Energy, Endurance & Environment the Keys to Success

Hello, Angola, Walsh here from NW native conquer, where you chase sales, training and varsity Ford – want to bring up a point here.

Something I thought about started writing a blog about earlier today.
What do you feel is the biggest challenge holding you back on slow months? Is it energy, is it endurance or is it environment? Well, call it the three e’s.
Let me tell you a little bit something about myself.

I had a great September traveled to Dallas and spoke at a conference, went to Palm Springs California and actually got further.
Training for myself came back to work.
Work 13 days had a killer month made a lot of money in October.

I did not do as much traveling and I came home to my family in Utah and when I got back to work I just couldn’t get in the groove.
I sold half as many cars and didn’t even make half as much money and when I’ve thought about it, I thought man, my energy was low.
My endurance was low.

I missed my family, my environment, but all those factors were based on me.
Those factors were my fault, so what I want you to think about are: what are you letting affect your energy? What are you putting in your body? What are you eating, which therefore affects your endurance? If you aren’t well nourished, if you don’t have energy, you aren’t going to have the endurance to put up the big numbers that you strive to put up and last is environment, and we can blame everything on the weather, people at work, slow circumstances.
But overall we control our environments, so I want you to do me a favor.

What can you do to keep your energy level high, which therefore keeps your endurance going and when both of those are in line, it doesn’t matter what’s going on in your environment, because you will conquer it? No wall Chicago a chase sales training, varsity Ford, have a great one look forward to seeing you again soon.

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