Effectively Communicate

We should all be constantly growing and changing in evolving for the for the better, rather than falling down the hill and going backwards.

We want to keep climbing up the mountain top and keep rising to the top, like my old owner, used to say: cream always rises to the top.
So if you’re good, you try hard and you’re focusing on what you’re good at you’re going to do great things.
But what I’m going to talk about on tonight’s call is effectively communicating with people, and I see this with all forms of communication, whether its tax, facebook, Messenger email phone face-to-face conversation or even what you’re writing on threads and I’m post on Facebook.

You know we don’t want to talk down to people, that’s the worst thing you can ever do if somebody’s saying something you don’t like I’ve run in this a while ago, just step away, I mean, if you want to get in a pissing match and show how Much you know you’re really, not not adding any value.
Sometimes we got to put people in their place and gain their attention and let them see what we’re about and what we’re capable of.
But we don’t need to talk down to people or talk to people who we believe we’re smarter than and make them know that, like.

If a good example customer comes in on a lot and they’re like yeah, I’m looking for a looking for a four-door Mustang there.

They don’t make for our Mustangs.
Everybody knows that Mustang only comes in two door.

It’s the coop before doors called a sedan.
It’s a coupe just say you know that they haven’t made that one yet.

But I’d love to see it.

The Mustangs, a coupe, is actually a two-door, because it’s a sports car were you interested in the Mustang itself for a sportiness, or did you need the four doors the four door is going to be more fulfilling for you? Are they going to fit your needs better? So we don’t want to talk down to people when you do the meet and greet first off and I’ve been writing my setting up my virtual training that I’m going to be doing here, and so I’m just going through, and it’s amazing when you have a purpose And you know you start putting out your purpose down and all your knowledge and you start form that other people will be able to learn from it’s a beautiful thing, but you know the first thing you want to do.

Is you want to look the part? Okay, that’s part of communication.
You want to look the part I went in.

I just got my new suit.
The other day I went in and I went in and we just on a we .

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