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You know we can talk, technique and other stuff, but there there’s these characteristics that have to be inside of you to be a successful person at being a person right and there’s a word and a term that greg used earlier.

I don’t know if you guys missed it, but there’s something else about the genuine premium brew that is better, and that is he has impeccable character and he is one that can be trusted and those that can be trusted can carry the heavier weight right and seem, As if they lift it up effortlessly, but all that they do is properly apply the principles and the processes to do better and to lift up heavier weights until they can do so and because he has the proper integrity.

He doesn’t falter when a lot of weight is put on him right and he’s multiplying this, and that is an incredible thing that is so valuable for the friendship that we have.
I mean again, i don’t get to always just pour my heart out, but this is our show and we could do whatever we want to do.

That’s right.
We got coffee baby, but here i mean understand, there’s so much honor that i feel flowing through the airwaves of the of the digital lands right now guys.

You know what i mean there there is.

There has to be an honor that takes in the information from the wise and properly distributes it.
For others to be wise.
There used, there was a clog up and it was the the plague of fatherlessness right.

There was a clog up that happened where people didn’t want others to advance past them, so they never poured out the good stuff they had inside of them, and then they thought they had enough good stuff inside of them until it went sour because they were no Longer connected to the vine.
Well, when that fruit gets plucked, it’s not growing anymore nope! You know what i mean: it’s it’s it’s going the opposite way.

You know, so it’s important that you stay connected.

You stay in properly in a place where you can constantly grow.
If i don’t, if that can get me any metaphorical, i don’t know, but great fruit and great trees always come back and are producing fruit in every season.
Actually because you know good roots, but right.

The root system is all in place, but the berries that i was showing you guys earlier right.
They they come back every year.

There’s going to be a great great buckets filled, uh event that we have people come from around the area, walk the land and they pick up these berries but they’re going to be back next year and my job is to cultivate and keep the soil doing.

What it’s supposed to do, but if the process is put in place, it’s going to keep producing fruit and every year should usually yield a bigger bounty.
If i nurture it properly, you know what i mean and i didn’t plant those you know what i mean.

I’m just harvesting something that someone else planted right and you have been honoring that you’re honoring the vision of another man, it’s his business right, you’re, taking that and making it yours and being successful with it.

That’s how managers truly help their dealerships get to that next level? They take that piece of ownership to say i am going with this mission with you just like an army.
Just you know, in any case scenario, you have that character.
You guys have creeds.

These guys got these creeds that they say that are inspiring to me as the soldier that i am you know what i mean that they will beat their chest and say their creed give me a creep.

I want to hear one of your creeds, one of those and kill the creed [ Laughter ], don’t one of the the actual sayings that you say at the dealership better.
What what do you guys say at the store? What’s that? What’s the what’s the the creed that you guys say at the store, free yeah? What you’re saying that you guys all say on the showroom floor? The mission? Oh our pledge, man we have.

We have our pledge.
Yes, sir, we have our place.
We are dealer for the people.

Yes, we recite this pledge every single day, um in our meetings and and and that’s what it is.
That’s awesome man so pledge create.
I get it way different.

So what is the pledge? We’re the dealer for the people? We’re the dealer, brother people, [ Laughter, ], all right, so lou question number four hitting it.

I love it.
Okay, so all right veto.

We are brewing up some funny solutions, uh, but one it’s just family, we’re all family.
Here we love being able to be in the cafe and just just chop up shop uh.
If we were a month ago, we would have been probably chopping up shop having having meetings and all that next month.

We would have been doing that, but the situation is the situation uh, we, you know bars, don’t open and a lot of car guy events probably won’t happen if they can’t open bars, um.
So we’re gon na keep opening up the cafe uh for great solutionaries.
Like you um and brewing some solutions, so i want to talk about the key thing that has been what it is that fedo has been able to use inside of his professional career to make sure he goes to the next level.

