Box, actually is we do what you’ve already we just doesn’t know yet way too late.

I know, or are the rest of the way you want to look at it.
It’s 3:30 a.
we are running only about spin to apologize wrong.

Gon na be a lot of people want me right, fax, but if you’re make sure you guys check out what is currently going to be out when you watch this, it’s going to be part three of our interview with el patron.
This is going to be the jump box with an extra shot and you’ll see what I’m talking about, and it’s going to be really good and we stayed up late because tonight we were on a awesome, awesome unit.
We did her interview tonight with Jason Garris of neck sale.

What a great time that was and there he is right.
There BAM this incredible solution, airy, that’s it so man we had a great time.
I mean we’re talking.

I got on.
We got on about 10:15 and we just got off like 20 minutes ago.
So that’s how long the session went.

It was so much fun.
It was sitting there double fisted me at two cups of coffee, getting ready to have a conversation with this, because that’s how you are when you’re trying to live a caffeinated lifestyle and guess what Fred I’m a little light on the coffee.

And it’s just about time.

For bed so car guys car gals.
Hopefully this gets you at a time where you’re ready to take on the day, and you are trying to find a solution to problems that you’re facing.

No doubt we are about to launch this right now.

He actually helped do the intro for the episode that is going to be available for you to go.
Listen to right now.
We’re gon na make sure that inside of the comment section is a place for you to actually click on one of the links to the podcast, but make sure that you go ahead and share this with somebody that you know might want to have a little bit Of a pick-me-up sure share share start showing right now, if you’re watching this, I don’t care, if you don’t like us hit share.

I need you to share if you wan na make fun of us sure if you think that this is horrible, sure all right, that’s what we do.
That’s how it is, how we always think I see a meet the bone yeah.
So please do that guys.

So, look this this, but this interview with el patron legendary also so when I want you guys to finish off what you’ve been listening to or whatever it is get on this brew and make sure that you check us out.
It’s gon na be a video coming out on YouTube.
He’ll put it on Facebook, for you too, he does he’ll make sure that happens sooner and later, but the sound is going to be ready for you by the time you wake up today, and today is 5:8 2020.

It is eight days into the fifth month of the rest of your life.
Time is going by fast folks, take advantage of every moment and listen to my podcast.

That being said, that’s my quick brew for the day, all right so, but what I’d like for you guys to do is listen to this one, this one’s a really really good one he’s got he’s gon na give you a tip and he’s going to tell you A little story about something he did when he was young in the businessman and it’s it’s always good to hear those types of stories from people.
I think that’s one of the things we love doing the most is we love talking and we get them to.
We ask some questions right to get they joking and then they start talking and then they just let it they let they spill the beans.

We love hearing people’s feelings and brew, brew and late-night sessions.
I’m just talking to a friend.
You know what it’s like when you got that boy, you got that girl.

You got that whoever that you’re close to and you get the opportunity to just start spilling your heart and actually know that they’re listening to you, that’s what we’re here to do we’re here to brew solutions, make sure that you get a hold of the solutions that L patron has – and you know, kind of just dipping into that bag of good roast that we did tonight, there’s so much legacy, that’s in side of El patrĂ³n, inside of the excellence and the access to success.
That jason has helped him have and that he is the CEO of this next aisle app that uh dealership personnel can use to up shift and uplift their games.
Oh yeah there’s a whole lot good going on and help patrones talk about some fun stuff that you definitely want to find out about the story.

He he didn’t speak about and think about it until we brought it up.
So we made him dig deep into the archives to come up with the I’ll, miss you guys.
I mean it’s all really good stuff and you want to make sure that you tune in because it’s the last it’s the last episode of the el patron show.

I guess he has his own show called the el patron show, but it’s the last one you need to share this share.

Share share.
You know, I’m saying so.

You’ll need to listen to him.
You need to hear his show.
He’s got a lot of stuff to tell you, and this is the last bit of it and then we’re gon na have him on the show again, but you guys need to check it out.

I know that this is 335 in the morning and no one’s probably watching it like.
I see right now, zero views and that’s okay.

We normally see some views on there later, but I know that you’ll see it later and we in the reason why we decided to do it at 3:30.

At least I did.
I didn’t even tell I just started clicking buttons and press.
They were lied to.

Sophomore live man, so the reason why I wanted to is cuz.
We told you guys that we were gon na do this and I I meant to do it earlier, like I said, and I don’t want.
I hate that I didn’t make that happen, but we are making it happen.

You’re getting your live intro for el patron in el patron, no disrespect to you.
Man just happen that way.
Man, I’m sure you’ve been in a business meeting that lasted all that was waiting for him to actually um go ahead and crash the meeting and and have a jump in with the rest of the group.

