Enjoy The Last Day of Memorial Day Weekend In The Age of The Coronavirus

Be Memorial Day weekend, as were at the last day of this tremendous celebration to the people that have given their ultimate their lives, so we can enjoy the way we know we need to enjoy in a free country.

So just couple things because we are still dealing with this coronavirus, but states every state has loosened up in its own way, and I know it was good for many of you.
Bharti then out.
Please go out again, but just know your local regulation.

So there’s no drama.
We want to make sure that we do the right thing not just for yourself but for the other citizens and if you’re going to still go to a part.
Please check out what the regulations are.

They’re allowing just a certain number of people’s in – and please be cognizant of that you’ll get to your loved one.
If you did the right thing and signed up, because we do want to honor the ones that have fallen and also for our frontline workers, who have been helping out with this current situation that we’ve been in, there have been numerous neighborhood car parades.
If you’re worrying about the social distancing, there’s nothing wrong with being in your vehicle and going around your neighborhoods around the cul-de-sacs and waving the flags and honking the horns, people sitting on their lawns, it’s a beautiful thing, try to avoid the gatherings.

If we must gather please protect yourself, we may feel that I am strong.
It’s not for me it’s for someone else, but you just don’t know if you are going to gather just try to get the spacing there.
We want you to enjoy yourself also of swimming people.

I’ve been in pools, some people have gone down to the Gulf in their out into the oceans, even though some places, especially up north, it’s still kind of cool to go into the water, their pool parties.

Once again, we’re still kind of congested.
So let’s try to find a way to space that out.

My baby even went kayaking this weekend here in North Georgia, so she enjoyed herself but always remember, use caution at the beach and then maybe just home just doing a cookout with your friends and family still, the social gathering is there have fun being American enjoy this Time this is what we do, but only thing I can say: if you have time go shop for a vehicle dealerships are open today and they’re there to take care of you now we can do it by appointment.
We can do it where you can come to a dealership.
If you don’t want to come to a dealership, we will bring the vehicle to you, but please go online, make sure you fill out all the appropriate documentation.

But if you want to purchase a vehicle today is the day to buy the vehicle once again, Brad and Hardison simply saying enjoy the last day of them Memorial Day weekend and we’ll be back to you later.
Bye .

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