Did Your Dealership Promise You Sales Training That NEVER Came?

Going on shout out to the gram you notice one of my first terms doing an actual live video on Instagram.

I got to say something man.

I am absolutely amazed over the last couple of months traveling around one thing: I’ve noticed about sales people that I work at dealership.
That amazes me.

The results aren’t good the they’re, not making much of Commission, but they still doing the same stuff.
Nobody really wants to sit down and look and listen than anything and a lot of people were alive when they were hired, they were told they were gon na, be training anywhere.
If that was you and you are somebody struggling with sales – and you really want to get better, but you just don’t know what to say you just don’t know where to start, you don’t have the resources take advantage of going to my blog, which is that the Link will be in the description go over to the blog is free videos, audios download, and I even have a 30-minute sales training that I recently did that really lays out.

The entire process gives you the word track and I even got something special for you at the end, so go over.
There check it out, take advantage of it other than that man it’s time to really elevate our game and go get this money.

Brian Maxwell I’ll see you at the dealership, .

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