Doing This One Thing Could Be Costing You Car Deals – Automotive Selling Tip

Brian Maxwell here – and I just want to talk about something real quick.

This isn’t some structure type of you know message our sales training, video.
You know one of those types that I typically do, but I just want to talk about something that I really don’t understand and maybe y’all can help me out those of you who are my subscribers.
Anybody that just watching this video right now, which is if you’re in automotive sales I’m under I want to know, is there any particular reason why you would take a customer that just came onto your lot, go out and greet them and start bouncing them around car.

To car before you invite them in, it is the most amazing thing that I see, and yet all right, this industry or this profession, automotive sales is really the slowest to transform and change its paradigm out of anything else.
I’ve ever seen, which is you know, which is a bad thing in a lot of ways, but the good news is: if we’ve been performed, people in this industry have been performing where they have using the the tactics that they have.
Then we only have you know so much more.

You know we have a lot more room for improvement, which is great now I want you to think about something with me.
Person comes onto the lock walk up to them.
You greet them, and then you start bouncing them around car to car.

It could be hot outside it could be cold outside the person standing out there, sweating or just standing outside freezing either, which way it is almost impossible to get a full understanding of what exactly this person are.
These people have came in for without sitting down and literally having a face-to-face conversation and asking the right questions, because you can spend 15 20 30 minutes out there bouncing around vehicle-to-vehicle with somebody just to get them inside to find out.
It was the wrong vehicle have to go back out there and do it again.

It can be frustrating to a customer because they’re expecting you to be the expert and step up, help mount.
You can be frustrating you because they could say.
Oh, my god, we wasted all this time and then they leave and go someplace else.

And then you laid the foundation for a salesperson to the next door at the next dealership to be able to profit off of the effort that you put in, and it doesn’t have to be that way.
Think about this.
Instead of really wasting your time, and especially the customers time, you are actually doing them more of a service by bringing them inside asking them questions finding out what’s going on before presenting, but before presenting them with a vehicle, it really will increase the likelihood of you.

I’m on the right car, it is really simple: when you go greetings, let them know hey folks, follow me inside and I ask them hey, which one of our vehicles would you like some information on? If they tell you whatever the the the mega model is say excellent, as you can see, we have a few options available.
So let’s do this follow me inside.
I’m asked you a few questions and I’ll get you all the information we have on that particular vehicle or whatever the model is except for you’ll, be more specific.

Then you bring mints to them down and that way, when you do your vehicle selection walk-around.
It’s a lot more targeted, but I just have to understand that I you know it just it’s something that I’ve been seeing.
I happen a lot lately and that’s one to get your feedback on it.

So you know tell me what you think.
Do you think it’s better to bounce them around car to car or use somebody that brings them aside? I want to know exactly what’s going on and what your methods are thanks for watching, hopefully you know you enjoyed it, make sure you like, if you’re not already subscribed to the channel click the subscribe button and you know, come on over and check out the the Automotive sales, training blog.
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Hopefully you like it and benefit from it other than that appreciate you watching the video on Brian Maxwell and I’ll see you at the dealership.
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