Document Your Experiences: A Lesson For Gary Vaynerchuk

jumping in with both feet.

I talk about that.
When I open the book, if you’re going to get into the automotive world sales business, you can’t be half in.
You have to be committed because, if you’re not fully committed, you’re gon na have some issues.

Well, we’ll talk about some of the major evolutions in the auto industrial that I witnessed it kind of ages me a bit people, but I’ve seen a lot.
Okay, so I’ll talk to you a little bit about that after getting out of the automotive business, I was for eight years.

I did advertising and marketing and those are the years I traveled extensively and then let me tell you, I learned so much while leaving the automotive business for eight years, while traveling across the continent and everywhere and meeting so many people that was doing advertising and marketing.

So I’ll talk to you about selling in different countries, because you never know you could have businesses in different provinces, different parts of the city, different countries, okay and always – and the reason why I’m saying that is that you should always think big.

Don’t go into this with just one little place.

Think big, okay right from the start, one of the things that you have the advantage to do more so than I ever did was to document your experience.
Okay, so we’ll talk about that everything that you’re going through right now and leading up to your career and through your career path, it’s good to document.
You don’t have to keep creating things to to talk about on Facebook or to talk about on LinkedIn.

It’s I mean anybody here familiar with Gary Vaynerchuk.
This is somebody you guys have to check out online Gary Vee, okay, he is the pretty much the worldwide leader in social media in social media marketing and his philosophy is large bill largely built on self-awareness.

Okay, yes, self-awareness has a lot to do with sales and marketing and success okay, it is the foundation you have to know what you’re about and what you want to.

Do you in order to be able to blow out a plan for success, okay and so document.
Your experience and I’ll give you one example: I flew 850,000 air miles, okay thousand seven years as a super elite with Air Canada, that’s seven hundred flight segments, minimum or seven hundred thousand miles just with one airline had I just documented the several hundred flights.
Okay, I could have built my own mega aeroplane web site on airplanes on different models and different experiences: okay, hundreds of thousands of miles across the continent flying every week for seven years.

Okay, that’s what I’m talking about those experiences can lead you to all sorts of opportunities.

Okay, so document your your experiences.

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