I was actually thinking that that was getting ready to happen.
We were talking about him so much having a good time.

Man, it was just it’s been a fun night.

It really has been a fun night folks, we got a lot of good laughs, don’t I be available for you and or coming your way in moments.
Folks in moments, but just make sure that you guys tune into the show watch the show, listen to the show.
Whichever way you want to do it, man, please do it’s a great show, guys we’re having a lot of fun, doing it and we’re starting to get a lot of great guests, and it’s it’s just a lot of free information on how to be successful and I’m Getting people that are doing those things, so it’s good to hear from those people not just from our inner circle but from outside that circle you know, and these people we got New Yorkers Jersey.

We we got people from upstate New York.
We had people in Florida.
We also talked to two, ladies in Michigan, one in California Wisconsin.

You know we had some.
You know smart way to pay from Green Bay.
Matt Greinke, you know we, you know we, it’s been a lot of fun, so it’s it’s really neat and we’re actually have a lot more guests coming on here really soon.

We interviewed the think ad group, which is amazing, they’re gon na be the first one in artist, so there are about a week away from now is a little less than a week or a little less than two weeks away, but we got next week.
Man guys I’d, you know I’m gon na real, quick before we get off here tonight.
I want to throw out, what’s coming up next Monday, be ready for it, hello from California Joseph that’s, your brother, yeah, hello! So hey you know, so we’re gon na be we’re gon na, be releasing our next series, its new connections, but before we release that we have one last one of the Rises solution, Aries series and in the rise of the solution, Airy series, the last one we Have left is car gal coffee edition what it is we have to.

We have to restitute.
We have three extremely talented, innovative, just beautiful women that are coming on the show to talk about their dealerships.

These are owners differently.

These people, these ladies they’re, they are doing things and they’re doing things better than most men that are doing it by far, and so it’s not about a man or woman thing.
But it’s good to point out the women in our business and I mean and be proud of them and for me to be inspired by them.
So I I definitely I can’t wait till we release that show you guys are going to enjoy.

Don’t miss it special edition, it’s the brunner as the fifth.
It’s the fifth part.
Excuse me: it’s the fifth volume yeah they’re gon na get they’re gon na complete the the assembly rises entire resolution Aires.

It is the rise of the solution, what better way to let to finish it with the with the strongest one of the group.
All, ladies ladies always be killing it their loss, yes, so and and they’re really good at what they do – they’re passionate about what they do, but the coolest thing about them is as innovative and as powerful and they’re on top they’re still open to new ideas.

They are, they are some incredibly humble people that really care for yes there, because my and their people – and they they show a very, very big light on how important it is to understand what the dealer is going through right now, because there’s a lot of vendors, There’s a lot of employees there’s a lot of all kinds of different levels and moving parts of a dealership, but then there’s the dealer, and they are three three women that are functioning the way that they are and making an entire community work together.

And that’s something that everybody needs to kind of get the the female view on at some point.
You know what I mean you know, house is a home until you get the full the full mix in it, and so it’s a it’s really exciting.
To have them.

Come do what it is that they do with us on the actual subject of being a solution airy in the middle of this fun transition that everybody is going to so we’re going to Delana Solutions, car guys, car house.
We are coming through with El patrones last segment and you need to go get you some of that group.
So get pumped up, get excited.

Forgive focus, fly thanks, ready, we’re brewing Solutions would make sure you always keep growing folks all right.
So you all have a great morning night afternoon whenever you watch this, but make sure you don’t as much as much as I want you to watch this.

This isn’t the important part.
The important part is our show.
You need to go, make sure you get onto.

I heart iTunes, 9, iTunes, Apple podcast.
I should say Google podcast download the app do it.

They all have apps.

They all have online access.
Just make sure you check it out.
Spotify keep going popping if you’re know, if you listen to podcasts somewhere, we’re there.

So, just look for car guy coffee podcasts check out all our brews.

We have a total right now, 16 that are currently out and out of those 16 you’re gon na get a lot of information.
You might find one that you hate.

You might find one that you absolutely love whatever it is, give it a shot and if you have any opinions about her, so let us know good or bad trust me I’m into criticism, whether it’s good or bad, not criticism.
That is bad, I’m into critiques.
I should say I like to know how to make my show better.

I like to know how to make the experience better for everybody, because we literally currently right now have no audience right here in front of us.
I don’t get a reaction.
Well, my reaction.

We get is afterwards and then hopefully we get some from you.
If you have something, let us know, you’ll have a great night Lu.
You have anything else before we bounce love.

You know we are definitely blessed to have you guys even pay a little bit of attention to us and hopefully you’re better, because you did go save the world.
The best way that you can Jase .

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