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Car gas welcome back to the car guy cafe.
This is lou ramirez, the car guy.
This is for eleanor subprime hero and we are brewing solutions on the fest trackers train.

No, there’s no train, there’s only cars.
That’s right! Jeeps trucks suvs whatever, like whatever you look anywhere, but we are in the fast lane.
Folks we are moving.

We get focused flying here.
We go and guess who we still got in the cafe.
We got mr that’s right man, so we are getting to our next level of questionnaire.

This is the fresh news section, man, beethoven.
You know, i know, there’s everywhere across the country everybody’s been going through a different level of covet awareness uh, you know different rules and different things going on.
You know, and a lot of people are thinking well over here.

We’re good and other places are like we’re completely shut down so currently right now, today is the matter of fact it’s the first of july.

What is the state of the what is going on in el paso, texas, big things going on in texas? Tell us about some big things in el paso, all right, texas, um.
As of two days ago, um they closed down the bars they closed down.

The gyms um the restaurants, went down to 50 capacity.
Um, the cases are on the rise.
I think we’re hitting 200 cases per day, we’re close to 6 000 cases.

Now uh we got juarez right on the other side of the border and it’s just uh cases are booming, so we are shutting down for the next at least 30 days that we’re gon na be shut down.
Um, like i said, gyms bars, um water parks um.

It is uh second wave this year.

Definitely man what does that mean for you guys at the dealerships? What does that mean for you guys? So you know we are we we we had uh.
We heard these clean freaks, so it’s uh, you know lovely school before college um.
They are here sanitizing the dealership all day long.

We are ordering ordering uh sneeze guards um for our sales desks and for finance um we’re just trying to take all precautions um.
I have a bunch of stuff right here um, so it’s just uh.
It’s just getting to that point where you know it might be, it might be getting worse for us and uh.

We might be going to the shutdown we had a couple months behind, because this thing isn’t going anywhere yeah.
You know – and i hate to hear that you know – and i know that there’s waves and it’s coming and different states are going through different levels of it.
You know, and here’s the you know man, it’s great – that you’re being precautious man.

I love that you guys are putting the sneeze guards up.
We did that at our stores it it gives the comfort level to customers when they sit down.
They don’t feel like they’re sitting somewhere where they’re exposed it’s something about that little.

I just see that the effort is there right, so there’s something about that.
It also for the public.
So when, like other people, see people in dealerships or not, they see okay, at least they’re within a sneeze, because you know people get critical of other people when they see things like.

Oh, they don’t have masks on or they have mask on.
Or you know it’s always one thing or another.
When it comes to man, you outline right.

So you know yeah and they have they.
Have these uh like secret shoppers, making sure that um, you guys are abiding by the rules.
So no doubt yeah and you should be inviting me.

They came to our store at the very beginning of it all and you know so we we did, we did fine, so we were lucky.
We did everything the right way, so we’re very lucky to have that happen, man, so man, so i’m i’m glad that you guys are still open.
You guys are taking all the precautions man, you know.

I i just stay safe out.
There just keep your positive mentality like you have.

I can assure you just like anything man, things pass good things or bad things are always going to pass and then the next thing you know everything’s going to be even better.

This is an opportunity for you to really train and just get down to the nitty-gritty, with your guys, because you may have more time.

You know because people might stay home for a little bit.
We did that.

I’m sure you guys did that in the first phase too, i took the opportunity to get to know my guys even better.
You know, i thought i knew my guys, but then, when you really get to know him when there’s a little bit more time to get to know him, it was actually a really great thing and i felt really inspired by each one of those guys, and i Want each one to have even more of a chance to be better at their jobs, so i hope that you know i’m sure the same thing will happen for you guys man, so beto is a fast tracker for guys in car gals.
For those of you that are listening and watching and understand why it is that we’re trying to make sure that we expose uh what it is that veto’s doing so he did not have to shut his doors.

If i’m correct right, you didn’t have to really shut your doors uh during the entire um pandemic.
Some dealerships weren’t straight shut down, nothing happened, but that doesn’t mean that at your level, this didn’t absolutely drop a shockwave uh to the way that commerce happened in your area.
So what were some of the solutions that you brewed inside of your store and that you are still continuously having to nurture and brew going into the second half of this year, where a second outbreak is happening? A second shutdown is occurring.

What what are the solutions that you’ve been doing, uh to help make sure that your process adapts and is still finding success because you’re still finding success? I want you to to still know that we’re applauding you from kentucky.
You know what i mean great job on what you’re doing uh.
What is it that they’re actually doing uh to brew solutions so that other solutions know how to be a fast tracker like you, because you’re still moving brother yeah, you know what and and what i, what i’m fortunate with is that we have an amazing amazing solution.

Center, which is, in all other places, called bdc, something that you guys don’t have, but what i did take of this time that we went through is that i see what your guys’s sales guys are doing and you guys don’t have a bdc.

