Family Unity: You’ll Never Succeed Unless You Use Your Home Field Advantage

One of the biggest concerns a lot of people have is holiday, balance want to work, raising the family, pleasing the spouse and pursuing a dream, because that can be extremely tough.

If you don’t have the strategize plan and have your day prioritizing see the thing that amazed me and it’s what I used to do when I was younger and we talking about maybe seven or eight years ago, I would spend more time planning what i was going.
Went out to the club, I would spend more time planning.
You know how I was going, what my family and I was going to do when we go on vacation to go visit my parents up in Detroit when I go back home when I go visit, a partner of mine in another state, I spend more time planning What I’m going to do when I go down to a Disney World art in Miami, then I would planning what my career is going to look like in the next six months next year.

Next, five years you see most of you do the same thing, and it’s not that you’re doing it intentionally.
It’s just our priorities are a little bit on the way you see the truth.
Is this a lot of things around us to radio the TV I’m all of these extra little things, one on our bday, like they’re, all can be dude, alchemy distractions and before you look up you’ll realize ten years passed by, imagine is, have you ever sat up And thought about if you’re already out of high school and come back and it seemed like just yesterday, you were there, you say: where did the time go and I’ll ask you if where you are in life, and you would never want your kids to be where You are in life, I’d say we got some work to do, but balancing pursuing their passion.

One thing you have to do is this: if you’re going to go up your dream, you have to get your family on your side.

They have to be full aware of everything.
You’re doing you have to talk about it with them.

I myself literally sat down my wife and kids and my children were very young.
But I explaining them what I was doing I’ll explaining him that I was going to pursue his passion of being a speaker and an author and helping transform the lives of other people and my wife in the beginning.
She didn’t understand it and it was tough.

We battled a lot, especially when there was no money coming in, but I tell you what, through their belief through their support, I was able to maintain – and I was knocked down quite a few times, but I got that gun Justin myself up and kept going now.
My wife is able to enjoy being a stay-at-home mom.
I homemaker getting a chance to go back to school and enjoy doing what she wants to do.

What she chooses do not what she has to do.
My children, I and you’re able to put them in the best schools that this city has the offer this statement in, but one best schools in the country so and these things all came from being able to prioritize and realize okay family first is is my Creator.
Okay, that’s first, you got ta, have a base in the foundation you got to put that purse and wherever that is with Buddha, Allah, God, whatever it is, do whatever you want to call it Jehovah, that’s your preference, but as long and if you don’t have one Whatever that is, that’s your preference, but you want to get.

You know how to first put your put that first gift thanks.
First Nexus: family, okay, then, after the family comes you in your dream, which means all those friends and all those extended family members and cousins and are there gon na? Let listen! You have to learn how to tell people no or let me rephrase that you have to learn how to say yes to yourself see.
You said yes to yourself, did the same, as you said: no, but without having to put that negativity and not knowing the air, say yes to yourself, say yes to the pursuit of your passion and instead of sitting now watching that television show for 30, 45 minutes Or an hour, take that 30 minutes and devoted to educating yourself on what it is that you like to do.

Read the stories of other people that have done what you doing share your experiences with your family, feed off them and also recommend that you find somebody else.
That’s doing something similar to unit may not be a fairly member, but somebody that’s close, that you kind of admire or trust that you can feed off of and kind of go back and forth Lee.
It’s very important to have someone you can bounce things off of that.

Sometimes you can use your internet work with your media, apparently or you can step outside, but I think it’s really good, because sometimes people are your family.
Don’t want to tell them her that he has no clothes and they’ll think what you do is great, just because you’re you, but in true you can use some help so make sure that you do that.
But you just prioritize your day.

Give thanks show love to your family, go to your place of business, do whatever you have to do there, but when you get home, what’s the most unimportant thing, do you need to to be on the phone talking with your friend about what happened yesterday? Do you need to be sitting up watching that show above basketball wives? No, do you need to spend set up watching the media, the news media doom and gloom and doom for the next two hours, freaking yourself out being scared about how the world is going to hell in a handbasket? No, these are things you can go to the wayside and I’m not talking about any major step spending.
Three: four hours on your passion start off with five minutes, read a paragraph or something that’s gon na make you a lot a little bit smarter, a little bit better at it, and what you’ll find it’ll become habitual and every day you’ll be looking forward to that, Because you’ll feel yourself growing your knowledge be growing your skills that will be gone and what you’ll find is your life and your dreams will also be gone.
So I encourage you, it is possible, but to balance that you have to put your good your faith birth.

Let your family know what’s going on and then prioritize your free time, that’s 24 hours in the day, there’s more than that time for you to get that done, and I believe that you can get it done so learn more about.
You could transform your life and improve your time.

Management, enhance your leadership skills, better your relationship with your family and pursue your passion and actually make money from be able to free yourself, honor matrix, go to New Thought generation.

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I’m brian maxwell, you’re, successful to the generation to change, and I see you at the top .

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