Destruction of The African American Mind Through Hip-Hop and Entertainment

Hey this is Brian Maxwell coming at you live and direct from Jacksonville Florida, and I got a very important message because this weekend I have some experiences that really heightened my awareness and made me where I need to come at you and let you know really.

What’s going on, I was dealing with some people this weekend.
Man and I started paying attention so a lot of things going on within the african-american community, and I mean paying attempt and a lot closer attention to the music.

There a lot more closer attention to the movies and to the things that people are allowing their kids to watch, and one thing I want to bring to your consciousness into your awareness is that we are under attack.

Okay, our people are under attack, and especially our youth.
There’s a movie by the name of the corporation documentary check it out where they clear, as they state that the next generation, our children, our open game for advertisers and for big business to be able to get in and manipulate through video games through different colors.
Through their form, use it to make it to where they remain submissive and lacking knowledge and go for pretty much anything.

And if you look at what’s going on right now in the african-american community.
Listen to what’s going on on the radios in our towns.
And what are people you got grown men, making songs like Laffy Taffy for little kids.

You got every single rapper this out right now talking about how to a rock ice and got big rims as if they don’t have a brain and see with an economic downturn.
Going on it’s amazing to see how many people are saying and making beaucoup money when so few there were so many have so little I’m born and raised in Detroit Michigan and recently I better teach.
I was looking at some documentation and I saw that a greater grace Church in Detroit Michigan spent over thirty million dollars to build that church in the neighborhood Desna and the neighborhood does not work thirty thousand dollars now.

Why is that? Because why? They keep you down? Printing, your head in the book and tell you to increase your faith and continue to give you continue to struggle and others continue to get rich.

Now, I’m not knocking anything going on with the people that like given or like listening to certain music, but your intention as an adult of why you’re listening to it and what benefit will it do your child or do you we got ta pay attention? I remember when I was coming up and going to school for a boy to wear tight pants was well, he would be clown.
I grew up on the east side of Detroit.

He will be clown for wearing tight pants and they have the nerve to sag them and look at what’s happening in the culture right now.
It is so it is, it is like every young man wants to wear a super-tight pants saggin them to expose day, but then these guys are dressing more like females, each and every day, and I’m amazed by it.
But this is what they want to perpetuate in front of our young black men to make them think.

This is the way that you succeed.
The way that you succeed is to wear really tight pants.
The way did you succeed through talking on types of nonsense about how much money and how many cards you got talking about your good, like it’s, the only one that was ever made that make you believe that, and you believe that these wrappers around Slater, hustling and Selling dope, I know a lot of very famous rappers right now, ladies and gentlemen, that have never bust a gun, never sold the drugs, but yet they put it out on a records.

I’m sure you probably know some to look at the movies.
That’s out right now.
You know, there’s a cartoon called Johnny Phantom, our Danny Phantom herself, about a boy, that’s half human half goals that likes to manipulate the souls of his friends.

But these are the things that are put it’s one of our children.
We have to start monitoring what goes into our mental rolodex, because there is a true assault on our culture.
Are you familiar with the Willie Lynx theory? If not, I highly encourage you to check it out and if you want to know what it really lives steering come from.

I want you to check out the movie the 80 and I want you to look at the agents name and the a-team and what branch of the government he works for and then you’ll have a clearer understanding of who actually wrote the Willie Lynch theory.
But if you look at the Willie Lynch theory, it’s really happening.
They make old, despised art.

I mean young, like this five star, you got the feeling negro still battling against the house negro when the truth we all wanted to say, and at the end of the day, unless we all get together.
None of us gon na have nothing.
You know and looking in the music industry, every rapper won a battle.

Every rapper wan na said he want to shoot each other.
They got this better than the next man.
You don’t see Motley Crue and Metallica out there wrestling and fighting and cussing each other out on records.

No, but that’s in our community and we encouraged that I mean look at our young african-american actors and whatnot Denzel Washington.

I’ve been identifying my whole life and Denzel has made a ton of great movies training day by far was not the best he ever did, but that’s the one he got a Grammy for or an Oscar for.
Excuse me, Halle.

Berry she’s been in a lot of great movies, but the movie that she got the award for was the one when she was the down and out for a black woman that was that was saved by this white guy.
Who used to be a racist.
You got to pay attention to what’s going on, they got our black stars, our men, putting on dresses in movies dressing like women, making these young black brothers believe the only way to break into Hollywood.

It’s a total gun talk about having one talk about the rims, you got talk about making the rain or putting on the dress.
It’s not about that.
But talk is cheap.

We all have to do our part.
I tell you right now.
I commit myself to this cause and I ask you to join me: go to new generation calm and on the right side of page there’s.

A subscribe option enter your email address and follow me on this journey.
While I reveal some amazing things that you probably didn’t know that was praying against our people and I’m not pro kleh, I mean uh anti anything else or just Pro black, I’m Pro knowledge and it seems like our culture.

Our people are the ones who lack the most knowledge about our self-awareness of who we are and where we can go, we got ta unite or we will be destroyed flat out.

We got more young black brothers and are close to the amount of young black brothers in prison.
That’s in college.
We got ta change that dynamic.

Look at our generation right now.
This is the new thought generation.
I call it and it’s time for the real leaders to stand up if you agree with me – and you agree with what I’m saying share this video stop just posting things on Facebook about evening sandwich or what you did at the club last night, because you might Not think it’s affecting you right now, please believe me tomorrow.

It may not affect you, but it may get your kids unless we do something we have to be the change that we expect to see in the world because nobody’s gon na do it for us.
We have to do it.
This is our time for our generation to make a move.

Now are you with me and if so, go to the new generation com? Look on the right side of the page and fill out the form.

It is very important.
There are some amazing books and see people shared the secrets of success with each other.

They share the secrets of business and a pound of money, but at one time it was kept to a small group of people, a certain race of people.
But now that information is being leaked and disseminated by individuals such as myself and other people all around the world so put down that thing on rap CD turn on basketball, wives and big game get online and start checking out some videos.
Reading some books – that’s gon na – really benefit you.

They can never take your knowledge away, they can strip you of everything you want, but they can never take your knowledge and that’s not only just priceless inspecting when it’s passed down to the next generation plant.
The seed for tomorrow help the plants grow.
The plants are our children.

We have to do what we have to do right now to make tomorrow what we want it to be.
I’m brian maxwell you’ll see Tesco’s for the generation to change, saying, stand up and lead a change.
You want to see in the world peace .

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