So what we? What we try to do to to make sure that we maximize all of our needs was use.
What bdc does for us and turn my guys into um those guys that do what you guys do you know um making those phone calls sending those texts sending those emails.

You know and that’s what um helped us out a lot um when we went through this, because you know it was really really scary for us at the beginning, because um we had a couple of close calls where we thought we were actually going to get shut Down so um, you know we we we we stuck with it.
We stayed together uh we made some some, you know we, we call it, we call it 212 degrees.
You know where we do everything everything everything that you can to to to continue to make this ship run.

You know it’s it’s uh.

You know this, this shit that was going through some trouble waters right and we just had to find a way to to let it not sink.
You know, and i know that you guys dug in and and and just like everybody else had to, and you know it was, it was sticking together, um making sure that you know we try to contact as many people as we could through those times and and Um, you know, as a company, we almost had even a record month.

You know it was it was.
It was great great things that went on.
Definitely yeah see it’s great exactly where it is that we we expect fast trackers to go exactly man, it’s that it’s that champion mentality, knowing that, no matter what diversity gets in front of me, let me find a solution and i can maybe come up with something Really amazing here and make some records happen, even if it’s not records, there’s something i’m going to do here.

That’s going to help me grow beyond belief, right and i and it’s it, but then the coolest thing about it all is when you get through it at the end, at the end of the tunnel you’re like seeing all this light and you’re like whoa, i grew So much during this time i matured so much during this time.
I’ll, never forget this time.

The team that i had during this time.

How are, how is anyone going to forget the team that stuck with them during the most craziest crisis we’ve ever been through in the united states, since we’ve been in our generation or generations before us even right? So it’s an amazing time.
It’s i.
I say this all the time is that we’re gon na all look back at this year one day, even though right now, a lot of people are like.

Oh, this was the worst year.
No we’re gon na look back at it.
It’s gon na be like it’s one of the most amazing years.

It changed the world, it changed the world that year, this 2020 was a complete.

Just shit right and thrived grew up exponentially.

It’s a beautiful thing.

Man and it’s it’s it’s coming.
You know our doors.
We had our doors locked, we couldn’t let people in our show, but we had we had to do test drives.

Virtually we had to do demonstrations.
You know, features and benefits with the freaking camera and talk to people like that.
It was so weird, but we pushed through it.

We we’re champions man where we evolve.
We innovate, we make things happen because we do not want to fail.
We want to grow, we want to be there.

We want to be those people who do right, prove that we can do anything and that’s what makes it amazing, because you can we’re human beings on this planet we’ve been given superpowers, we don’t realize the superpowers we have until we explore them and just go for It until the challenge gets there right until the the until the big enemy shows up you.
Don’t the hero, ain’t dead he’s, not no! You don’t need is so key um on on so many of the things that he’s saying and and better so we shifted.
I mean a transformation of our process right.

What what types of changes did you have to do inside of your process in order to find success during this shift to a little bit more digital action? Yes, it’s a good question.
Um, let’s see what what do we do here? One of the things that we did do was um dig in.
We have a pretty good process as far as trying to find a sponsor, which is a cosigner um.

We took it a little step further and we actually used the uh.
We implemented the bar stool out here, the little old bar stool um.

That was a little shift for us, because you know we just try to get that.

Second, that, second, the second attempt to um.
You know we deal with with subprime.
You know deep deep subprime, just like you guys do and uh it’s just it’s just tweaking a little bit of the process to where let’s dig in a little bit more.

Let’s just try to dig in a little bit more.

Let’s just show them that we’re here to try to help these people out right.
You know, um, you know it’s, we don’t we didn’t.

We didn’t change too much because we didn’t have to shut down, but that’s right.
It’s just spending the extra time and and and finding a little bit different ways to to to get to the finish line.

Man, you know, and – and that’s that’s great because you know we did – we had to change some stuff like we had to do everything like online apps or take apps over the phone, and then you know do almost everything pricing numbers over the phone, which is so Different, we don’t like that right, but it worked for us and you know i tell you it.

It was crazy.
It’s like it almost made.
Some deals even easier, like i don’t know how to explain it, but i think that catering to the customer so much it worked yeah one of the things that one of the things that we did at the beginning was that um, the leads didn’t stop coming in Right that that we didn’t have an issue with the leads at least kept on coming in um, what we did were online more.

What’s that people were online more, you know what i mean, but what that time was, though, when the at the beginning of this uh, what the what was happening with the solution center.

Is that all the leads that were being filtered into them? We were actually streaming that we’re setting up a sales person to that lead, so we did do the pictures online.
We did get them approved before they came in, because we wanted to minimize um the traffic that was coming into the store anyway right, because we had.

We we only, we could only have you know 20 people in the store at a time so um.
Those are some of the things that we did have to tweak at the beginning to um, and you know the closing percentage that did go up, because we were bringing in people that that you know that we pretty much had in the pool for um before they Came in so i guess if we did have something that was probably the only thing that we had to tweak what that was going on at the beginning, but then um, we just said it started, saying just bring them all in because um, i think we also Missed some opportunities there as well so um that only we only changed that for maybe two three weeks at the beginning.

