Digital Dealer 20 Noel Walsh “Conquer What You Chase”

An interesting story, so you guys are just asking where I’m from so my story is: I do sales training sales coaching, but I also still sell in a dealership two weeks a month.

So I work in varsity four in ann arbor michigan, where work for 11 years and i sell cars the last two weeks of the month, but i live in st.
George Utah, so I learned 1852 miles from where I work, but I’ve built up such an abundance In a clientele – and I’ve done a lot of that through leasing that I set up appointments with my smart phone text – email, social media – hey – can be coming tomorrow.
Hey my friends! Come in tomorrow! Hey can we do this? Can we do that I’ll simply say: hey folks are out of the office for two weeks.

So I can you talk here with my family i’ll, be in monday, the 15th.
I was three blocks on its three-thirty good for us four o’clock sound.
So what I was able to do is give them such an experience and build such a loyal business that they would only want to see me they’re willing to wait for me.

They’d only experience i’m going to give them the pain i take out of the process is worth every bit of that weight.
They know they’re going to come, get the knoll washing walsh experience.
So we moved our family across the country.

We want a better mother.
I want the mountains back.
I grow up out west if you’ve ever been out less the skies.

The blue is too amount.
You get fresh air, you’ve got big ponderosa pines, so we moved our family across the country and my mantra is conquer what you chase, and so I was going to go out and conquer my dream comprehend what I was chasing.
So we did that.

I love what was easy to go people.
My story is I’ve sold over 3,000 cars and it’s never brag, and I like that, tell people what I’ve done.
So you see it’s possible.

You know I’ve done many things in life.
Where I saw somebody who I thought was like me and came from the same place as me and was able to do huge things and it made those original goal rather than you know, you see somebody climb to the top of the mountain.
They show you the path you can get to the top of the mountain, but if you just look at the top of the mountain, you think gosh I can ever get there.

So I like people to see what I’ve been able to do in the business i sold over 3,000 cars made over 2 million dollars and earn commissions.
That’s you know, that’s amazing and that’s what this business can do for you.
You can make a lot of money in this business and it’s all about that repeat: referral relationship customer giving them what they want.

Taking the pain out of the nigga.
I’ve been in the industry for 18 years, so is a value for the dealership and creates them income, because the reasons dealerships have us is because they need us to sell their product, and so when we are there, we get to perform or just like an athlete.
Does that was compared car sales? Like an athlete, you know they loved one you’re pretty when you’re hitting 50 home runs.

They love you when you’re striking out all the time they don’t.
Car sales is the same when you’re you’re putting up big numbers.
They love you when you don’t perform, they hate you when we save the business hero to zero.

You know first of the month: okay, yes, hero to 0 °c to 25 last night, 932 new month, your zero.
What have you got going with you got doing? You know what are you making calls from you got coming in, so the reason I bridge my level of success is because my family, most important thing to me in the world, is my segment and always say by no means am i perfect, but I’m a really Good dad and I’m really tame when I home with the family, but my fingers my most important thing.
I’ve got my beautiful wife.

My daughter Grace is 10 by some olhos 3, and this is one of our favorite picture.
This is by where we live and if you’ve never been to Utah you’ve got to get there it’s from the most beautiful states.
It’s it’s a gem that nobody knows about its.

You go from the mountains of ski and down to the desert and stuff like this.

In between, but you got the bluest eye, but it’s raised two points.
That’s one of my favorite things and you know it’s funny.

We went there when I was tackling something in my mind and trying to figure out what I what I wanted to do.

Did I want to pursue this that I want to pursue that? I build a perfect thing.
We went there.

We took that pic think it’s the best business to be in when you’re busy, but the worst when you’re slow the car business is a great industry.
There’s a ton of opportunity, but whenever I go into work I go on to work for my family.

I would say if I’m going to come into work and I’m gon na work 60 hours a week, my family’s going to live in a big nice house in a nice neighborhood and we’re going to go on vacations.

Those are two things we’re going to do.
Dad’s gone all the time, there’s a reason dad’s gon na, because I come into work to work for my family.
I’ve been to a bunch of sessions or some the keynotes and it’s the same thing i’m going to do those again, but you had.

They have a purpose that going forward and then, ultimately, if you want to be successful, you have to have a passion, for that purpose can have a passion also that you’re working for serving your customers doing your job thoroughly.

Appreciating the rules of the dealership, you know one of the biggest things is people.
People say: oh gosh, I hate I, you know I got stated and I hate how we have to do this.

