There we go Mike al are you, you are tremendous coach and I want to thank you so much we’ll call me.

I am humble of happiness on this lie.
Well, thank you for thank you for asking me and, more importantly, thank you for following my work and believing in me – and you know I mean there’s a lot of coaches in the world right, I’m competing versus a lot of people and all I know how to Offer is what my life experiences are my my authenticity to the world.

My coaching background, you know, so thank you for for believing to me because there’s a lot of people you could believe in well.
You know Mike, I use to I you social media as a recruiting tool and that’s how I have all the coaches.
I had one of my coaches, Tim Johnson Tim, our Johnson, he’s a big real estate guy and he he’s a funder right, he’s an investor, but not only that he’s a really big executive coach in the real estate business, Michael C Lewis, my cologne high and the List goes on, so I surround myself with coaches and what I do is I search for talent not an indeed or anything like that in social media, because you see them speak today years ago you used to see people right and put them just, but that can Be a ghostwriter, so I never really paid too much attention, but video.

That’s tremendous and you motivate me.
I know something as a fact: enthusiasm carries an organization and only way you get enthusiasm, it’s through a learning curve, yeah.
So, what’s good about a coach or a consultant, is you get what’s working in one business and you bring it into my businesses? So your were all these businesses around you, that’s the value and you bring something else which is a life coach in the automotive space.

We’re not the most healthiest guys, we smoke we drink and in your work and it’s a way of life and bringing you on here.
It’s a calm nation where you’re, so talented god bless you we’re still talented, because you bring the two worlds that the automotive space needs and I know you got an event I’m gon na be in Florida.
I’m gon na do whatever it takes to go to your event with a few of my ell coaches, because we can learn from you so much so, please share with me how they do develop to become this guy out there.

Well, I found my voice very early in life.
I was very fortunate.
At fifteen years old I started coaching junior pro basketball, I loved it.

The second I started coaching, those kids I loved it.
I knew this is what I was supposed to do with my life and at 18 years old I became an elementary basketball coach, but I started studying a guy named dr.
Steven Covey and probably wrote the seven Habits of Highly Effective People who wrote the 8th habit.

He wrote principle-centered leadership and when he introduced me to was a theory and the theory was people are made up of four parts called the whole person theory a body, a mind, a heart and a spirit.
Each of those parts produce different needs different intelligences, different capacities.
That was very critical because from 18 to 25 I was studying this one person, and I began to implement this theory with my players.

I began trying to help them get physically, healthy, mentally, healthy, emotionally healthy, spiritually, healthy and the next thing.
You know that produced what I what I was going to call a competitive intelligence players were smarter ricci than other people’s players.
They were more connected.

They had more buy-in, they have more trust which equal more production and we begin win in so many games.
People were constantly asking me: what are you doing with those kids, and so I begin writing books at 25 about inner engineering people to win that one book would turn into 16 or 17 books now, but to your point, I’m just now getting into the automotive space Where I’m just now, coaching dealerships, you know I’m just now starting to and they say the same thing you did you bring a different flavor to this equation right.
It’s cold person.

Theory! Listen! If for all your people watching us at some point in your life, you have to make a decision to leave your Amma sure, desires behind and GoPro, and that’s a decision physically in the body mentally in the mind emotionally, with the heart spiritually in the spirit you Have to leave your amateur desires behind if you are serious about reaching your potential potential is kinetic energy stored until utilized embryonic growth will be better today than we were yesterday and and so for me, since I was 15 years old, I’m 43.
You know for 28 years, I’ve been coaching people and what’s happened is my conviction, has gotten stronger and stronger and stronger and stronger and that’s the enthusiasm you feel from me.
That’s the.

What you’re, really feeling for me is a conviction and a conviction is look with the good coach in your life, a true coach, a real coach, you’re gon na play at a higher level.
That’s what I believe well – and I want to bring the point up.

Enthusiasm has to do with a learning curve.

Your learning curve is tremendous based on what I’ve seen and my team has seen it too.

