.
Consulting platform uh, we work not just in sales and service, but you know across the entire scope of the dealership operation and have gone outside of automotive in the last five years, which has been amazing.

So that’s how i got into the business and that’s where i am you know.
Ultimately today i love that story.
I know that that story can bring pain but also brings a lot of joy, because that was a big turning point in your life.

It was also a big point where you realized how much your wife supported you and how much you really believed in you.

You know, because it does.
It takes a lot of belief.

You know what is this.
That is all that sounds, and that’s almost in some people, that is rock bottom, but it was i was there.
Bro, i can tell you rock bottom for me – was was may of 2009, like rock bottom, and i put a post up the other day, uh on on social media about rock bottom, because i thought i was thinking about it and you know i i made a Decision when mary said to me, i believe in you to actually take rock bottom and make that the foundation, and not my excuse for failure like i did not want to have it, be an excuse for failure, because i felt that let everybody down, but i always Had this annoying feeling internally, really deep inside of me, that it just wasn’t meant to be the way it was, but i had something bigger uh planned and i just had to figure out what the hell it was absolutely and you’re finding it and you’re, and you Definitely are on that mission right now and i’m so excited for you that that story.

I didn’t know that story about you.
I didn’t know that you were.
I didn’t know that there was issues like that.

I didn’t know that you had to.
You know give up a store after 52 years of it being a business.

I could imagine the pain that you felt like almost shame in a sense, but hundred percent you know, but the beautiful thing is the support system.

You know it’s that’s.
What’s so beautiful about having you know having that partner in your life, your battle, buddy and that’s your wife.
You know your wife yeah, you know lose my battle buddy here, but when it comes to my life, my wife is my battle.

You have to have that type of support, you’re very fortunate.
To have that.

So your wife is a good woman.
I i feel, like you know, he’s a superhero bro you brag are better all the time i and i’ve heard it i’ve.

How much that she means to you how she is a huge key part of your life um.

Yes, i’m glad that you honor her like that, because that’s huge for people a lot of car guys, don’t a lot of car guys put their wives to the side, don’t even oh they just they don’t have to do nothing.
No, that is well listen.
I have not earned my wings yet fred, i got ta.

Tell you right now, like there are days when she probably wants to just run me over with the car i get it uh, but but you’re right i do.
I wouldn’t be here otherwise, like i tell you flat out those four words i believe in you changed everything for me.
Everything if you guys have ever been to a wedding.

Anybody out there been to a wedding, you’ve, probably heard a scripture that sounds similar to he.
That finds a wife finds a good thing.
She is the good thing amen.

She is the good thing of my life.
I know my wife is the is exactly what keeps me standing upright right.
So, no matter balance right is balance for us.

That’s right, no matter how far down we go, there’s something inside of them.
There’s that innate mother in them also that helps to raise you back up and say, wipe it up, suck it up and go get out there.
And, yes, you deserve better you.

You are better right.
There’s no mother out there that doesn’t fight like heck to make sure that their child gets what it is, that they’re supposed to get and when a woman grabs a hold of a man and says you’re gon na, be everything that i think you’re supposed to be.
And you’re gon na be everything that i know you’re created to be, and they help to put in that that belief then, and you you’re always comforted by their love, regardless of who you are that’s the great thing about having a good, healthy relationship, because it helps You to bounce back, amen to that yeah, and i tell you fellas.

I think it transcends just you know the husband and wife or the you know the spouse and partner relationships.

You think about how we want to impact people out there.
I was talking about it before you know.

Helping people see what they truly can be to me is is the the gift that i want to give every single day, when i have an opportunity to interact with somebody uh, you know we’re doing hand-to-hand stuff in dealerships.

Uh – and i see somebody struggling or i see somebody – that’s like just a little a degree off from where they should be in order to explode their success.
You know, i feel it’s it’s my job, it’s my mission when i’m working with those folks to get them to see that right to support them to to speak into them, the kind of hope and the kind of faith that i have in them.

So they can adopt that for themselves.
I think it’s critical and that’s that’s all.
That’s a challenge.

That’s such a challenge because you’re trying to tell them i see this and they don’t see it.
Yet it takes time lou you’re right, it’s not uh.
Nobody gets it like that.

There’s never that, like immediate aha moment, you’ll have the lights go off when, when i’m i’m doing a presentation, you’ll see people where they all have that aha moment: they’ll hashtag wtsd, as we see on my uh, my coffee cup write that [ __ ] down.
If there’s something that’s worth remembering or something that’s made an impact, you got to write that [ __ ] down.
When i see that happening, i know they’ve at least started that process right.

What i want to see them do is to continue to take those steps and that’s why it’s it’s got to be something that you continually positively reinforce over time, because nobody gets it like that.
It’s it’s like your kid walking right! Think about this.
You guys have kids, oh yeah, i know fred does so.

When your kids first started walking uh, they took the first two or three steps and then they fell down.
We didn’t walk away and say well that one’s, not a walker, i’m not going to help them any further.

You keep you keep helping them along.

You know it’s no different when we right when we teach and develop um uh people, that’s exactly what we’re doing.
That’s a nod to my man: vin lament by the way: sorry [, Music ], you .

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