Fill Your Ferris Wheel-Prospecting in the Car Business

Hi there welcome to another sales thought of the day.

This sales thought, as you can see, is about creating prospects.
It’s titled filling the seats.
So let’s get right at it.

You can see here the journey of Christian green yours in the car business in a long ride.
So that’s not a real objective, so we’ll buzz through that.
Here’s! What we want to talk about so filling the seats fill in the seats of a what yeah a ferris wheel, so who’s ever ridden one of these yeah just about everybody out there, maybe not as large as this one or tall as this, but we’ve all probably Been on one, so here’s the real question, and that is what’s the process for for getting on and off one of these yeah you’re correct.

So it’s typically what you’ll see is people get on here at the bottom? You know we’re safe on the ground and you get on and then you kind of got a clockwise fashion.

The person right here and the person in this cart right here, the one that’s touching the ground they get out and somebody gets in and then they scoot you up and they scooch up and they scooch up and they keep going around here till they get all The seeds full on this ferris wheel and then once they go in the clockwise fashion, these people finally get on and then they take off at the ferris wheel.

So I’ve heard that the pipeline of your prospects and sales is similar to having your seats fill on your first one.

So the beginning stages would be you know early on here, you’re getting people that are just now starting to research, they’re, collecting information there, maybe asking a little bit of info on the vehicles.
However, they’re doing the research gathering info trying to figure out what they want.

Suv truck van makes models so there’s a lot of thought going on there and then these stages in here probably getting a little bit closer narrowing down some of the choices.

Let’s say that we figured out, we want an SUV, we’ve got it between two different models and two different makes, and so we’re collecting information we’re maybe going to doing demo drives and present getting presentations having a car appraised negotiating a little bit seen what’s gon na Cost us monthly payments, those sort of things and then the final stage when you’re getting off that ferris wheel, the the guests are kind of getting off of the prospect ferris wheel and in this stage, is here they’re either deciding.
Yes, I’m going to purchase this vehicle arranging, financing, taking delivery of the vehicle, doing a new car delivery or deciding to maybe purchase the other vehicle or maybe not do anything at all and just get off of the ferris wheel.

So here’s my question who out those ever had a full pipeline or full ferris wheel, yeah and you know, let me ask you this: does it make coming to work a little bit more fun yeah? It makes it actually a lot more fun who out there would like to fill the seats on the ferris wheel, how I mean who wouldn’t want to have their seats all full on a ferris wheel, so the real big question becomes: how do we do that? So, let’s find out so there’s a group of easy to talk to people that we all have.

We all know – and they are our family, our friends and past customers or customers of the dealership.
So these three categories are fun, easy people to talk to they.
They just simply need to know that you’re in the car business you need to remind them of who you are what you do where you work, but those are the type of people we want to work with.

The referral and the repeat customer is anywhere from a 60 to 70 percent closing ratio.
So it’s a better.
It’s a better choice of customers to work with and and it’s a lot more fun.

They trust you’d.
Like your respect, you alright, so a couple n88.
Some quick facts and a DA says about your customers that 30 % of your customers, or 30 % of people have a family member.

That’s going to be in the market to buy a vehicle newer used in the next 90 days and the sixty-two percent overall know someone friends, family somebody.
They work with co-worker friend of a co-worker wife’s co-worker who will be buying a vehicle in the next 90 days.
So what that really means is that 30 percent of people out there are really going to be in the market in 90 days for a vehicle right.

A great thing about our business, and that is, is that you know everybody for the most part needs a vehicle.
So what does this red box represent? Well, if 30 percent of basically people are going to be in the market for a vehicle or know somebody in the market for a vehicle in the next 90 days, if we had a football stadium full of people, that box would represent the people that are going To be in the market in the next 90 days, right in there, so pretty impressive, quite a few people out there and definitely people we want to prospect with, because why we want to sell a car today and this month we want to sell a car and Eat next month and two three months down the road so drilling down even further, if you would go to a party or are gathering and there’s anywhere from 10 to 20 people, it means there’s 5 to 10 buyers in that crowd.
In a lot of cases that are your friends in a family, so let’s uh, let me ask you this who’s ever had this happen to them.

So you show up to a fourth of July annual family and friend barbecue, and when you pull up in the driveway, you notice that your uncle has license plates when from one of the competing Honda dealerships.
So you know you’re going hey.
You know I mean I’m selling vehicles.

I wonder why he didn’t call and ask me so you hunt him down and and over the course of the the picnic or the barbecue, you end up hunting him down, and yet you kind of cover him and ask him hey.
Why didn’t you buy for me? I’m working for ABC hunt that why didn’t you look me up and he says to you, I’m sorry.
I had no idea that you left GoDaddy or John Deere wherever you’re working.

So obviously you missed out.
My question to you is: whose fault is that is that his fault is that your mom’s, since that was her brother and she didn’t tell him that you’re working for ABC dealer is that your fault yeah? If you picked C your fault, you are correct.
Now who’s ever had this happen to them and who doesn’t it wants to make sure this never happens again to them.

Obviously, no one wants to have this happen to them.
So, let’s talk about how we make sure this doesn’t happen too, and what we’re gon na do is take a challenge.
So my hope is that you take this challenge.

Action item number one for mission 100’s, and that is this right here – represents the areas of influence circle of influence.
So these are people in your life that are easy to talk to that.
You already know, and they need vehicles to so.