Your enthusiasm is tremendous, and that only is a learning curve, and here is what it is.
That’s why you’re that good, because you’re always learning yeah and then you bring what works here there.

Now the automotive space there’s a ton of trainers out there you go into a dealership you book five days.
I got plenty of trainers that do that and what happens is after they leave there’s no follow-up.
Today they have online training great.

But when you tie in a coach, an executive coach and a life coach and type in a spiritual coach, all three facets: that’s what I’m gon na make you different, and dealers always do this.
They don’t want their competitors to do something that they don’t because they’re in the b2c right right.
So the value that you bring into the table is from.

I mean it’s really really coaching unbelievable with energy and enthusiasm and just having somebody outside of the automotive business.
That’s never been in sales, or anything like that doesn’t know is great because you have a customer’s perception, yeah yeah, dr.
John, which is my mentors as I’m 24 years old.

I work with him in three major companies.
Okay, we we used to have focus groups just to get greater and help our people, and why do we want that data? Because it’s the consumers perception? Yes, right, not the deal of perception, so what you bring to the table is, you are a walking focus group yeah, you know in there coaching them and that’s gon na take a dealership to the next level and work with the recovery.
That’s going on right now.

It’s unbelievable because they put this process in now maximize this Korona start fresh.
You got a lot of money from the government, put a coach and a trainer and watch your business increase.
Your ROI so begin with somebody like you, you’re, making your people healthy, yeah, you’re, making your people spiritual, you’re, making your people, business, people wow, it’s a three prong thing, but you have.

I wouldn’t have to hire three coaches yeah and bring those three things to the table.
So your multi-facet, you have the energy.
So let me ask you a question.

You have a company that you do that for a living.
Is there maybe some sort of discount or something for the automotive sector, because it needs a person like you? That’s that it’s the health I mean we’re in the car business.
You don’t have time to eat your swallow, a hero, the size of me but yeah other customer.

It’s all about selling cars.
Okay, that’s about selling selling selling and when you don’t sell it, the customer.
You sell the manager when you don’t so the you sell the general manager when you’re done with that you sell the the office manager.

You are selling yeah no time for you to take care of yourself.
So give me your thoughts on that yeah.
We have all kinds of programs we have.

We have different programs for different people right, we have, we do have the online academies as low as $ 99.
A month.
We have coaching programs that are $ 2.

99 per month.
We have corporate programs where I’ve coach everybody.
You know my last contract with the dealership was in Dallas Texas, very successful dealership there and they brought me in and I work with everybody.

I would spend a full day at their dealership.
I would work with everybody in in Parsons everybody in service all the managers.

All the salespeople all the general managers, the owners like I’ll, they would just bring people in throughout the day, and I would coach them in 40-minute blocks and we would spend a full day.

You know six times a year with them teaching them these theories and concepts and how to acclimate that body, mind heart and spirit, whole person, theory how to activate the prey drive in their people – and you know this was almost unheard of for a lot of the Dealerships because they’re just used to sales tactics, sales, coaches, well, here’s what I would say to you Richie: what what good is it to have knowledge? That’s the mind with no desire, that’s the heart right.
What good is it to have desire heart with no skill? That’s the that’s the body.
What good is it to have skill with no confidence, see that’s the body with with the with the heart, with the spirit.

So when I understand this whole person theory, it helps me to accurately diagnose and prescribe where the problem is.
It couldn’t be activation of prey, drive pyaari.
Why driv, when I’m writing a book on call flip the script flip the switch it could be, they don’t know how to explain their services.

It could be they don’t work at selling systems.
You’re doing right leads.
It could be their follow up.

Like you mentioned it could be, it could be.
They don’t know how to extract referrals out of their current book a business or it could be.
They don’t know how to become people of interest.

Now what I come in is I bring a structure, see a good coach.
A lot of people think coaching is asking questions and and letting you come to your own conclusions, and you could consider that coaching, although I don’t I’m a pure coach, meaning I’ve spent 28 years cultivating strategy tactics, systems processes.
What I do is I bring that structure to you and I go Richie.

