What’s up everyone froelin art subprime hero today, my desktop my lot walk, my showroom talk whatever you want to call it.

Today’s gon na be more like a desktop.
As i walk out, i do have a few things to sign.
At the end of the day, everyone’s getting ready to be leaving, but most people are busy with customers.

So, as i’m busy right now, i’m loading deals signing deals.

You know refreshing deals doing everything that i can to get stuff going and finish this day.
Strong man, i’m excited folks.

It’s monday we’re having a great day already we’re finishing this day, extremely strong.
My team they’re doing some stuff that i’m really excited about they’re working, really hard they’re, making phone calls they’ve all sat down and they’ve come up with creative ideas for the rest of this year for this month.
For this day, whatever you want to call it they’re doing what they’re supposed to do.

So i’m super excited about that.

So right now, i’m in the middle of printing a deal and after i’m finished printing.
This deal i’m going to run out and go help get these clients signed up, but i just didn’t want to miss out an opportunity to do my my uh.

My lot walk my desktop my showroom talk whatever you guys want to call it um.
I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity, because i do want to share that positivity out there.
I think that you know a lot of people are getting into this new year and they don’t know what’s going on um, they don’t know if they should be positive.

What’s going to happen with corona, what’s going on with the election, is it still done? Is it not done you know what’s up you know is this? Is this whole vaccine that we have? Is it going to work yeah folks? It’s don’t worry about that stuff worry about what you have control over it’s, how many phone calls you’re, making a day? How many people you’re talking to meaningful conversations that you’re having every single day, how many apps that you, you uh? You got into your desk guy today right and, if you’re the desk guy, how many um salespeople are you out there talking to motivating trying to get them to be the best that they could possibly be right? That’s what it’s all about! Thank you! Sean! That’s right! Sowing seeds and that’s what’s going on right now, everybody’s starting to sow seeds, it’s the beginning of the year.
We all get excited about that we’re all sitting here going.
Oh my god, it’s a new year! It’s a new opportunity! Well, folks! Guess what you have that opportunity every single moment, but to make it even easier smaller to you every single day, when you wake up you get to make a choice, am i going to do what i’m supposed to do, or am i going to let another day Go by where i wasted it, don’t be the latter, be the first man always sell those seeds because it takes time for seeds to grow.

You got to fertilize it you got to water.
You got to do all the stuff so that in the future you can harvest that, and then you know when you harvest there’s nothing better than that.
Having all that there for you to just enjoy eat share, you know, helps you grow.

It does all those things.

Folks, it’s there’s nothing better than that.
You know um, so my team they’re doing a great job right now, they’re out here, they’re they’re, like i said, they’re they’re, motivating me every single day.

I see what they’re doing you know we got.
We got a lot of a lot of things that we’re working on to get better as a team, but we’re also looking for team building.
That’s a tip, i’m going to give you guys out there.

It’s not just about what you’re doing here at the dealerships.
What you do outside the dealership with your team, i know right now, it’s kind of hard to do things with your team outside the dealership.
Well find little moments where you could spend you know, get a get.

Take a guy out to lunch.
You know, go go for a ride with them and you know and have a conversation with them.

You do little things like that team building promise you.

You know what i do miss though i do miss having like we have this competition between the two stores.
We had the basketball game, we had the uh tug of war.
You know we had the poker game, we had, you know bowling.

We had all these these fun things that we would do.

That would get the stores together and we could have more of a competitive feel and have, but yet at the same time it’s just it’s.
It’s team building both ways and it’s so much fun and i do miss that and i wish that we still had that going on, because if we did dude it would be a little bit more fun right now.

You know, but we can’t do that because of the situation in this world, so we’ve got to find little things that are creative.
You know, have fun games in the showroom.
Have fun games outside.

Do things with your team that that you don’t normally do find new or creative thing? Yeah, i don’t know, have fun, you know, go out and joke with them have like a lot of times.
I think a lot of people they miss out opportunity just to have a conversation with themselves.
People see how they’re doing you know just go out and do that.

You guys see my lot walks.
My showroom talks, that’s what i usually like to do.
It’s fun.

I think that it’s something that i was always happy when my manager came out and had a conversation with me sat down at my desk or invited me to his office and we sat down to have the conversation you know take one of your you know.
Take your not just your top guy out for lunch, we’ll take people on your team that you know that are growing.
Go! Take them out to lunch, have sit down with them and have a conversation about their future.

What they, what their plans are, give them your story tell them how you did what you did, because you know a lot of times.
They just see us where we’re at they don’t realize.
We went through struggles like that.

We didn’t realize that we got deals thrown back in our face.
We got told no, this customer can’t buy, we got told no by a customer, even though you hit him with the cleanest clothes in the whole world.

Right so be that way, man you know and have fun with it.

You know i’m excited about the new year.
I hope you guys are too i’m looking forward to doing things that we didn’t do last year.

You know last year we had opportunities.
We did some great stuff, we broke records, even in a time of crisis.
We did, we did stuff, we did some team building.

We did everything that we could based off of what we had in front of us, because what we did was we focused on what we had control over and that’s our attitude every single day when we showed up to work, you know how we approached our customers, How we did how we would be able to do these test drives how we were able to do all kinds of stuff.

You know the biggest thing that i think came out of 2020, for me is really how strong your mindset has to be, and you always have to be in a state of positivity now folks, just because you’re in a state of positivity doesn’t mean bad things don’t Happen or you don’t see the bad things that happen is that you tend to not focus on that.

You tend to not put all your energy into the things that you have no control over, so all the negative things that can happen in your life, but instead you focus on all the stuff that you do have control over and the things that you can make Better and the things that do make you happy, you know find that stuff gratitude is so huge write down your gratitude every single day make sure you do that.

