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What i wanted to talk about in today’s presentation is the 2020 f-150.

Now, if you look at this window sticker here with me, the f-150 is the best-selling vehicle 42 years running.
That means when gas prices are high, when gas prices are low, this is still the best-selling vehicle 42 years in a row that says a lot for itself.

Also, the ford f-150 is a half-ton that has the capability to have over 3 200 pounds of payload when properly equipped, so that is over a ton and a half when properly equipped, even though it’s on a half ton now, how do they do this? They do these things with like fully boxed frames, aluminum body, which is lighter, lighter engines where they’re using twin turbo technology to not only maximize economy but also keep the weight down from a older, larger gasoline engine.
The thing that hurts gas mileage more than anything is weight, weight and rim resistance are always going to affect gas mileage more than anything.
So although ford was still able to keep its bold strong looks, they were still able to work the body panels in a way to deflect the wind off of the vehicle.

Now a lot of my customers say that the mirrors seem a lot smaller and they don’t think they have the same ability, but actually the way the mirrors are set up.
You have the same amount of square inch, but they just designed it.
So, therefore, you have less wind noise and you have once again better economy, better wind flow around the vehicle.

This one here has the nice 18-inch chrome wheels with outside lettering, tires which give it that nice look it’s a clean look with the chrome bumpers, the f-150 badging.
This is the xlt.
This is our most popular model, and another thing i wanted to talk about is that ford sells 70 percent of fleet vehicles, 70 percent of fleet trucks are ford and that’s not because they’re the least expensive, although they are value priced, it’s the fact that they are The most capable vehicle on the road so therefore, when these fleet companies use these outside agencies to find out how they can most effectively use their dollar, seventy percent of the time, ford, f-150 and ford f series comes up.

You have the running boards right here, as the truck does sit a little bit higher.

You have the running boards right there.
If you notice the back sits up a little bit higher once again, that is to accommodate the payload when you put 3 200 pounds in this vehicle, like this 3 200 pound christmas ball right here, that’s a joke! But when you put that in the vehicle that’s raised up, so it gives it the capacity to hold that payload.

This truck being a half ton can tow 13 000 pounds once again when properly equipped make sure to read your owner’s manual based on passenger weight based on equipment and different things of that nature.
But when properly equipped, this vehicle can tow over 13 000 pounds.

One thing that i like best about the f-150 and we brought it to market and the competition chased it.

The one thing i liked best about the f-150 ford brought this to market.
It was something the competition wasn’t doing is easy, lift up seats for the passengers.
It’s a 60 40 split, so therefore you can still have one passenger sitting in the back and the seat up or you could have two passengers in the back this seat up one passenger here that seat up.

You also have the flat load floor.

So, therefore, you go and buy something a big screen tv on a snowy day.
You don’t want it sliding around the bed of your truck.

You have the flat load for you.
Don’t have to worry about the drive shaft hump that will therefore teeter it, and every time you turn the corner, it’ll be banging from one door to the other.
Now what customers like best about this is the leg room sitting in this.

You could actually fit five full-size adults on a weekend.
Fishing trip somewhat comfortably.

You have plenty of legroom, you have many powerpoint plugins, two usbs wall plug-in 12 volt and you do have the rear, heat and air vents as well as cup holders.

Here, leather, wrapped armrest map, pockets and cup holders in the doors the back windows go all the way down.
You do have privacy glass.

So therefore, if you’ve got the little one sitting in the back, it’s a very sunny hot day.

You can accommodate them there.
Another nice feature on this truck is depending on the height of your passenger.
You can adjust the seat belt pretensioners that therefore make sure that it’s not cutting them off at the neck or hitting them too low.

As i stated, all the windows go all the way down.
This one does have the power sliding rear window.
So if you did have a large object that you needed to come through the back of the bed into the cab or from the cab outside you can put that in.

There also gives you some fresh air, and if you have a dog, your pooch will love it.
Heated mirrors.
You turn on your rear.

Defrost heated mirrors will come on.
You have the turn signals on the mirror.
So if you are towing, those that are in front of you can see when you’re making the turn and once again those mirrors fold in so, if you are in a tighter parking spot you’re in a standard parking size space in a parking garage, you don’t have To worry about somebody taking your mirrors off going to the front, you have the large headlights which give you more visibility when it’s dark raining snowing and you also have the fog lamps.

So if it is foggy out, you have the fog lamps right there.
So you’re able to see through the weather, you’ve got the chrome tow hooks, which are not only functional, but they also add style and design.

You’ve got the chrome grille unique to the ford f-150, with the 10-inch ford emblem, which really lets the people who are driving in front of you when they look in their rearview mirror know that you’re driving a ford, all these vents up, top and down low, are For the ecoboost engine twin turbo engines feed off of a lot of oxygen, a lot of air so that helps the airflow get into the engine, to give you maximum capacity and maximum power.

Some other touches.
I, like i, like the chrome, handles easy open door, seems super light, although it’s a very capable strong door.

That’s what they’re able to do with the aluminum which a lot of the competition is chasing.

You’ve got your rear view camera right here.
If it ever does get dusty just make sure to wipe it off with a little cloth to clean that off, you have the locking spare tire.

Therefore, somebody can’t take your spare tire.

You just use your ignition key turn that pull the plug out, grab the jack and drop it down, and you have your four pin and your seven pin wiring – and this is the standard model right here which still gives you the led.

Well, the xlt model with the standard tailgate, which still gives you the led lighting and you do have the capability to have the tailgate step which pulls out right here drops down, gives you a lever, gives you a handle, it does add weight to the bed, but It does make it easier to get in and out not have to crawl up.
You’ve got the option for cleats here.

So therefore, you can tie down cargo and feeling the bed the tailgate, although it seems big, it seems heavy.
It seems strong.
It’s ultra ultra light.

You have the reverse sensing.
Once you get within six feet of an object, it will start to beep the closer you get.

The stronger, more continuous the beeps will get once again.

This has the 2.
7 liter ecoboost engine.

They have a total of five powertrains on this vehicle, including a three liter turbo diesel.

You have two ecoboost engines, a standard v6 and then you have a 5 liter v8 for your traditional car, guys who still like that v8, once again, noah walsh, with nwna conquer.
What you chase sales, training and conquer you, automotive sales training at bob maxey ford in the city of detroit always and forever conquer you .

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