Ethics And Fairness When Selling Cars

Unless the dealerships are governed by from a sales perspective from an advertising perspective and the rules that are so, it’s really about ethics, fairness and dealing with clients, like not overcharging clients you can sell.

One simple rule, for example, is if the MSRP is twenty thousand dollars.
You cannot charge $ 20,000 in one second, it is illegal or if you’re advertising your product, you must have that product, or at least one product at your show or if somebody walks into you and you get the hint that they’ve actually purchased a car at an Elven, dealership and they’re just shopping for price, but they into that they’ve already shot in got a bill of sale.
You cannot sell in a car unless they buy two okay.

So so it’s important to learn and as your professor says, you will learn that when I actually returned from the my marketing game does your license expires every two years? Okay, just like a pilot’s license, you have to renew and free money and they check your background.
They check to make sure that you’re not a criminal frankly and you don’t have cases or judgments or public records against you, because they want people represented buyers to be up in building to be knowledgeable, okay and how the deal with cases.
But when I returned from my automotive stand for eight years, I have to get realizes, so I have to actually pick up that textbook that very same above that hung macnell offers in the course read through it and then rewrite the test, because a lot of the Rules have changed on us in 20 years.

Okay, it’s a big difference now than it.
What’s that there was no test, there was no test back then reading you were, they did a background check and if you had a sponsor Andina and if you passed that background check and you they didn’t find any bad history on you, they would graduate Isis from There it’s a lot different now, much more bad, ok! So, right now my advertising, a marketing role in my Leeson role.
I actually assist the store with advertising market.

Because of my background and i created, i have a big marketing plan at one point where we were involved in the community with Michael pinball Clemons.
So a lot of you might be familiar with him for from Canada.
I don’t expect any international students really know who he is, but he’s a well-known Canadian, the CFL football player more known for his personality.

His kindness is philanthropy that, more so than anything else, just a great person – and I was I basically wrote a business plan and had nine pinball Clemons, represent our dealerships at the time for three years to bring us out into the community because one of the pens That I found when I returned to the dealership was that we were not very community oriented, so we’ll talk about why that’s important okay, so so next is an old film.
As you know, 15 years talked about that it’s a platinum level axis dealership.
This image on the screen right now is the actual path that they used to launch the Lexus ls400 in 1990-91, where the car was actually running with those glass of champagne, glasses or whatever.

Those are sack on the hood and did not follow basically making a statement, and this is how smooth this car is, and this is how good this car is.
That was one of those ass okay, so I’m proud to represent a company that has huge values and the talk worldwide.
Let’s import for you, because if you go out to seek of a position in a facility in a company you have to you know in this day and age you want to affect that company yourself.

You want to find out about that company as much as you can so that you just saw don’t show up just for a normal, an interview with no information.
You want to pick a company, that’s involved in the community.
That does a lot of different things.

Not just sell a product so today, as you know, in probably all Millennials is that clients are totally different today than they were before.

Okay, the shopping process is different.
Why? Who can tell me why everything is different? Today, yeah Google, our pair though yeah? Yes, average income, yes, and somebody else have one .

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