Hey: hey: hey dang, what’s going on everybody, frelin arts, subprime hero wow, i normally do lot walk dealership talk, showroom, talk with my guys at the day, but we were so busy at the end that everybody was gone by the time i was done with the last Customer so i’m driving home because it’s halloween i want to try to get home as soon as possible, but i did want to get on here and throw a little live out here, a little dash or confessional, as you call it um.

You know today was a lot of fun.
You know we had.
You know halloween costumes going on, we had all kinds of stuff and it made me think about like what it’s like to have an alter ego.

You know sometimes you build a lot of confidence by just being like uh being a little bit different.
You know being somebody else acting like you’re.

You know you acting like how do i say it.

I’m actually stumbling through my words because i’m driving, but i’m gon na stop actually i’m gon na pull over and then i’m gon na.
Then i’m gon na talk about this for a second.
But you know when you have an alter ego and that’s some.

That sounds like bad things.
Some people would think.
Oh man alter ego, that’s not good! You don’t want to have an alter ego, but when you, when you’re, dealing with business or you’re a personality online or you’re trying to build your social media – and you don’t have the confidence you know, i’ve heard about these a lot of like athletes.

A lot of musicians they’re not the same way they are on stage or on the field.
They actually have a new feeling, they change who they are for a moment and they get out there and they build confidence.
They don’t have to feel like themselves.

They feel like something else, so they use these alter egos to help them get to the next level um.
So i recommend that you know.
I think that sometimes – and i’m not saying go out – look like joe dirt and wear one of these wigs and be crazy with it.

But what i’m saying is that sometimes like for me, i’m the subprime hero so for me to do these videos as a subprime hero? It’s a lot easier than, if i said, hey, i’m just fred and i’m just a guy who sells cars and you know, does finance at a store being the subprime hero helps me have that.
I want to put a cape on feeling if you guys understand what i’m saying there and if you, if you ever been there before, where you’re you like what, if people, why would they care about what i have to say or what i’m doing, and it’s not About that, it’s about having fun and being the best version of yourself, but sometimes throwing a little alter ego in there is okay, it’s you know, be superman for a day, be you know the subprime hero be whatever hero.
You want to be be that for the day and enjoy that have fun with it, because i promise you, it looks like michael often just says, find your confidence.

It will help you find your confidence a lot of times, you’ll see that with people who are musicians, but when they’re not on stage they’re super shy.
They they get away from people and fans because they don’t know how to act when those people around they don’t even know how to talk to people, they just know how to perform and they love what they do, but they have to have that alter ego when They’re on stage talk to the crowd, you know move with the crowd, get them pumped up, that’s how they became the superstar sensation that they are.
I hope that you guys all do the same thing.

Folks, i’m not going to stay on here long.
We had a great day at the dealership once again, halloween costumes, i was joe.
You can go joe dirt or exotic whatever you want to go with it.

I’m taking this break off.
Actually, it’s hot wearing it all day, but you know you, you uh, you just be what you want to be have fun, but that’s the that’s.
The thing have fun when you’re at work, when you’re, with whatever have fun, don’t forget one thing: you need to forgive all the stuff of the past and just start doing what you want to do now.

So this way you can start focusing on what you want to do now, so you can fly and keep growing folks, and that’s the key you guys keep growing.
You guys have fun, enjoy your your holiday weekend with halloween.
If your kids aren’t trick-or-treating tonight, like in some states, are be safe out there enjoy that bring those memories with your family, bring those memories, memories with your friends, because those things will those are things that last the knowledge and stuff that we learn.

The things that you give them won’t be there after a while, but they’ll always remember you taking them out you trying to have fun with them on days like this, because i know i try to um, but i’m ready for this weekend.
I hope you guys are ready for the weekend.
Keep crushing your crushing it tomorrow night.

Don’t forget car guy coffee, late brew.
We actually speaking of michael offmut, he’s going to be on there tomorrow night elite, fi partners, which is one of my sponsors, as you can see up in this corner right there that’s elite, fi partners at www.
Oh excuse me www.

com check out michael offmath and his and his woman and his wife, his partner, i shouldn’t say woman, that’s wrong and then this brew has been brought to you by also the think ad group www.


Congratulations great job today, mike i’m looking forward to seeing this commercial i’m looking forward to being in there.
But anyway, you guys have a great one.

Have a great weekend we’ll see you guys soon tomorrow, night, don’t forget 11 p.
Eastern standard time we’re going live! Cgc! Facebook linkedin everywhere, you guys see me right now, i’m gon na be there.
I appreciate you guys for watching tuning in crush your day.

Keep growing and remember, there’s light everywhere around you just grab onto some of it and share it.
So you can glow glowing.
Is amazing, so glow glow away, see .

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