It is crucial that you do that.
Think about gratitude.

Enjoy that gratitude.

You have to have it.
You know it’s, it seems cheesy to say.
Oh, you got ta, have an attitude of gratitude, but it’s the best most life-changing thing that you can ever have as a human being as a father as a leader as a follower whatever it is that you are gratitude, realize that you have something that you’re.

If you have breath coming out your lungs you’re doing better than a lot of people who have to even be on help getting bro just to be able to breathe, if you can do that with unassisted you’re, already doing better than a lot of people, trust and Believe that y’all, it’s it’s crazy to say stuff like that.

But it’s true you know and i’m not trying to get deep into it, but it’s, but it’s back! So i’m not going to stay on here.
Much longer like i said, i’m over here, trying to print this stuff off, i’m about to go sign these customers um, and once i do that you know we still got.

I got one more.
I just got dropped off on my desk and then we got a couple more working, so hopefully those come together.
I’m excited about those deals.

Uh, i’m excited about this year, like i said 2021 we’re gon na have a lot of fun.
I hope you guys all do the same thing.
You know it’s a mentality, folks, it’s all a mentality.

You know in order to keep growing, you have to forgive everything of the past.
You can focus on your future, so you can fly and keep growing and keep growing and the key, like i said it’s, your mentality.
You have to always be the light, find the light and share that light and the more you do it.

It may feel forced sometimes, but it’s not it’s true, it’s from your heart.
Eventually, it just becomes where you feel weird enforced when you don’t get to do it right so be the best version of yourself be everything that you can be and understand that it’s not you don’t have to be better than me.
I don’t have to be better than you.

You just have to be better than you were yesterday.
I have to be better than i was yesterday.

That’s it it’s that simple and if you do that after some time, you’re going to see some major gains, you’re going to see a lot of stuff happen in your life that you always wish.

Would that finally does, but it takes consistency and it takes the work and it takes the positive mindset.

It truly does you know i’m doing a lot of cool stuff right now.
I’m trying to you know open my mindset, i’m reading books, i’m working out, i’m you know, i’m learning this new app folks.

By the way, if you haven’t checked it out, go to look it up.
It’s amazing.
It’s called clubhouse app.

It’s a lot of great information on there, people speaking having these meetings, masterminds that are just like wow and it’s right now, it’s all free, i’m having a lot of fun under now.
You have to sign up for it and be and be invited in by a guest, or you have to be invited in by one of the members or it’s kind of like it’s like a club.
So it’s kind of neat the way they all set it up.

I i encourage you guys to check it out if you guys want to hear some sucks, i’m going to probably be dropping some car guy coffee stuff – maybe some quick brews on that bad boy.

Some interviews there’s going to be a lot of cool stuff going on there.
I see people like glenn lundy on there i see michael cirillo.

Today i just talked to uh steve rossler.

I mean dude, how cool you know and then a lot of my friends are on there.
You know laura berman, hello, laura.

I love her.
You know, of course, wendy was on there today, there’s there’s just so many people that you can go on there and just feel comfortable talking with learning with and growing with.
So you guys check that out.

That’s going to be a hot thing for people in business.
In the future – and i and i think that, if you’re watching this right now, i have a feeling that’s what you’re trying to do: you’re trying to grow right and if you’re trying to grow trust and believe that’s where it’s at folks.
If you haven’t seen me on linkedin, if you haven’t seen me anywhere just come check out my connections, i got a lot of great connections.

I can connect you with reach out to me if you need help with something in the automotive business or anything that gets you motivated.

We do coffee too hit me up.
You need some online marketing skills.

Let me know i’ve been working on it.
I think i’m getting better at it so check it out so hit me up guys.
You know i do appreciate you guys so much for sitting here putting up with my my talk that i do at the end of the day, but i you know i just get so motivated and i want to just share you know right now.

I wish i had all my guys where i could just go out there, i’m going to see if i can do that.
Really quick.
While i get getting ready to assign this customer, but i’m going to go out here and see if i can get a couple of people to say some stuff, real, quick and then i’m going to hop off.

But if i don’t get a chance to, i want you guys to know that i do appreciate it guys.
Forgive focus.
Flood, keep growing and just remember, be the light, because, if you’re the light, everything is good always be the light.

Look for the light share that light.
So let’s go.
Let’s go see what i got out here.

Let’s go see what i got out here, guys people doing their thing.
We got mr dorsey over here.

Let me introduce you guys, real quick to mr derek dorsey.

You got derek dorsey right there, only a holy car guy.
That’s right! That’s right! Hey! I’m! Just out here doing my quick showroom.
Talk desktop! I didn’t have i’m kind of busy, but i wanted to do a little quick go out to everybody.

I got a few people watching right now, but just want to say derek’s here.
If you guys need anything hit him up, you guys will be seeing him on more on social media.

I’m excited to have him here: that’s right and we’re going to do some fun stuff.
So did you get that test done? No, but if you need me, it’s 270 300 691 to hold the car guys in the building.

Let’s get it that’s right, all right, fantastic! So i love it so appreciate you, man um, which one is that the one the second one i just gave you okay, all right! Well, there’s matt damos right there, hey well folks, i’m gon na hop off here, oh patrick jennings, is where i go too.

What up patrick, what’s up? Did you get one out deliver one right now, that’s what i’m talking about! That’s one vehicle for a wonderful family, new member of the dream team.

Well, folks, we appreciate you we’re down here at the car guy.
Oh, it’s! Not the car! Guys this is budget car sales.

My bad we’re here at the budget car sales having a good old time, make sure you guys come out here and do what you got to do.
We got people trying to help.
We got the dream team.

Let’s go take care guys, .

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