Hello, everyone, noel walsh, here with nwna conquer what you chase: sales, training and conquer you online automotive sales training.

What i wanted to do today is show you the walk around that i would do with my customers.

What i teach my clients to do when they have a customer in front of them, so we can obviously always go over the features and benefits.

Most importantly, what we want to do is we want to i investigate what the customer liked best about their previous vehicle.

What they wish their previous vehicle had and what they would be willing to invest in in their new vehicle.

Now this is a 2020 edge here at bob maxie ford in detroit one of the best things that you can do that they’ve been doing on walk arounds for as long as i can remember is butterfly the vehicle butterflying.
The vehicle gives it a bigger look, a bigger stance and also creates interest that the customer is when you open the doors you pop the hood.

You pop the rear hatch.
The customer is going to have interest in that vehicle because it’s moving it’s it’s a moving object to them.
It’s not just still and you’re talking about things that may or may not interest them a lot of people, don’t even look under the hood anymore or pop.

The hood, but it’s still something great, that you can do for your customer as again as i said it makes the vehicle look bigger, makes it stand out.
It makes the process move forward and you can show certain things that you like about the vehicle yourself.
As a salesperson being in the business, you can talk about things that a lot of your customers who have purchased this product were interested in and you can really let them get a view of the whole vehicle.

It’s always nice to start on the outside, because, as we all know, it’s usually looks that attract us to something, but it’s the inside and the capabilities that really create that that want that need that urge to own it to want to drive it to have it And park in the garage and make a monthly payment on it, so we bring them around to the inside.
I like to talk about safety features.

Most vehicles nowadays have the same safety features.

This vehicle has side airbags, which therefore protect your torso in the event of a side impact.
They also have safety curtain, airbags that will drop down.
So in the case you do get hit from the front or the side the airbags will drop down your head will not smack through or smack into the window.

Give you a concussion show the little things on the inside that you enjoy about the vehicle and that your customers enjoy this vehicle.
Here has leather seating, it has tufted seats and this being the edge, the edge is a vehicle that does not really have much competition.
In the market, unless you go to a high line, so knowing that this is unique to many other vehicles in the market, i’m going to play on that.

Also i’ll always talk about tilt, telescopic steering, wheel, leather, wrapped steering wheel, people don’t know how important a leather wrapped steering wheel is until you drive without one automatic headlamps are nice when you turn on the vehicle they’re wiper activated.

So when you turn on the vehicle, if you turn on your wipers, the headlights are automatically going to come on with the vehicle, because in some states it’s law that, if you have your wipers on or it’s raining, you have to have your headlights on show all The storage points, power points and plug-ins everybody’s connected to their devices.
Now that’s nice to touch base on people, love the 8-inch lcd screen, it’s new, it’s modern! It’s clean! It fits in, and also i would touch base on the storage right here, depending on how you use your vehicle.

If you travel a lot, if you go on road trips, if you have kids, if you entertain clients whatever the case, is it’s always nice to have cup holders, it’s always nice to have a place for your cell phone, so it doesn’t slide off and fall on.
The ground therefore make you pull your eyes off of the road talk about the ergonomics of the inside and the ease of use, talk about the safety technology.

Talk about things with abs brakes talk about if the vehicle is not all-wheel drive, how it does have stability control and it does have traction control that is automatic, so they don’t have to worry about engaging a button.

It automatically picks up its senses when the vehicle is slipping and transfers the power accordingly to the field vehicle, that’s gripping so, whenever you’re showing a vehicle to your customers, regardless of what it is, first investigate and identify what they liked best about their previous vehicle.

What they wish their previous vehicle had and what they would be willing to invest in their new vehicle touch base on the safety points, because, whether we’re young or old, everybody is concerned about their safety and their well-being, especially when they’re carrying their family or loved ones.
Around the vehicle talk about the technology, talk about class exclusive and talk about everything that the customer told you they were willing to invest in the vehicle once again, noah walsh, with conquer you, .

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