This is how we’re gon na go to the next level step.
One we’re gon na.
Do this step two we’re gon na.

Do this step three we’re gon na! Do this, like I’m gon na, be more directive? Okay and and here’s the beauty I’ve worked with the successful dealerships.
I’ve worked with successful doctors.
I’ve worked with successful entrepreneurs.

I’ve worked with I spent four year in the four years in the prison system.
Rehabilitating offenders in the state of Tennessee I’ve, coached churches, like that, there’s virtually no group.
I haven’t coached from small startups to multi-billion dollar companies.

That gives you a tremendous range of seeing what the best people in the world do right.
Like I’m a I get to not only coach these people, I get to learn from these people.
I get to watch these people get to observe these people and if you slow time at it, if you study mastery mastery, is you watch a master like you said at the foot of a master for a period of time? You then practice what you see.

The master do then, over years and years of practice, with recalibration with coaching with feedback, you become a master and I think I’ve just had a very long obedience in the same direction.
You know I mean from from 15 to 43.
I’ve done one thing which is coach people, so I’ve really learned how to study human nature at the deepest levels, how to connect the people? How do how to bring in be intense and positive? You know a lot of people when they get intense.

They get negative and what I do is I the more intense I get the more positive I become.
I don’t I don’t.
I don’t believe that adults can handle intense and negativity now, here’s what I think they can’t handle.

They can’t handle critical conversations.
They can’t handle a challenge, they can’t handle push and that’s what a coach does right, but the way I push P, but I want to reach inside of a person and pull out the best in them where they go man I like playing for that guy.
I would work hard for that guy right there and you touch on something very important, there’s a structure of a corporation, but then the most important thing is the infrastructure.

The infrastructure follow up with the structure then follow up with your process.
That’s key! Okay! I have a very good friend of Mines.

He is.
He also worked with me on and off he’s a corporate trainer for the Jim Ellis group.
His name is Brandon Patterson, very talented, speaker, amazing.

Okay, let me tell you something: they got 18 stores.
Brandon has taken that dealership.
I talk to him every morning at 5 o’clock in the morning.

Okay, because that’s the time I get up and that’s time, he gets up okay, so we always communicate because I need certain things from him and all that okay, great but Brandon is a great coach, but he bringing an executive coach for his organization where he can Learn more and grow and grow and grow.

That’s what it’s about, because we knew tap-in a trainer like him.
He is the world royce of trainers happens that you’ve ever seen.

Process-Driven he’s an educator.
Even the teacher is unbelievable, but when you were in coach into that element, your numbers are just gon na go up because you’re gon na take a look at the infrastructure, yep you’re gon na click.
A look at the structure, you’re gon na, take a look at the process like the automotive industry needs you, I’m always developing.

I in the automotive business I got in when I was nine, you know very young 19 or something yep.
What I did was, I said to myself: I enlisted so I’m gon na be the best of the best.
This is that it’s not about the money.

This is my life present.
What I’ve done my entire life? Okay.
So if you think a customer’s gon na go into the showroom and I’m not gon na sell them, you got probably I’m a professional been trained consistently every day.

I do training, they have not happening and that’s what you bring to the table where I know what to do in sales, and I know how to wrap up a deal, but here’s what it is having somebody else.
Look at my infrastructure and my process has unlimited value: yes, employees, my employees, it’s unlimited value because now I’m giving them wealth in their health yeah, but without that health, there’s no wealth.
There’s a case study out there, automotive industry, more and more people are dying younger from cancer.

Why? Because they expand habits, it’s not even smoking.
It’s eating the wrong things.
It’s not taking care of yourself, not sitting down and say you know what let me have lunch.

Let me take 45 minutes digested right, you’re, always pushing and pushing right.
Yeah person like you such an executive, coach, so much talent that you have life coach, spiritually mindset.
You know just the way you look at things reach tremendous value, so I always bring new solutions or I try to bring new solutions to the automotive sector because that’s a business, that’s very lucrative and talent like yourself that it’s about what you said now.

