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Good morning it is 5 o clock Eastern Standard Time in these great United States read an artisan president of champion strategies and your hosts for a Hardison’s tips.

Glad that you could be with me when Z June 24th month is gone.
This year is half way over, but we still need to keep grinding it out, so we can reach our goals and our personal individual dreams now speaking of sales.
Folks, let’s get right to it, so we can unpack it and get you on your way for today.

In sales processes, there’s something that is there, but very, very, very much neglected and that’s called the early managerial introduction emi you’ve heard of that tongue, so, whether you’re a new salesperson, whether you feel that you’re a veteran and you know it all – this early managerial introduction – Was placed in to do a few things that i just want to remind you of.
We want to make sure that we’re using team solution, selling team solutions so not unheard of in our industry, not unheard of in sales in general, no matter what the vertical we’re talking about.
T-Account major account up and down the street in home sales team solution selling.

So when you do your outstanding job of welcome somebody to your store, your dealership, it’s just a welcome.
We do not try to combine a welcome with a needs assessment with the qualifying asking high-gain questions.
However, you heard that second step of gathering why the guests came, and today many of them have done the research and that’s good, and they think I repeat that again, they think they know what they want because they say.

I want to see this unit right here.
Well, we as professionals, we still need to do our job.
So if I have a manager in my process that I can simply say, hey boss, I’m with the Hardison’s, where did you get their name from the greeting from the introduction from the Welcome we’re going to my office? We’re going to my cubicle we’re going to my area of operation to talk more about their needs, wants and specific desires on a vehicle.

It’s a queue, you’re, giving your manager and opportunity, depending on your skill, set level, but also for the guests to let them know.
As a manager, here’s how we operate at our dealership, Brandon, one of our rising stars he’s going to just gather some information select a vehicle for you.
Do what we call a product presentation walk around.

Let you take it out on the street, see if you like it and when you come back, I the manager will handle the numbers I the manager will handle your trade.
I the manager, will get.
You started with your financing.

If you don’t do it, I’m not saying you’re, not gon na sell a car, but in that customers mind and that guess mine.
If you leave out that early manager, your introduction, it’s time for you to try to gather some information to put unto your CRM you’re.
Still gon na be hit with, I need so much for my vehicle.

I can’t exceed this budget.
Your competition across town told me X, Y & Z, depending on the courage of your conviction and how strong you are mastering each point of the process.
You may become what we call a consumer advocate now once again didn’t say that was wrong, but since I missed this early managerial step, my question to you is that where are you going to get your support? Your lifeline? It’s not your name! That’s up there! On the dealership somebody else’s name, so what usually happens is that you get trapped into saying something like we sold.

I did a deal like that similar yesterday.

Whatever you saw on a lot, my job is to greet you as a salesperson asks you about.
Your needs.

Wants and desires, so I can find that pressure point what you’re trying to alleviate what they’re trying to get some pleasure from show you, the right vehicle through a good product presentation, walk around demo the vehicle.
Let the team members take over don’t get involved with the money situation and, let’s that’s part of your process – ie Kelley Blue Book.
When we talk about presenting a guest in ICO, an instant cash offer.

Maybe that’s part of your structure there, but here’s where I’m going and then we’ll shut it down.
If you forget the early managerial introduction, managers are busy they’re in a meeting, there’s no stronger sales person that I can hand it off to, and they can also assist you by doing an early managerial introduction.
Please recap: your investigation.

Your needs assessments, your qualifying asking the high-gain questions recap with the guest that you were listening by reciting back with they told you.
You want this vehicle with this trim level with these packages, because you said you make sure you’re at least recap when it’s time for you to leave them, because I now need to go talk to the manager not go get the keys talk to the manager, at Least now you can say: well: hey boss, some with partisans, here’s what they said, even though they were looking for stock number one, two, three four.
They said that they needed to have this particular package.

They said that this was important to him.
I was going to show him stock number one, two, three four: what do you think boss at least now, as a team, the manager heard something and may say: well, let’s look at their vehicle if there is a trade involved before we show them any vehicles.
If your finance manager is close by and he or she is hearing that, introduce me to your guests – got some questions for them.

Here’s where I’m going new sales people you’re, not in those managers meetings.
You don’t know, what’s going on with the manufacturer, what they’re offering? What’s coming down the pike for the next quarter, you’re, not with that finance manager with the lending institutions, and they have a particular institution and have some type of special going you’re, not in there.
Why, wouldn’t you be smart and use team solution selling to the people who know a little bit more than what you do, so we can do it right? The first time just want you to think about that, and if you have the courage of your conviction to implement and try it, I guarantee you two things will happen.

Your guests will have a better experience with you, giving you a good CSI and for you now that team, being new use, F & I manager will have a better insight on you because they wanted to do the same thing you do, and that is movable.
If this makes sense, oka does Brad and Hardison host of artisan tips.
Don’t forget 12:00 noon.

Today, the 24th we have a live special guest.
no Walsh and we’re going to be talking about is conquer you, some of the other great best practices that they do out there on the west coast.

So for the balance of the morning as always imparting going out and make it a champion.

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