Create the sale through empathy with your customer

everyone, NOLA Walsh and we are on the chapter.

Conversation creates conversion and this module we’re going to talk about empathy and empathy is where we empathize with the customer.
Now we have to realize that probably every customer that we’ve had in front of us has had a bad experience in retail, whether it’s buying a vehicle, whether it’s buying furniture, whether it’s buying something online.
I’ve got a hundred stories I could share with you.

You’ve got a hundred stories you could share with me, and sometimes the customer wants to share that story with us because it bothered them so bad.
They just have to share that story and kind of be therapeutic with us right.
They they want to share it and it’s kind of like therapy to them, and so what we have to do when somebody’s gone through that, rather than roll their eye roll our eyes or not, listen to them is empathize with them.

And, oh my gosh.
I can’t, I can’t believe you had to go through that then what happened? Are you kidding me empathize with the customer? The customer will appreciate that once again, they are they’re going through therapy with us when they are telling us their horror stories they’re getting that off their chest, they’re sharing it and when we disregard or we roll our eyes or we don’t pay attention to them.
When they’re sharing that with us, we are not able to empathize with the customer, and when we show empathy, we gain so much more respect and Trust, and they like us more and they feel more inclined to do business with us because of the communication.

They shared.
Something that really bothered them with us, so never disregard empathy and a deal and whenever you have the opportunity empathize with your customer, Knowle Walsh with conquer you, .

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