I want to deal with the BBC.
You know the BBC.
Is your ally when they they start to BTC at our dealership? I wasn’t that one gets thrown out the first time because I thought it so hard as the top producer, but then they brought it back now like this is the way it is.

I haven’t always utilized and I started to learn how to utilize it.

That’s like free secretary, you don’t enjoy both on the internet.
You don’t have to worry about the marketing.

You want to worry about the staff.
Don’t worry about the building.
You don’t have to worry about the lights.

All you’ve got to learn about is investing a little bit of money in yourself, come to things like this or your dealer, to send you having some prospecting tools having some gadgets spending.
The time you know invest in yourself with your time, energy and money to make yourself great, because you’ve got a dealership of business.

That’s investing all this for you they’re, giving you the groundwork they’re, giving you a support staff.

All you have to do.
Is you know your long is that take advantage of that? So I get highly for hashtags and just about anybody.
You know it’s like a gunslinger guy just gets up packs up moves across the country trailblazer.

You know I’m a trailblazing blazing the trail, making it easier for everybody who wants to follow, make it easy show how I did it show them the ways you don’t tell you don’t get your process down, always up to be better start a new adventure – and you Know what I really want to do is you know I keep here to inspire and motivate you which, what you can do and where you can go and where you can grow with this business.

You know blaze.
Trails do different things watch what the top producers are doing, follow their lead one of the best you know I started out the business I made 85 thousand dollars my first year.

I was 21 years old, I’m like I’m the baddest thing, they’re rich nobody’s better than me.
I’m the man.
I don’t need to know anything, I’m the best.

I’m a natural then went down 65-member down to 55.
Now my wife’s pregnant we’ve got a house and when I made 85 I like no overhead now I’ve got tons of overhead, I’m maturing in mice, I’m gaining abundant.
You know, I’m grabbing things like buying things have a child.

I wasn’t making any money, so I was like okay, what you’re doing it is useless.
Your mentality is horrible.
So when I started doing as I started following the best guys at the dealership – and this is you know 10 11 12 years ago – now – there’s so many videos – you can watch there’s so many top performers out there that post-up there’s so many groups on Facebook.

There’s a you know this digital dealer and there’s so many different media sources that you can watch what the best are doing and it’s okay to copy, because really very few things have been invented.
You know the wheel was invented thousands of years ago.
They just keep making it better, don’t try and change the shape of it.

They keep it as a circle.
You know so take what’s good and make it great for you, because we all have a different personality.
We all have a different process, so I mean you want to take, what’s going and make it great for you.

But what I’m here to do is inspire you and motivate you that you can be the very best.
There is and show you a couple, different ways that you can do it now.

For me it was a little different because I haven’t played two sides of events.

I you know I’ve got my side and then I’ve got my car dealership.
So I use social media primarily for what I was chasing, but so many people do it.
They post the pics.

They tagged the people that they’re selling the car to maybe tag a friend or two, the up, there’s that might be looking for a vehicle or have them tag and share it.
You know work with your customers, I mean when you you get that relationship they’ll.
Just keep giving them stuff and keep asking for stuff back: hey! It’s! Okay! If I do this, for you, hey I’m going to go! Do this, so you don’t have to okay, I’m going to do this by the way.

While I’m up bouncing around, I got to get this, i’m going to check on prep make sure your cars getting done, see how the paperwork’s gone and financing.
Could you do me a favor? Can you post this on facebook and tag me and ask your friends to share it? Take off! Do we favor, while I’m up do this this this? For me, ok and I’ll be back in 10 minutes.
If you command by asking they’ll, do it not when they leave say hey, will you do me a favor? Will you will you post this when you get home, don’t ask right there and they get a command.

Ask a favor but make it a command that stuff works all the time.
So this year was one of what my good customers i sold the family 10-12 vehicles they own a business.

I sold the business 10-12 vehicles, but you know when she posted that, but they’re, like friends when she posted that i had like three referrals that week and when i get people on the phone you know so the trick is, is digital medium.
All that stuff’s great and that’s you need it, but my theory is that’s to get people to email you on your website, then you get engagement.
Then you start interacting by email text messaging.

Then you turn that into a phone call and the phone call turns into an appointment.
That’s how you sell cars effectively if you’re selling, all your cars through emails, you’re going to have a tough way to keep gross.

Is that they’re just doing the same thing? Calculation? You know sent a copy paste set.

