Episode 3 Q&A Special Guest Ben Gay III with Host Noel Walsh

Like you, don’t have really event much to do, especially this before smartphones and laptops, and that that you can actually do on the plane on the jet to them at the you know at the airport, you know how do you, how did you keep that balance when You had to do so much work to grow and still you know realize: okay married enough that kids and you know I’ve got monthly bills and I’ve got you know.

I’ve got objects possessions.
I wasn’t that you really learned that you really figured out that balance in life.
I was blessed to been married to two wonderful women, Marcia Gay who passed away.

She had cancer and she she didn’t do as good a job as Gigi has because she was part of the we’ve gone from broke to were making money.
She was on the Learjet a lot herself, but she was one that kept me balanced and ninety percent of the time.

If she was with me on the road, our oldest son, young Ben, was with us, so she brought family.

Even if I wasn’t bright enough to be with family, when I finally got the message was about 25 26 years ago, when I asked GG to let me pursue her, it took me five years to catch her for another reason that we might get to before done, But took five years to catch her, but when I finally got her to say yes, she was in love.
When the end would marry me, she knew the much she knew my past.
She knew about the 300 seminars a year.

She knew that.
I just talked about Ben would be young Ben would be this tall.
When I left on a trip and this tall, when I got back, I mean I could see a noticeable difference when I you know they go fast at that age, but they don’t grow that fast, that’s from not seeing them every day.

So I got balance in my life when GD said she wouldn’t marry me and it’s a long discussion of negotiations we went through, but in result she would not marry me unless I cut back from 300 seminars a year to 20 for no more than three in Any one month no speeches within 50 miles, a home.
I had to clarify how far away Tahoe 60, as I give quite a few talks up there, so once I realized we weren’t wiping out Lake Tahoe, I said fine and no local clients.
Well, if you ever visit Placerville, you know that that was an easy one.

I said: oh no, no local clients are you sure, I’m serious I saw alright, so I gave in.
I really don’t think the local hardware store with its twelve employees could afford my daily fee, nor would they want to.
Nor would I advise them to.

I don’t have that much to share with 12 people in the hardware store, so that was it she, you will not marry me unless we have something much closer to a normal semblance of life and that brought the bad I’d like to say age and wisdom and And so on, and that was a factor, but the real factor was Gigi said: no.
We’re not gon na live that way.
She’d heard the stories not gon na live that way.

Really, what finally drove the point as we used to say in a couple stories in the South nope: oh no one ever sprained it to me that way before! Oh! Well, that’s what happened! Gidi finally explained it to me, or I could bandit you love me.
You want to spend the rest of your life with me and I feel the same way, but we’re not going to do it unless and I had some demand to hers, I said then he must let me do the laundry and the dishes and – and she agreed To that and she hasn’t washed a sock in the last 25 years, so I put I put my foot down there.
Yeah yeah, I’m a closer exactly all right.

If I do this for you, then that you can’t do dishes or or laundry exactly, but so you know – and I think we’ve covered this one and it kind of goes kind of piggybacks off the last question one.
And how did you realize you had it figured out, and you know I was watching actually today I had YouTube on and our video came up when I was getting ready in the phone was in the other room and it was our first, our first interview and The YouTube video came up and I was listening to it and you talked you don’t like.
I can’t get it perfect, because I’ve had a super busy day.

My mind my mind slower right now is after working all day and but you talked about you know you, you kept kind of like climbing up right and you didn’t know where you were going and then you took off like a rocket ship yeah.
I was referring to when I joined the business.
To start with, I always had always been number one here number one there I was the chief cook, Krispy Kreme donut sales person in school.

I won the Columbia bike, there’s no real money involved.
I was, you know, number one, my dad’s company number one in a manufacturer’s representative company, but there was no money, money involved and so September 15th.
1965, when I really stumbled into something that could turn into something Zig and I both did on the same day in the same meeting I didn’t realize I just answered a little ad.

If you want to make more money, if you know anything about marketing plans and want to make more money call but um, so I called it, went to the meeting join the company and what I was relating to was you know, I’m just why I’m I’m been Gay just a friendly guy who figured that if he had a smile, a handshake and pretty good personality, that would be enough to get ahead and selling hadn’t worked up to that time, but I’ve figured that was just because of time.
It would kick in at any minute I didn’t realize.
Selling was a profession that, like brain surgery, had to be learned so not knowing.

I was about to be forced into learning, scripts and presentations and so on by Bill Dempsey, one of the dance instructors from North Carolina, who became a dear friend but was sort of on the ragged edge of a lot of things until he forced me into learning Scripts and how you present something what’s really going on in the sales presentation, it wasn’t happening for me, but I said I walked up around I sort of allude to my time working with NASA.
I walked up a ramp door.
Slam behind me.

I looked around didn’t realize I was on a rocket ship and it took off.
It went from a little-known company to the largest MLM direct sales company on earth, rather quickly it was just about a year old.

When I joined it – and I didn’t know it but was struggling to pay its bills, but was paying them, and rather quickly, we were doing real well and shortly after that, within a year and a half two years after I joined, we were taking in a million Dollars a day, ten million dollars a day, adjusted to today times 365.

I figured out the other day for the first time is 3.
6 billion with a B dollars.
I did not join a company.

