what’s up everybody freelance subprime hero, it’s the day after christmas, i would be doing a showroom, talk or a lot walk, but we were so busy at the end, and i was delivering deals and just presenting numbers to everybody and signing contracts that i Didn’t have time to sit down and go out and talk with all the people, but man i’m so excited about.

Today it was the day after christmas what a special day it was um.
Today we had a lot of traffic.
We had a lot of people coming in hope.

It’s a sign for the uh for the times that are coming up over the next week.
Usually the week after christmas, the last week of the month in december has been a historic month.
We always have really big records, and i’m looking forward to that today, if it’s any sign of it, we’re going to have a big big week coming up.

I hope you guys are also having days like that hope that you guys had a great after christmas special going on at the dealerships, if you’re at the dealerships, wherever you’re at.
I hope you guys had a great amazing day.

First thing i want to do is i want to thank my whole team today for kicking butt.

They came in here from the jump bringing us app after app.
You know we had to go through a lot of stuff at first, but eventually we started just getting through them and we started finding the deals and we started putting deals together.
So big props to everybody, stephanie cody, gary uh, patrick i’m gon na go down the whole list – frank nino, new guy, mike you know man really crushing the day.

I mean really doing their thing.
I was very, very proud.
Adrian doing his thing.

I mean everybody was trying to put something together today to make it work so kudos to you.
I appreciate every one of y’all today for coming in here and putting in the work the way you’re supposed to merry christmas to everybody.

I know it’s over, but man merry christmas and i hope that you guys have a great finish to your christmas weekend.

I’m excited i’m looking forward to uh sunday night, we’re gon na.
Have you know another little live show for you guys so be looking forward for that the dealership opens back up monday, we’re ready to crush it last week of the year folks, we only got so many days left like five days left of this whole year, 2020 And then it’s done, then we’re going on the 2021, where we’re going to have some fun.
Well, i throw them together like that, don’t i so guys i’m real excited.

I just want to get on here, really quick.
Just to tell everybody you know.
Thank you.

My whole team – i really paul damos way to do a great job on the desk.
Today i mean kudos to you too.
I mean everybody was doing their thing.

Um matt damos wasn’t here today was he’s still traveling back from arkansas doing his christmas with his in-laws and stuff, but matt you were here in spirit, we miss you too everybody out there.
I hope you guys had a great day.
Everybody who you know is in the car business.

You know.
I really hope that you’re having a great day, don’t forget guys to forgive focus and fly, so you can keep growing.
I’m not gon na stay on here long matter of fact, this would be a short short desktop because i need to get home, i’m the only one left in the store right now i just like.

I said i just finished up wrapping up this last deal and i’m ready to bounce so man.
But what a great day, what a great way to end the holiday christmas week on saturday having a great day, helping out tons of customers and just being able to uh, you know, deliver dreams and driveways.
You know, and that’s that’s what it’s all about: solving transportation problems being being all about this job, caring about other people and what what you know what’s going on with their credit, what’s going on with their car situation? What’s going on with your sales people situation when they’re trying to grow and trying to move more cars in a time like this, it’s really easy to give up on their deals, don’t give up on their deals.

Give don’t ever do that, make sure you always work.
The deals to the hardest of your manager and if you’re a salesperson, work, your managers, man, you got to do it.
Sometimes you got to make them work a little harder shouldn’t, but sometimes you do it’s tough man.

This was a crazy year for a lot of people.

I know it was for me it was an interesting year, but i’m looking forward to 2021, i’m looking forward to putting a stamp at the end of this year just last week and crush it have a huge month.
But folks, i really appreciate every one of y’all.

I hope you guys have a great great weekend once again, charles thanks for jumping on here man, charles great day, hope you had one of those too it’s great to see.
You excited, i’m always excited charles.
You know me.

Bro car got coffee all right.
Everyone there’s light everywhere, man, i hope you guys can find it, because i’m straight out of radcliffe y’all be good, blessed everything type of weekend, we’ll see you all monday.

Actually i’ll see you tomorrow, night 11 30.

car got coffee, late brew and i want to throw a quick shout out man, while i’m here elite, fi partners, www.
elitefi partners.
Thank you so much for sponsoring us um we’re in you know they re-up with us we’re going to be going through them for the next quarter again and then the think ad group same situation folks.

I love you guys both and we have a couple new ones that we’re going to be throwing in here in a little bit.
We have some new sponsors, we’ll announce those here, probably within the next week.
Just so everybody gets an idea.

What’s getting ready to happen for the first quarter of 2021, we’re going big and we’re gon na go home, one to two right, wow three out for you today, charles my man, that’s what i’m talking about.
Mr higgins, drive with charles that’s my dog.
Everyone out.

There have a great day be blessed whoa, .

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