It’s about your infrastructure, you’re right! You know, businesses fail for a lot of reasons.
One of the main reason is funding.
Okay, but once you get the funding, what do you do? Yeah? Okay? We all know that no money, no honey.

I don’t care what I’m sorry.
So now we have access to funding right, like one of my partner’s is a hedge fund guy, okay, he’s not a hedge fund right now with blockchain, that’s very big, my cologne high, you know the public companies, one of my part we own clickable, and look smart And we’re together, let me tell you something: we got two warehouses in Phoenix beta for Google.
Adwords is what’s happening right now, ok, great! But what happens when you get the funding? Well, when you get the funding you got ta allocate for that business, a coach, an executive coach to make sure that you have no responsibility for your investors yeah they do that so Michael Heizer, very good with startup companies.

Ok, the coach is a CFA.
Ok, so he’s more of an operator right, that’s what he is so bringing somebody like yourself to this companies.
I mean we deal with Vistage right and we refer a lot of startups.

You should sign the patristic right with you.
You bring that and then some you know I’m part of the message group.
Ok, but you know what it’s not the same: yeah, it’s not what you do is not the same.

There’s a three pronged process.
Alright, when people feel good about their health, when people feel good about their spirituality, people are gon na create enthusiasm and people feel good about business.
It’s a non-stop yeah, you know it’s you’re, only gon na grow and grow and grow and grow, and that’s what I see when I started following you two years plus ago.

I saw you in that conversion bus that every morning there was a time we used to do it at 8 o’clock.
I am you’re always on that’s.
When I started following you Yeah right man.

I said oh wait.
A minute boom yep.
I found out about you because Dale right, yes and one of your videos from when I saw it, I went wait a minute boom.

Two and a half years ago we started with that.
I says: wow, I better pay attention and I’ve seen it spiral into something.
Much much bigger than a lot of people could do in two and a half to two years and eight months.

May I thank you nine months I was in Phoenix Arizona at the time when I started following you, because I have a Institute, a Richie Belo Institute, where my cologne high is a nonprofit for vets.
So that’s when I started following you right, because I know that the vet community needs you.
I know the business community needs you, and I know the automotive industry has nobody right now with your talent and your enthusiasm and your energy, and that’s why I brought you a show, it’s unbelievable and talk to us like when you have these stores.

What what do you do? They’re an assessment form or something like that when I coach a company when I coach a leadership? Yes yeah yeah, basically, what what I do with the dealership is we sit down and we say: where do we want to go? I start everything off with a dominant focus and a dominant focus is a single, tangible outcome.
We would like to drive in a period a concentrated period of time in the sports world.
It’s a championship.

Many people give me a revenue number.
A car dealership may give me a number of cars.
They want to sell a customer satisfaction, number a retention number, you know and it’s a number and then I design I custom-designed the coaching package around that then I come in and bring a structure.

Bam bam.
Bam and when we going through that structure, typically the GM or the antigen other managers go.

This is where we’re losing money right here, right here and right here and listen with the structure I bring.
It doesn’t matter if you’re doing a billion dollars a year.
There’s money you’re, leaving on the table right, there’s money, you’re leaving on the table.

The money could be in how you explain your services it could be and how you how you work a system.
It could be how you follow up.
It could be an extraction of referral, it could be money but in almost every scenario, guys you’re losing money somewhere.

This is true for the individual sales person to the dealership, but that’s true of every company.
So what I bring to the equation is an outside perspective.
I also bring a you know a pedigree of being a championship coach, so I really understand how to activate the drive and a person, and I understand how to build like what I call high drive environments where there’s high fat ation people are producing there right, like It’s a it’s.

A great environment.
People want to work in Wow.
You know I have a good friend of mines, Peter Anthony he’s got an online platform uh and it’s a group thing.

