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my guys were so honored today that we have John Fairchild here and if you see his loved one, the back has been doing training videos for the veterans also, but also he’s building a platform for his customers and his eLearning.

So we’re also doing videos for him now, if you guys have questions about anything, that’s going on.
Email me at Richie, at GBP digital media comm, will enter that email and we’ll fly you out here or whatever we’ll do videos for you guys and all that and very very feasible, so feasible that it makes other companies look like Wow and we have a nice Studio John tell us a little bit about what your thoughts are with this facility and what your thoughts are with us new when this whole thing with the vets.
Well, you know.

First of all, I think it’s a tremendous program that you’ve got here going here for the vets and it’s going to be dynamite for 2020 and the goal is really place: vets in dealerships doing these jobs that are so hard to fill.
We we have a hard time, as you know, if you’re in the dealership world, finding talent, isn’t the easiest thing and finding qualified talent and what this program is going to do is going to give you a qualified guaranteed vet in the department of your choice.

So, whether it’s fixed operations, sales, BDC, F & I we’re going to be able to get you a qualified guaranteed vet for your store and gosh.
You know better than me how hard it is to find talent, but as far as the studio here Richie, I am so impressed.
You guys are ultra professional.

This is my second time back here and it is awesome I mean I came in.

I got miked up.
I was able to do my segments I got.

I got, I think, 13 segments in the can today, and some of them are promos, but most of them are training videos that we’re going to be able to use for our veterans to get them jobs and fixed operations.
And because that’s my specialty, but as far as the studio here man, it is top-notch – and you know it’s incomparable and just to say something to the audience.
John Fairchild I’ve been behind the scenes with them and I see his content.

He is probably the best out there right now now I want to talk to you about something.

This company, that’s out there, that’s fixed outside, believe it’s deal, a pro it’s overrated and it’s over over and everything looking at John’s, Fairchild information – oh my God, he’s so feasible.
He really has a real solution.

I want you guys soldiers, a real solutions for dealerships in the fix ops area, he’s amazing.
He looks for opportunities and then they maximize it, so you got ta understand.
Did John Fairchild solution is greater than anything else, as everybody else talks about fix operations, training John elaborate, a little bit on that solution, part that you have oh yeah.

You know – and I appreciate it rich in and you know what we do is we go into a dealership.
Of course we do a needs assessment.
We gather data, we interview the the all the prime people in the store, we do observations, we mystery shop it and we come back with, and obviously we listen to the dealers hotspots.

What are they? What are their pain points? And then we come back with solutions that within itself is a roadmap, a high level 30,000 foot view of what you need to do to get the most bang out of your buck.
Okay and but also, I will give you options of how our company can help you get there and I work on ROI, so any of the investment that a dealer makes with me.
They’re gon na make it back tenfold, and you know jobs always out there training and all that I want any dealer out there.

That’s in my audience, always listening to us call John Fairchild for a free assessment, now understand something complimentary assessment.
Demand does just get the information.
First, get your data now today, John.

What’s your phone number, my phone number Ricci is seven seven, zero, five, six one, four, six, four four or of course you can get me on my email address, but texting me is the best way, but you can email me, John, at John Fairchild net, real simple, John at John Fairchild dotnet, but you know the importance of having your staff trained is incredible.
You know as well as I do what happens when you get somebody in front of a staff that in front of a customer that really doesn’t know what they’re doing number one you’re not gon na make any money number two you’re gon na make people mad and Drive them off, our programs are designed to implement very rapidly and to get you the improvement that you need.
I just let everybody know by the beginning of the year.

We are planning to do a shoot in the studio, so everybody sees the facility sees equipment sees what we have, because you know what awareness is key and let the customer decide and we’re working on a real package for automotive trainers for automotive dealerships, build your YouTube Channels very important: you got 50 videos and the other guys got 10 guess what mr.
dealer you’re gon na win.
So, let’s pay attention to that everything is video, everything’s, video marketing right now, there’s major companies in the car business is like hoots that does commercial videos, wood footage and all this.

So we’re are a full video and studio facility, so guys just pay attention to this company we’re doing a whole video on the facility, which is very, very important and we’re looking into this by the beginning of the have a great Saturday.
I hope you guys sell a lot of cars today enjoy your weekend and don’t forget, reach out to us here at the studio.
There’s the email call us reach out to us ASAP and we’ll book you a date we’re available Saturday’s opening and Sundays because we’re really busy during the week sort of days.

We could do this, it’s Saturday and Sunday, so call us and let’s get together something Ricci.
Absolutely you know that’s exactly right.
I was at the fixed ops round table yesterday in in Jersey and came over here today.

Very accommodating and I’ve been needing to do some videos for my own online e-learning platform for a long time.

Ricci made it so easy to do that, I’m here on a Saturday getting this done, I can fly back to Atlanta Georgia, where I’m from and everything is smooth back to my dealer.
I got to be in South Georgia on Monday, so this really gives me a good leg up to do that.

