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hello, everyone and welcome to conquer today.

We’re going to talk about on today’s message on conquer today is something that I covered this week with my videographer, who was in house in town, and this is going to be and make it fun Friday.
As you know, I love make it fun Fridays and how we’re going to make it fun this Friday is.
I brought my videographer 2,000 miles across the country where I usually go in studio to his studio and shoot my content, but I wanted to have a different in relative content and the reason I wanted to do this is because I wanted him to meet my family.

I wanted him to be in my studio in my office and I wanted him to get the taste of who I truly am in my own environment, and I want you to do this with your customers when you have a customer, make them comfortable in your environment.
I always say make your process make the experience for the customer, fun, fair and fascinating, and that’s exactly what I did for my video Agra fir.
So I want you to think about this.

When you have a customer, they are in your place of business.
They are there to do business with you and when you make it fun, fair and fascinating.
The customer is more intrigued by you.

The customer feels more inclined to do business with you and the customer sees more valuing you know, Walsh, always and forever conquer you .
You .

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