Cory Mosley Guest Hardison’s Tips Wednesday, July 29th at 12 00 PM

Hi brandon hardison president of champion strategies, just reminding you about hardison’s tips.

We do it live every wednesday at 12 noon.
Eastern standard time to about 12 20.
just wanted to let you know that on wednesday july, the 29th, my very special guest, is the amazing corey moseley.

He is founder and ceo of corey mosley’s, fearless entrepreneurship society and also he has his own mosley automotive group.

He has spoken to some of the best and the biggest organizations around and he’s going to come and give us a couple of tips on what sales, no matter, what vertical you’re in how you can overcome the same common fear plus we’ll find out some of the Other things that corey’s up to as he goes around the country – that’s wednesday july 29th, at 12 noon.
Eastern standard time, next edition of partisans tips with our very special guest the outstanding – and you don’t want to miss out on that.

So keep that in mind and we will always always never forget to say, go on out and make it a champion day.

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