It’s really really good and he’s a great entrepreneur he’s in Vegas he’s amazing at what he does he’s got all these speakers on there all these influencers.
You know she made a common, great information.

Why? Because we are all part of this mind, set whole thing.
The Entrepreneurship right and we go to the sub marketing crews and all that we fill it up.
So what really really happens is it’s all about how you feel inside it’s about how your spiritual is and once you start earning, because you did the right things yeah.

I yourself a coach, you hire yourself a trainer, you’re open minded yeah, that’s gon na turn your business around, but here you’re on the spiral up when you’re on the spiral up.
Your employees are watching you and they’re also on the spiral up here when you’re on the spiral down and you’re on the spiral down, and you keep spiraling down because you’re transferring that energy to your employees.
That’s the one thing that happens in business.

So why not be on the spiral up? So what I always say great, let’s hire the coach.
Who cares if my profit margin is less.
I would never have no profit margin, because I’m on the spiral yeah, a good coach Richie is people.

Look at this all the wrong way.
A a good coach brings a quantitative value to the equation.
Okay, that results in much higher profitability.

Now let me give you an example, because I teach this concept of cost versus worth in.
Oh, a during the during the recession of Oh, a a 2.
2 billion dollar bank hired me to be their coach.

They wanted to acquire 10 and new customers.
Okay, they wanted to acquire 10,000 new customers in a one-year cycle.
They they paid me a hundred and fifty thousand dollars to be their coach.

For that year we produce ten thousand six hundred and forty five new customers in a one year cycle with my systems.
That was a two point: two million dollar increase.
They gave me a hundred fifty thousand and they kept two million one hundred right, two million and fifty thousand now you tell me if that was a good investment right.

They put a hundred fifteen people, they made two million fifty thousand.
That is what a good coach should do.
Is you hire a coach? It’s like Alabama, hiring Nick Saban, it’s like the Bulls bringing in Phil Jackson or the Lakers, bringing in Phil Jackson like what is the commercial value of that.

Well, when you hire someone who’s really good at what they do, that is never an expense.
They will come in and help you generate millions of more dollars of new profit, because they have a very special skill set in maximizing the talent of every salesperson.
Every service person they know how to flip the switch.

That’s what they’ve been doing their whole lives.
So so I think a lot of people look at it wrong.
It’s like well, a coach is gon na cost me money and I can’t get my mind around yeah.

Thank me for coach, but you’re, looking at it all wrong your ways of looking at it.
A coach is an investment, not an expense yeah.
As for business, you got ta, spend money and advertising by the way.

I want to make an introduction to Federer that he is a moving real, quick star in the automotive business.
That’s been 20 years.
He runs a very successful company.

What I want him to do – and I’ve said this has become a deal of principle on owner, because that guy is gon na, be an owner and he’s open to knowledge and Fredrik.
I want you to meet the coach.
He is tremendous at what he does.

I want you to start following him and see what he does.
This kid, Federer kazaaam believe he’s got his own life show he has grown.
It’s like the guy is unbelievable at 11:30.

The knowledge he throws out there and senses he’s a very, very good and he’s gon na be a dealer.
He’s gon na be a dealer very soon.
Okay, because he’s that good he’s dealer quality, he could be an operator, unbelievable he’s a he’s, a partner or a general manager in the store.

He is unreal what he does and those are the guys that are out there.
That are amazing, that they just really do a lot for me, because I also need a lot of enthusiasm.
You know as what I do.

I got ta get educated every minute of the day, because if I don’t I lose my game, it’s like what you were saying about being pro.
If you’re a pro ballplayer you, you have to play every day and you want to play with people that make you look like you, don’t know what you’re doing.
If I want to learn basketball, whoever I want to play with yeah play with back in the day.

I used to say I want to play with Michael Jordan, because that was my era right.
That’s who I want to play with.
You know I want to play baseball with Babe Ruth.

You know, that’s what I want to do.
Yeah I want to learn right.
Were you playing with somebody that you’re saying is no good? You need talent and the more the better okay.