Happy pig dollar made me six years ago in preschool I’ve got pictures of my wife and kids.
I’ve got all my forwards.
I’ve got the little scribble coloring that my son dead when he is like a year and a half you know when you get up, that’s like a snapshot of who you are, people can enjoy and appreciate who you are, it will start to sink in, and you Know – and you don’t have to have a family if you’re in I have that, but it creates conversation also, but it gets people to start to like you’re in the whole goal.

You know this digital, like i said, is great, but it’s still altima tlie.
What happens when the sales person meets that customer? That’s what all that Spain to do.
It happens when the sales person needs that customer and you want to be – you got ta bump.

You guys saw the key no, but I thought the keynote was great, but you want to be ready, you want to be prepared and you want to make it a streamlet process.
Maybe your process the same on everything you do when i first started traveling.
I remember i fly and i always play out the red eye, because i want to maximize the time with my family.

You know it’s like I can stay up for a day flying the plane, you’d like to stay and spend a whole day with my family.
So I apply the red eye and I remember one time thinking boy geez, you know my name.
I guess still remember how to do this.

You know.
Am I going to be rusty? Get back to the office.
Tired, barely slept sup a couple hours on the plane.

Barely slept and first thing got in at 12 phone calls emails and call everybody back or pungent up hunters.
They take off like they’re both teachers and take off like eight weeks and like how cool is that I’m like that? It’s awesome, they’ve, just gotten a motor home when they’re just going all around the country and seeing everything and I’m like how cool is that.

Well, I got myself to the point where i can do that, because the value by adding to my customers, because the effort i coordinate the dealership, I was that much value to the dealership and when I came in I perform I came and I perform study one Up performance, women, you know so when I was there, I came in and I performed I’m lucky.

I work for a varsity for brother number, 34 dealership, the nation, great owners, great mentors and they get stuff done, and I’ve learned a lot, but they don’t how much? I value that they value be like people call I’m the biggest like I try to get them into service.
All the time all use our body shop to bid.
You know, I think they see they happily listen to calls and stuff like that, but I’m going to try to anybody without on there listening, but I really care about them because they care about me.

You know it’s a great culture there and there’s 20 things.
I can change, but remember it’s their business, I’m just a little kiosk in there.
You know so I’m going to do what I can do with my business and go by the rules of the month.

You know that’s how you do it, but once again too short, you can do.
I made 150 thousand dollars in 25 weeks in the car business.
That’s six thousand dollars a week.

That’s a thousand dollars a day.
I mean that’s.
The stuff you’ve been doing this business.

If you just work it, you just have to work um, you know.
Sales is amazing.
You’re going to face, know your disappointment for many different forces and you can’t let that keep you down.

You know I was talking some people last night and yet so your appointment doesn’t show you get stated there cut the pay plan of you know.
Are you let that kill your attitude you’re going to be in a bad mood, I’m going to show them.
I’m not gon na call any wait for two weeks.

You know, I’m not sure, that’s showing yourself.
That’s not doing anything.
You don’t take control of yourself.

You can’t let that keep you in a hole.
I I’m doing a lot of things and I faced a lot of the pom-poms and a lot of losses, but you know what the thing is I kept.
My attitude is altitude.

I’ve kept my attitude up the whole time.
An attitude is altitude.
It you’re going to get out of that hole, you’re going to get out at home, but you just got to keep your attitude and then you appreciate it that much more just like when you get on fire to work and it’s like making everybody I’m calling.

This is the easy everybody i talked to.
Appointments failed appointment, sailed and get all the products are doing this and by all the experts are going down for higher price.
You know, keep your hand to nothing attitudes, altitude, don’t let it bring you down and the stupidest thing.

I’ve been a victim.
I make myself a victim.
I wasn’t a victim to make myself a victim of this.

I get pissed off + up in the dealership and so I’ve gone I’m not going to make off this week.
I’m not going to do this, I’m not going to follow up we’re not going to take any object in cleansing bath.
It’s like that was the stupidest thing I can do, because really, when I sold the best of the new ship was when somebody pissed me off like something that’s gave me.

Oh, I just went out like a viable.
You know I was determined.
I was motivated.

You know let negatives motivate let neglige motivating you.
The best warrior is always trained hard invested their time and getting better and that’s what makes champions really.
You know classic story.

Conor mcgregor anybody watch MMA.
No, no case, we don’t have any MMA fighters.
Well, i was a big fan of it, but, as I travel I was living with my best friend he’s a huge MMA fans, so we watch the fights.

