Effectively communicate with your customers.

Her hello, everybody know lawal, share from nwa conquer what you chase sales training.

Thank you, everybody who’s joining in on the live stream.
It’s one of my favorite ways to do to do videos I like impromptu.
I like just shooting from the cuff.

That’s why I call myself the gunslinger I like just throw my skills and knowledge out there that I have with all the experience.
I have in sales being a husband for 13 years being a father for ten and a half years selling cars for 16 years.
We’re all really selling from the beginning, and what I’m going to talk about today is what I’m going to go over on the call tonight, which I am going to do.

A live stream on my car won’t chase sales pros.
So if you aren’t a member of that group, try and try and join in the fight I’ll go check the notifications and, if you’re in sales, a lot gladly add you to the group.
But what I’m going to talk about today is I’m going to talk about effectively communicating with people okay, so you want to effectively communicate with people um.

I see a lot of people and I’ve changed a lot of things.
We should all be constantly growing and changing in evolving for the for the better, rather than falling down the hill and going backwards.
We want to keep climbing up the mountain top and keep rising to the top.

Like my old loner used to say, cream always rises to the top.
So if you’re good, you try hard and you’re focusing on what you’re good at you’re going to do great things.
But what I’m going to talk about on tonight’s call is effectively communicating with people, and I see this with all forms of communication, whether its tax, facebook, Messenger email phone face-to-face conversation or even what you’re writing on threads and I’m post on Facebook.

You know we don’t want to talk down to people, that’s the worst thing you can ever do if somebody’s saying something you don’t like I’ve run in this a while ago, just step away, I mean, if you want to get in a pissing match and show how Much you know you’re, really, not not adding any value.
Sometimes we’ve got to put people in their place and gain their attention and let them see what we’re about and what we’re capable of.
But we don’t need to talk down to pee or talk to people who we believe we’re smarter than and make them know that, like.

If a good example customer comes in on a lot and they’re like yeah, I’m looking for a looking for a four-door Mustang there.
They don’t make for our Mustangs.
Everybody knows that Mustang only comes in two door.

It’s the coop before doors called a sedan.
It’s a coupe just say you know that they haven’t made that one yet.
But I’d love to see it.

The Mustangs, a coupe, is actually a two-door because it’s a sports car were you interested in the Mustang itself for sportiness, or did you need the four doors the four door is going to be more fulfilling for you? Are they going to fit your needs better? So we don’t want to talk down to people when you do the meet and greet first off and I’ve been writing my setting up my virtual training that I’m going to be doing here, and so I’m just going through, and it’s amazing one when you have a Purpose – and you know you start putting out your purpose down and all your knowledge and you start putting it in the form that other people will be able to learn from it’s a beautiful thing, but you know the first thing you want to do.
Is you want to look the part? Okay, that’s part of communication.
You want to look the part I went in.

I just got my new suit.
The other day I went in and I went in and we just got ta win my daughters.
Like then, none of my shorts fit anymore she’s she’s growing, like crazy, so in my son need a new shoe, so we stopped by the shoe store than was shot by the the clothing store got my daughter, some short, so I was looking.

I was like that.
You know I need a new suit, there’s really a color blue that I had in mind that I wanted to get, and this is it the kind of what you chase: blue hashtag, concrete, chase, blue but um I really wanted to so I was looking at the Suits when I, my wife and kids were picking out clothes for my daughter get some stuff for my son and I’ve learned like a sleeveless shirt, I was wearing my workout pants.
I played wearing flip-flops.

It was just a casual day.
We pick my daughter up from school, just out of wind went to go and I got no attention, but then I went back.
Dress nice dealt with a older gentleman, one of the managers actually one of the owners of the store and was dressed nice.

I got different attention, so we want start out with communication with our dress.
We want to play the part.
I would recommend, if you’re selling key us in or you’re selling dodge in the middle of nowhere in texas, that you don’t dress like a investment banker.

You’ll scare people off you know it’s so so play the part that your customers are going to dress the part that your customers are going to identify with okay mimic mimic, your your crowd, mimic your customers, mimic those who make you money and so play the part.
So the first part is it, but no matter what you want to look good, okay, you wan na you want to look right.
You want to look good um, so you want to play the part.

You want to look good.
You want to come in with the dynamite, breeding and state your name state, your name before you even state the dealership.
I see people welcome to varsity forward.

How can I help you yeah? Your name is varsity Ford, I always say hi.
My name is Noah Walsh.
Shake their hand, how can I help you today, nice greeting good eye contact and communicate with them? Well, what you’re doing when you first communicate with them, is your sizing them up, not how much money you can make on I’m not up.

There lay down out there going to be a tough customer, throw all that out, but what you’re trying to figure out is: how can you mimic them? How can you act like them? How can you make them feel like you’re part of their herd like you’re part of their nomadic group? You know you want to be like your customer, so if they talk slow, you want to slow it down a little bit if they talk gruff and they’re aggressive pick it up a notch.
If they talk fast talk fast too, but you want to mimic how they act.
So that’s the first part of communication.

Second part is: we want to listen twice as much as we talk two ears one miles.
We’ve all seen this a million times.
We want to listen twice as much as we talk and we want to get them talking about themselves.

Everybody loves talking about themselves.
When they talk about themselves, they feel comfortable.
They feel that you care and they feel like they know you get them talking about themselves.

Okay, get that give them information, okay, they’re here to get information and agree with them.
You know a lot about the car.

You’ve obviously done your research.
You probably know more about this car than me.
What questions do you have for me? And I don’t know the answer right away, we’ll look it up together.

How does that sound when you say that you’re going to get their attention now you’re you’re their advocate you’re working with them? I am a sales person, a sales professional, that’s what I’ll always be people say.
You know I’m a problems of a problem, provide you no problem: solver solution provider, I’m a sales person and that’s things that salespeople do and that’s fine, but I’m a sales professional and that’s what I want all of you to be to be um.
So really i’m going to go over things more in depth tonight, but what i wanted to touch base on is communicate with your apparel great greeting great eye contact, listen to the customer, mimic their level join their heard.

Their nomadic group.
Don’t talk down to people, don’t make people feel like they asked a stupid question and when people ask something you don’t know, don’t try and shy away from it, but address it and say hey how about we figure that out together, I’ve got a smartphone.
You’ve got a smartphone there’s a tablet here: there’s a laptop there’s, a desktop there’s a million ways to find everything out.

Let’s find it out together, Noah Walsh, conquer what you chase join the call tonight.
The call number is 7 1.

4010, access code is 93 2026.
Then you hit pound afterwards, I’m going to record the call I’ll put it on my group and I am going to do a live stream on facebook too.
While I’m on the call.

Hopefully, we get Chad Linn Chris bukol Jason Sapp.
I did this call for you, Jason Sapp.
You been talking about you want to another call, so i did this call for you, so i hope you jump on, but regardless did not catch me tomorrow, night, if you can’t make it tonight for some reason.

Catch me tomorrow, night, we’re gon na have a phone conversation with David Hoffman who’s, a pretty active, really really drawing his his skill level up and going after sales.
I found him on Facebook about a year ago and we’ve been in communication since then, but we’ve got two different styles: we’re just going to have just two sales professionals, just having a conversation going over sales strategies and how to make more profit.

Remember, profit isn’t a dirty word.

I like shopping at places that I know are profitable, because when I need to go back where I have a warranty issue or I need something in the future, I know they’re going to be there cheapest, isn’t always the best conquer.
What you chase NWA, nor Walsh out .

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