What’s going on everyone, frelin arts subprime hero today is day 12 of my 22 push-up challenge.

For 22 days, i was nominated by blake norberg.
It’s to bring awareness to a very serious situation.
That’s going on across the nation right now, with veterans veterans are committing suicide.

On average 22 a day, so this is to honor them and to bring awareness and for people to talk about it because i think causes like this need to be talked about.

So today i’m doing my push-ups and i’m gon na be nominating after i’m done, but i’m going to knock out some of these things called round the worlds.
I had to look up something different.

I’ve done 11 different push-ups.
So today i have to do a 12 one, so here we go and i’m just popping up.
I don’t know how many that is: all right now, the other way and i’m going to grow on all right whoo.

Those were hard.
So i’m gon na nominate today, one of my good friends.
I got to hang out with him this weekend.

Justin hope cupcake.
It’s on you, brother love, you! I know you got 22 with 22 days in here.
Let’s go .

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