Don’t Go for “Yes” in Sales! (PART 1)

Hi got a sales thought of the day for you that today’s sales thoughts gon na be a little controversy, because for about forty years I know myself and many sales people have made a lot of of their sales on using yes, questions yes, base questions.

Yes, momentum.
Spin selling all those types of methods getting the customer to say yes, yes, is that precious word that all sales people about you and all sales people want to hear, but today I’m actually calling BS on yes.
So let me give you an example to illustrate it’s a quiet evening.

You just got an eating dinner and you receive a phone call.
It’s a phone call from a telemarketer and you know it’s a Telemark herb, because when you answer the phone, the person on the other end says is this: mr.
Gowens, your friends, never ask if it’s mr.

Jones, they just start talking to you.
So you said yes, it is, they say.
Is this a good time to talk, you say yes, then they identify their self and why they’re calling and then they start in with their yes script, and so the first question goes.

Something like the caller will say.

Jones, do you consider yourself a high achiever, of course you said yeah.
Of course I perceived myself hired jiva and mr.

Would you like to make more money each month yeah? Who wouldn’t and what, if I told you you could do this all in less time than you’re working now, all from the comfort of your own home? Would you be interested in? Would you want to hear more? Yes, when you say this half out of curiosity half just to kind of keep the thing moving forward to get them off the phone, and so what I would tell you right now is that, yes, all those yeses you just gave this telemarketer.
The salesperson are BS.
Yeses they’re, not real, you just said that, so you can move things along so typically this this call will end something along the lines of you agreeing to get an email from from this person and that you’ll talk it over with your wife and they can call You back or you’ll get back to them and, of course they call you for weeks.

You dodged their calls until they either quit, calling you or tell you have restraining order.
So again, the precious yes was really worthless.
In fact, a no would have been better because at least you would have had something you wouldn’t know what was going on.

You could have asked why or what makes them say no, and you hopefully could have got to the the heat of the matter and either found out if it was a qualified prospect or you could just move on.
Instead, I have them to call this person back in wonder right, so Jim camp and his book start with no, he says, give people the right to say no.
He noted that people actually fight for the right to say no, so why would you take away their right? Give them that right to say no, he calls it the right to veto so give them their right to veto the in fact pieces.

The negotiation not only will go better, but it’s going to make the environment more constructive and collaborative almost immediately right from the beginning.
So I think we’ve all fallen victim to these.

Yes, base grips for kept from telemarketers or from salespeople over the years and they probably worked a lot back then, in fact I know they did.

I use them, but they just don’t work so much today and the reason is is because in the world of information and smart phones, everybody’s got the ability to dictate the process, everybody can be in control and that’s really what it comes down to is an issue Of control and yes, base questions, they take away the control and people resist that.

So if information is power today, then the customer and the seller are both king kong.
They both have the ability to get information.

In fact, whoever’s got the fastest processor.
I guess is in control because they can get the information quicker.

So yes base questions.

They also increase anxiety every time somebody’s made to say yes, they wonder what what that’s committing them to and then also it takes you out of rapport with your prospect.
So it’s just really a bad idea in today’s day and age.
So, what’s what are you to do? Should you just lay down and let the prospect walk all over you no see no questions are working already and what we’re going to do is in our next video talk about some strategies and talk about some ways to take know and replace the yes questions with The no and use that to go ahead and help us move that sale.

Okay, I hope to see you next time.

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