So that’s what I know ever since I was at a young age.
I know that because my brother that’s older than me, he was a ballplayer – was a basketball player really good? He always played with top guys one-on-one hard guys that could beat him hands down.
So that way he becomes good right.

That’s what I like right to be with guys like yourself, that has tremendous knowledge.
Make me look like I’m in school right now and I want to learn from those guys.
Just like I have a lot of coaches that are in my company.

You know they’re on retainers, because I mean Tim R Johnson he’s got a tremendous course.
You know that I’ve learned it’s about.
It says getting si T done.

I don’t like kursi get here darn one-on-one two years ago.
He gave me that I just just like I’m executing you know, boom boom boom and that’s what I need.
A good CEO is more of a visionary yeah right and what Michael C Lewis did he showed me delegation? Don’t you do it which delegate delegate delegate delegate so I didn’t know any of this thing.

You know I didn’t know anything.
You know a president has to delegate has to have people run and you know I might have an idea.
Sometimes I sit down them.

They tell me that’s a great idea Ritchie, but right now you can’t do it yeah, what about it? I’ve concentrated more on operators because they’re the ones that bring the revenue and they’re the ones.
That said, that would be what happened here.
What happened there? What are you doing here? You know so and no don’t get involved with this technology Ritchie, because it’s gon na cost too much money before we start turning a profit yeah and that’s the problem, but I mention another guy.

That’s amazing to stand share, he’s really good.
If he would have a coach and executive coach showing him and he’s young, he would be at a different level.
Okay, because that’s what I’ve learned in the six or seven years that I regrouped yeah, we did everything.

I don’t have a problem on any coach because I know it’s gon na bring me up and I don’t have a problem: hiring operators either, because operators – hey Ritchie, you know what you can’t get involve and this one you nuts, I would have done it on myself And I would have been out of business right if I didn’t have Michael long, hider he’s a CFA and he’s a hedge fund, guy we’ll be out of business yeah done, because I you have the vision and the enthusiasm, and you start getting involved and stuff that Your ROI is gon na be long-term and you might not get an ROI you can solve for business.
You just might not do it.
So that’s what I’m trying to share to all these guys that have startups and I’ve been in business, eight or nine years.

What’s your revenue, and why is it like that? Are you getting involved in too much a lot of people say rich urine with a lot of stuff? Yes, I am involved in a lot of stuff correct, but I have a team that takes care of it.

I know, and that’s because of the coaches I have you know I always say grant cardone says the flow to the DOE.
You can’t have one flow to the dough.

I’ve been following that for the last six or seven years.
He’s right.
You can’t have one flow to the DOE, because if I would have water floats for the dough, I would be right now getting food stamps right here.

If I didn’t have my own line business, if I didn’t have this, if I didn’t have that as long as you have a team, that’s running that and you have your weekly meetings with your team and you’re bringing in your coaches.
That’s it that’s all! It is yeah, you know and that’s the way it is and myself I had a very hard time.
You know ten years ago, because I don’t have the experience and I still don’t have it and I had a problem, but you know what at least I tried my best to turn it around my health, wise and all that, and you know what it helped me In my life you know coaching, it helped me, so I don’t recommend anything that I don’t.

We will try it and, if find out what it is, you know what I am glad that I went out of business and I restarted a business seven years ago right.
I’ve been out there, six, oh wait.
Oh nine Ricci Bella brands been out there.

You know what well.
I was a bad shape and I turned my life around and I also hire coaches and that’s why I know that this process works.
That’s why I know it works, because I did it myself within six years we got funded and you know what, if I would have got that funding and I ordered I had operators and CFA’s in my organization like Michael on high.

I owe him my life and I wanted to have the operators and executive coaches.
I would be out of business if I wouldn’t have Tamar Johnson at the beginning.
When I started, I wouldn’t exist and that’s why, with your techniques and your talent and then your skill you’re, born with talent, you refined that into a skill set.

Now now you know what your lethal you’re Winkle.