Another thing I wanted to say about what I can do for a dealer is this, is you know most states will allow retail, for your warranty rates? Did you know that Ritchie? No, I don’t know every day you learned something yeah and let the well.
Let me let me fill you in on it, because here’s how it works is in 2017, laws were passed in most states.
Now some states allow parts what they call parity.

So what they’ll do is they’ll make it equal.
The manufacturer is required to make your parts mark up from the men from on warranty equal to what you are currently charging to your customers.
Customer pay same thing on labor right and let me tell you something that is an untapped gold mine in most dealerships.

But what is the inertia from getting it done? Do you have any idea? What that is? No I’ll tell you it’s it’s a pain in the neck, not for me, because I’ve got systems and apps and technology that will do a lot of the work for me.
But if you were to try to do this in your dealership, unless you were extremely tech, savvy service manager, first of all, it would take you two weeks of dedicated time to do it.
Second of all, you’re, not gon na get the best upswing that I can get you.

I don’t charge a dime for this until you get results.
What I’ll do is I’ll? Do a free, six yeah, hey, there’s companies out there.
I won’t name them, but there’s companies out there that charge you a monthly fee, plus 20 % of the upswing.

So, if you think about it, my typical dealership gets back between two and four hundred thousand dollars a year: Wow! Okay! So if you got a company engage, that’s doing that for you, but they want 20 % of the upswing.
Now, that’s a pretty to help the investment to make.
What I do is a little bit different.

Is I’m really in this business to help dealers? Of course I want to make money too, but I don’t I am NOT here to rip people off.
What I do is I do a free assessment, Richie and then I’ll come back and say hey.
This is what we can do right now.

Okay, now a lot of dealerships be honest with you: they’ve got policies that they’re not even aware of going on in their service department.
That may not enable them to file for this at this moment, but I’ll make an assessment to say: hey you got excessive, discounting going on, you don’t have the bright parts matrix in there.

You don’t have the right, labor grid, I’ll help.

You fix all that stuff.
We’ll bake it for, and I call it baking, it will bake it for 30 to 60 days until we get the right numbers on there and then we’ll make that filing.
You won’t pay me a dime until we get approval from the manufacturer of that upswing and then it’s a one low fee, and you know what you’re gon na get that money for years to come.

I’ll even ask I’ll even help you to do that on a yearly basis for that same recurring fee every year.
That’s great, and you don’t want to mention something.

Mac Zhaan’s got a book out guys.

Here it is okay, you guys should get this and thank you again, John Fairchild, for going to the event and bringing us the book.

Yeah there’s one right, and here it is guys.
I saw max very important.

This guy is amazing.
This guy knows what he’s talking about I’ve heard of him for a long time, never had the opportunity to engage too much wooden, but based on the information that I’m gathering he’s amazing, I’m easy he’s a good friends, I believe, with Crispin’s hours, my co-host for automotive Dealer news, yeah iris, wants to bring him here, he’s more than welcome.
He’s a great guy.

Take this book on guys.
It’s amazing I’ve met Richie.
I met max at the last well.

I went to a an ephah night roundtable that Ted ings, my buddy Ted, hey Ted, puts a F & I round table and fix tops round table.
So I go to as many of those as I can get to, and I’ve met there at a couple of them and super duper guy.
He knows his stuff if you’re need compliance and everybody needs it, you do need compliance.

Let me put it that way.
This is your guy, so I appreciate you bringing that up max had a stack of books over here and I knew I was coming here to David.
So I grabbed the set for me and I’ll probably start reading them when I’m on the plane back to Atlanta.

But I grabbed a set for Ritchie because I know he’s a he is a like a sponge.
He wants to absorb all the informations bunchy.
I can’t just soak it in baby, so that’s why I did that for you Ritchie and I’m glad you’ll enjoy those.

Thank you so know what having a great dinner today me John Fairchild and Jean so we’re gon na have a good time and guys thanks a lot for everything and look for John’s learning, learn as much as you can for him.
He’s gon na be on video and we’re gon na blow up YouTube because we did content today a lot of promotional videos for YouTube so watch this guy grow grow grow like there’s nobody’s business.

Thank you so much for watching and John.
I appreciate you so much, but it’s not fun.
Now I appreciate you and in above all, I think what we’re doing for the vets I come from: a military family.

My grandfather was in World War.
Two my father was in the Marines.
I got a brother that was in the service and I’m a big military person.

I believe in the US military, and I want to give back and that’s why I’m so excited about this program.
Richie – and I think it’s a really a heartfelt thing – that you’re doing for veterans that’s making a difference in this world.
You know you can go through this world and and get all that’s in it for you, you you you you, but I really think that this is something that you’re giving back to the community.

That’s going to make a huge difference.
Number one for vets, but number two for dealerships too: they need good people, and here you’re gon na get a guaranteed guy.
That’s a u.

veteran that we’re training to go into that position.
It’s incredible! I don’t know of another program like it.
Please contact us and and we’ll help you with that any way we can great and I’ll take care have a good weekend and we’ll see you back here on Monday, [, Music ], you , .

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