That’s awesome man, like you guys, it’s you know, and then you got to.

Obviously you always evolve.
You’re always looking for something whatever you got to tweak, you got to tweak something works and then, if it’s not working right, you got to do a little different.
That’s smart, great leader, man, telling you bro you’re going places bro man.

So, what a great first year section this is a great fresh news section that has been brought to you by link in that group.
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They’ll tell you what’s up: they.
They have a great great, great, great, great, great great program, a great way to make you think that group yeah that’s right, so some of that all right, we’ll be right back yo yo, what’s up here, welcome back to the car guy, cafe car guys and car Guys this is luke ramirez, the car guy.
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What’s up, we are so excited to be brewing solutions with people that you can reach at www dot and find out what it is that they can actually think up for you to brew solutions inside of your dealership, for your business today, there’s some great solutionaries and I’m telling you you will be brewing with the best man, if you think about a group just make sure you use them think before you add bam just like that, so we are back here with beethoven, so bajo man.
This has been a great night.
We do appreciate your time, i know you’re a busy guy.

I know you want to get back to your family tonight.
So thank you very much.
We just have a few more minutes with you seconds with you um, but we want to just get with you real, quick about a jump box.

You know a lot of guys out there a lot of the gals out there listening to this and watching this they are always on the show, trying to figure out a way to get better and that’s what i love about.
Our viewers is what i love about.
Our audience is that they are solutionaries that are on the constant, keep growing pack.

So with you being a fast tracker of you being a general manager, you being a guy who sold 30 cars in a month in the past, you know: do you being a family man getting ready in largest family, even bigger? What is a tip out there that you can give these folks that they can take with them and use that will help get their their back built with an extra little uplift? There you go up shift and uplift them.
You know give them an extra tool for them.
What would that be my tool for anyone getting in this car business is to not get frustrated.

This is this.
Is you know i sold cars.
I sold cars for three years for this company i lost one month and i was pissed off because i lost one month.

One thing that i can tell to anybody is that frustration is something that could not be in your vocabulary.
Why? Because you can talk to six seven people in one day well, when they get in front of you, that’s the first time that you got in front of them, so they, the customer, will sense uh when you’re frustrated when you’re trying to sell them instead of helping Them um, that is right there.
One tip that i can give to anybody in this car business is frustration to not be in your vocabulary, got to treat every single customer like it’s anything that you can think of right.

So that’s my tip.

Don’t get frustrated get in front of people, give them to give them your best shot.

Remember that’s the first person that um you’re the first person that they they talk to.

So that’s my tip.

That’s a great tip, incredible tip! That’s it’s such a simple tip, but yet a lot of people don’t follow that you know, and it’s an amazing thing that if you can actually control that habit or that action or that that feeling you have of frustration – and you understand that everybody that you talk To you need to start fresh and give them that that can be from selling cars to desking a deal to running the store.

You know, um frustration cannot be something that someone can see in you um.

That makes you weak bro.
I love it frustration.
You know a good tool that we can all use.

What’s that out there car guys and cargos to make sure that that frustration doesn’t sink in.

Yes, as you take that frustration and you apply three more apps to it and you forgive focus, fly, give focus, fly.
That’s right, so you want to keep growing like a fast tracker like betto is like all these other solutionaries that we had during this entire incredible series that we have the the one and only beto he’s the only him and guess what car guys and crocodiles.

If you didn’t know this or not, you’re, not gon na be better you’re gon na be you, you are going to be the best version of yourself.
That’s the only thing that you can do today is improve you, man and if you actually apply yourself to doing it, to not getting frustrated forgiven, so not letting anybody else get in your way.
Forgive them to not let your past issues be something that stops you from still taking another leap of faith.

Forgive it, but you get focused like this solutionary, that’s right here, fast tracking and all these other solutions that we’ve had with us like derek bumper, like sean hayes like melanie borden, like tom aioli, greg mccoy um, he’s in the cafe, i’m so cool to have you If you didn’t get the chance to see that you need to go back and listen to that episode, folks, lou and fred.
Oh thank you, bro.
I appreciate that it brother love.

You brother hit your chest one time for me: car guys and car gown we’re going deep on the car guy coffee podcast we’re trying to make sure that we up shift and uplift what it is that you’re doing today.

That’s it go, be the light right fred, be the light either light.
You can’t find it you need to be it.

That’s it man and you are definitely the light beethoven you’re honored to have you on the show.
Folks, if you don’t know, if you don’t know who beethoven know who he is check him out, if you need a tip he’s the kind of guy you can call, you can call him at his store.
He’ll, give you a tip he’s, not scared to share his secrets.

There’s no such thing as secrets, everybody, you got something you want to teach the right way, call beto.
He wants to learn right and he’ll.
Show he’ll actually probably show you a better way to do it.

, car guy coffee approved, get you some .

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