Now now that’s the guy.
I want and it’s three coaches in one with you, so I mean and that’s why I’m saying the automotive industry please follow Mike the coach he’s unbelievable and get him Brandon.

You got ta, follow him and have a call with the nice he’s up early to like me, set up a core because that’s gon na be the next level yeah, that’s the truth and that’s what I think.
I have a lot of respect for you for what you do and thank God I was able to follow you to Dale.
I know when I start following somebody.

Word comes from yeah, you know.
Might a lot of people know this out there I’m very dislike it? Sometimes I don’t right right.
I got people that write it for me.

Oh I’m very dyslexic, but the one thing that I do know is.
I have the memory, that’s what I got.
That’s the only thing I learned from my memory right, my memory.

I know when I follow somebody and why I’m following them, when other people put you on their livestream, that’s why I believe in sharing I’m always sharing and sharing and sharing to give people.

You know people don’t like sharing, goes, they’re, afraid that oh I’m, his friend, I’m gon na find the book cares.
I don’t care, share the talent and share it.

That’s what social media is about.
You might be helping somebody, somebody might be having a bad day and you made him have a good day.
Yeah so share it, don’t be scared of sharing.

I really share everybody.
I can as much as I can, because I could be hitting one of my audience that I could be change your life around like kennel wolves.
I share him all the time cuz.

He he’s made changes yeah I mean and he’s helped a lot of my audience.
So that’s it just share, don’t be skimming.
Who cares if you for them? I want you to friend who’s.

I want you to learn.
I want your business to grow so the more money you have, the more you’re gon na spend with me in marketing and in my products who cares right, you know that’s what I believe in I love it yeah.
Well, man.

I think I think thank you.
So much for having me today, man, I love you talk about enthusiasm, you got some.
You got some great enthusiasm and I’m open I’m interested in the automotive industry.

I think I would bring a fresh fresh perspective.
You know we hear about the score that your viewers may like this.
You hear about this word.

Deja vu, deja vu is where we feel like we’ve experienced something before we’ve heard it before right.
Luge Aude is something I try to bring to the equation, which is a fresh perspective in an on and old way of thinking.
What I’ve never heard that things you just what we suck yeah, who shot day, is where I bring a whole new twist to the automotive industry, a whole new perspective, a whole person theory, a true coach of a former basketball coach, a person that really thinks differently.

I’ve, not I’ve not been exposed to all the other things that have been in automotive I’d.
So often you know the GM’s that hire me and the owners that hire me for their dealerships are saying.
We’ve heard everybody we’ve been through, everybody, we’ve had all the sales training and it’s all good licks and all those people are great, but we’re looking for something deeper coach, we’re looking for something that can truly change our people from the inside out, because we know that The way to build an organization is to build the man see that’s what Covey taught me is the way you build an organization.

Is you build the man you you, you inner engineer, the man and the more you enter engineer the man or the woman, you? You then have whole people showing up every day on fire for their work.
They are distributing their talent, very hot frequency, and that’s what I hope to bring to the automotive industry.

I think I’m barely barely even in the door Richie just barely in the door, and I think with people like you helping me spread my message.

Maybe I can bring some of that vuja de to the equation.

Absolutely I have a blog network which Abela blogs and I put a lot of people on there.
They give me the content, I put you on it.

You send me confidence every day.
I don’t care, it gets indexed a lot to Google.
I have a lot of blogs there, probably about 300 350.

It’s got a lot of SEO value because it is a blog network and it’s only I only post on there, my industry, because would Google change their ways with private blog networks, so you can’t post any other industry.
My partner has to catering holes for the last 25 years very successful, but we know he’s asking me to put it.
I can’t cuz.

If I put it, I get in trouble with Google, because Google has a guideline right.
So anything that has to do with training.
Coaching anything within the automotive industry is strictly automotive audience that I have.

I get a lot of unique visitors and all that and it’s only automotive and I would love to have a blog on you, your equal to write a blog and I out posted it every day or every week.
It doesn’t matter, and it’s your blog now, we’ll take a look at it, which II, Bello blogs would and ask.