Every saturdays live with him and his family.
So we watch the place every saturday and you just want a big fights.

It was vegas and he won the champion who had the Boston like 10 years, he’s legally head like the longest running belt of anyway, and you know like feedback about in one punch.

You knock them out fastest fight over and you fight with with the vets, and then he got interviewed and they’re like or you know, fight jose aldo again you’re going to give him the rematch, and he said you know if he proves to me he’s like I Trained by him by my ass off he’s, like I told everybody, moon was going to happen.
Nobody listened.
They took that big Dodgers talking smack he’s like I knew I had my game dub.

I worked so hard, they trained so hard.
I fought so hard.
I worked out so hard.

I ran so hard.
I did everything harder than I’ve never seen.

Anybody do because I do was make me the best and he goes so jose aldo does want to Train like I did and he wants to fight a couple fights to prove he’s a capable I would like, but I mean that ray gun that was arrogant, but Those like the truth is like I trained my funnel, and so I don’t just want to fight him again.

If he’s just come with the same game, he better step his game up and he’s going to prove to me: does it and its young? I love success stories and it’s odd, but the best warriors train hard, invest your time, energy and yoga by things that make you better in sales.
Do things that make you matter, it says, read books and make you better in sales, attend things like this.
Make you better sales join groups and maybe a veteran sales advertised so for the Mesa veterans sales, but invest in yourself in many different ways that you it’s this right here? How do you become a champion? Well, you got to market yourself.

So when we live in dexter, michigan, small town right outside and our brand hours go blue, we got hard fought back, but everybody in my neighborhood knew where I worked.
Do what I did you write lived and whenever I go help out my daughter’s school there.
We dress pretty casual and wear, dress shoes, nice slacks and a company logo holes.

So everybody knew where I work and they feel like I’d, be high, five, the kids or we go to church and we bring up the bring up the gifts um.
They saw where I work they saw, who I was they wanted to deal with.
You, don’t let people know by the end of leaving there.

We lived there for eight years by the end of Lehman their highest.
Like the celebrity in town, I advertise my church.
I always make sure that we sponsor stuff for the church that we got money to the church.

One of the bank Vegas refers with my priest, his name father wall, so you know he’s lucky enough to have a cool last name and not everybody can have that.
Last name, but you know i did, i get a value to him, so he added value to me, but everybody knew who I was and do what I did so.
I was kind of like a walking billboard for myself, but you’ve got to do the same thing through groups, your gloves, whatever you’re passionate about, if you’re an apartment complex, you don’t put together like a newsletter like hey ram oil change, you know come up a seemingly Oil change special self market yourself, Gail market people – hey – I live right over here in this building or we live over on this street or right attend this church with you, for I do this that you want to market yourself to people that are like you, because You’ve already got relationship built right there.

Oh, they live in our neighborhood holding over our church, all there in the same club as we are over this and where you sure logo and be a bill going cuz people want to deal with people there like them.
You know we want to stay with our Drive.
You want to be with people, you know you get along with people who have a story like yours who talk like you.

Look like you.
You know you get along with your tribe, it’s human nature, seeing with animals.
So market yourself, your friends, your neighbors, the community, it’s you who reach people for you above anyone else.

If you rely on the dealership, the program’s 0 % marketing – Oh ravenous, whole month, the weather you’re never going to be a winner, you’re, never going to fully one of your potential because it is always going to be some force that holds you down and when you Put a crutch under that: that’s only going to hold you down more, you need to stay away from horses and hold you down rely on yourself rely on your instincts.
That’s why I say: train like a champion.
If you want to be the best you’ve got to work like the best, do not hold your breath.

Yes, so further training like you, talk about watching the best investing in yourself and staying on top of what’s new, the markets change it.
So quick everybody in yours is pretty young crowd, but social media social media is huge right now, everybody’s on Facebook, my gosh, I spent four hours a day on Facebook, but I’m on there all the time, there’s so much business to be done, utilize any good for You to come to an event like this that you learn the new age.
I mean stay on top of stuff yeah, keep your process but stay on top of things.

You don’t want to just add.
This is the way I’m doing it and I’m not doing it.
Any other way, because you get to follow you and become obsolete that happen in the big three you’ll make three rooms sold the most cars they weren’t staying ahead of innovation on the toy or bikini, or we’re going to take.

You know they’re going to do anything else.
I mean look at they started.
Loosing you’ve got to stay, for it was a great turnaround, the story how they almost crumble apart.