Every time with picking the person to trust his mission with so in the recruiting process right, this is so the exposure that we get to people is is the exposure.
We get right, the more that you meet, the more that you get, the more that you understand.

Right, if, if you have a short amount of time that you’ve been exposed to people in the business like wake betto, you have to apply key things to figuring out who’s, going to run with you right right, um beto.

What has been the thing that you have looked for, because a fast tracker always has to have his team right.
You got to have the people that you’re running with.

So what has been a key thing that you have looked for inside of your people to pick the right ones to run with you or fly? What what it’s? It’s uh! It’s funny that you! You asked me that, just because you know just like i came in in into my business being a um, a sales person and then went on to to death deals to now running my own store um, i was able to um.

Look, you know, have a person that i have here now, which is my manager right now um.
He started off selling cars for me um two years ago and i would call him um a fast tracker himself.
You know we were we were.

You know, as you guys know, you know i i’m here temporarily and this guy has grown so much in the past couple of years, where you know my my uh, my owner was actually here just a few weeks a few days ago, and – and he told me You know what i think that um, i feel comfortable with what you have going on right now to where once we once we do, our next move um.
I feel that you are you’re ready, you’re ready to go so that that was um.

It was great to see from this guy.

You know it’s uh.
He reminds me of um myself, you know and we’re the same age, but he is um a guy that has been so so trusted in the past two years that i’ve been here um.
He is a local guy and um and his name is daniel robles.

You know he’s been uh, doing an amazing job for us and – and this is his town, you know um, and i i i love you know from when you know it’s funny, because when i bring on new people i sometimes show them a video, because i used To do um record videos of our training, so just a little bit of backstory before i moved from tucson to el paso, and i think we trained for like two months straight um before we even opened the store and this guy daniel.
I never forget he uh.
We used a uh for the people, approval process, just like what you guys do and uh he fumbled the the clipboard dropped it in front of a you know: training, customer and uh.

It was it’s just so great to see from from that to where he is at now and and um.
I i feel really comfortable with him and um it’s just.
This is great to see definitely wow and man.

I love how you honor people exactly what we’re talking about you’re such a you’re.
That’s what i’m saying the way you talk about people, your face even lit up when you talk about him yeah and you know in such a and i don’t mean that in like a you know, weird way i mean that in like you could tell that you Just feel like man, i just i love, you know how you feel inspired by this guy too, like you can see how he’s coming up, which pushes you a little bit, you know, and then he inspires you because you know you’re doing it right if you’re teaching Him how to do something – and it’s working really well you’re doing it the right way, so you’re a great coach that way you’re a great coach when it comes to coaching your guys up.
You know so man, kudos bro, that’s really awesome.

I’ve learned from me every day you have to we, you learn from each other, all the time and and if you’re not then you’re.
Definitely like we talk about you’re, not growing, no more you’re dying, so i have to say that being a father, there’s way more, that i’ve learned from my kids.
I think my kids learn from me.

My kids are so smart and i’m always learning from them.
Every day and being that in inside of any relationship where you are looking to this one, to learn how to make them the best that they can possibly be and that type of relationship because gets so reciprocated when they discover how great they can be, and they Apply it then they’re, you know the fire has started and then you’re just nurturing it and watching it blaze and it’s so inspiring um.
But that’s that’s.

You know the same thing that we should have with the relationships that we have around us.

People like you that are wanting to invest wanting to pour out what it is that you’re getting and into them amplify that that’s great brews, great seeds.
What do you got on that greg? Where does your heart go on that? Well, no, and i agree, i think that when you’re looking for that person to to be uh, you know your uh tonto and the lone ranger.

Let me tell you when you’re gon na, do that that you i look for people a lot like what uh has said.
I’ve been fortunate enough to see some great great great uh people become great managers and uh great sales people there’s some people are just great sales people, our passion, because, if they’re passionate about what they’re doing and one of the reasons again i’ll better successful is he’s Passionate so what happens? Is you create that passion for everybody else you can’t help but want to be around beto um right and people seek that out.

