Hey, what’s going on everyone frelin art, subprime hero, wow, it is the eve of thanksgiving – and you know i’m sitting here at the desk and we’re getting ready to sign one more customer right now, maybe hopefully find something at the very end.

Last second, i love last.
Second deals, but you know if it doesn’t happen, it’s all right.
If it does happen great, you know, i’m all about that type of stuff we’re getting ready to spend a lot of time with family we’re about to have a lot of gratitude going on um.

We get a day off to really sit down and thank people and think yourself and think everything that’s going on in life.
You know what i love about thanksgiving, it’s the kickoff for the holiday season.
That’s how i look at it.

It’s like a it’s a day that, when the true season of giving starts to come around, you have the thankful season right now, we’re all being thankful, then to be thankful.
You start giving now giving is one of the best things you can do in the world, but the more you give the more you’re gon na get.
We’ve all heard this term.

We hear it all the time you don’t do you really know what it means.
It’s not about monetary return, it can be, but it’s not it’s and it’s it’s about the joy, the feeling that you get when you give there’s something about the power of giving and i’m looking forward to this season.
I always do every single year.

This holiday season is, is a lot of fun to be with friends family to be able to share.
I love giving people gifts that you’re excited to give them and seeing the way they look when they open it.
You know how excited they are, especially the young kids out there.

You know, like my nephews, my nieces and all those types of uh of young ones that i get to have around in my life throughout the throughout the year and throughout the holiday season.

So, but it’s also a great time to reflect you know: thanksgiving is a good time to reflect for the year the following after that, when it’s time to give it’s a great time really, hopefully, if you haven’t started, you have your plan for 2021 that you’re excited About 2021, i know i’m really excited about 2021 um.
I already have plans um anticipation for things to happen.

2020 has been an up and down roller coaster.
For me, it’s been a lot of fun.
I’ve learned a lot.

I’ve really grown a lot during this year and i have a lot of things to be thankful for so i’m really thankful to everything.
That’s happened for me this year, um and you know in all the networks and new friends that i’ve met and everything else.
But it’s also helped me open my mind up to what 2021 could bring and i’m really excited.

I hope you guys are excited and anticipating what car guy coffee is going to be doing for 2021.
We have some huge plans and we’re real excited, lou, and i to to do some things that that are just different.
You know we’re going to really reach out and make car guy coffee more than just a podcast.

This whole cafe.
Everything is going to be a big community and we really want to make it a mentorship type of ability and all that type of stuff so be looking for, that get excited.
Our guests are getting bigger and better and more fun.

We’re gon na have a lot of old guests come back.
We have a lot of follow-up we’re gon na do over the next year.
Um, our one-year anniversary is on january 20th.

So we’re real excited about that.
Also, we’ll have a big big something going on for that, but throughout this holiday season be ready for that sit down.
Folks write down what you want really think about what you’re trying to achieve think about that make 2021 that year, for you, you know you’ve.

Everyone says 2020 is a horrible year right.
So now you know that it’s over it’s time to swing up, it’s time, to put back on your shoes and and really start taking those steps that you need to take to get better at what you’re trying to do to be everything that you want to be.

Whether it’s car sales, whether it’s be a bear, the parent husband human being whatever it is, you need to try to do that this next year.

I encourage you guys and i’m so thankful that i have an opportunity to sit here and have an audience that can actually listen to what i’m trying to tell you, i’m thankful for this year, for that, i’m thankful for all the friends that i’ve met once again.
So guess i’m very excited about that hope.

You guys get that i have some great stuff going on, but let me go walk around really quick and see what everybody’s doing really fast and see if i can get them on this live real fast.

No, i don’t know we’ll see all right.
I do.
I got a couple guys here.

So school happy thanksgiving tomorrow youtube all right man.
I was just talking about plans for 2021, guys make sure you guys start writing down your goals and start thinking about what you want.
You know, 2021 is gon na, be a big year for everybody, so be ready for it.

If you put the work in right now and you keep moving next year’s gon na be simple right, if 2020 was the worst year that the car business scene or whatever it is, imagine what 2021 it’s always it’s got to be better than it was this year Right, so just just remember that everything is what you make of it right.

For me, i and the world saying 2020 is bad.

I think 2020 was awesome.
For me i grew a freaking lot this year.
I had a lot of stuff happen for me.

I’m real excited.
I actually.
I just said that a minute ago i have a lot of things to be thankful for this year, so all right guys, we’ll keep rocking.

You guys, enjoy your thanksgiving, we’re getting ready to get out of here really soon um.
In about half hour, you guys keep doing your thing.
If you have a appointment, let me know: let’s get this thing going all right, happy thanksgiving all right, then we got the two superstars over here.

