What’s up everyone for the artstyle prime hero today is friday.

It’s the 20th of freaking november.
Already guys hope you guys are having a great year finishing strong.
I know that it’s been a weird year, but in and when you really think about it, was it great what was it like in your personal life, not what’s going on with the world, but what it is like in your personal life.

Well, today was a crazy day we had like no traffic, then we had tons of traffic and then you know things worked out.
So at the end of the day, we had one more deal finish up.
I’m still here we closed about 20 minutes ago, but we’re getting ready to wrap up this last deal.

I got cody noop newt dog he’s over here.
Getting the paperwork done right now, so i can get this people signed up, really quick and get them out here.
In their new delivery, i’m excited about the deal, so i love having these last minute ones happen, because it makes that day that much better that one extra deal so hope you guys are out there having some similar luck like that uh.

I know.
That’s been crazy in a lot of places.
I’m talking to banks they’re talking about speaking the blues to me, but i just don’t see how it can be.

If you put the work in and you just keep going out there, you keep letting people know what you do and how you do it.
It seems to be working.
You know my guys and gals that work here they stay on the phone.

They stay busy all day long.
They make sure that clients are showing up they.
They do.

You know, follow up, so people don’t show up and they call before people do show up to make sure that you confirm the appointment.
Hey are you coming in today? So it’s really important we’re set up tomorrow for a pretty good day.
We have a lot of appointments on the appointment board right over here.

I’m real excited about seeing the appointment board filled up pretty decently, so if we could just have 50 of those people show up and then 50 of those by we’re gon na have a major major day.
So i’m real excited about that also hope.
You guys once again are having as much luck as we are um.

I didn’t want to get on here long, so i’m getting ready to sign this last one, but i did want to come on here and throw some light out there for everybody.
You know it’s.
It’s you know: it’s been a weird year like i said, but things seem to be on the up.

You know we have a lot of things.
What’s going on david um appreciate you jumping on here and commenting you’re uh we’ll be in touch soon this sunday, man, if you could be there – 11 30 p.
Eastern time you will be on the show, i will call you i’m sorry.

I just been so busy.
Last night, with i went to bed early last night, i was so tired because i was up till five in the morning the night before finishing up the deer jerky that i had started in the middle of the day, the day before that took forever to get That stuff dehydrated but happy that it’s done so anyway, um but guys, just you know, be the light out there there’s so much to be thankful, for you know i’m here right now, i’m alive, i i have a great team.
I have so much stuff, and i know that you guys are in that same process.

Luck is when opportunity meets preparedness.
That’s right! Joseph 100! Right luck is when opportunity meets preparedness and that’s what it’s about.

You always got to stay ahead.

The game always expect the worst, but hope for the best.
You know, and i don’t really like to say the worst always expect something that may not go the way you want it to right, but it’s hope that the good does happen, and i know it does.
For me, jay, i appreciate you, you enjoy your weekend, my friend we’re going to crush it tomorrow and david.

I can’t wait to talk to you on uh sunday night folks we’re going to do an interview with mr mumford himself, mr red glasses.
I love this guy.
I’m excited about his energy.

I’m excited to do a quick interview with him he’s in service, so i’m looking forward to talking about that.
We just did one with mr fixstop’s mastermind himself, david foy or dave foy.
I should say great guy great great conversation.

His five-liner was a lot of fun to hear his side of the story where he came up and what got him into this business.
So you know there’s just a lot to be excited about for me.
That’s you know.

My podcast keeps me excited this team here.

At the dealership you know with cody over here doing his thing and and everybody else that works here.
You know the dream team which no longer blake has gone, but we still have patrick and the dream team.

Is him the dealership and his and the people that come in? I love why we put that, but you know we’re moving forward.
You know we got a lot of young guys.
We just hired three new people and they’re doing really well they’re they’re moving forward.

They’re doing extremely um better than you would expect in this type of environment what’s going on in the world, but did you get the vin number to the trade, my man, so you know so i’m excited about that.
You know with with cody knocking this last one out made this day a little bit better, like i said so guys.
It’s always that last deal don’t be that manager at the end of the day that kicks everybody out right.

I’ve seen it.
I know it, i’m not it.
You know, i always believe at the end of the day, if you have something you stay here until it’s possible these salespeople, they work so hard to get people in the door.