People people seek that positivity out and uh.

So when you see people that are also like, i said not afraid to ask questions, but not also the other part you got ta look up, i don’t again was fast.
Tracker’s rules is uh, um he’s he is.
If you listen to him, he doesn’t just talk.

He talks about all his people and all the people have meant something to him in his life uh, but he’s still very confident.
I’ve worked with him he’s not you know, being a suck guest.
What he’s been is truthful and saying: hey, listen! This is why i’m successful i’m gon na help other people be successful, because i know, if i make daniel successful, i get to go even more so and i’m going to tell you for when you’re, where you’re make your salesperson in this industry or any industry.

What happens is owners and people that are your bosses? Look for that characteristic in people, because it means i’m not just taking all the credit.
Look what i did what i did.
Why did he say, look what we did as a team look, what daniel did and when he does that he’ll grow himself exponentially even faster.

So true that is, i love the answer.
Greg man and that’s, like i said, you’re you’re – definitely a man of integrity, and i love that and i love how you talk about other people.
You just did the same thing.

You know you even realize you did it right and it’s it’s so true, because that is what a great leader does yeah.
You know it’s it’s easy to talk about.

You like that beethoven seriously.

Man it is.
I mean the first time i ever met you.
You were just so genuine genuine since day one you you’re.

Always you always ask you know the right questions.
You’re, always there you’re, just you’ve got a very great demeanor about you.
It works really well and yeah and you’re a sponge man.

But yet you know you’re such a humble, humble guy, a lot of people who are in your position.
They get so cocky and so like and that’s why they end up not having longevity so you’re.
A fast tracker, there’s a lot of fast trackers that fast track.

But there’s people who they just like a firework: it blows up it’s over you.
On the other hand, you have longevity you’re going to have it because you have a lot of other characteristics that people don’t have and if that’s what’s going to take you far in this business man just so, but always stay this way and you’ll always be that Way – and that’s what’s going to be great about that man, i look forward to all of us hanging out 10 more years from now talking about you know all the the great rewards we’ve had with people, and you know it’s gon na be fun man and it’s Gon na be a lot of it’s gon na be a lot of cool stuff and you know i’m you know, i’m really honored to have you on the show today you know so it’s it’s been.
Really, it’s really cool to have you here.

I know.
We’ve been friends, we’ve been talking about this for a while, but this is the right time for doing it.
Our fast tracker series, you know and greg man, it’s it’s awesome having you on the show man, because you know, obviously you know having you have an opportunity to be like you being a mentor there for us when we were there being able to talk too many Sponge as much stuff from you as we can just like – oh my god, it’s it’s amazing what you have in that bald head of the ears.

You know it’s, it’s it’s a beautiful thing! Man and you have such an energy about you, too man.
So you know, i know we’re honoring beethoven a lot so we’re not trying to like not talk about greg, because right – and i know you’re not here for that greg – i want you to know.
We are honorable.

We’re gon na have a show that honors just right guys just remember that that’s coming very soon, but you know right now.
You know we’re.
Obviously here we’re all talking about beethoven, because beethoven is a fast tracking center.

Yes, he is, and i’m looking like, i said, 10 years from now, it’s who knows so and i’m really excited to be.
You know, friends with a guy like this, that we can learn from too and honestly.
I do.

I learn a lot from you every day.

I learned a lot from that coaching group.
We did.

I learned a lot of things that helped me get better, as a manager too helped me slow down certain things in my mind, the way i treated my sales people, because sometimes i would get a little harsh on them really quick, but i learned some stuff from There, the way people thought and i was like you know, i’m going to try that and it worked it worked really well, so i i always do the same thing greg when i go somewhere.
I always try to make sure that i learn at least one or two things to take back with me.

So i can try to apply that to my life and make it better and it’s a great way to think and it’s the only way to think and if you do, that, constantly you’re going to keep growing.