I love this.
I love styling entering.
I was passionate about it, but they almost fell apart, but then they got somebody in there whose innovative and they came up with the fastest touch screen in the safe system.

And you know you’ve got to stay innovative yourself, because if you don’t you’re gon na you’re going to become obsolete, ultimately, it’s a sales person with a pen.
That’s closing the deal kind of like I talked about earlier.
That’s why I like the bounce back, because I believe same with me and if you kind of repeat things that it seeks in a little bit better, you say a little different approach.

It sinks in a different way and it reaches more people.

But it’s a sales person with the pen.
You know this is what sells vehicles all that other stuff brings a medication to you, but ultimately it’s when they meet you.

If they trust you, the appearance of your dealership, your product knowledge, it’s a sales person with a pen, who’s, making all the sales being a part of your customers.
Life get people talking about referring you.
The best way to get more customers is to get referrals.

They talked about the keynote.
I watch the session yesterday to talk about that.

It’s all about getting referrals.

The closing ratio on referrals is I’ve heard anywhere from fifty to seventy-five percent, but no matter what it is.
That is huge, fresh traffic is it’s engaged and the people of your website of twenty to twenty-five percent, so did referrals take care of people.
You know come with a different approach on hey.

You know anybody looking for a car, another Moreno referral fee.
That’s a little bit old school, hey, you said you’re in a BNI network.
Has anybody in that Network been talking about a vehicle? You have any family members who might be having problem with their vehicle.

Give anybody in your area that you know I has an open.
I mean if you Satan a Broadway you’re like oh, my gosh.
It is hit me with like you know, it got huge answer, but if you slim that down they’ll start thinking about it, even if they don’t have somebody in there being, I don’t know, but you know what a lady at church was talking about cheese one or You know my neighbor down the street her car, I saw they, they got a token the other day or she says she needs a new transmission.

But what you’re asking referrals simplify it and do it like a question because then you’re digging up my compounded ilysm.
You know how many acres are in the world.
You know you’re asking a simple question that was there for their mind, kidding there might be traveled to an answer for you and you do this.

You know give give take, give gift a give, give take in your process.
You’ll follow, call give gift.
Take, give give.

Take you give take, send out to people in your area.
Come see, you don’t come in for an oil change.
I would like to meet you you’re, my neighbor.

You just got to come up and see me because I got to sign the back of the car dealership policy when they’re there give give give cage.
That’s how you’d SI you maximize customers is to give and take the more customers you have.
I mean that’s, why I’m able to do what I did.

You know I sold some Souls.
Lore got their friends and family, their kids started growing up.
They said it more people those need to send more people, though people send more people.

You’ve got all these raving fans, your your your, your own business.
You know you don’t have to do a billboard.

You don’t have to do that.
I mean you’re your own business, so you know make your customers your fan, might really take care of what they call an a my call at eleven o’clock sunday.
A my tire just blew I’m on the side of the road.

Was roadside assistance number know that number we’re having your phone.
You know another recognize the number i won’t take the call, but then, if you don’t check the voicemail on it hey, this is mike.
My car broke down on the side of the road kids crying I mean I can’t find the number for roadside.

I can’t I tried going to pop me all these different sites.
You know call back handle that paint.
People appreciate that you know you come in on a monday morning, you’re tired you fought with your spouse in the morning.

You don’t want to deal with anything, you get a service call you like call them later, get it other way and will take away the pain.
That’s what breaks customers back, taking the pain out of the process, the more referrals, the larger you reach.
It’s, like you, know some fun anyway.

Do you start your with your customer? You want to bring here, but then you take that customer and you start going on here with you.
I don’t hope you guys are a loser at snores at least i will present it.
35 40 same okay, that’s how i was able to do it.

Our markets.
You know some markets are great, releasing some artists as good our markets great for leasing.
But i started hitting my approach because when i first started i started selling used and then I transferred to do.

And then I moved to the big big dealership and I got the I got aggressive, quick because I had to I had go grad.
I had my daughter, my wife stayed at home um, but my partner, we were so about close to the same.
You know it’s kind of catching up to him, but he would lease Lise Lise Lise, Lise everything I probably thirty, five to forty percent, but that I saw how much harder I had to work to put up similar numbers because I didn’t want get new people and People would call you a yeah we’re excited, but their two year on a six-year-old they’re, really not much.

You can do for because they’re my thousand dollars eight thousand dollars upside .

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