I take a look at it.
There’s a lot of information there about the automotive business and all that, and I take pride in that site because I invite people on there.
I don’t charge anything for it.

It’s just bringing help to the automotive industry.
That’s it! That’s it today! That’s what I do.
I have other businesses that I make great revenue, but let me tell you something: the thing is that I got ta help my industry.

I have to give back I’m in love with my industry.

Yeah I’ve been doing it a very long time sure you know passion.
When you have the passion greater than the money, the money will be greater than the passion you’ve ever had.

I’m scared have passion right, so I’m working on a book with a see Lois.

We also me – and him are partners on a publishing company – okay and we’ve done books for a lot of people gather on YouTube and testimonials so and he’s another one that needs your coaching, your expertise, you know and he’s one of my coaches and we’re partners for The last five years I bought into his company with other partners, and that is a very successful publisher right yeah.
I just got a book about marketing and I hate best seller on Amazon.

So now what I want to do on the paperbacks getting done and to those that are close to me to my friends and we’re sending them an email to give him the book on me.
You know and on Michael Lewis, we made it together because Michael Lewis has been a best-seller.

I think he’s got maybe 60 books that are bestsellers.

That’s what he does.
You know right brand and stuff like that.
It’s called money.

It’s see, Michael Lewis, so I said everybody knows.
I can’t write anything okay, so I’m not gon na hire a ghostwriter cuz, they say rich eroded, I got ta learn coding means that’s the way I write on a tax write, so I just try to make it with him.
Combine that I have somebody that wrote it you know, and I gave him the information on video like I’m doing with you, but he’s the author.

Not me, you know what I mean cuz, that’s not important to me to do that right.
So it’s like room.
I mean really crazy.

There’s the other guy Lou Ramirez he’s another one, that’s unbelievable! He had a live yesterday with Frederick.
They have a life together.
They got so much talent.

These two guys.
These two guys should be dealers, forget about it right yourself, which guys my audience.
Is there? Please hire a coach and it’s done he’s asking and what you know there he goes.

He needs.
Somebody like you, because he’s just gon na go to the next level, hire the talent and your spiral goes up when your spiral goes up in your enthusiasm, gets what that spins off or your employees and be careful with the spirals down, because you better hire a Coach right away because increase it and it starts turning around like a tornado.
I’ve seen it so many times in my life in what I’ve done, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart Mike for you taking your time such a busy guy like yourself doing what you do on life, because it creates my enthusiasm.

Please egg me not skip everybody tags me.
Please tag me in case I miss it.
I want to get a notification about you because I can learn so much from you sure you know, and I really respect you so much and just let you know my live shows always at 1:00 on Wednesdays.

We had to do it at 2, because you’re such a special guest, you would have told me at midnight.
I would have done it yeah.
Thank you because you’re that special as a guest and you’re that special to me, I’m talking to you from my heart.

Thank you.
I really really mean it, I’m not a fake guy.
You don’t see me up there, though, with the smoke shows.

I’m not like that.
Okay, that’s where I tell you right from my heart and I say what I feel at any given time.
That’s the way I am you know, yeah man, I appreciate it.

I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you today.
I’m gon na follow up with you because there’s something there things we’ll do together right, there’s um absolutely and thank you for introducing me to your audience and, more importantly, just thank you for believing in me I mean I do put out a lot of content.
It does my heart good to know that it affects people and helps people and and and I believe in enthusiasm I believe it’s the number one thing I can give my daughter is enthusiasm.

The number one thing I give my people’s enthusiasm, and so man just thank you for having me today, all the folks that are watching you got a good dude right here in Richie, you got a real good dude.

Thank you, sir, and have a beautiful day and I’ll shout out to Dale.
I know he’s not on, but Thank You Dale for sharing that videos.

I would never make thank you so much and God bless you.
God bless you Richie.
Thank you.

Bye goodbye see you now .

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