So it’s been great so before you take over.
For this last question, okay, i do want to highlight a little bit, that’s going on here and all of the fun stuff.
That’s brewing folks! It’s that you have the wisdom of a greg mccoy.

You have the wisdom that has been implanted and is now brewing.
Inside of this fast tracker, that’s coming down the lane, making some incredible things happen right, and these two are creating a generational fusion of power that is beginning to start electrifying, the car industry.
I believe that the young and the old, the the the past and the news shouldn’t say: oh it’s experienced when i say old, i mean wisdom is the carrier of many years of wisdom right, but this is what i’m.

This is what’s great about greg.
This is why people who are watching the show right now need to watch it.
I know we’re highlighting veto a lot here, but if you pay attention to what greg’s talking about this is how you need to understand.

This is how you need to be at all times constantly, looking even at somebody who’s been in the business new as somebody that you can learn something from so, if you guys can constantly do that, you’ll see that you’ll always be somewhere at a place where you Have an opportunity to be a mentor and be mentored and just constant growth stage.
Man and greg is a huge highlight of that.
So i can’t wait to have you on the show.

Just you know when we get to highlight you: it’s gon na be a lot of fun to talk about your passive stuff, too man um but anyway, but showing that there’s a key thing.
So we know about beto and how he loves the customer, and he does what he does for the sake of the customer right.
Then he sees the growth inside of other people.

A legacy is turning up inside of that these two people have seen and are still seeing a fruitful harvest of the legacy seeds that they’ve been pouring into other people for such a long time and it’s going to continue to grow and because of that, they are Brewing solutions: there is new, a new wave of people that are coming through that are just like all of us, solutionaries that are trying to find a way to help, but at heart it has to be for the others, not for our just ourselves.

For the other, caring for the one that we’re looking at the one that we’re talking to that’s right, the ones that we we are actually toiling for it is inside of the others that we we find our motivation.
We find our excitement that it’s not about us, raising ourselves up, it’s really about us, taking each other and giving them the best that we have.

The best version of us is what we we owe them, even if it just grew one percent.
I love that you like that.
It’s not i it’s us, you know all of us, the car business.

The business needs to be better, everybody needs to be better, and if everyone does, this business becomes so much easier and better for everybody and, most importantly, for our clients out there, because, like once again, you know, i know that we have to build our team, but Without those clients, what are we building up for nothing, so you got to treat them right.
We got to make them want to come to a store and be comfortable at a store we want to make them feel like they need to send all their friends and family there.
We need all that and man, you guys are both people who understand that.

So much and we honor that that’s why we need you on the show and we’re so glad to have you on the show.
So, let’s get to question number five: let’s get to the question number five, but this entire brew has been brought by fake group.
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That’s right.
They are a group of solutions that are finding a way to help make sure that you find your customer at the median that they want to be found at.

You got more questions about it, check them out, check out justin, check out derrick and go to thinkad group.
That’s right because that’s who’s, bringing you this group all right, fred.

Let’s do what to do wow, so cinco single question, so we’re getting to the end of the five liner, i’m you know and i’m kind of sad, because it was a lot of fun but okay, so the five liner we’re gon na finish it with uh everybody.
We talked about the why, where you guys came from people that you were mentor, that that really you cared about that helped you get to where you’re at and you know, and so on and so forth.
But one thing that we haven’t talked about is what you want to do and what your future goals are better.

I know that you um, you know sometimes putting it out there.
Just it’s great thing to do.

I’m sure you’re the type of person who has a lot of goals set up for you.

That’s why you have to achieve by setting something up.

You have to have a picture of what you want and i’m not going to ask too far of a goal, but i’m sure you at least have a two year goal right.
Two years from now.

Where do you see yourself um? You know two years from now.
Oh hold on a z, um, yes, you’re back sorry, okay, okay, so um! My two year goal would be to uh.
You know i’ve enjoyed myself so much here in in this city of of el paso.