I was a salesperson once you remember again that last minute deal if your boss gave you any crap about it, you’d be like whoa whoa, whoa whoa.
You asked me all day for deals here.
It is you know and that’s the mentality you got to have.

You got to understand that that mentality is exactly what you have to be as a manager.
You’ve got to expect the worst right.
The worst is staying super late, but how worse, is that that’s actually a great thing? You got an opportunity to move one more unit.

That’s how you motivate your team when your team sees managers at the end of the day who give up they give up they’re done the last hour, they’re just trying to find ways to leave.
Also you’ll see them start packing their stuff up 30 minutes before kind of sitting by the window.
Waiting for that i’m out.

I even told that to people i remember one time, a guy.
He was working.
He works here still and he came to me at the end of the day and he goes.

Do you think that i’m going to lose my job? I said well, the last.
You got your stuff all packed up already.
It’s 10 minutes before close and you’re in here asking me about your job buddy.

It sounds like you don’t care.
You got to work to the very you need to.
When i tell you it’s time to leave, then you pack up right.

That’s what you should do, you should be ready to keep rocking and if we stay late like on a night like this, where i got another deal, that’s more opportunity to stay on the phone.
People are answering phones, still it’s only 7 23 eastern time.
Right now.

People are still answering the phone at home, so it’s a good time to call.
You know we it’s one of those things.
You know some people are more hungry than others.

You know, and some people are satisfied with things, and i understand that not everybody is going to be you if you’re, a guy who loves to just keep getting more and keep growing, keep going.
That’s great, but not everyone’s like that it doesn’t it’s not a bad thing, necessarily they get motivated by different things.
You know, so you have to motivate your guys by sometimes it’s just a pat on the shoulder telling them that you appreciate them.

That’ll motivate them.
Sometimes just buying them lunch because they did something for you, that’ll motivate them, there’s so many ways giving them.
You know time off for a vacation.

You know that motivates people, it’s just those types of things are really important.

So you have to remember that, and it’s all important to make sure your customers is taken care of and when you do that and you do it till the very last minute don’t put pressure on a customer.

You know i have it so many times when i’m signing somebody after hours, i’m so sorry i kept you late.

I told them don’t ever apologize for that.

I appreciate you for being here tonight because without you we wouldn’t be a business.
Clients are what keep us moving.

Clients are.
What help us stay open clients is how we bring in our revenue.

Clients is how i’m able to pay my sales people pay the ladies in the back that do my paperwork and the guys in the back to clean the vehicles.

If i didn’t have you, we wouldn’t be able to do all that.
So i appreciate every one of y’all, so just remember that be that way, if you’re a leader, if you’re not a leader, encourage your leaders to do that, if they’re not doing that, i’m telling you it’s a big deal.
It does make a difference when, at the end of the day, a manager is like.

Oh, let’s kick him out of here: i’m ready to go home or, if he’s like, hey, let’s keep working and still till we close it right that that’s such a big difference.
So folks take heed to that and hope you guys understand what i’m saying and that’s about it.
Man, you guys remember, there’s light everywhere around you just focus on that light.

Don’t focus on the darkness, there’s a plenty of darkness to focus on, but there’s light there.
If you focus on that you’ll notice, it more trust me focus, focus on light and guys don’t forget to forgive focus and fly, so you can keep growing all right.
You guys have a great night i’ll see you tomorrow.

If you’re not working tomorrow have a great weekend, if you are have a great weekend and we’ll see you guys tomorrow on my lot walk and i’m sure you guys will see me do a quick brew.
Also – and i appreciate it, man dj, it was good talking to you on the phone earlier.
I appreciate you, david i’ll, um dude, just i’ll message.

You right back.
Give me a call anytime.
Man call me tomorrow.

If you don’t mind or tonight, you know what i’ll call you right after i leave here after i’m done signing dave, but it’s gon na have to be short i’ll.
Do it during my 10-minute drive home cause when i get home, my wife wants me right.
Well, hopefully she you know she wants me to be hanging around her, but she also wants me guys.

You guys have a good one, enjoy your night, fun, fun, fun, jay, joseph everybody who came on here and commented.
I appreciate it have a great night see y’all later, i’m feeling our subprime hero.
Let’s prove .

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