That said, if you think you can join work, your way up and become president the company and it’ll be a three point: six billion I wouldn’t have dialed a number.
I literally I would have ruled my I said: I’m not qualified.
I would have ruled myself out if I had read that, so it was literally a surprise.

I earned my way each step of the way I moved up.
I met people died, didn’t meet her all night, Neil by accident.
I didn’t meet Jay Douglas Edwards by accident.

I worked earned and maneuvered my way into position.
People say you’ve led such an interesting life and you’ve met all these people.
If we ever get to spend some real time together.

In a seminar, I will explain to you carefully.
None of it was by accident.
I set out meet and work with interesting people and I succeeded, but at what Arnold Palmer was asked about, the twenty-some-odd holds and one he’s had, and they said you know, that’s really lucky and Palmer said no.

A hole in one itself technically is lucky being within a foot and a half of a hole.

Thousands of time is skill.
Now, once you get in that circle, the ball actually falling in there’s a lot bit of luck involved there, but the skill is being there being there being there and that’s what I did with my career.

I was there, I was there.
I was there.
I was never home taking a nap when there was an opportunity to make money or meet interesting people or learn something.

That’s that’s great advice right.
There you’ve never taken a nap when you have the opportunity to meet someone where he declined.
Pickup business hang out with interesting people or learn, stops all right or make money or make money right.

Ya know: that’s uh, that’s a great share right there and you know so so.
Here’s a question, and – and I do a lot of coaching – install like that really most my coaching businesses, entrepreneurs most of my training businesses, it’s the car business.
But what was your biggest fall when you were doing too much? I lost a marriage and then having not learned quite enough.

It was a different reason.
I mentioned the two wonderful woman I’ve married.
I married I married three that leaves one out of the wonderful woman category.

However, in all two cases that ended and I’m fight desperately every day to make sure my Marisa GT goes to the end of my life, but in the situations that got screwed up, it was my fault.
I was paying attention to the wrong things working too hard, not having the life balance.
We were talking about and paying too much attention to the roar of the crowd and the flashing light bulbs.

Bill didn’t give me the letter soon enough and when he gave it to me, I may not have learned it as quickly as I should have now.
I share it to other people like I’m an old guru.
First, I learned from it, and it is so so true.

Nothing is more important than your integrity and the reputation for your reputation for your integrity.
Nothing is more important than health and a good family life.
You know I’ve been I’m like Pearl Bailey and who said it first, one of the old vaudevillian.

They both said it.
Pearl Bailey was more famous for it.

I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor riches, better zing people say Zig.
Well, money can’t buy happen.
They said no happiness, no, but it allows you to pick your miseries, so I understand the value of money and that you can make money and be happy.

It doesn’t buy happiness, but you can make money and be happy they’re, almost two different issues.
The trick is, if you had to pick one of the other.
What would you pick? I would rather live under a bridge with Gigi than in a mansion with some of the other people in my life trumps.

You know success and wealth every time because I’ve worked for an owner once and – and he was talking about one of those food for rich friends and he was really wealthy and he said you know, I think, the guy, the guy’s pissed off and miserable two hours Before he gets up, he [ Laughter, ] doesn’t get up till 6:00 a.
and he’s like he’s the richest guy.
I know the most miserable person I’ve ever met, yeah well, he’d, probably be miserable under a bridge.

Also, there’s some people every morning get up looking for trouble and they usually find it by about 10 o’clock in the morning.
I’m just a bright sunny guy.
You can try and kill me blow up.

My cars bought my house and I’ll go whistling down the driveway and go start another business and here’s a here’s, a question that you’re milho asked, and he said please clarify objection.
Okay, by definition, this isn’t my explanation.
Doug Edwards and other people taught me an objection.

Is can be real, I see all this stuff on Facebook and so on with sales people.
If you have an objection that was a terrible presentation and blah blah blah and so on.
It may be that they didn’t want what you were selling and no American string.

All the words to guess who you want if they don’t want one of those and even if they can afford it, don’t want that’s bordering on a condition, not an objection.
An objection is you haven’t, explained to me properly why this car is twenty thousand dollars better than that car? That’s an objection, and if you know the answer, if there is an answer, you can overcome that you should have overcome it in the beginning.

If you were Sales infiltrator, as explained in the closes part part two last chapter best thing you ever written about selling, I wrote it.

Thank you very much.
If that’s an objection and your sales infiltrator, it was covered up front.
I don’t hear all these objections.

Other people have, because I cover them upfront, not every single objection.
I set up the conditions, I’ll be straight with you.
I sell on a straight straight basis, I’ll be straight with you.

You be straight with me.

That means I’ll.
Tell you the truth.

You tell me the truth, don’t you know suddenly come up with your uncle Harry’s, an accountant and Chicago, and you got to talk to him.
You and I know you don’t have an Uncle Harry in Chicago and if you did, he wouldn’t be an accountant.
So you know, I won’t do that nonsense to you.

You don’t do that nonsense to me.
So I set up the boundaries upfront.
Then I give an honest presentation about a product that I sincerely believe in that I believe you need or want will make your life better or we wouldn’t be talking.

I don’t give random presentations to people I don’t bump into on the street one way or the other.
You have to have qualified yourself personally, financially, spiritually, whatever you have to be qualified or reasonably qualified.

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