But, being here you know a little bit over two years.

So um in the next two years i see myself back in my home state um, maybe phoenix arizona, um.
You know i i uh, you know i haven’t told you guys, but i’m expecting a second baby from oh yeah, we’re really really happy and um.

You know.
I i know that my my boss has big big big goals um in the upcoming years, and i just feel um thankful to be a part of those plans um.
So you know i don’t know.

Maybe we uh maybe brought in a store or two back home in uh in phoenix arizona, so uh, that’s where i’ve seen myself in two years.
That’s right, i’m still being part of this great company that i’m part of and uh brewing solutions right.
That’s right! That’s right: that’s right get yourself man and that’s great and you and you know those goals are going to happen.

Man and that’s and that’s really awesome.

Congratulations on the on the on the new child coming soon man! Oh, that’s so awesome wow, i’m jealous! I’m really am.
I i’ve been begging, my wife for one so anyway, maybe this will put it up there.

My goal is to have a baby.
That’s that’s tough, this, but no man, that’s so awesome man.
I know that’s going to happen for you.

I know that you love your state of arizona and to be able to be in phoenix.
That’s a great metropolis for you to be able to do your thing and be able to spread the for the people.

Message spread your message: man, because you have a great one too man.

You definitely have your own brand, going on trust me and you’re.

Definitely one of those guys that man, this fast tracker right here, brother, i’m seriously, i’m i’m really excited that.
I get to know you that we’ve become friends over the last couple years and i’m looking forward to just constantly growing and seeing what you’re doing man it’s going to be a lot of fun.

It is very humbling to have the wisdom.
That’s inside, of the guys.
Yeah, i i i i i love that i i was able to be exposed to to all of you.

You know um, there’s there’s not one day that goes by that, i’m not thinking about you know you guys or even nick um or even matt.
You know.
I know that um when we get together, you know when we, when we see each other in orlando, it’s just um so much that that that we get to cover and so much that that we can take from each other and i’m just uh, i’m i’m growing.

I’m growing because of you guys definitely keep growing wow.
Well, you.
I believe that you are growing, because there is something innately inside of you.

That is the heart of a solutionary and you are able to apply the principle of forgive focus fly.
You are able to be trusted with a great measure of weight and you are the hope of what it is.
We want to see the next generations uh continuing to deposit into the next generations, and it only gets better if, if you are what’s next, then man so much better is still on the way and it’s exciting – and i am so honored to to be here and To have the wisdom of greg uh to to make sure that you know what i mean, we are all uh, keeping into account that there are many people uh that that are making deposits, and many people have meant much fruit coming and credited to them.

And sometimes we don’t get to do that enough right.
I feel like in this business.
We try to not give each other the credit we want to credit everybody that’s doing great.

We want people that are doing a good job to know they’re doing a good job and, let’s not make it weird to congratulate each other guys, don’t let the don’t let the mushy stuff mess with you.
Okay, feel love, show love, you’ll feel better.
If you do it, we promise, because that’s what happens when you brew solutions greg mccoy, we honor you and we appreciate you brother, thank you so much for being here today, better this five-liner has been magical.

This has been great.
This is the stuff that people need to be hearing is how i mean a person of hope, like you, can continue to keep doing things and there’s so much more to go.
We’re just getting started.

You are just getting started.
All of us are just getting started.
We have lots of living to do folks and i’m excited about it.

Yes, sir car guys car gaps.
Thank you again greg.
Thank you, sir.

Thank you for joining us for this five-liner.

We will be back to you in a moment as we discuss fresh news.
That’s what is happening in the car business betto we’ll be right back.

This is lu, ramirez, the car guy.
This is frothing arts, the subprime hero and we will be right back, hey solutionaries.
This brew has been brought by think.

Add youth.
You can get information by going to think group.
com and brewing solutions with the best they are 100 car guy coffee approved, get you some .

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