What i’m sorry about that technical difficulty at the very beginning as usual? Oh wait, frelin arts, subprime hero, a showroom, talk, you know a lot walk and all that type of stuff.

But today i was stuck at the desk to after hours with with clients and deal after deal, so we finished really strong today, which is really really good optimistic for the rest of this week.

Today we were expecting a big announcement from the governor and the governor um didn’t shut nothing to shut anything down, so i’m real excited about that.

That means that we’re going to be able to keep doing business the way that we want to do it and our team can keep growing and keep doing their thing.

So we’ve got to make sure we maintain all the safety precautions.
You know make sure we sanitize make sure we do our distances and that we do everything we possibly can to to keep it safe for everybody, with the whole situation with the coronavirus.

So i’m real excited.

What’s up david montford, my man, so we need to get up in touch man.
Maybe this sunday, if you can, let’s let’s talk so, let’s get that thing going um, but guys i just want to get on here, really quick.
Just to tell you guys that the business is great, you guys it, you know, even when it seems slow.

If you just keep your head down and you keep working and you keep motivating your guys, you keep asking them to do what they need to do.

They’re going to bring you that the business they’re going to make sure that your everyone’s good, that everything is going well because they need to do it too, so as a leader just prove to them and show them that you’re positive and that everything is going good.
You know today i had in the cafe we had uh michael hickton.

He uh he put a post in there talking about what kind of leader is the right type of leader to get a dealership to grow, and all that i love that question.
It was a great question and it all starts with.

You know right here, having a positive mindset, having a positive mindset and truly caring about your your team.

You really is, and when you care about your team, your team’s gon na care about you and they’re gon na care about the business they’re gon na care about everything.
So that is the crucial most important ingredient in.
My in my opinion, is having that positive mindset than being a servant leader, making sure that you lead and you serve your people, you don’t just you, don’t tell them what to do.

You show them what to do? You teach them what to do.

You encourage them when they do things that are hard.
You know these this car business.

It’s not easy.
A lot of people think it is for some people you get in it.
It’s really easy right and for other people they get in it and it’s difficult, so it just all comes down to putting the work in.

You know even the people who get it easily and they come in this business really fast they’re working really hard.
They have that enthusiasm that new gal enthusiasm.

We know what we’re talking about what i’m talking about and when they have that, if we could just bottle that, for their whole career you’d be blown away what they could do.

You know i try to think of that.
I try to think of what i was like when i was new and what motivated me and what got me all encouraged to do bigger and better things right.

So you know i got to give a lot of credit to um to that type of mentality.

In the way that goes so folks, he says mike drop.
I love him david yeah i’ll hit you up soon, as i get out of here.
Man um we’ll do that.

What’s up jason, garris man, i appreciate you for jumping on all my linkedin people.
Kaylee you’re awesome.
Thank you so much for being on here haiti, you back and i hope, you’re having a great day.

I hope you guys all are having a great day folks what i’m excited about speaking since jason’s here this next cell app, i’m so excited we’re going to be doing some major things.
I’ve already got my finger into it, see what it’s about folks! That app is amazing, it’s very user friendly and it has a lot of great options if you tap into it so make sure if you guys are trying to get that next cell make sure you come holler at me: jason garris, lou.
You know mike opm.

All of us were here to try to make things happen, so we need to get this next cell app rolling.
So i’m excited about that.

I’m excited about all the relationships and the networks that we’ve made, but back to the dealership.

You know back to that.
I’m just excited man, it was a good day.
You know we started off the day kind of slow.

We didn’t know how the day was going to go, but all of a sudden it was like whap, everything is rocking and rolling people were bringing me deals.
We put some together at the end and, like i said, i got one more, i’m getting ready to sign and i’m gon na head home and enjoy my night and then get right at it.
So i’m excited about tomorrow morning, tomorrow morning, at 8, 30 folks we’re having our cgc early brew lou and i are going to be interviewing david foy.

He is the fixed ops mastermind himself.
The guy is the man i’m excited about having him on there.
He had me on his show as a guest speaker months ago i mean months ago.

I got on the show and i honestly didn’t even realize that i was the guest speaker.
I just thought i was just going on to assuming, like i’ve been doing at the beginning of coronavirus.
A lot of these things have learned stuff about fixed ops and all these different processes right so yeah.

So i got on there and i end up getting to talk about you, know sales and surface and how they they can really work together and what i believe – and it was really a great time, but i was kind of put on the spot.
So i’m glad that he still remembers and he still likes it – he’s going to be on the show tomorrow morning.
So don’t miss that one 8 30 eastern standard time, cgc early brew, obviously we’ll be on linkedin it’ll, be running, live and then of course, facebook and then youtube will be on there also and then, if you want to watch it later, if you can’t make it It’s always going to be on there once we put them on those places they’re there for you to watch this previously recorded live.

So i appreciate everyone.
I hope you guys are having a great day like i said i had a great one if you guys ever need anything reach out to me i’ll reach out to you we’ll talk we’ll do whatever it takes.

Let’s keep growing folks.

I’m super excited about the day.
I’m super excited about the month.
The way it’s going to finish, i’m excited about thanksgiving, because i love being grateful and i love thinking about gratitude.

So thanksgiving is right up that alley.
For me, it’s a great time to sit and reflect about your year about the next coming year and to be thankful and to be thankful for all the great things you have in your life folks.

This whole year has been crazy up and down roller coaster, but there’s so much light out there so much to be grateful for if you’re still alive, if you’re still breathing.

If you still have a roof over your head be thankful, you need to be thankful.
I know that i’m going to be thankful for all those things.
I still am i do it every single day.

I even have a book.
That’s in my office, i write gratitude down every single day.

I suggest you guys do the same thing.

I promise you it’ll make you realize how great your life truly truly.
Is you guys have a great one, mr david campbell himself jumped on here.
Appreciate you the great one thanks david man, lou’s actually been talking about.

You said you guys been messaging.
A lot he’s been, he loves the morning things you sent him and he wants to talk to you because he says that you guys want to talk.
Do you want to come back on the show? If you do, let’s get the super bowl champ, mr mile house salute right back up in here so anyway enough of that guys, you guys have a great one.

Man hope you guys get this energy pass, this energy on.
I hope you guys hold on to it and, like jason garris just said right down there.
Yes, so much light folks, just take it in man, use it to energize you and i try trust me share that light with other people be encouraging to other people.

Be positive every single day, man, i know you guys see my videos and you see me positive all the time.

Don’t get me wrong.
I have my down moments, but here’s the thing.

I always look for the light, even when i’m having a down moment.
I take that moment to have gratitude.
I take that moment to find the light, so i can exude and glow of light light to me is just folks it’s that frequency that we all need to be on.

It’s that happiness frequency.
I hope you guys are on it.
You guys have a great day david.

I appreciate you for jumping on jason, michael david mumford.
I mean everybody, man, kenneth kenneth.
What’s up my friend a scrumptiously, delicious, edible, tasty, good personality, you know, kenneth, your words are amazing.

You always make me hungry by the time i’m done reading it, though so i appreciate that and of course kaylee.

Thank you so much for being on here.
You guys have a great day.

Keep growing, don’t forget to forgive focus and fly, so you can keep growing.
You all have a good one: i’m freelancer subprime hero, let’s brew, .

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