You’ve got your friends here.
Obviously, friends, you know who they are: dealership, customers or past customers, professional context or Dennis.
Maybe your barber or hairdresser lawyer, or somebody like that so professional contacts, then you’ve got your course: your spouse’s contacts and her family, your social contacts, clubs you’re in maybe you’re in a good guys, car club or Taekwondo or or something to that nature or softball team.

So your social contacts may be people from church industry contacts, so people that you work with, maybe the the dent guy that comes out there.
It may be, his daughter needs a vehicle or the pen striping person, something something like that: the tire person and then you’ve got your working customers and then your family again.
So the next action item – xno number two – is to learn these five questions so backing up here, a second.

What you want to do here is before we get to the the other action item.
Is I want you to make a list of a hundred people? A hundred people on this type of circles of influence use this as your guide and get names.
Phone numbers addresses, but phone numbers obviously going to be paramount, so make that list and contact all these people and let them know what you’re doing prospecting is just telling people who you are.

What you’re doing where you work and if you’re wanting to know what to say more than that? That’s going to be action on item number two.
So action under item number two is learning five questions.
I learned these from the Joe Verde group they’re great questions.

You can ask them at a softball game, a soccer game.
You could be it again, a church function.
Somebody sees you, maybe with your dealership in jacket on or a shirt and they’d say: hey you’re still working over at ABC Honda and you say yeah.

You know by the way they’ve got us.
They asked us to reach out to to the public, and just they want us to kind of do this informal survey to see kind of about market market when people in the market for vehicles versus how many vehicles having their household can.
Can you just indulge me for a moment sure so you go through and ask these questions whether it’s on the phone or a casual situation, you just say hey and make garbage you guys have in your family and how many vehicles do you guys have ok, great.

So of the drivers in your family, who’d be in the next in line for a new or used vehicle.
Oh really, you’re, kidding it’s your son Bobby now is that gon na be pretty soon or later on down the road you mean like weeks months years.
Oh ok in the next six months, he’s gon na get his driver’s license.

Okay, well, you know: will he be llenan? Do you think towards newer used used? Okay, so probably a quality, inexpensive, low mileage, good running used vehicle yeah.
You know those vehicles when they come in on trade or we purchase those vehicles they rarely last.
So let me ask you this say three months from now.

I end up finding that type of vehicle.
Should I give you a call, or should I just wait – til the six month mark? Oh okay, yeah I’ll, give you a call if we run into something like that I’ll, let you know, maybe it’s a little ahead of time but hey you know the right deal.
The right deal so the next action item is this: it’s take your list, take the five questions you just learned and smile and dial and let your appointments pile.

So what you want to do is make take that list make these phone calls you’ve got to take some action and, if you’re gon na take action, the best thing to do is to have some type of goal.
Otherwise, you’re just willy nilly just calling people and in maybe one day you make three or three calls another day you make fifty calls and you want some type of goal, some type of plant.
So here’s the plan, you’re gon na make five contacts from that list of a hundred people per day.

Now, contacts contact doesn’t mean voicemails or leaving a message with somebody’s wife or friend or brother or sister.
It means contacts, so it may take you 50.
Maybe even 100 calls to make these five contacts each day and you ask them these five questions will work for everyone now, but in a lot of cases, you’re gon na find out when people are going to be in the market for vehicles, so you’re right there And ready, when they’re in the market and over a four-week period four times, twenty-five contacts is 100 contacts and if thirty percent have a family member, that’s going to be ready to buy the next 90 days.

That means you’ve got thirty buyers that you just talked to that are gon na buy something either today or 90 days from now now, let’s say, for instance, that of these thirty buyers that you’ve made a contact with 15 of them.
You do end up having come in and look at vehicles they’re in the market.
The next thirty days well just wanted to come in, and let’s say, with a 15 buyers or 15 buyers from here.

If you closed them at a sixty percent rate, you’re gon na have nine sales yeah nine sales and if it’s a referral, then it’s probably closer to sixty.
If it’s a past customer, it may be a little more like 70, so again, sixty percent.
So what we’re using so nine sales, if you take that times three three, fifty we’re talking about what twenty-seven, the thirty thirty five hundred dollars somewhere in there over that period of time.

Just by making these phone calls to these types of customers, your choice of customer is important.
You want to work smart and hard in the car business, so you can really really make it big.
So it’s really your business, it’s your favorite wheel or it’s it’s! Your little business, so you want to fill the seats you want to take control.

You got to look at this like it’s your own little business, you’re, independently contracted by the dealership.
You they give you a phone, they give you an office computer, they pay for office materials a lot of cases they pay for your postage, so it doesn’t that gon na cost.
You anything to do this prospecting and it’s your job to sell vehicles.

They’ve got this inventory there for you and it’s you’re really the one that’s in control of your career.
So what I would tell you is use what we’ve learned today fill your seats to the ferris wheel, switch over to the better choice of customers, the people that, like trust and respect you already you’ll, be helping them out by providing them a service because they need A vehicle and everybody wants to know somebody in the car business – that’s passionate and and does a great job and you’ll be helping yourself out because you’ll be making some sales and you’ll have a lot of fun.

Both of you will have a lot of fun in the process because you already know each other like each other trust and respect each other.

I hope this helps, but do me a favor if you like it hit like, but either way.
Let me know your feedback.
Let me know what you think about this, and those of you that do take the initiative and try to do this for 90 days.

Take the mission 100 challenge.
Please do me a favor and get back to me with some comments.
Drop me a comment.

Let me know how it went.

Let me know if you hit better than the nine that I was talking about.
Let me know if you did better.

Let me know if you didn’t do that many I would like to know.
I hope it helps have a great day.

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