What’s up man happy thanksgiving to you guys tomorrow, yeah i’m excited.
I was just telling the guys that i was just talking about you know being thankful, but now it’s the season for giving right after that right, so we’re gon na you know get ready for that.
We’re gon na be doing a lot of specials here at the store.

I know that these two are gon na, be doing a lot of uh things for you guys out there, but also the biggest thing is, i say the next year.
That’s coming up a lot of us made 20 20.

We had a lot of good things, some things that were cool but there’s a lot of reasons why we could have been distracted not being able to get to what we want.
Maybe goals didn’t get reached, but now that this year is over with 2021 man, i’m telling you you guys everything goes in roller coasters you go down, then you go right back up, so i know it’s gon na be a great year.
I’m excited to do it with you guys, so, let’s keep rocking i’m thankful for you guys, i’m looking forward to you looking forward to seeing you guys friday, you guys have fun with your families tomorrow and eat a lot of good food.

All right appreciate you guys! All right, yeah, there’s tyrone, you got any thanksgiving plans.
I got no thanksgiving plans.
I figured out two days ago that tomorrow’s thanksgiving actually, but my mom has by tradition, always celebrated thanksgiving on friday.

So that’s what we’re doing friday, but tomorrow i’m going to invade everybody else’s.

I know maddie invited you over and all that type of stuff.
So make sure you get you some food you enjoy.

It be thankful think about what you have gratitude for and then it goes right into the season of giving and start thinking about what you can give to people.
You know it’s not necessarily monetary, but start thinking about people you want to reach, and if there is somebody that you want to help monetarily start thinking of how you can help them.

You don’t have to necessarily come out of your pocket.

There’s people out there that love to help during this type of season, if you start putting out a promo video for this person or figure out a way that we can help them.
Let us know you know so think about that.
If you know communities, if you know families that kids need presence start thinking about that kind of stuff, because the more you do that the more you’re going to get back, not necessarily monetarily but you’ll, your heart will fill up and it makes life much better.

It is real man, so happy thanksgiving to you and also think about what you want to do for 2021.
What your goals are and really you know we all use the new year as a resolution, time to work change your gear.
Do all those things you should start now and if you start that habit now by time the new year starts rolling your new year is going to be amazing, right and you’re going to be already having these habits, and i know that the habits are really good To start so, i recommend just figure out what you want to do and if you want to do something like certain amount of cars, if you want to, you know open a studio.

If you want to do this stuff, we talked about this at the beginning of the year.

So i’m going to talk about it again, start thinking about those things, write it down and really work towards those things.
I promise you they’ll happen little steps at a time.

All right, brother, thanks all right bro, i appreciate you so you know there you are right there.
We got that.
I got patrick he’s busy right now, but we got a new man over here.

What’s going on, you got any thanksgiving plans.
Yeah, we’re gon na spend some time with the family watch some footballies and thanksgiving, and then friday we’ll be back here putting through the driveways.
That’s right! You enjoy your day with your family start thinking about you know what you want to do for next year.

What your goals are here, you know, there’s realistic goals, start sitting down figuring out what you want to do and if you need help figuring out how to get there, obviously you’re new here we’re going to make sure that we get you a plan built up, but Start thinking of goals – and you know whether it’s your income, whether it’s how many cars you sell, whether it’s you know things that you want to get because you’re doing this job, this job is going to afford you a lot of stuff.
It did for me – and i know it has for a lot of people that we’ve influenced here at this store, and i know that you have an opportunity here so make sure you take full advantage of it.

But knowing what you want and writing down what you want is key to getting what you want all right, all right, brother.

I appreciate you happy thanksgiving my friend .
We got patrick over here with his client right now.
How you doing! Congratulations he’s getting his insurance, patrick i’ll, talk to you later, but man i’m looking forward to start thinking about 2021, your goals.

I know you already have, but let’s get this stuff going since the season brother just the season.
So that’s that’s about it, guys, i’m not going to go much longer.
I just want to go around talk to the people around the room.

I’ve paused, already gone home.
Matt’s gone, i’m here by myself right now, which is cool.
I like it.

I, like closing out the store, it’s a lot of fun and i appreciate my team.
I appreciate you guys for watching happy thanksgiving.

You probably i may jump on and do something quick tomorrow for a little bit to do a little car guy coffee thanksgiving thing.

But if you don’t see it, i appreciate you, you all take care, stay, blessed, think about what you need in your life, what you’re thankful for in your life and then, if you want something, get it folks and if you need anything and if you know people Who need things make sure you help those people out? Everybody is in need during this time of year and there’s a lot of people willing to give.
So, let’s all give to each other, so the more we get more, we can get i’m feeling a subprime hero.
There’s light everywhere around you, don’t forget to forgive focus and fly, so you can keep growing.

You all take care, happy, thanksgiving peace, oh whoa.
Let’s brew! .

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